1964-12-16 - Two Hearts
Summary: Robbie and Gidget have a heart to heart.
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It was a dark day for Robbie Reyes. He stayed there in his apartment for days. Though he's kept himself well maintained so he doesn't look homeless, his facial hair has grown out a little as has his hair, a more wild look to Reyes. He wore his jacket, coal black jeans, a white shirt underneath, combat boots, and fingerless gloves.

He always looked like he was about to go somewhere…but it was just him…and the Rider. bickering back and forth mentally, sharing this body with the Rider was hell when they didn't agree on something. Regardless, he likely let calls from Gidget…and -everyone- keep ringing, not coming to the phone for any reason. Until eventually Robbie called Gidget..and invited her over to his apartment.

Thus does he sit there….waiting.

When she had finally heard from Robbie, he sounded worse for wear. Gidget didn't hesitate as she quickly grabs her bag and grabs a cab on over.
When she does get there, she'd wearing just a pair of fitted grey pants and a black oversized sweatshirt. Knocking on his door, she'd fidget a bit as she shifted her weight from each hip. "…come on…" She hadn't heard from him in days, even when she had called him so when he did call, she jumped at the chest. Sure….she felt like she was being desperate but part of her was wondering: dang….is this the break up call?

Robbie sat a moment as he heard the knocking on the door…a small moment before he stood up and approached. She could hear his heavy steps, and eventually, the door would open…and before her would be a man in grieving, clearly. His hair was wild and his facial hair had grown. tear stains stained his cheeks, and yet somehow everything was neat and smelled fanstastic.

"…Hey…" he greets, looking her in the eyes a moment.

Gidget looked up from the floor for her eyes to meet his. Blinking she would look him over then frowned a bit. "…Robbie…?" Her voice was soft as she toyed with the strap of her purse before she would finally nod. "….can I come in? I've been worried…." Looking him over she would see that he was a bit worse for wear but….not completely out of wack.

Robbie looks right at her then, extending a hand to her to hold hers when she asks if she can come in. He doesn't answer her. But when or if she takes his hand, he walks her inside his apartment, the door behind her closing softly. Seems Robbie's picked up a trick or two in magecraft. No doubt help from the Rider.

"…I'm sorry I've worried you…I just…." a small silence. "I lost a friend."

Gidget would just take his hand then as she then blinked. "Um…" As the door closed, she'd look behind her and then blinked again. "…that…" Looking back to him she would step close to him then….dropping her purse on a near by table. Watching him intently she would hear that then just move in to hug him. "….oh Robbie…I am so sorry….."

Robbie lets Gidget hug him, his arms wrapping around her in return, a small breath from him then that's shaky. It's the first time she's seen him this…vulnerable. "I couldnt save him….even as the Rider…I was too late. Gidget..what if I can't protect you when the time comes? I couldn't live with myself if that happened to you…" he hugs her tighter.

Holding him close she would just close her eyes as she sighed a bit. "Robbie…" Burying her face in his neck she would just hold him there as she nodded then. "I'm sorry…..but…..I'm sure you did all you can. Maybe….it was….his time?" Slowly pulling back she'd smile at him warmly. "And I'm not exactly…helpless now but….if is my time….so be it. I'd want you to go on happy…"

Robbie runs a hand through her dark locks, pulling away only to look her in the eyes. "I can't put you in danger if I can't even protect you. I know you arn't helpless…but…" he growls then, the sound of his knuckles cracking is -ungodly-. Regardless, he calms down quick.

She'd stare at him and shook her head. "I'm not going to have you baby me either…let me help you." Gidget would put her hands on his as she heard that cracking. "…why are you angry?" A tilt of her head as she looked him over before leading over to the couch to sit down.

Robbie gave her hands a soft squeeze, she could see the hellfire dancing in his eyes. "…I crave vengeance, and I took it. I'm angry because I failed. With all the power that I was given…that I sacrificed a piece of me for, and it wasn't enough…" he sighs then.

"Robbie…" Putting a hand to his cheek she'd smile softly. "…don't beat yourself up. Your friend wouldn't want you too either I'm sure….." Gidget closed her eyes then put her forehead to his. "….like I said……the universe is strange…..maybe it was meant to be….their time."

Robbie looked absolutely downtrodden, though her words help him. He did consider breaking up with her to keep her safe…but now he isn't sure. Regardless, he's going to love her. "I don't believe in things like fate….we make our own." he says softly, but he presses his forehead against hers, his hands wrapping around her waist.

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