1964-12-22 - So, We Meet Again...
Summary: Maximus and Triton meet covertly to talk the future of their people. Triton agrees to give Max exactly what he wants but didn't realize he had asked for
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Maximus sends out a beacon to talk to Triton, and waits for him at a shitty bar, by the shoreline, upstate.

Triton showed in innocuous coverings. Truth was is crappy bars one of two things happened: 1- people would try to say something and lose handily, 2- they would ardently try to mind their own business. In that light Triton was not overly worried. His eyes blinked internal then external eyelids and picked Max out in the dim lighting. It smelled like two day old cigarette smoke. Sliding into the seat across from his cousin the fish observed, "You always pick the places that make me grateful for having a rebreather."

"I chose this place because its known for minding its own business. And…everyone in here is human, which means, they could all be mine in a heartbeat." He seems to be blending into his chosen surrounding, nothing too fancy or flashy. He's playing the spy game for the moment. Maximus draws in a deep breath, "I wanted to talk with you about what is happening with the Kree…and the Skrulls, and make certain that you are with me, and by that I mean, that we have the same knowledge."

Triton nodded slowly giving another glance around the room. That worked for him. Looking back to maximus he studied his cousin closely and always seemed to do a litmus test before proceeding. Spy-Fish slouched back in the booth and drummed webbed fingers lightly making a clak-ak-ak-ak, clak-ak-ak-ak of claws on the wood tabletop. "Max, just because I've impeeded what you wanted to do from time to time doesn't mean I was ever not with you. We can collaborate. Penglai is now exposed to the world. It's mostly cleaned out though from my team."

"Yes…do you know if SHIELD managed to get /anything/? I know that Nick had already moved the army to another location, so that should be safe from their discovery. I spoke to the mutant woman, Scarlett. The one that has been running around silently immitating my brother, your cousin. I am certain you would have noticed it, by now. Always by his side for big meetings…" He rolls his eyes. "Since my brother will not see me, I saw her as the alternative. She told me enough…"

Triton kept his large, dark orbs focused on Maximus as he went through the rundown noting the slightly sour note. "Scarlett? Formidable, strong for a mutant, was able to help us complete some of our historic records. I am… somewhat familiar.I will make contact with SHIELD and follow up as an extra ear to teh ground for us. What did we learn from her?"

"That Blackagar made a deal with the Kree to stay /off/ the Earth, that /we/ would take care of the issue. Obviously, we have not, and the Kree don't trust us alone to do it. Now, he has walked away and gone to the mountains again. Scarlett was also in the meeting with Jean Grey, a leader among the mutants. And I know that she has connections also to Asgard. Her allegience is unclear, and divided. She cannot be allowed to have sway over our council, or be allowed into Attilan in the future without explicit escort. I just don't know who she's /really/ with." He wets his lips. "We need a way to detect the Skrulls and I am working on it, but I will need supplies from Attilan, and…possibly some strange items as well."

Triton rubbed the side of his nose where the mask met and sealed to his skin. "It's a great deal like dealing with Namor all over again, isn't i? At the very least we do know Namor's allegiance even if we don't know his alliance." Triton was beginning to see the other reason for being called in: Max needed something and he trusted him to get it. TO be fair, he wasn't wrong. Even the fish was a bit frustrated with Blackagar's silence, but he was their… well he was family in any sense. Finally he looked back to the more erratic Boltagon and nodded slowly. "I can go back. You have a list of what you need?"

"Yes." Maximus pulls out a small, metal tube. Inside the tube is a roll that does indeed have a list on it, but, he's made it waterproof for the fishman to take with him. "Sort of. I…Triton…I love and miss my brother, and I only hope that someday…he does come back to us. For now, this is the best we can do."

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