1964-12-22 - A Very Loki Yule
Summary: It's a Yuletide boozeout at the Asgardian Embassy and everyone's invited!
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There's food, there's music. There's a white goat wandering around nibbling at this or that or bleating. Dancers have commandeered one of the few patches of clear space, and there is someone there teaching them old Norse dances. At the big table, the chair at the head is reserved for Thor himself, should his adventures allow him to pay a visit. At his left hand, Loki's spot is reserved. There are others who have their spots left open for them: Rogue, Bucky should he show. Everyone else can squeeze in, but there's a lot of table, so no problem. It's almost as if the humans all around appreciate the food but are leery of the company.

Kai stands atop his chair beside Loki with a flagon in his hand. He's dressed like a little elf lordling in colors of white and misty grey-blue. Kai, along with a few others, belt out a tune. "And when she came down to the door, the string on her finger was all she wore, oooh…" He's saved a seat beside him for Elmo.

It's a booze up. Time to get stupid.

This afternoon: Peter Parker, at the offices of the Bugle, having just collected his latest check for pictures of the spiders busting the human trafficking shipment. "I'm going to spend my first Christmas with Mary Jane." he's telling Betty Brandt.

"I just got word that the Fantastic Four is going to be at the Asgardian Embassy because of aliens! I need pictures! PARKER!" Jameson roared, pointing at Peter. "You're it!"

"I was just getting ready to go to the Catskills, Mister Jame—-"

"Don't care! Asgardians. The Four. Aliens. Story of the year! Forget the Spider photos, get to that party!"

"But I don't…"

"…someone get that boy into a tux, and get him there!"

So that's how Peter Parker, photographer for the Daily Bugle, stands out like a sore thumb in the Asgardian Embassy, dressed in an ill-fitting tux, though he's already lost the bow tie. Holding his camera in his hands, he's taking a few pictures of the architecture and the revelellers, though he's already turned down several offers from young women to wrestle. Arm or otherwise. Because he's here on official business. At least until the film runs out.

Loki is /kinda/ sitting in the chair. He has four bottles of a greenish wine in front of him, arranged so that they face him. They have his little horned helm marking on it. Loki's booze. He wiggles his fingers and the bottles glow gold for a moment, then settle back to looking normal. He is totally not human. He's dressed in his leathers and green, with golden armor bits, and is including his horned helm in the festivities as well. A little wreath has slid its way down one horn to rest against the helm's main part, and from the other dangles an ornament for the moment, though each turn of his head threatens to send the rune to the floor. His thin-lipped smile is as bright as his eyes, and he lounges sideways in his designated chair. A little wave and he tries to catch PETER's attention to summon him over to his side.

Elmo arrives a little late, and not because he was having a panic attack at the huge party, and even if he did it was just a little one and he's fine okay thank you. He's in a sleek suit that is the deep iridescent blue of a Stellar's jay, with matching vest and tie. His shirt is vibrant yellow, and he has traded out his usual workboots for black Oxfords polished to an eye-catching gleam. On his lapel is a discreet Magen David. Kai seems busy, but he comes over anyway to him and Loki. "Hey, happy Yule," he says to Loki under the singing.

Wanda goes home.

Reno was following Danny and Gidget. They got invited to stuff like this, hairdressers who kept an eye on pawn shops? Far less so. He was a nervous little guy, but the bird-man was just fascinated by the lights the food the-…goat? He leaned over and whispered to the couple he knew. "Hey you see that? THey got a goat. Like not on bread or anythin jsut walking around. I thought it was like formal. Shouldn't the goat have a tie or something?" Hey, he was trying to suss it all out. Then? Then those big brown eyes fell on Loki across the room and he froze for a moment whispering to himself (Don't molt don't molt don't molt…).

Shin-Hye, or Cindy Moon as some had come to call her, had heard about a party! And, being very new to the city she was very excited to go to such a party- one run by people she'd never met. Maybe she could meet some more new friends. She arrives, dressed in silk clothing that seems to match 'popular' clothing of the era- a long dress that goes to her ankles. A pair of tennis shoes on below that. She's carrying a large jar, not wanting to arrive without a gift.

She immediately recognizes Loki from a few days back and the Fairy Lights. Beaming bright she approaches and offers the large jar- filled with some food. "Thank you for party! Here is gift of food for feast!" she wasn't going to arrive at someone's house without a gift. That would be rude! "Is kimchi!"

Doug was out buying some chips at a bodega after going to the library when somebody pressed a flier into his hand about a christmas party — and, well, curiosity is a heck of a snare. He's dressed a button down shirt and slacks, after giving his hat and scarf to the coat check… elf? Anyway, now he's got a mug full of something that tastes like gold, and he's wandering around looking at stuff. He notices a little carving on the wall in runes. "…I can't believe Volstagg ate the entire cow. …Gross."

Gidget had some of her clients come into her office rattling off about some party. Sighing, sh would just stay out of it as she heard them trying to get her to tag along. No. No parties for her. Lord only know what that was going to do to her. She had turned into quite the home body, not really caring but some of her clientele did.
So there she was…in that party. Squeezing her way in she would find herself a nice little spot…that wasn't AS crowded. Trying to blend in but she couldn't stop her old habits: had to dress for the holiday. So there stood that almost six foot, dark haired young woman….wearing a blood red silk dress that cascaded to the floor with a slit that stopped at her kneed. Black clutch in hand, she'd slowly open it up to pull out a compact to check her make up that super subtle and simple. She was alone since Robbie seemed to be out somewhere so might as well entertain herself, right?

When Kai spies Elmo, he stops singing and hops down so he's sitting in his chair instead of using it as an impromptu stage. "Elmo!" he says. The flagon is set aside and he hugs Elmo, one of those smothering hugs that's halfway to being a wrestling move. "You made it! Loki, look!" He flashes the god of mischief a warm, radiant smile. Still hugging Elmo, he raises his voice and says, "Everyone, welcome! We've got the good stuff over her!" Because encouraging people to try the Asgardian booze can't possibly end in disaster or alcohol poisoning.

Danny shows up in a perfectly tailored suit to the party. He seems to be going stag this evening, as he shows up on his own in a hired car that drops him off outside. then he makes his way in, taking a look around for familiar faces. There are several there, and so he waves to Reno, Gidget, Loki, Kai, each in turn whenever he happens to pass by. There's a laugh at Kai's proclamation that the good stuff was over there, and so he makes his way in that general direction — because who doesn't want the good stuff?

After taking a few pictures, Peter's little warning sense goes off in his head, because LOKI is beckoning him. Stay cool, Spider-Man. Just as he was about to make his way over, the God of Mischief gets mobbed by the new gift of the Magi, Kimchi. Of course Peter recognizes the girl that was rescued from the shipping container a few days ago - he's probably totally curious at to how she ended up here.

But he finally makes his way over towards where Loki is seated with his company and his new gift and sidesteps as a goat comes running by - now wearing the bow tie that Parker tossed aside earlier. "At least he's formal."

"Mmmmm, /merry Yule/, indeed. Has your /date/ arrived?" Loki asks in a singsong voice, very much absolutely teasing Elmo. Then, he hands Elmo one of the four bottles he had in front of him. "Go…put this in front of someone you don't know." Then he winks. Cindy Moon comes over to present HIM with the Kimchi and it might as well be gold, because its not for Thor. YES! LOKI RULEZ! He extends his hand and bobs his booted foot where it dangles over the arm of the chair, clasping the gift of terrifyingly fermented cabbage and smiiiiiiles, clearly delighted. "Make yourself at home, noble one. SERVERS! Get this guest a dish for this to be served!" He glances up at Kai, the singing elf, and chuckles, then throws a grape at him as he hops down. POING. "I see him…get him a drinking horn."

Gidget in a red dress gets his attention, as does the shrinking, scared Reno, but his smile and his eyes seem to welcome them both there, despite all those terrible things they said about him. That helm looks good though, damn good! When Peter and his danger sense, which is totally right to go off, arrives, Loki offers him the second of the four bottles of 'Loki brew'. "Here…you look like a man that does not get to try the truly magnificent stuff very often." He grins crookedly. "You and your friends…have some. And, if you do not have friends, you soon will." If he's not POSING for a picture, he sure looks like he is, leaned all 'cool'.

"My date?" Elmo says, totally blanking—but then gets it. "I, uh, didn't ask him. Why didn't I ask him? I'm a schmuck, that's why." He hugs Kai back with enthusiasm, grinning at how much /more/ effusive Kai is when boozed up. "Hey, buddy." When Loki presents him with the bottle, he takes it, eyeing it suspiciously. "Am I gonna get arrested if I do?" he askes Loki.

Reno swallowed nervously but managed a smile to the guy that kidnapped them and took them half way across the… well halfway to something definiately in another zip code. At least the birb cleaned up sharp in a suit in winter white. He did pause to note in earnest to Gidget, "Tu es muy bonita, Gidge." Truth was truth and he was a critter of compliments. Seeing Danny there warmed the smile wider and a hand went out in greeting, "Heeeeey, Danny Rand, my man. Good to see yo-ooooh kimchi?" Oh for the love of food.

And Cindy Moon's Kimchi? It'll strip the paint off a car. Fragrant, potent- it'll probably be a hit with those who like spicy, and savory sorts of food. Cindy's patented Mountain-style Kimchi is poured out of its jar onto the serving tray. "Hope you like, friend!" she offers to Loki with that beaming smile. "Am glad this your party. Where is Mule? Why we celebrate for mule?" she asks then, with complete innocence- a simple misunderstanding of what she'd heard before. "I see goat- very nice goat- but where is mule? He will pull the log?"

Cindy, of course, never saw PETER's face when he was there at the docks. She wiggles her fingers to him. "Hello man with Camera. Am Shin-Hye, very happy meetings! You would like Kimchi?" She offers the bowl over towards him. "Is good on all things! Best on meat things." she says, "Beef and goat and dog and fish and crab and horse and other meat things!"

Somewhere down the line, Doug hopped up on a table and sat. He has a plate of canapes, which he's balancing on one knee, and after he drained the liquid gold in that mug, instead he just got some sparkling water. Can't overdo it! But still, he's enjoying hanging about and doing a little bit of people watching. Well, that and the crab puffs. They're fantastic.

Gidget would see Loki and nearly died inside. Exhaling deeply she would tilt her head as she looked around before seeing Danny and giving him a wave. Taking a deep breaths she would slowly make her way over closer to Reno and chuckled. "….Robbie taught me that one. Thanks…." Blushing slightly she would just nod before looking back around. This was….a riot in a sense. Following after Reno who was going over to Danny, she would look over and see….the wine. Hmmmm.

Kai watches people come gather around Loki, and he grins at them. He doesn't know who Peter Parker really is or there might be a slapfight. He empties his flagon, then reaches for a bit of roasted boar. "Hello!" he calls to Douglas as he gets settled. Then he spies Danny, and he leaps up again to hug him. "Danny! Come sit! You remember Loki, right?" He's incongruently strong, what with his slight frame, and he guides Danny to a chair next to Elmo, since it's close to him. "This is Elmo. He's groovy. Elmo, this is Danny Rand. He's my neighbor."

"Heya Reno," Danny says and then shakes his head at the offer of kimchi politely. "I think I'm going to get a bit of the good stuff going first." He then makes his way over toward the table where the good stuff seems to be hiding, looking to partake a bit. "Evening," he says to Gidget when she comes over near to where he and Reno are standing. Then he is being summoned by Kai and he nods, moving over in that direction only to be suddenly hugged. He looks momentarily startled at the hug but then gives Kai a pat on the back with a grin and says, "Good to see you, and of course I remember." He then nods to Elmo when he is introduced. "A pleasure." He offers a hand, and takes the offered seat.

Peter dutifully snaps a picture of Loki when prompted, making sure that Cindy and the gift are in the frame as well. When the wine is offered to him, the bottle is eyed, but there's no screaming of spider-senses that the wine isn't going to kill him or turn him porcine or anything of the like, so there's a smile that's offered. "Thank you for the bottle, uh.. your Mischiefness?" he's not really sure how to address the God of Chaos, but he tries. "I'm not allowed to drink while working, but it will be appreciated eventually."

He's glnacing around. Mary Jane said she would meet him here - after all, he can sneak off work once she's arrived, and gets a few pictures of her. That is before the pungent vegetable is shoved underneath his nose and it wrinkles. Oh, there's that smell from earlier today! "That is.. pretty unique, Miss Hye." he responds to the young woman, trying not to turn slightly green in the process. "And I'm sure it's delicious, but I had a big dinner before arriving." It was a fully loaded hot dog, but noone really needs to know that. Be professional, Peter! With others being gathered into the Lokiverse, the photog falls back, and takes a couple of pictures of Gidget, before offering the woman a warm smile. "I recognize you, don't I? I mean, I've seen you with Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane?" he asks the statuesque blonde curiously. Then offers his hand. "Peter Parker, I'm taking pictures for the Bugle tonight, but Mary Jane said she may be here tonight."

Speak of the Devil and you might just see her. In this case, wearing a blue sparkling dress with a warm looking shawl draped over her since… well, it IS December, though she left her coat at the foyer. Smiling as she spots Peter, Mary Jane slips over behind him, and whispers, "Sorry I'm late, work was really busy so I had to help out." She blinks a bit at the distinct aroma of, "Oh, is that kimchi?!?"

"I remember." Loki offers and eyes Danny as the man is warmly welcomed and practically shoved into a chair. EYES ON YOU, his expression seems to say. He leans forwards and swings his leg down, sitting in his chair a /bit/ more properly, though his legs are still wide. The rune dangling from his horn falls off into a pile of shaved meat and he pays it no mind at all. "I believe…" Loki then stands up and brushes his hand down his chest, "That we have waited on my brother long enough. Kai, you should make a speech, have a drink first." He casts his eyes about for the goat. He speaks the creature's incomprehensible name, trying to call it over so that he can put it in Thor's chair. "It seems your dish is very popular," He says to Cindy, "Are you /certain/ you are not from Vanaheim?"

"Nice to meet ya," Elmo says to Danny, but Danny's offer of a handshake makes him stuff his own hands into his pockets, ruining the lines of his suit. "Don't listen to this beatnik, I'm not groovy."

Reno also had a diet that consisted of tamales ramped up to spice level: molten and road kill. Really anything inbetween those two extremes were fair game for a crow. When Danny declines it his brow furrowed and he looked from teh food, to the people carrying it about, back to Gidget; her modesty breaking his mood of concern, "Eh mi primo's a good guy. Glad he's teaching you the important things." After spending a moment feeling lost he followed Danny because going over to thank one's host was polite right? He looked to Kai and Loki offering, "Excellent party, and ummmm nice goat." He wasn't certain what hte protocol was on goats but compliments spent right? "Joyous Yule, and thanks for like, having us all here."

"Yes, " Cindy offered first to Mary Jane, as she set the Kimchi down before Loki. "Am from Korea." she assures Loki, "Was very beautiful country before bad times. Still beautiful some places. Just need to be very careful for landmines." she states matter-of-factly. "Will visit Vanaheim! Is near here? Across Hudson?" she asks then, still beaming so very brightly. "Food and drink! Feast is good feast!" she cheers, "In Korea, eat and drink together. Very important for party. Both at same time- " She says with a happy bounce in place.

She turns then. "You say Gwen Stacy? Gwen is very good friend for Shin-Hye. She let me live in her ceiling."

"Oop! Hey!" Doug juggles his canapes while waving at Kai with one hand. He looks around the place, and takes stock of what he sees — the revelry, the homesickness… and Loki, who he can't get a good read on, and that for some reason is deeply, deeply unsettling — but then again, he is the Lord of Illusions. Doug hops down to get a refill on his sparkling water, before he says to Kai, in passing, "Great party. Thank you!" He's speaking Old Norse, though he doesn't seem to realize it.

"Yeah….Robbie is great…." Smiling to Reno she would then look to Danny and smiled. "Evening…." Exhaling a bit she would slowly look over to all of the wine then looked to Reno. "…should we have some?" Chuckling a bit she would then look to Loki, nodding. "Thanks for the party. A lot of my clients were talking about it….so the pushed me to come out." Gidget would chuckle a bit then glanced over to the….goat? There's a goat.

Kai flashes Loki a broad grin. He's at least two sheets and working on that third. He lures the goat over with a bit of boar, then lifts it into Thor's seat, where it immediately starts nibbling on the lettuce garnish on one of the platters. Kai then surreptitiously pours some of Loki's wine and tells Elmo, "Here, we're raising a toast."

Then he hops on his chair, standing on it so he's visible in the throng. He raises his flagon to Doug and says in Old Norse, "Made brighter by your presence!" Then he clears his throat, and looks around the crowd. Uh oh, speech is coming.

Danny brings Reno on over with him if he feels like coming along. He just seems to be wandering and mingling with whoever is around. He settles into his seat and glances over towrd Loki, lofting both brows at the look athat he recived. "Good to see you again," Danny says, "And Merry Yule." But then Kai is getting up to do a speech, and so his attention shifts focus to the elf.

Mary Jane manages a sneak attack on Peter, it's super effective. "Hey you." he greets, leaning over to kiss the woman's cheek while she's next to him. "I have the wine. Still have a few miniutes left before I can be off the clock, but.." He lets the camera hang off the strap around his neck, and pours a couple of small glasses, handing one to MJ while he takes the other one. "To our first 'official' holiday party together." he winks at the redhead, tapping his glass against hers before imbinding the wine in a toast with her, before his attention turns to Cindy and the mention of living with Gwen.

"Mary Jane and I are friends of hers." Peter offers. "Though you'll probably see MJ more than I, they're in a band together."

MJ nods, "Yeah, Gwen's a great friend, and it's awesome that she's letting you stay with her… Cindy, right?" She smiles at Peter, taking a glass from him as she clinks the glass on his, then she swallows. "Wow, that's…" She blinks and looks down at herself, "Um… what's in that wine?" She grins a bit sheepishly at herself, then looks over at Peter.

For the record, she doesn't look any different. At least to mundane eyes.

Doug may not realize that he's speaking old Norse, but Loki certainly notices. The trickster looks the whipper snapper over with a curious loft of his brow and then he chuckles when Kai manages the goat into Thor's chair. "There is a picture for your paper, man who takes instant-tapestries! Thor in all his glory!" To Gidget he offers, "You SHOULD have some wine. Have some of mine!" And he holds the bottle out to her by its neck. Awww, what a charmingly innocent smile he wears, too. Totally nothing is gonna happen if she drinks that wine. Nope. Still standing, he basks in the rare wonder of no Thor for distracting everyone. At last, he can be the Prince that matters. HAPPY TIMES! The goat gets a smile. "The only thing that would make this party better would be a drunk archery contest. I /always/ love those." Then he points at Doug. "Get that man a drink." Whom he's ordering about is unclear.

Elmo takes the wine Kai offers him, a little worried, but then shrugs gamely. He promised he'd get drunk and eat too much, so he'd better get started. There's a lot of people suddenly around him and he says to Doug and Reno and sundry, "Hi, I'm Elmo. Kai's friend."

Reno warmed a genuine smile to Elmo (yes he was using Danny as a human shield of sorts JUST in case). A hand went out to Elmo in greeting. "Oh no kiddin? Yeha, frind of a friend and all. Reno. Reno Cordova." He paused and glanced to Loki, and well, Loki owed him something so he offered, "We know him. You ever been to one of these before, Elmo? What's goin on withthe goat anyways?"

"Yes. Very good friend, Gwen help me very much. Yes! Cindy name. Also Shin-Hye. But Cindy is American name, for American girl Cindy Moon!" The Korean woman offers with a wide grin. She takes a glass of whatever is being served as it passes by, sipping on it quietly. "Very good people in this city." She says, "Still excited to see mule and log." If someone explained to her she was woefully mistaken, she hasn't heard it. "Many helpers. Very good people. New York is Apple Pie City number one!"

"Oh. Um." Doug winds up getting his mug filled with wine, presumably from one of Loki's bottles, from somebody. "…Thank you!" He studies the wine, and then, with a gentle shrug, he tips back half of it with a swallow, saving the other half for the inevitable toast. Chug, chug, chug…

Gidget would blink at the offering but….who was she to say no to….him. Chewing on her bottom lip, she would smile slightly and nod. "….thanks." With that, she took a long sip before passing it back over to him. Taking a deep breath she would smile. "Oh that is good." Looking over to Reno she would smile before slowly looking down at her dress and blinked. "…um…." Looking at her hands and arms she would actually….giggle a bit. "…oh man…."

Kai clears his throat, and he almost looks serious. Almost. There's a glimmer in his ocean-blue eyes and a slight upturn of his lips that speaks of repressed merriment. "Greetings, this Yule night," he says, and he raises his flagon to those gathered. "On behalf of the Asgardian Embassy, may our relations be ever-peaceful." Peace is an interesting concept when, in the alcove just off the doorway, there are men practically beating the crap out of each other in Norse fight dancing. Vikings, right?

"Yule is a time of feasting and reflection, where we sing and we tell tales, we brag and we talk about the things we're leaving to the darkness as we head into brighter times. Right now, times are dark. Earth faces many challenges, and the road will get rockier before it gets smoother. However, every one of us stands here tonight as a testament to our own survival. So we celebrate on the darkest night! Because agains the odds, here we are."

He studies everyone as he speaks, one face at a time, and if one could find one word to describe his countenance, it would be 'kind.' "I want to hear what you've survived this year," he says. "Let's go around, one at a time. You." He gestures to Danny. "You go first. It's okay to get weird. Let's face it, this whole night's a little weird." The goat nibbles on the hem of Kai's doublet.

Danny has acquired himself a glass of wine with which to toast, so when Kai gets up and makes his speech, he lifts his glass in toast and takes a swallow of wine. There's a moment's pause or so afterward when nothing seems out of the ordinary, until he just sits there for a moment staring at his hand. When Kai gestures to him, he doesn't even notice. Instead he wiggles his fingers and proclaims, "I'm.. blue." Is Danny Rand sad? Maybe he's sad. "And.. frosty." Wut?

"This is no mere camera, this is my mighty hammer, Mjolnir!" Peter suddenly exclaims. Usually, when he drinks a wine, it's very quickly broken down in his system, and passes quickly. It's just part of his physiology. "Thy brother, do you not recognize your own brother.." hoo boy, does he really think he's an Odinson.

Though his attention turns towards Mary Jane, and he reaches for her bravely. "Fair maiden of the flame tresses, you are more enchanting than any citizen of Alfheim, and even Gimli would be denied the beauty that you truly carry with such ease and grace." Hoo boy, someone paid attention in Mythology 101.

"A smile from your lips would give Yggdrasil breath for countless century to come. Behold, my mighty weapon.." he holds up his camera like it's Mjolnir, and pronounces as he sweeps an arm around Mary Jane's waist, picking her up. "Let it carry us to Himinbjorg and even Heimdall will be awed by your voice and beauty and allow us to cross Bifrost to carry this party to thee gilded halls of our home!" His attention turns towards Cindy and he gestures. "More of this fermented cabbage and wine for thou and thee and we, Cindy Moon!"

Mary Jane, for her part, stands a bit haughtier as she looks at Peter, one brow arching as she says, "Really, 'Odinson'? Well, whilst I do admire thy pluck… and wouldn't disagree to exploring that further, the Enchantress is not some commoner of Midgard that you can just sweep off her feet."

Though, she does smile a little bit towards Peter, not resisting the arm around her waist as she places a hand on his shoulder as she gets scooped up, "You certainly do have the advantage of being most forward, which is not entirely… unpleasant, I must confess."

Loki lifts his hand towards Kai, the host with the most, who has just delivered such a speech. "I do recognize my brother, of course!" Loki plays right along. After all, its his mischief. What happens at the Asgard Yule party…stays at the Asgard Yule Party? "You cannot leave, stay, stay for the Yule!" He encourages, before Peter ends up going to bifrost jail or whatever heimdall does with the drunk idiots who stumble their way into sounding like a legit summons. Not his job. He wiggles his fingers and seems so completely pleased with himself. Delighted. Enchanted, really. If he had a mustache, he would twirl it. "This is better than a flyting, do you not think, Kai? Look at how much /fun/ they are having!"

"First time," Elmo says to Reno, an eyebrow cocked as if to suggest it might be the last time, too. "Heh, Kai knows /everyone/, I guess! Nice to meet ya. The goat, uh, it's Thor's thing. Thor's goat. You can take a present from it." Indeed, the goat's harness is studded with fancy little boxes.

When Kai gives his speech, he pays close attention. In answer to what he's survived this year, he just shakes his head, not wanting to talk about it. To show willing, though, he offers, "L'cheim," and drinks. And then kind of staggers backwards.

Reno listened to Elmo's explaination and when he got to 'take a present' the Puerto Rican's eyes got huuuuuge! "Pressies? Dannydannydannydannydanny 'chu hear that? They got pressies! And yo can take one too, if you're not eaten by teh goat. Elmo here siad no one get mad or nothin" He looked to Gidget curious, and then a quetioning but curious grin widened, "Que?" It was Danny though that got a pat on the shoulder "Try it. Talk to the goant man." Oh, very brave there.

Drinking is something that Cindy is always happy to do- the wine is delicious and she drinks it down. She then looks down at herself. She looks up at Peter. Then down at herself again. Then up at Peter. Then over towards Loki. Finally towards her wine. Her cheeks turn a dusky pink and she grabs, very suddenly, a platter from under a roast boar. YOINK! The boar doesn't even shiver. Its large enough to cover her entire front, and its held like a shield. "Did not realize drink so much!" She squeaks out, suddenly very embarrassed. "Good thing is wearing booze robe. Otherwise very cold." she says again, cheeks burning bright.

She leans over to whisper towards Loki, "Very good drink. Didn't even realize taking clothes off." Well, she thought it was a whisper- more of a stage whisper, really. "You have robe or towel, maybe?" she wonders with a bit of a shy, embarrassed grin given to Loki.

It's an awful lot like being hit by a truck. Should've known better… Doug lowers the glass, swallows, and then looks down, and seems to see something — which makes his cheeks burn scarlet and makes him blush across the bridge of his nose. He knows this is an illusion, but it is one hell of a startle—and he backs up a half-step, suddenly all kinds of modest; but then his balance is just… gone, and he falls right on his tushie. Oop! Whoof. He looks at the wine, sloshing in his cup. "Oh. Heheheh —" His expression suddenly goes sober, though his eyes are glazed. "I should *go*." Then he laughs, again. "I'm dressed like I'm on a Frazetta cover!" This is both incredibly embarassing and suddenly hilarious.

Kai looks around as people go into their hallucinations rather than tell their stories. He glances at Loki, but he can't look annoyed. It's too funny, and he grins. "You're brilliant," he tells him. "Let me have a drink." He holds out his flagon to the god of mischief. When in doubt, join in!

Still, he has a story to tell, and so before he drinks, he says, "This past year, I survived death itself. Twice! There I was, surrounded by svartalfar, bound and tormented. Then I has my throat ripped out by a wolf, who was also my best friend. I lay in Niflheim, alone, until I was given a task: betray Loki of Asgard and trick him into coming to the underworld.

"He was too clever for that! I returned to the underworld empty-handed — thankfully! — and he stormed the realm of death itself, leading a charge who came and brought me back. Why? Out of sheer spite. To hell with the svartalfar." He raises his cup to Loki, and he drinks.

Danny seems to be fascinated by this strange blue frostiness that he sees, and so he gets up from his chair and wanders off to fnid a mirror, to figure out just how far this thing goes. There he can be seen, tugging at his tie and checking down his shirt, running his fingers through his hair, and otherwise staring at himself as though he were either the greatest narcissist in the room, or seeing himself as some kind of blue and white jack frost looking thing. He blinks. He squints. And then he takes another thoughtful swallow of his wine. "So weird."

"To hell with svartalfar!" Peter agrees. But also to hell to hanging around. Because Mary Jane Enchantress demands a man to be forward with her. And for the moment, this is the time to be forward. Picking up the woman in his arms, he glances down to her. "This shall be a night that we will both remember, fair maiden!" he proclaims, and proceeds to wave his camera like Thor spins Mjolnir. "Away!" And he makes a whooshing sound as he carries MJ off to parts of the embassy unknown. Or somewhere else. Because you know. Thor.

Mary Jane, in her own mind as the Enchantress, yelps in surprise, then says, "So, ah, Thor… tell me about your hammer…" And like that, they're gone. Woosh!

Loki elegantly steals someone else's suit jacket that they have abandoned in the party atmosphere and swirls it around Cindy with a sly grin. "May I say, you look beautiful, even with a platter on." Then he starts moving through the party, listening to the blushing effects of the wine. He reaches down to hoist Doug up, so that he can try to pour the man into a chair where he won't get stepped on by Thor's big goat. "Go? You can hardly walk! Enjoy! Yule! You've survived. Tell the Elfin host your tale!" A point towards Kai. "I believe in yours…some fools tried to blame /me/. But of course, I had nothing to do with it." He pats Doug on the shoulder. He looks up as Kai tells the tale of his rescue. Such a fond look.

Elmo's entire stance and demeanor changes, all tension going out of him, all his usual nerves settling down into a cool groove. He recovers his balance with a graceful ease that's unlike him. "To /hell/ with 'em," he agrees with Kai, and even his voice is different, a cadence totally unlike his usual sharp New York inflection. "Only the gentle are ever really strong, and you, my friend, are the gentlest person I know." To honor this, he drinks again, deeper. He glances down at his jacket collar, frowns a little, then flips it to stand up. He looks at Loki. "Thanks for rescuing him, Your Highness. Life wouldn't be the same without him." He toasts Loki, and drinks yet again.

"Oh!" Cindy says, blushing still. "You have tongue of gold!" she says towards Loki as she wraps herself in the jacket, putting the platter down. "Very nice party!" She giggles then, and despite being very obviously drunk she begins to move out with grace. Grace very few humans could ever hope to possess- even in stumbling drunkeness she possesses such agility. "Thank you for party! Sorry miss the Mule, please tell him Cindy says hello!" She calls out again, before pausing. "Wait! Forgot to tell thing she survive. Silly." She smiles, "Survive boat-ride from China in shipping container. Before that, survive escape from army! Before that, survive time in bunker. Always survive. Is good. Remember, sometimes life is dark place, deep cave with no light. Keep moving, always moving, and you will find better place. Like New York and Friend Loki!" she waves- a bit sloppily- "Thank you for party!"

Danny idly wanders around the festivities, trying to test to see if he can make a glass cool by touching it. This could not possibly end well. At least he only almost spills severeal glasses of champagne and doesn't activate the Iron Fist and start shattering things. Eventually, though he wanders off, and someone likely helps him to his car to bring him home. He makes sure to say his goodbyes and pay his respects to the hosts, before he eventually departs. (OOC: Fading.. sorry for skipping ahead)

Doug is quiet for a long time. Then he finally speaks up, before he gets up, swallowing the fact that he sees himself wearing furry bottoms and barbarian boots. "Well." He says, his expression suddenly sober, "I'm not sure I've survived it yet. Hell was easy… I just had to be patient, and people came for me. But what I do after that? Where I can go? What I need to do?" He pauses. "…I don't know if I'm going to make it. Excuse me—" He says, turning to slink out, "I need some air."

Reno was, by the end of the night, playing 3 card Monte withthe goat in exchange for gift-age. This was now a personal challenge, though that he wasn't winning often was really somehow a testiment to the goat! Still somehow the crow got what he was after; people having a good time, Gidget getting back to his cousin in one piece, and he got the best thing of all: a shiny box. Truth be told Crows cared less what what it was and more for the shiny. Thi was apparently true in people form too. "Hopefully, with any luck I'll catch you guys around. I gotta see about a cabbie taking me home-" He paused and squint thoughtfully, "I'm not sure that came out as intended, or as it needed to. huh. Hey happy Yule guys."

Kai winks at Loki. Then he raises his flagon to Elmo. "You're a good friend," he says. "Protective, kind, not afraid to tell the truth. I'm blessed to have you." As people start to filter out, he says, "Happy Yule, my friends! If you leave sober, you have my sincerest apologies!" Like the cool kids sitting at the cool kid table are going home sober. The goat bleats. That goat is going home with someone. The only question is: who?

Throughout the night, Loki stays fairly sober until it starts to get very late and he's /certain/ that everyone has had some fun, some mischief, and is so drunk they won't be able to explain any of this tomorrow. He'll get his own gift off the goat, eventually, and sit in Thor's chair a while, the picks up some random game and ruins it with laughter and /obvious/ cheating, then carries on until the mortal police just have to shut this party down. That's when he'll drag himself…and Kai too unless he's busy, off to bed.

Til the cops come to shut it down, the party is loud and boistrous. The dancing and singing goes well into the night, and the noise disrupts the nice neighbhorhood, heard as far as the Avenger's mansion. The drunk tank will be full tonight, and the Embassy issues no apology. The goat finds greener pastures with Reno, and Kai is easily draggable, leaning against Loki and babbling, "I love you, man. I just… I love you so much." Drunken elves.

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