1964-12-22 - Giving of Yourself
Summary: Giving of Yourself
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There's something magical about patrols on the Upper East Side. With all the art and old money influence, the buildings are all not quite the same cookie-cutter style you'd find in Midtown at times, and the minor competition between families adds to the complexities of it all. Standing on top of one of the gargoyles on 41st street, a figure of red and blue is semi-perched as he looks down to the city below.

"So, Bruce." he addresses the gargoyle, "Let's say this is the first Christmas you have with your girlfriend.. I know I know, there isn't many girlgoyles out there to date, but this is a hypothetical. Anyway, do you try to impress her Aunt that's known you since you were a little demon with making a dish, or just go to the store and buy the fruit basket for Christmas dinner?"

Webslinging through the brisk air of New York City engenders a sense of freedom that Cindy finds almost addictive. She's smart enough, of course, to web up a costume for herself before she goes speeding through the Upper East Side with nary a care in the world.

Still, she spies the figure of red and blue- he sort of sticks out compared to the rest of the drab surroundings. With a twhip and a happy swing, Silk approaches that same Gargoyle that Spider-Man currently addresses.

It's not Peter's spider-sense that alerts him, he just feels off for a moment. "Well, Bruce, I think something's about to happen, so you just keep reading that book and not giving advice." he addresses the gargoyle, before lifting his gaze up just in time to see the silk-covered girl approaching. There's an arch of a brow and he frowns beneath his mask. "Another one? Maybe I should hire a lawyer and start charging royalties." It's said mostly in that self-depreciating tone as he thwips out his own line.

Intercepting Silk in mid-flight, Spidey arches himself to consider the new figure. "New in town? Did you make sure to check in at the local Spider Union 119?"

"Hello!" Silk offers, tone friendly as she's met mid-swing by Spider-Man, "New, yes. I am Silk." she offers, "No know any Spider Union." she offers in her clipped, obviously foreign English tones before her webline is released, she flips in the air and comes to rest against the wall of a nearby building- landing lightly, gracefully. "Silk is help the people!" she assures Spider-Man.

"Well, alright. I mean, I don't think I'd like to fight you, so its all well that you're a good-guy." Confusion, thy name is Spider-Man. As she flips and moves to pin against a wall, his own landing is more blunt, but with the practiced ease of someone that's been at it for a while. "Out of towner, huh. That's a new one. But hey, at this rate, we'll have a Spider person for every borough. That'll make my life decided less difficult. Though Jameson's probably already starting a story about how Spider-Man's preying upon innocent women and turning them into spidermonsters."

"Silk no want fight. Want friend." The young-looking woman states, with a smile hidden behind her red mask. Her outfit is somewhat revealing, close to the skin, and clearly patterned after spider-webs. "Spider is good luck! Why someone say otherwise?" she wonders then. "Spider comes down with good luck from heavens." she says next, looking down at the street below.

"You also do good things, yes? Help the people?" she wonders then, "Now, look for food to bring the hungry people. You help?"

"Yeah, I try to help." Spidey offers, rubbing the back of his head. His costume is nowhere near as revealing. Obviously male and fit, but not much else is offered before he chuckles. "There's this guy that seems to think because I wear a mask, it means that I have some secret agenda. Though he seems to have left the other girls alone so far that have spider powers. So you have that going for you."

Glancing down with her, he sighs. "That's.. a pretty tall order, Spider-Girl." Since he doesn't know what else to call her at the moment. And she sounds young. "There's a lot of people that have a lot of needs. A lot that want to do the right thing. Some that don't want to so much." he says with a shrug. "This isn't the neighborhood for finding the downtrodden. You want Harlem, or Hell's Kitchen, or even Mutant Town for that. The people down these parts? They're the haves, but they deserve to be watched over just like anyone else, you know?"

"No Spider-Girl. Am Silk." The woman answers. "Hidden people everywhere." She notes, "Between buildings. Between places. Invisible people not seen because ignored. Silk knows." she says, as she points down at the alleyway where some homeless man disappears into the shadows. "Hidden people. Hungry people." she says, "Give to them of self, is way of Silk. Come, show you!"

And Silk leaps then, a back flip of stunning grace before spider-silk spills from her fingertips and imbeds- actually imbeds- in the bricks near Peter's head. Like tiny spikes, or fish-hooks that burst into sticky connections to truly anchor in the substance.

And then she's swinging with a "Woooo!" of joy.

"…ooookay." Peter has to duck aside, glancing at the small hooks in the bricks. "She makes her own webs. Did I lose the spider-power lottery on that?" he asks himself, before she's swinging away. Hate to see her go, like to watch her leave? Is that how it goes?

Using his webshooter to thwip a line, he moves to pursue her down. "Ooookay, but if you're the ghost of Spider Present, does that make the one I saw the other day Spider Future?" And does that make Gwen or Jessica Spider-Present. Nevermind, don't think too much on that.

Into the alley way, Cindy's grace and agility become ever more obvious. She releases the webline, running along the thin bit of steel that makes up a fire-escape, a little leap- through the rungs of a ladder, before she's on the wall- standing over a shivering young man in silence. She looks at him, a long and quiet moment- she's 'upside-down' as far as the ground is concerned.

She then lifts her hands and begins to 'weave' silk from her fingerips. The silk flows and binds and weaves together until there is a thick silk blanket. Its covered in warm colors, little designs- it seems very much a well made blanket. Next, she weaves again- a pair of thick socks, and thick mittens.

Silk grins over towards Spider-Man. "You want give gift?" She wonders quietly.

"No no, you can be Santa Claus.. Missus Claus.. whoever.." Peter hangs upside down near Cindy and watches her in quiet awe as she weaves her magic. "Plus, it seems like everyone knows my webs fade after an hour. You'd do better." he admits as he watches her for a moment. "Plus, a smile from a pretty girl might make his day, right?"

"Okay." Silk offers before she's once more jumping and shifting in mid air to come and land with near silence right in front of the homeless man. "Socks. Mittens. Blanket. Warm thoughts. Warm heart." she offers the items out quietly- and they are taken.

The man thanks her, and she bows respectfully before she's hopping up along the alley walls- crawling up and over the edge of the roof to perch there- and wait for Spider-Man. Fiddling in a silk bag she's got attached to her back. Inside? Lunch.

Perhaps Peter should try. The holiday season has been trying, and he's gotten more than one insult. But it's New York, and he's taken it all in stride before he sends out a pair of lines and follows Cindy to her little spot and sits down next to Silk, and considers her. He remembers when he used to be so.. so..

Naieve is not the word he wants to use.

"Been doing this long?" he finally asks.

"Silk gives everything she does not need. Only keep what need. Share what have." She offers, perhaps misunderstanding the question as she lays out food in front of Peter and herself. "NOw share food with new friend!"

Its rice, Korean Style. Kimchi, scrambled eggs, pieces of fish, flat bread- a to-go lunch. "Eat! Good food. Silk make, happy share!" she beams- its impossible not to see the smile in those golden-brown eyes. The kindness.

One of the white lens of Spidey's mask may actually go up for a moment as he glances at the lunch. Does one accept a lunch from a spider-girl? When did he become so jaded?

Is this how Scrooge felt?

"Hard to eat with the mask on." he finally offers helpfully enough, before he glances up and sighs. "I need to get back to my patrol. It was.. interesting meeting you, Silk. Hopefully I'll see you again soon."

And he sends out a line, and heads towards the top of the building to thwip away back on his patrol so she can enjoy her lunch in peace.

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