1964-12-20 - Can I Have This Dance?
Summary: Nick Fury learns of Prisoner #186 and reunites with the Black Widow, after their prior encounter in Berlin at Jorg's club.
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Natasha is lying down on her cot inside her cell, she's dressed in a prisoner's jumpsuit, both her wrists and ankles cuffed. She seems to be preoccupied with some form of breathing exercise while staring at the ceiling of her cell.

Fury comes stomping down the hall now, His boots leaving a heavy thudding and smoke billowing behind him. The cigar in his mouth is chewed to hell and there is some sort of guard following after him. Stopping abruptly he turns and looks down the mans nose, "Do you think I do not understand that, Sergeant!" His voice booms thru the hallway and the man scurries off afterwards. "Christ." He is mumbling as he comes in front of Natasha's cell. "Number 186!" He says loudly, almost…happy. The grin on his face is malicious though. "What brings you here? Last I saw you…Hymm, LAst I smelt ya'" He changes it with an edge to his voice. "Lonnnng way from Berlin." He muses before leaning against the outside of the cell and removing the cigar with his other hand. That one eye stuck on her.

The moment she smells the cigar in the air, Natasha sits up in her cot, turning to look at the fortified glass entrapping her in the cell. "I hear the caffetria is the best in the East Coast," Natasha glibly answers at Fury's derisive question. "Did you like the way I smell…?" Natasha smiles, amused that Fury still has their encounter in Berlin in mind, and why shouldn't he dwell on it? The pheremone has been proven very powerful by Red Room studies, partly the reason for the codename: Black Widow.

"Get me a one on one audience with the Winter Soldier and I promise to leave…" Natasha offers, despite the both of them knowing it will not happen.

"Heh. Potent stuff." He concedes with a growl. He puffs away and listens to her request. When she finishes he snorts. "Let me talk ta' the director." Rolling his eyes afterwards he says, "Let's cut tha' crap." He squints an eye hard at her, "Let's just pretend I'm the dumbest son of a bitch in this whole complex." He pauses, the smoke drifts upwards. "Who nabbed ya? Last I seen you were workin' that mark like an fulltime job. Someone like you….I get the feelin' theres more at play. You wouldn't be here if ya' didn't wanna be." He gets closer to the glass, his breath fogging it. "Your presence here, DISTURBS ME." After a long moment he adds, "His would too, " In relation to Bucky, "What you want with that boy?"

"It's extremely popular at parties…" Natasha quips playfully, though in this crowd, they both probably know full well of just the kind of 'party' she actually means. Heck, Fury himself was a guest, and a bit of a target in the aforementioned Berlin. She laughs when Fury suggests to pretend he's the dumbest person in the complex, "by that assumption alone, you are not."

She lets Fury present his argument, nodding with a malicious grin at the suggestion she wouldn't be here unless she wanted to, but the grin soon fades, as she merely comments, "I do believe you have a fine assessment of my skills. Shame the Winter Soldier disturbed our dance in Berlin, I'd have enjoyed it…" she does cock her head to the side as if considering Bucky, before answering in what sounds truthful, "I want him back. He's not yours."

"PFft.." He grumbles at her comment on partys before listening on. "Oh no?" He straightens now, his hands on his hips as smoke drizzles from his nose. "I don't dance." He says with scorn and a smart tone. He lets that hang before he continues, "And whose would he be? I don't think that perfume o' yours has that much of a long term effect." He eyes her up and down. "What about them kids? That how ya ended up here?" He's still prying for her version of things as if he knew nothing!

"In Berlin you would have…if I'd ask," Widow winks playfully at Fury, feeling much more comfortable with him then with her last two visitors. At least he appears to give her due respect deserving of her notorious status. "I don't need that perfume, he was always mine, never yours. You manipulated him…" she accuses quietly, before shrugging at the mention of the kids, "the clones? Not my fault, not my objective." Still not much of an explanation offered. They both seem to play the game well.

He lets out another barely audible grunt about Berlin. "Thats what scares me," He concedes. Weather to him being hers or Shield manipulating him is not clear. He chews on his cigar, a bit of tobacco juice slipping from his lips before he pulls it tightly. "Whose?" He asks pointedly about the clones. "Seemed to interest your sledding buddy enough." He adds in relation to Bucky. "Why? Why'd he go showin up on all them ops in the east. Because." He pauses and a slow grin comes over his features, "From where I was standin' he was on /our/ side." The stogey falls to the ground and it crunches under his boot.

"You're right to be scared," Natasha concludes, before blowing Fury a playfully kiss. It's hard to make the gesture alluring with her hands cuffed together at the wrist, but she can't help herself. "You know that thing will kill you?" Widow notes as she focuses on Fury's cigar habits. "That he was…despite swearing to me otherwise. Makes him a liar, doesn't it? Nobody likes liars…what was the quote? You shall not suffer a liar to live? Something like that wasn't it?"

"A good spook is always scared." He ignores the kiss and the comment on t he cigar. "No, and I suffer them less when they are prisoners. When they are temporairily on my side, they aint so bad." He pulls another cigar and lights it blowing a huge cloud at her glass enclosure. When it clears his mug is there, "Spare me the literature from back home. Don't translate as well as ya' think."

"I'll keep that in mind…" Natasha remarks about the tip for spooking. She nods at his preferences and thoughts of liars, "good to know. Is 'Bucky' on your side?" She asks curiously, as if she wasn't sure herself, laughing at that last one, "sure…not all of us are well read."

"Myymmmm." He is groaning. "Honey, we got Captain America, the X-men, the Inhumans, Kree too. Everyones against you and that red hair." He takes another long drag and continues, "Figures. I know even less then before." He shakes his head, "Everything I expected, Widow. Glad we could trade info." He doesn't sound so sincere at the last remark. "We'll get ya' some books then." He turns his back on her and stops, he throws one last remark. "Thought you would have sharper English."

Natasha looks at Fury with a blank expression as he explains the situation to her, she doesn't reply in turn by listing the likes of the Winter Guard or anything of the sort, but she does smile warmly, "you like my hair? Thank you, I appreciate it." She does laugh at his parting words, and feigns difficulty with the language, falling into a formerly non-existant Russian accent, "I try learn petter, for next time, da?"

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