1964-12-25 - Busted on Christmas
Summary: Peter and Mary Jane spend an awkward Christmas morning with Aunt May.
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Arriving downstairs first, Peter finds Aunt May already setting up an extra plate with a healthy serving of eggs, bacon, and pancakes. "Merry Christmas, sweetheart." May greets Peter with a kiss on the cheek and then a wry look towards the stairs as she waits for their houseguest to arrive as well.

Mary Jane comes down after a few minutes, having cobbled together a rather avant garde outfit consisting of one of Peter's T-shirts and an improvised skirt with her dress from last night. She did shower quickly, just to freshen up a bit, and smiles a bit, "Oh, breakfast? Wow, that looks amazing." She looks a little sheepish, "Merry Christmas, Mz. Parker." Because, well, she /did/ hear what Aunt May shouted up to the pair while they were canoodling…

"And good morning and Merry Christmas to you as well, Mary Jane. I'm sure Anna won't worry too much." May offers teasingly before giving Mary Jane a kiss on the cheek as well. "I just set out the food. I hope you don't mind your eggs overeasy. And I believe that there are a couple of gifts for you under the tree." she says, paying the pair a wry smile.

Peter glances up at Mary Jane. And really, never has one of his shirts ever looked so good. Of course, he was about to shovel some food in his mouth when May ahems. "Let the girls sit first at least."

MJ grins and returns the kiss on the cheek with Aunt May, since… well, it's Aunt May! Then she smiles at Peter and sits next to him, giving him a wry look, "Oh, my family knew that I'd probably be over here, so I don't think they'd be too worried at all." She looks relatively innocent, though there's a small blush on her cheeks as she adds, "And yes, presents! I have a few for both of you too."

"Excellent!" May says with a grin. "Breakfast first. Then presents. That was always Ben's way." she offers as she goes to get the coffee to pour for the pair of them as she goes about setting down Mary Jane's plate next. Under the table, Peter clutches MJ's hand and gives it a squeeze before he lowers his head to offer a small blessing.

Mary Jane nods and squeezes Peter's hand under the table, then smiles at Aunt May after the blessings are done, "Well, that sounds great, because honestly I am famished."

Once MJ and May settle down, Peter digs into his breakfast, because much like Mary Jane, he's famished as well. May looks between the pair and smiles. "The party that you were working at went well, then?" she asks casually, causing Peter's cheeks to blush, before May adds, "You left that bottle of wine downstairs. I took a little sniff off of it. What a delightful feeling it gave!"

MJ gets a bit of a wry look, "Well, it was very… interesting, that's true. Though I think we should save it for a special occasion." She gives Peter a grin, then eats with gusto, but a ladylike gusto… mainly because it's Aunt May and MJ respects her too much to just scarf down the delicious food. Tempting as it may be otherwise. "But yes, the party was great. I had to work a later shift, so I was running a bit late, but better late than never."

"Very interesting." Peter agrees, and then chuckles. "If I had a car, I'd probably been able to have gotten her from work." he shrugs. He knows that a car is not in the cards at the moment, and well, he can thwip around. But he's hurrying to eat his breakfast - because presents!

Mary Jane gives Peter a grin, "Nice thought, but have you /tried/ dealing with city traffic? I mean, I think Gwen deals with it because she's fearless behind the wheel, but still."

"She's fearless because she's driving a tank down the streets." Peter responds, a smirk offers, before May adds. "And did you two get her something for Christmas as well? Poor girl's been through so much this year."

There's a pause from Peter and he uhs gently. What do you say in front of your girlfriend when your aunt asks if you bought your ex-girlfriend a present?

And this is why MJ and Peter are great together, because they cover each other as she pipes up, "Of course, we both pitched in and got her some new drumsticks and accessories for her kit. Since she's been really getting into that with the band and everything."

Oh thank you whoever for Mary Jane Watson as Peter nods. "They were pretty groovy." May gives Mary Jane a small and secret smile before nodding in approval. "That sounds great! I hope you and your band do really well. Peter's a big fan."

"So.. about those presents.." Peter is easy to make blush, and there he goes again. Because he's more than happy to finish his breakfast.

MJ decides to have a little fun with Peter as she glances towards Aunt May, "Is he always this impatient?" She grins a bit, giving Peter a sly wink as she teases slightly. Of course, she's also eating pretty quick too…

"Oh goodness, Mary Jane." May offers, and then grins. "Until he was thirteen, he was up at 2 AM, ready to open presents." she shakes her head, clearly amused. "And he always, always tried to catch Santa in the act. It's why he asked for his first camera, you know?" she asks MJ curiously.

Peter is about as white as the plate the food's on right now.

Mary Jane actually giggles at that, "Wow, really? He never told me that!" Can't imagine why either, as she does give his hand under the table a warm squeeze, "That's so /adorable/ Peter!"

Peter glances aside to Mary Jane. "There's a clause that says that you don't share this with like anyone." he says, quickly finishing his juice so he can push himself up. "SO! Presents!" Because that's so much better than discussing Peter's past!

"Oh, sometime I will have to tell you about the time he tried to come up with Santa detection dust because we wouldn't let him put flour on the floor in front of the fireplace to try to get Santa tracks."

"Aunt May!"

MJ laughs, "Oh that is awesome. And… I'm guessing very messy, too." She winks at Peter, "Don't worry hon, I won't tell anyone. Besides, I think it's really cute." With that, she leans over and kisses her poor beleaguered boyfriend on the cheek.

"Thanks, sweetheart." Peter returns the kiss, and goes to sit under the tree. After all, he plays Santa these days as he gets out the presents. "Okay! I have one here for Aunt May from Peter.. and one from Peter to Mary Jane." He pushes a larger box towards May and then a smaller box towards Mary Jane.

May's already starting on her present, opening it and finding a new elecrtic sewing machine within and she smirks. "Are you trying to make me feel older, Peter?" she asks teasingly. "I mean, I only turned fifty this year." she points out to her nephew.

Mary Jane blinks, "No /way/. Really?" She grins at Aunt May, and then picks up her box, unwrapping it with deliberate care. Sure, she could shred it, but that's no fun at all, and not really her style. At least, not when she's sober.

"Yes, really, Mary Jane." May grins over at Mary Jane. "How old do you think I am?" she asks curiously.

Of course, there's the Elflight.

But this box was much too small for an Elflight. Indeed, it's the size of a ring box, but when she opens it - Peter didn't go off the deepend. Instead, there's a dark and light brown stone of layers within, made into a pendant with a chain attached to it.


She's always calling him Tiger, after all.

Mary Jane looks very innocent as she says, "Um… thirty five?" She then gasps a bit at the pendant and chain, "Oh, Peter… this is /gorgeous/." Her eyes are a bit wide as she pulls out the pendant, holding the chain in her fingers as she looks over at him.

"Oh, she's a keeper." May says to Peter. That's always been the case in May's eyes though, after all, she played a part to set the two of them on this pace. "Do you really like it, Mary Jane? It's a tiger's eye.. I mean.. May got you a present too." he says worriedly, though his smile is positively beaming.

MJ nods, "Yes, and I love it Peter!" She leans over and kisses Peter lightly on the cheek… and probably only does that little because May is right there. "Seriously, it's beautiful." With that, she also notes, "You should also check under the tree for your gift from me, tiger." And then she slips on the pendant, letting it hang outside her borrowed shirt.

Peter moves to go find the present from Mary Jane, as May grins. After all, she plotted with MJ to get the present in the house as he goes to fetch the gift from beneath the tree.

Mary Jane grins back to Aunt May, as she did plot with her to get the present in without Peter noticing anything. After all, he did swing by her dorm room a lot, so arrangements had to be made!

If she's not complaining.. Peter finally finds the present to fish out and bring around to the front to open, and unlike Mary Jane, his unwrapping is done more recklessly.

MJ grins, as Peter reveals a set of zoom lenses for his camera, as May might have let slip that those were things he really could use. So she did some research and voila, there it was.

"Oh.. oh gosh, Mary Jane. This is perfect!" Peter really is excited about this. So much that he forgets for a moment that May is there and kisses Mary Jane smeck on the lips. "I love you." he murmurs, which draws an excited grin from the aunt. About damn time.

Mary Jane grins and hugs Peter, giving him a smile, "I love you, Tiger." She then realizes, May is sitting right there, and she blushes almost as brightly as her hair. Oh dear.

May grins at the pair and then rises up. "I should go clean up after breakfast and get started on dinner. Peter, you should see MJ home when she's ready, especially since the two of you will be seeing each other later."

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