1964-12-17 - Responsibility
Summary: Batman is investigating a recently foiled human trafficking shipment, and comes along someone matching the description of one young woman gone missing from the sting.
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Recently a group of women from Korea and China had been brought into New York City. According to police reports all had been rescued by a group of people with spider powers. The women had universally not spoken a word of English. They were all part of a human trafficking ring being run jointly between the Italians and the Triads. There were twenty-three women recovered- some of whom spoke of another who had gone away. Who'd been taken by the spider-people. They claimed she had claws. She was strong. That she protected them.

At the same time, the North Koreans were going crazy- something had escaped one of their most secret facilities. A facility suspected in the creation of some kind of Super-Soldier program. They're pissed. They're scrambling.

Batman was already looking into the Italian human trafficking operation even if his main focus was on taking down Fisk. Regardless, for once, Batman decides that this is something that the police won't be able to handle, and he thus has been doing research ever since the night it happened, even going to the place of incident for clues.

He had quite a bit of clues to work with. Regardless, he knows the Koreans are going bonkers, as he has friends in high places..though few they be. Thus is he on the rooftops tonight, looking down below at the city with a watching, careful eye. radios built into his cowl listening in for anything out of the usual.

It had only been a few nights. A few nights in a new country. In a new world. Outside the bunker that had been her prison and away from the men and women who'd been her torturers. She'd found a certain friendly group of people for Shin-Hye, a nice thing.

But, she was getting itchy feet staying with Gwen- Kind though she was. Shin-Hye now walks the streets. She matches the description given by the other women- short, Korean. Perhaps a little healthier than one might expect from someone who got out of North Korea. She's dressed in clothing appropriate for a young woman of the 60's, albeit all ill-fitting.

Shin-Hye walks without very much fear in her steps- even as she ventures into territory that is well known to be dangerous for women to talk through at night. She is wholly unconcerned, even, perhaps from ignorance. She is, very clearly, of East Asian origin.

The Dark Knight's eyes were ever watchful.

When Cindy arrived on the street and in plain sight, Batman compared her to the reports he had heard and been given. She matched every one. THough he didn't see any claws, but it oculd be a benefit of the doubt. He descends off a building, opening his cape to 'harden' and turn into a glider so he can float on down to a short distance above Cindy. Though he makes no violent move against her, she oculd probably sense his arrival as a sense of danger.

In truth though, he only wanted to talk.

Thank god he can speak Korean. Let's just hope that this young girl is willing to flap her gums.

In truth, Cindy had sensed The Dark Knight the moment he'd made that decision to come down. She was already standing. Watching. It was creepy- how she'd turn in his complete silence. How she'd sensed his approach- but she didn't move, she didn't flinch. Indeed, her eyebrows knit together. "Bat is good luck." she states with a sudden smile. "Bring good luck to Shin-Hye!"

Batman looks at Cindy, his eyes narrowing and his face blank as she greets him, thinking him a spirit of luck. He descends then, landing in front of her, and looking down at her, though not down -on- her. "Shin-Hye? That's your name?" he says before he beautifully switches to Korean.

«Were you there at the docks when that incident happened? I'm investigating. If you were, you arn't in trouble.»

Shin-Hye looks at the man in the bat costume. <Yes. My name is Shin-Hye.> she says simply, as her eyebrows narrow. <"Why are you investigating the docks?> Suddenly, she's on guard. She widens her stance. <"I don't know anything about the docks.">

Batman doesn't seem intimidated when Cindy enters a defensive stance. He shakes his head when she starts to be defensive. «Easy. I'm looking into it so I have the information I need to stop the Italians and their human trafficking operation. Will you help me do so?»

Her defensiveness was only a massive giveaway that she was not only present, but could be the one who was performing all sorts of incredible deeds.

<"It is not Italians I am worried about."> Shin-Hye states simply. <"They will keep doing their evil deeds, and terrible things will still happen without them."> This close, Batman can see she's not that old- but clearly in her early 20s. That means she was a child when the Korean War came to her world. Old enough to remember it. Nearly ten years old. Her golden-brown eyes are fierce, though. Defiant. <"Do you come to bring good luck to Shin-Hye?> she asks aloud, curious. Still very much on the defensive. <"Still. I will help you. The men who take us promised us good lives in America. Away from poverty and famine and war. They were liars- I knew it when I saw them. I told the other women I would protect them. Make sure they were not hurt."> There is another pause, <"So, I will help you, yes. But, there must be trust. How do I know I can trust you?">

Batman listens to her words, and he looks at her. That young? he was a little impressed that she could fight that well, if what the reports say are true. Regardless, when asked if he will bring her good luck, he nods once. «Yes.» Then when approved once more that she will help him in this, he gives her that infamous batman grin. «Because I'm friends with The White Widow. I believe she was one of the spider-individuals who helped you, yes?»

<"The White Widow means well. She was there."> Shin-Hye states, <"I will have to check with her if you are a friend, though. I'm afraid I can not take you for your word, Good Luck or not."> She takes a slow breath, quiet. <"There were others. Many people helped. But, they are my responsibility- those women."> She looks to Batman, quiet. <"They were working with Chinese Triads. I met one before. Perhaps he can tell us something.">

Batman nods a few times to Cindy as she speaks, nodding a few times in an 'I know kind of way'. «I know. A few other players were there including the Spiderman and two which I haven't seen yet. As for trust, go ahead. Tell her Batman sent you.» he states as he puts a hand on her shoulder. «Can you tell me where he is?»

<"I will show you."> Shin-Hye states as she steps into the alley and strips down to her panties. Odd, perhaps. But, this is New York- she's soon covering herself in strands of silk that come from her finger-tips, weaving them into a costume. Covering her face with a red bit of silk. All of it in an instant. <"You can keep up?"> she wonders over to Batman, <"We go to Chinatown. Near the market.">

Batman nods to Cindy as she agrees to show him. Though when she starts to strip down, Batman looks away until she's done webbing her costume together. "Creative." he comments on her outfit of choice before he gives her a headtilt. <"You lead, I follow."> and he pulls out a grappling hook, rappnelling towards a roof.

Cindy does much the same, silk strands firing from her fingertips to imbed into a nearby roof. Unusual, perhaps, little spikes that burst into stickiness as she leaps into the air and pulls herself up to the same roof. She's then off like a shot- grace that even makes Spider-Man seem sloppy. She runs along the roof tops, leaping and gliding along with preternatural speed and agility.

They move towards Chinatown. Hopefully, as she said, he can keep up.

The Batman is more than capable of keeping up with silk thankfully enough. Experience with keeping up with beings like superman on the way to objectives. Regardless, even Silk may be surprised how agile he is despite his armor and clear weight.

«we're almost there» he says in that deep voice of his.

They cross into Chinatown, Silk kneels at the corner of a particular street. The fish market has closed, it is dark out. There are young Triad members down below. <"They speak Chinese."> She notes, as she perches there on the edge of the building. Dark, in her own way. <"That one. That is the one who bothered us earlier in the day. If we put fear in his heart, he will talk. IF he does not know the one who will. They are the ones who set up the exchange in China. We leave from there, and take a long ride- through Panama. I hear the words in Spanish.">

Silk looks over to Batman. <"How do you want to attack?">

Batman nods a few times as he hears Silk translate for him. "I understand what they say." he gives a little nod as she continues to speak. «"You take the high rise. Fear is an excellent motivator. pull him into an alley where we can have a private chat, then meet me on the roof.">

<"Good. That makes two of us."> Silk states, as she nods and crawls down the side of the building- sticking to it like some kind of white-silk clad Ninja. Kneeling there. Stalking her prey like one might expect of a spider. She leaps to another wall- clinging and landing with complete silence. Watching down below.

She sends out a webline- two- one from each hand, the silk shifting into ropes as she curls and begins to silently glide down. She's upside-down as she sinks lower. His friends turn around a moment.

Shin-Hye snatches him. Her arm wraps around his head- muffling his shout before the pair have ascended again. It takes less than a second before he's wrapped head to toe in spider-silk, stronger than steel. She then attaches a line to him, above the alley. A claw appears on her finger- formed from webs, she cuts a slit across where his eyes are so he can see as she drops him.

He falls- free fall until the webline catches at the last minute. He can't be more than a few inches from the ground when he comes to a stop, bouncing up- a few more weblines shot to catch him- leaving him dangling near where Batman has set up on a nearby roof- she's clearly enjoying this.

Batman is already on the roof, turning with crossed arms to watch Silk do her handyqork. He did the same thing to Grayson, though he was much younger. In order to grow, one must leave the hate behind, which is an affect, a less-than subtle way of oding things. But he can clearly see that she knows exactly what she's doing as she exercises finesse. She must have had a teacher…or either that, or she's incredibly gifted with immense potential.

He watches her stealth, no…not potential. SHe's already achieved that. It's training….she did say she was from Korea. Perhaps an attempt to remake the super soldier serum? he questions, looking then to the criminal as she leaves him dangling near batman. reaching out to tak hold of him, Batman growls.

"Talk." he says roughly, staring right in the criminals eyes. time to see if he's a coward.

<"Bah! Gwailo! Let me go! Bwah!"> He's scared- very scared. <"I don't know anything! I don't know anything! Let me go!"> He's shaking like a leaf.

Batman stands there cross-legged. "You're going to tell me where your boss is. Then I'm turning you in. Theo nly question is, how painful do you want this to be." He punches the little pipe beside his head. <"Talk!">

<"I don't know no boss. Aii!"> As the pipe is punched he flinches. Silk watches in silence- kneeling where she can be seen. Claws on her fingertips that she digs through the concrete of the roof- there's a scratching sound, a terrible sound. She inches ever so closer.

<"You should tell him what he wants to know."> Silk says. <"Believe it or not, he is the nicer one between us."> She speaks flat, calm. This is not foreign to her.

The man stares, afraid, <"You want him, but I go free! I walk, I want to go free!">

Silk cocks her head to the side. <"You know, the inner thigh is very sensitive. OR.. of course.. The fingers. The finger nails..tear them up."> Suggestions.

Batman stares at the man, understanding the comversation between Silk and the man in question. Though at his demands, he pulls out his Batarang and glides the blade along his cheek. It was dulled, but to such a precise extent that the man would be hard pressed to actually find out it wasn't sharp. <"You are not in a position to make demands. now TALK!"> he actually punches him hard in the rib, cracking it.

<"Want me to take another swing? TALK!">

<"Shit! Aaahgh! Fuck me! Ah..You want Chu! You want Billy Chu."> He shouts, shaking in place, even as Silk skitters closer- Moving with grace, despite the fact it would be difficult for your standard human to do so- its eerie. She knows how to move. Walking closer. Getting close. <"He's my boss, you want Chu! He tells us what to do and we do it!">

Silk looks over to Batman. She speaks in Korean- a language he's not likely to know. <"I think he is telling us the truth."> she says, <"What do you do next?"> It was a question very carefully worded- watching Batman now, Silk is curious- perhaps even judging.

Batman understands what both Silk and them an are saying. <"Billy Chu. I have what I need."> He looks to Silk, transfering easy into Korean. <"I know. people show signs when they are telling the truth and lying. He showed all of them. Drop him.">

He takes a moment to clarify. <"Softly."> he walks away then, typing away at a wrist gauntlet. <"For now, return home. That'es nough for one night."> he gives her a nod. <"Tell Widow what happened. She'll know how to contact me.">

Silk rewraps the man's face- he can still breath through the silk, but he's tossed off the side of the roof with another couple of lines of silk anchoring him in place and letting him dangle and squirm like an insect in the spider's web.

<"Do not go after Chu without me. I am responsible for those women."> she states, <"Trust."> She has shown him much by exposing herself- it seems she's expecting to be included in this.

<"And bring good luck."> Shin-Hye says again as she then hurries off towards wherever she was going- swinging along at great speed.

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