1964-12-20 - Operation: Save the Season gets greenlit
Summary: The 5th Ave. Guys decided to take it upon themselves to save the holiday for heir roommate in teh wake of the Rockafeller travesty
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The weather was abnormally large, Rockafeller Center kept getting rocked by vandals, and Gillagan's Island was making people wait another whole week to find out if they found a way to leave yet. Kaleb still argues that the Professor was keeping them hostage and can leave whenever he wants, but his opinion was unpopular in the wake of people wanting to see more of Mary Ann and GIlligan. So be it.

Kaleb actually slept in late for once but, now that he was up, was taking a critical look at the living room from standing atop the short, round coffee table in the conversation pit. He was, oddly, not really dressed for the day indicating something had his mind enough to run out of bed with just his house pants and worry about putting on a t-shirt once he got to standing on teh furniture. Emergency room surveying was a go. There was a plan forming here!

"Vic," he spoke, letting the sound carry to where he found him, "we need coffe done up expediciously. Can you help?" Awww he learned how to ask. Adorable.

"I can make a pot of coffee if that's what you mean," Vic says. He's dressed in sweats and a t-shirt, not quite ready to face the day in 'real' clothes yet. He wanders into the kitchen, bedhead putting his hair in disarray. Once there, he performs the elusive magic that makes the coffee maker function, and within momnents it's dripping away. Witchcraft. "Are you hungry?" he asks, then he looks Kaleb over. "Are you okay?" he asks. "You're on the coffee table."

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My oh my, and they also get to see 'rumpled Max' as well, which is a sight. Curly hair is at all angles as he drags himself to the door and stares out it with an unshaven face. There's a bit of glimmer on his lips, maybe the vestiges of lipstick, possibly, and his steel blue eyes flick from Vic, to the doorway beyond. "I thought he was getting up to pee…I guess not. Unless he's peeing in the living room." He leans against the doorway with one shoulder. "What's going oooooonnnn?"

Kaleb was squinting looking at all the room, a hand reaching up under his shirt to itch at his stomach idly. Of course he heard Vic. He heard everything wether he wanted to or not and murmured with much disctraction, "yeaaaaah. I'm in love with the whole goddamned world, Vic." Those blue eyes were tired but trying to piece together…something. "It's…all wrong…right now…" Finally he looked from the blank spaces to Max and there was a hint of an apologetic look. "I did but my head's …thinking. Won't shut off. Thought of something." Looking back to Vic he was about to say Noooooo but the word that came out was "Baaaacooon…" like he wasn't going to but now that…Vic… mentioned it. Yaaas! Vic excelled at beign an enabler. It was pretty amazing. "Vi we got something we need to fix. Max, I shall be relying on your expertise to aid the family in our time of need." The hand went out and flapped at him, and then again. "Come look at this. You guys see the paper yesterday?"

Vic regards Kaleb with interest. One might even say concern. He glances to Max and offers him a smile, taking in the rumpledness with good nature. Goodness knows he's wandered around the place looking a sight, himself. Kaleb's declaration of bacon gets a laugh from Vic and a shake of his head. He goes to the fridge to take out a packet of bacon to begin the process. To Max, he says, "I think he's pretty well potty trained, but hey, we all make mistakes." He shakes his head then and tells Kaleb, "I haven't gotten a look yet. Why, did something happen?" Vic doesn't need sleep often, but there are nights where he just crashes out, and someone could've dropped the bomb and he wouldn't have woken up.

"Something about the tree…I think?" Max mumbles and then trudges to the door to see if this so-called paper is out there that he can drag in. Awww, he's doing a chore. Kinda. Its self-serving. "What does it have to do with our living room though?" He holds his robe together as he shuts the door again, with a paper. If Vic already got the paper, then its someone else's paper.

Kaleb sighed and stopped flapping his hand as that communication was a bust. Just as well he thought. Maaaan morning belly scratch was kinda the best no matter how much money one was born to. He pulle dhis shirt down and said tiredly with a yawn; words starting before his mouth joined and synced up to the soundtrack that was Echo. "First they burned the damned think down, and no someone hacked the top third off the replacement tree. And I know I'm like pissed as hell about that," he shrugged and added it to the giant pile of worngs the world has committed that he had grievances with, but continued without a break in stride picoting from teh table back to the pair, "and I know Jay's like… fuckin heartbroken. So. We are going to fix it and I do not mean go and tape Rockafeller back together. I mean Kellan's at school and Jay's working. I mean today we're going to bring the holiday into the apartment, decorate and give them all the tiny lights they can stand where it is fortified and secure. But it's too late to get a decorator on call as they are booked up soooo we may have to do this one ourselves." As if no one actually decorates their own home. I mean who would even think to do that right?!

Vic pours coffee for the three of them while bacon sizzles. "Poor Jay," he says. Max gets a look and a shrug with a shake of his head. He has no idea what Kaleb's up to, but here, have a cup of coffee. He laughs quietly as he says, "You're supposed to decorate the Christmas tree yourself. It's a family thing, making memories and all that stuff. We should make popcorn garlands for it and string them ourselves." Once coffee is distributed, he goes back to tending the bacon. It's not entirely selfless; his stomach grumbles.

"So, we're /shopping/ is what you are saying. We're shopping, and getting a tree thing…not mutilated, and I guess…lights? And…cookies with holes in them that you dangle from it? Does this have to do with the music that keeps repeating over and over? WHat happened to the /jazz/ that was on the radio before? I guess I have heard of the gift-bringer, though…some do celebrate Bodhi Day…the achievement of enlightenment, but…I am a little uncertain about your religious affairs." He walks in a circle around the blank space in the floor that Kaleb is eyeing. "In the giving of presents though…I fully understand." He flashes a grin.

Kaleb blinked and missed most of that shaking his head tiredly to Max, "I don't perscribe to…" he made a circle with his hand, "religious ideals. I could expoud but" He pointed to Vic; no past Vic to what Vic was doing which was providing bacon and caffeine in which to fuel thoughts into becoming whole words. "But in a nutshell, yeah, we are shopping and doing gift things and…" The cranky sonic chewed on his words carefully and admitted to them, "It's been a shit year for everyone in this family and I want…something nice in it for you guys so I wana do this but I … don't know what I'm doing. But I know what I want" He looked to Max with a gri, "I dunno Bodhi. You'll have to share that one. I know like Chaunakkah and Yule are around this time too." Looking back to Vic he gestured to teh table he was standing on with four fingers facing downward, "I think I wanna put the tree here but I dunno. Then I thought hologram treeeeee buuuut… Jay's kinda traditionala nd he's all//'but it ain't reeeeal, Kale. Y'all don't get it'/" And Kaleb was doing a darn skippy job of tweaking the modulation to sound like the birb. "So I was up for like the last hour trying to figure out the meaning of Christmas and I think that makes you our Linus, Vic. Please help."

"I was born this year," Vic says. "That was pretty neat." He piles bacon high on a plate, sizzling up the whole packet. He laughs at the Jay impression. "We could make the ornaments," he says. The bacon is brought to the dining table, and he tops off everyone's coffee. "I'd rather be Linus than Charlie Brown," he says. "Poor guy." His brow furrows, and he says, "OldVic loved the Rockerfeller tree. Most of the time, it was all he had. He could look at it and pretend he had a family that loved him." He takes a drink of coffee. "From that, I've learned that Christmas is about family, either by blood or choice. It's during winter, when it's cold and bitter, and the world seems darker. That's when we need family the most. Coming together gets us through the dark times, to know we're loved. Christmas isn't necessarily religious. I mean the tree comes from Yule, most of the decorations, too. Santa Claus, also from Yule, the Yule log, definitely from Yule. Maybe this time of year Christians consider Christ part of their family and celebrate him, the way we celebrate each other. It's about love."

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Maximus stares at Vic while Vic Linuses them and slowly his jaw hangs open. Then, he gets a very sly look about him. "Ahhhhh, now I see. I do. I know exactly what to bring to this…Yule festival. I am not talking about it and if you are going to spout on about Love and Blah Blah, then I will do my errand right now, alone. But, otherwise, I will gladly help you gather what supplies we need to pull this together in a classy and amazing way." He props his hands on his hips.

Kaleb arched an eyebrow and listened to Vic expound on the quality of…familyship. He squint a bit but hey, Vic was in the same boat as the rest of them: estranged directly or indirectly. Yeah alright he was willing to buy into it because Vic's take on teh ordeal was far less commercialized tha teh other. Kaleb nodded and sighed. "I still wat a shiny pink metal tree though. Too bad."Glancing back to Max he waded off the table and walked over in one of those rare gestures of contact in the open. He hooked an arm around Max's waist and smooched hte back of his head. "Yeah no one's going to lecture you but I told you, we're keeping you, Max. And yes, I like where you guys are going with this." Classy and amazing? Personalized and made? Yup. "I never seen teh popcorn thing done but it sounds cool, Vic. Don't let my brother(s) eat the tree as a snack at 2 am though." There was that self-amused impish grin. His chin dropped on Max's shoulder and he glanced back from Inhuman to Mote and murmured, "I appreciate your buy in for this venture." Which was Kaleb for: I'm glad you are a part of this, but spoken like the heir of a venture capitolist.

"I'm done going on about love," Vic tells Max, his lips twitching at an amused smile. "It's not for everyone, but it's what I'm made out of." He wrinkles his nose as a pink metal tree is mentioned. He says nothing, though. If Kaleb wants a pink metal tree, he can has that out with Jay. He gestures to the plate of bacon. "It's going to get cold," he says, and he takes a few slices for himself, munching them down. He's also made of hunger. Love and hunger. "If Kellan wants popcorn, I'll just make him popcorn."

"I understand it. I just don't wish to discuss it openly. if I walk through a store singing and laughing people will think I have gone ma-…actually, perhaps that is precisely what I should do.I always get away with so much more when people think I am impaired." Max wet his lips and turned his face enough to peck the side of Kaleb's with his lips. "Obviously…/get dressed/." He tries to give Kaleb an encouraging nudge in the right direction and ran a finger over his own lips, trying to mentally pick out what to wear. "I need my fur."

Kaleb had the hint of a smile. Things were…going well. According to plan and no one told him it was a stupid idea. Hell they were actually on board and got what he was going for. Between that and the small token of affection he was actually quite pleased. He was nudged and his tired ass wobbled a bit. So much for stealth leaching heat from the Inhuman. Blast. Echo chuckled, "Lions don't fret the opinions of sheep. If we go out looking for trees remember it's not snowing but it's still cold. I'll call Kwabena and get him over here. First, bacon." Because if he was doing anyhting these days it was by his Mutant driver that he trusted implicitly unlike his father's men which were still all in question with him since the summer. He dragged himself to the kitchen: coffee. bacon. Pat on the shoulder to Vic. He was getting better about being in a tactile world, well, at least at home. The advantage he had was he could form sound which freed his face up to stuff bacon and coffee in. "Just don't tell Kell I begged you to cook again. Ideas on where to start first? I'd say have someone pick up the table but if anyone comes home early they'll freak and think we got robbed….kidna funny though, but mean."

Vic waves a hand and says, "I was going to make something to eat anyway. It would've been rude not to share." He'll cover for Kaleb. Besides, it's true. The ever-empty stomach demands bacon. He eats a few more strips. "I think we should get the tree first, and the ornaments. Then when it's being brought in, I'll move the table." For him, it's like lifting Styrofoam. "Are you two going alone or am I tagging along?"

Maximus makes his way to Kaleb's room and the sound of hangers being moved can be heard. Then the bathroom door closes. Time to get made up, and looking nice for the festivity preparations, and he needed /time/. He wasn't some 18-year-old baby-face like the rest of them. From its echoey depths, the call comes, "YOU ARE COMING!" Making that determination before Kaleb can say otherwise. Though…it wouldn't stop him from saying otherwise, Max already knew!

Kaleb actually opened his mouth to answer and since Max, quiet well, knew his mind and voiced it for him Echo switched gears and boggled, "Did he just…rifle through my closet?" He could have had grabbed his own things or Kaleb's. Honestly it pulled the corner of his mouth back in bewildered amusement, "Amazing." He stopped and for a moment his world worked, even according to his impossible standards. He nodded to Vic, "You're family. You're in this too Vic. Gimme…" He squint at his bathroom withthe door going and the things being thrown around as Max defined 'perfect' for the day and he shook his head, "I can skip shaving it's fine." He went to the phone and made the call out to his driver and waited. Passing back he clued Vic in still just … pleased. This was what Echo looked like content. Weird. "He said he can be here in twenty. Also we got time to put egg on that bacon with toast? I seen you do that in no time at all. It's… a lot of driving. He should get hooked up." Wait did he care about the help? Well this was Mutant colleague he employed. Off Kaleb went to get sorted, unlike hte frenetic art that was taking place in the bathroom he methodically picked out shit wares for the day: hunter green suit and black and hunter vest with sage green shirt and tie. Festive yo.

Vic beams as it's confirmed he's coming. "Then I'll get dressed." He ducks into the room he shares with Kellan, and when he emerges, he's in chinos with a nice button shirt, and his hair has been combed back. It's getting a little long. He's got a long woolen coat with a scarf and mittens. "I'm ready to go," he says. He tugs the mittens off, though, so he can clean up the kitchen a bit while the others get ready. He hums as he putterse, off-key but so happily.

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