1964-12-22 - Remembrance of Other Times
Summary: Cindy Moon recognizes an old friend, and dinner is planned. Along the way, a gift is given.
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Christmas is rapidly approaching, and all the people of New York City are for the most part deep into the reason for the season. No where was that more easy to see than Central Park- more than one caroling group had gotten together for the day, singing in the afternoon as the evening cold began to roll in.

Cindy Moon, though, was just beside herself- everything was so *different* than her life before. Everyone seemed so wealthy. Many people seemed oddly angry, despite that. Some looked at her with distaste. She really didn't understand all of that- many of the Americans she met in Korea had been kind. Friendly. Caring. She could remember them- every single one, every single word they said. Every action they took- just like she rememberd everything else that ever happened around her. A bastion of memory in a world quick to forget even its most recent past.

Speaking of recent pasts… or not so recent, Charles Xavier is walking slowly along the sidewalk. He does actually like Christmas a fair amount, since it gives people happier thoughts, which means he can relax a little bit. Though currently the man glances back and forth, as if waiting for someone, and taking the time to listen to the carolers. Though he hasn't noticed Cindy yet, he might be standing out enough for her to notice…

Kaleb spoke without speaking, that was to say bent sound to make words rather than talk. It was over 40* but it was still cold and the over-particular Miller was bundled up in a scarf and disinclined to come out. His hands tucked further into his pockets as footsteps caught up withthe ambulatory Professor, "You think Rockafeller Center will atempt a third tree before Christmas?" Kaleb may have nortoriously hated 98 of the world, but he loved New York City, and the structures in it, and somehow had a spot in his coal heart for the holiday spirit. That it was sullied got to him too.

A face. The way in which someone walks. The way they style their hair- all things that would help someone remember. The face was older now, but the eyes were the same- Cindy noticed Charles Xavier with but a glance. Remembered him instantly.

She approaches, grinning wide. "You are Ell-Tee Xavier, no?" She asks, as she looks up at the taller American man. "You are very kind to Shin-Hye in Korea. Long time ago, but never forget."

Charles smiles over at Kaleb, using telepathy to 'talk' with him as he knows the lad's preferences, » Indeed. I think they will. It wouldn't be the same without one, and third time is hopefully the charm. « He looks about to say something else, then Cindy approaches him, and he smiles towards her, speaking aloud, though somewhat softer than one might expect.

"Yes, I'm Charles Xavier… though I haven't been a Lieutenant in quite some time." He tilts his head, regarding Cindy with a curious expression, "Wait… Shin-Hye? That was…" He does some math in his head, then smiles warmly, as Cindy isn't the only one with a perfect memory, "I had no idea that you were now in the States."

Kaleb could be mistakenly disgruntled, hell he always looked disenchanted withthe world, but to those that might now the inside of his mind better this was a thinking concern; a 'how can we fix it' face from the young architect. Finally there was resolved a nod that accepted the answer. Echo may be the angriest idealist since Karl Marx but it still didn't mean he was going to interrupt. There was a look at the Asian woman, a squint, and a shifted glance to the Professor, and back to the woman. A gloved hand was offered because he graduated prep school with honours and they demanded one must go through all teh socital polite gesture things and so far she was being groovy with the Prof. "Miller. Kaleb. You know the professor?" Perhaps a fish as to 'why' but he didn't say. A curious look went back to the Professor, "You were in teh military? " He was going to leave it at that. going to. going… He couldn't. He was a Miller. "You fight for the US? Did you get to fly a plane? Did you get to jump out of anything?" There was the inevitable string of curious questions.

They had met over a decade ago. The war in Korea was raging- refugees would filter through American positions daily. She had been emaciated- on the edge of starving. She held her little brother with fierce protectiveness, and spoke in broken English. Her eyes were the same. Proud. Fierce. Strong- "Yes! Moon Shin-Hye. Near Uijeongbu, you give chocolate and ration to Shin-Hye and little brother." She had barely eaten any of it. As bad as she looked, her Mother had looked worse- but the baby, the little boy, he was healthy. She'd made sure her little brother was well fed. Despite the pain of the war- despite the situation that had destroyed an eight-year-old girl's very world- she smiled then. She smiles now.

"Yes! Shin-Hye is in New York City! Land of Eagles and very much like Big Apple Pie City!" She says with enthusiasm. "Am very lucky to be here. America very wealthy place, much happiness for all people. Am called Cindy now! Very pretty English name. Easier for American to say."

Cindy then smiles brightly to Kaleb, "Hello! Am Cindy Moon, Merry Christmases!" She shakes his hand with both her own hands. Friendly, at least.

Charles smiles over at Kaleb, "Yes, I don't talk about it much, but I was drafted and served in Korea, in Search and Rescue. One of the missions was to a village that was caught in a crossfire, and we pulled out who we could. Including Shin-Hye, or Cindy, whichever she prefers." He shakes her hand gladly, and says, "Merry Christmas to you as well."

Then Charles looks over at Kaleb, "And no I didn't fly a plane, though I rode around in helicopters most of the time. And did a fair amount of jumping as well." He smiles back at Shin-Hye, "Is your family here as well? I remember them… it would be nice to see them again."

Kaleb :tried to focus on the name, the sounds, intonation, and pick out the inflections of it. Korean was not something he's really heard before but he was studying his hass off in another language not with dissimilar tonation and looked to Cindy, "Shin-Hye?" It wasn't a bad enunciation but that'd take work. "Merry Christmas, Shin-Hye." with even a faint nod of his head. Hey, he was picking up Eastern customs over hte year. Happens on occasion when you hang out with errant Tibetians. "I'm not good at not… being rude… so why are you here? You get to stay a while? You moving? Did… you grab lunch yet?"

First, to Charles, "No. Only Shin-Hye. After war, go to Pyongyang with father. He survive drafting, officer in North Korea." She explains, "Only escape recently. Alone. Very bad story. Many bad memories." she states simply, "Always look for light, will find it, even in dark places." she remarks, then. Her eyes say more. Much more- but her problems are not the problems of others. Instead, she smiles brightly. She's happy to see Charles. "Friends are hungry?" she wonders, as she slides a silk shoulder bag around from behind her. "Make food. Very much food in America! Is good. Enough so no one need to be hungry. Very goodly." she's enthusiastic still. "Have Gyeran-ppang, have hotteok! Share with friends!" she offers the Korean style pastries- egg-bread and a type of pancake out to both of the American men.

"Am here because here is safe. Family send Shin-Hye." She answers Kaleb. "Help get out of bad place, supposed to meet. They no make meeting, must go forward alone, otherwise all sacrifice for nothing."

Charles smiles, though he gives Cindy a knowing look, recognizing the pain that's buried there, perhaps. But he nods and takes the pastry offered with a nod, "Why, thank you Shin-Hye. But would you like to get something to eat with us? We were just meeting for lunch, and you're more than welcome to join us. It would be my pleasure." He nods slightly towards Kaleb, giving him an approving look.

Kaleb could have been asking to get out of the cold, really. it was entirely possible. It helped he's been on a more altruistic bent, well, in his way for December. He was disinclined to discuss the 'crusade against bullshittery' in front of a lady though. Echo pulled his glove off, because it touched the world (filthy thing) and took the prooffered pastery with another nod, "…thank you." He remembered how to put the words together. Christmas miracle #2. "C'mon. Christmas is supposed to be a time for old friends, it's cold, food's hot, and you're also with possibly the optimal two people to talk to if you're apartment hunting." Government grade real-estate heir aside, real-estate was real-estate and he was getting good at learning how to buy up chunks of a city and what to look for. Charles, he may need to be reminded that other people don't just purchase whole buildings.

"Yes. Eat with friends." Shin-Hye says, nodding agreeably. She attempts to slide betwen the two larger men and hook her arm into each of their's in a friendly way. "What special American food we eat? Have many things no try! Very excited." She beams brightly to each- and assuming she managed to hook each of them she squeezes their arms fondly.

Charles grins, "Well, Shin-Hye… what would you /like/ to try? I'm open to just about everything." He does pass Kaleb a bit of an amused look, possibly picking up the stray thought about just buying buildings, and then he laughs a little, allowing Shin-Hye to do the arm hook without a problem. "But yes, I'm sure between Kaleb and myself, we could help you find a place to stay if you needed one."

Kaleb was a bit startled when his elbow was looped on. Erk! His brow furrowed but he said nothing and went with it as mental images of New York sliding into the harbor started to fill his mind. He could explain this as simple gesture really. "That's a pretty good Kosher deli not far, Pizza place over on 3rd, Schwarma is that way and possibly the best burger joint in the city is at the malt shop at the other end. I'm game for whatever."

"Oh. Shin-Hye have place. Stay with friend Gwen. Live in ceiling! Very high up. Very nice. Want own place, but no job. Have to work under glass ceiling." She gets a little quiet, whispering. "No have card of green. Escape North Korea with help of Triad." she informs the pair of men. "Oh! Want to try all food. Like to eat very much!" she grins wide, a certain gusto there for living life now that she's got a chance to do so. "Okay with all things for food. Except milk. Milk make tummy hurt." The Asian woman says- with a bow her head and another friendly squeeze of those arms.

Charles hmmms, "Well, let's go ahead and get the pizza place. It might not be the most American, but I think it's the most New York." He tilts his head at Shin-Hye, "Well… if you needed work, I think I could probably make a few arrangements. I know a few people in the city that are looking for help. And very few questions asked. Nothing improper, though."

Kaleb nodded slowly and headed towards the malt shop. More of things that could be ordered, it was close, it had heat. Yay heat. On the mark of employment Kaleb had nothing to offer. He never worked a day in his life and was a venture capitolist at best. He may not even be completely aware how employment actually… worked. "Glass ceiling?" OF course it confused him. He pointed, "This way."

"Good! Shin-Hye hurt men who ask improper work. Hurt bad. Am proud and goodly worker, honorable lady-person. Very smart. Good with numbers. Remember all things. Speak Korean, Chinese, and English- all goodly! Also good cook, sew, and clean!" The slip of a Korean woman assures the two men, still beaming brightly. "Know how make best Kimchi. Mountain Kimchi." As if that were a mark of pride. She follows with the two happily.

Charles blinks, "My, well, I haven't had kimchi in… years, actually." He looks a bit amused at the notion, then nods towards Shin-Hye, "I'll ask a few people I know who are looking for good workers here, I'm sure something could be managed." With that, he lets Kaleb lead the way of the trio.

Kaleb had that look that had the wheels turning. Wheels within wheels man. He didn't do manual labour but he could facilitate teh hell out of it. Hmmm. Finally there was a nod. "If your kimchi is what you say it is, and I'd be happy to let you prove that… I may know of a part time gig as a cook that might help keep you with a roof. Honest work. Solid pay." Yes because he knew of an eccentric Asian man that was particular about eating within region and kept forgetting to eat on occasion. This may fix both of those issues. Hmm.

"Have with!" Cindy says, "Always have Kimchi. Is Korean Ketchup!" She says with a playful grin. "Is best Kimchi! Know all Korean dishes." she states, "But is good to try new thing. New thing is good thing. Bring new understanding. Understanding very important for find enlightenment." Together the three walk towards whatever a Malt Shop is.

Cindy stands between Kaleb and Charles- her arms hooked through the two men's in a friendly way as they travel togethr.

Charles walks along, and says, "Well, if you have extra, I would love to take some back to the school with me." He grins, "And that's one thing I always found true, Cindy. It's definitely something I try to live by."

It's Friday, which is a service day for Kamala. Having just finished her prayers, the young woman knows that Xavier is in the park, since he's the ride back to Westchester. Making her way through the park, she's not carrying packages or gifts like others, her headscarf pulled around her hair as her colorful dress ruffles slightly in the breeze before she notices the others and raises a hand in greetings. Kaleb and Xavier are easily recognized, the newcomer gets a curious tilt of her head.

Kaleb seemed confused but walked all teh same still worried about the proximity. It wasn't a usual thing to be vigilent of the feelings of others present or not but he was working on it. See, Prof? He was getting better. "I'm not certain I followed that but, I don't want your lunch, I would like to offer you to possibly have a kitchen, make whole meal later." He worked on breaking up the concept. To Kamala there was an upnod, "Salam Alikom. How's things?"

"Hello new friend! Am Shin-Hye!" Cindy offers to Kamala. "Friend Charles and Friend Kaleb go to shop of food." she's beaming brightly. "Share food with friends is always good. Friends share food." A sentiment from someone who's lived through war and famine. The measure of a true friend in a situation like that, for certain. She falls into quiet, beaming bright- just happy to be with friendly people.

Charles smiles over at Kamala, waving towards her, "Ms. Khan, I hope everything went well?" He nods, then gestures towards Cindy, "Shin-Hye, this is Kamala Khan, one of my students… Kamala, this is Shin-Hye, someone I met when I was in Korea."

"Wa'alaikum Salaam, Kaleb." Kamala greets in return. "I'm well. Was just taking care of visiting a few places." she admits before she chuckles softly. "It seems that you have already found a replacement for me." There's a playful wink at that, but the young woman seems easily enough to fall in line with a bob of her head to Cindy. "Salaam, Shin-Hye, I am Kamala." The smile she gives is friendly enough before she arches her brow at Xavier. "Is there anyplace you have not gone yet?" comes the curious question.

Kaleb blinked at Kamala utterly confused with that expressionless stare. "What are you talking about? They're old friends." It seems the concept of this sentiment was entirely lost on kaleb who was not one for subtle inference. He did free up his arm though and point to the end of the park. "We were headed to the west side of the part for either burgers or pizza. She's newer in town so we're starting at the top of the list and working our way down." Mathematical. Simple. He sighed and resolved that Cindy didn't understand the concept of being a on-shift personal cook. Inwardly he swore and vowed to figure out how to relay the conept. After he ate. And was far far more likely to use his 'nice' words when he did so. It was a lot like asking a hedgehog to be cuddly; just wasn't in their nature and took effort.

Charles hmms, "Well, I haven't been to outer space yet… yet, being the operative word I suppose." He smiles, "Ah, that reminds me, I got a gift for you. I know you don't celebrate it, but I try and ensure that all my students get something, Kamala, so here." He gets a wry look, "I'm pretty sure you would be the best person to have this, in any case." And with that, he hands over a rather nicely wrapped box.

"I.. I didn't mean it like that. I was.. well." Now Kamala's flustered. She coughs into her hand. "I mean, of course they're old friends." There's a glance towards Kaleb as if trying to figure out what he thought she meant before Xavier spoke up and the young woman blinks in confusion, before her cheeks flare. "That is very nice of you, but.." she doesn't get a chance to protest, instead, she finds a book in her hands. She moves to take off the wrapping and finding the hardcover copy of the book within, she gasps. "Professor, this is.." then she opens it and finds it signed. "…extraordinary." And there's no way she could ever match it. Or know how to properly appreciate it, the young woman clutching the book to her chest tightly before she manages a tearfully soft, "Barhiaa mehrbani."

Kaleb gave away nothing in expression to give her any hint of what he assumed she intended. Still gifts were gifts and he didn't interrupt. He did look though and seemed… confused? By the content but took the notion that she was excited for a job well done. He didn't have to understand things for the effect to take place. "Yeah that's… how you do it. Hug it. Hop in place. Just say thank you. Congrats you have just received a gift." In short: Kamala, just take teh damn thing, politeness has no place here. It prevents progress.

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