1964-12-26 - Boxing Day in Chinatown
Summary: So a Goddess and an Amazon go to Chinatown…
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It's not often that Venus gets invited to go shopping. Or to lunch. Or really, someplace in general that she actually wants to go (bedrooms are brought up waaaay too often in the clubs she frequents, despite a polite no). It's especially unusual for her to be meeting up with someone who actually knows who she is, of course, so it was with some cheerfulness that she accepted Delphyne's suggestion to do some post Christmas shopping and some lunch in Chinatown. She's currently waiting at the bus stop where she offered to meet her, not having transportation other than public to take on her own, and not seeing the point to wander too far. She's mostly trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue at the moment.

Delphyne doesn't have any transportation either, aside from a bus pass that she picked up when not parkouring across roofs anyway. So, she walks over towards Venus, waving cheerily at the goddess as Del is bundled up… rather significantly compared to most other passerby. Still, though, she looks a little chipper as she says within earshot, "I understand that this is the best time to go shopping, from what I've learned."

Venus grins a bit at that. "It is, generally, or right after New Years when they have the other sales. Out with the old, in with the new, ya dig?" She slides her hands in the pockets of her surplus army overcoat she's wearing…which she's decorated with a variety of brightly colored patches in an abstract design most people wouldn't recognize. Unless you were around for Amazon or very early Greek murals, in which case it resembled that sort of thing. "What exactly were you looking to buy, anything in particularly?"

Del laughs softly, "As much warm clothing as I could muster. I did swing by the Embassy and collect some back pay, I think is the word… after they converted it to dollars anyway. I don't think gold coins are really passable around here." She smiles at Venus, "How about you, anything in mind?"

Venus looks thoughful. "I could probably use a groovy new sweater or two…it's supposed to be a cold one this year." she admits, then slides her arm through yours. "Well. Shall we away to the nearest fine clothing store for the newest in fine couture?

Delphyne smiles warmly at Venus, placing her hand over hers, "Perfect! Let's see what we can find." She leads the way, staying rather close to Venus for warmth. Really, just for warmth! (Well, maybe not, but it IS a motivation…)

Venus doesn't seem to mind at all as she walks with Delphyne down the street, lookign around with curiosity. "I do love Chinatown. There's a sense of age. Antiquity. Not the buildings necessarily but the people, a sort of…chain to the past, generation by generation." she says thoughfully. "Americans generally don't have that same connection…they remember parents, grandparents, maybe grandaunts and granduncles, but beyond that? Who knows…" she says thoughfully. "Even more so for immigrants."

Delphyne nods, "Yes, there doesn't seem to be as much… history here, compared to home. But they still have their connections, and this place… it feels like they brought some of China with them here." She smiles over at Venus, "I do think that the Amazons might be jealous that I'm going shopping with you, though."

"Yes, exactly!" Venus says cheerfully, then tilts her head. "Hmm, perhaps, but they didn't ask me, you did…" she says with a faint smile. "Would you be jealous if someone else had asked me to shopping and dinner?"

Delphyne hmms, "Asked you, no. If you accepted, then maybe a little." She smiles at Venus, "It would be hard not to be, honestly."

Venus smiles softly. "I think it's more suprising no one asked you first….I would have. If you hadn't gotten to it first." she says, getting an impish expression. "You're a cool chick…"

Del actually blushes a little, "You'd… ask me first?" She smiles a bit, "I think that's the nicest thing I've ever heard. Thank you." She tilts her head, looking at Venus with a curious expression.

Venus tilts her head. "Really? You need to have a better class of friend if that's the nicest thing you've ever heard." she says, gently giving the gorgon girl a little prod with her elbow playfully. "You must have had some interest on the island, if nothing else?"

Delphyne hrms, "A little… but nothing really serious." She smiles, "I mean, I'm not inexperienced but coming here was a bit of an eye-opening experience. Perhaps because everything thinks I'm a mutant, so that's different."

The red-head nods thoughfully, frowning. "Yes. And it's not a groovy thing to be a mutant most times. Way negative vibes. People afraid because anyone could be one. Their neighbors, their spouses…their kids." she says with a soft sigh. "For a country that wants to bring your poor, your tired, your huddled masses yearning to be free…they've got a lot to learn about freeing their own people first, ya dig?"

Del nods, "Well, seems like they've always needed the help from what I can see. If it isn't mutants, it's black people, or Jewish people, or the Native American people…" She shakes her head, "They seem to forget their ideals from time to time, what they were founded to be."

"It's sad." Venus murmurs softly. "The xenophobia…the fear of the other." She smiles softly, glancing over. "AFter two World Wars…" She mmms. "It seems like a long path to walk still, to get people to understand each other." She smiles softly, hugging Delphyne's arm gently, snuggling it to her chest a bit. "But if it was easy, it wouldn't be as worth doing, maybe. Though it seems easy to me." She sticks her tongue out playfully. "Though I guess I cheat, when it comes to understanding love."

Delphyne smiles, "Maybe a little bit, but I think it's wonderful." She hmms, "Ah, I know we had plans for shopping, but maybe… if it isn't too presumptuous, we could get dinner afterwards? There's the Greek place near Mutant Town that you'd enjoy."

Venus smiles faintly at that. "A good Greek place? Far out…sure, sounds like a gas." She grins. "But warm clothes first! Here we are…" She slows as she gets to a slightly old-fashioned looking clothing place, with some nice Chinese style high collar dresses in the window as well as some well made leather overcoats and sweaters. "Should be able to find something excellent here…"

Del ooohs at the high collar dresses, "Oh, I like these." She wanders into the store, looking around, "I need to save some of my money though, I think." She laughs a little bit to herself, looking around the store as she notes everything.

Your arrival gets some chatter in Cantonese from the two shop girls, sotto voce, though Venus tilts her head towards them, then answers in the same language. The two girls look chastened and bow, apparently in apology. Whatever the conversation was about, Venus doesn't bring it up, looking over to the other woman. "What shall we start with?" she says thoughfully. "Mmm…perhaps a wool sweater…they have some wonderful Tibetian wool they use to make them.

Delphyne grins, "The warmer the better… one problem with my lineage, we're a little cold blooded. Great in the summer, but awkward at times like this." She tilts her head and smiles at the shop girls, "I might look unusual, but my cash speaks volumes." She says it somewhat goodnaturedly, probably because Venus is here… otherwise, she'd probably have just walked out.

Venus mmms. "Oh, it wasn't just you. It's gweilos…white people…in general coming in." She clasps her hands behind her back, tilting her head. "Doesn't happen that much this deep into Chinatown." She smiles softly and reaches up to gently ruffle Delphyne's braids. "Don't let it get to you. It's just a word. I've heard worse." She hmms. "Well, Tibet is pretty cold, chick, so pretty sure they got what you need…."

Delphyne smiles, "Ah…" She blushes a little as Venus plays with the snakes, who do nip at Venus's fingers playfully. Her eyes flicker around, "Maybe even a dress that has some nice lining to it, so it's insulated…"

"Hmmm…what colors do you like?" Venus asks curiously. "Silk is a wonderful insulator, but expensive…but perhaps we can find something that suits you…" She takes Delphyne's hand, pulling her after as she heads over to start perusing the racks of clothes.

Del lets herself be led along, "Well, I like reds, or blacks for more tactical outfits." She smiles, "Goes well with my complexion, in either case."

Venus smiles. "Ooh…I am fond of red, but I can see the usefulness of black…" she says, then tugs out a long, slinking dress slit up one side. "Hmm…maybe too little black dress for tactical…" she says thoughfully. "Ooh, here's a nice black sweater! A little green highlights….that'd go well too…."

Delphyne smiles, "Well, that looks perfect… and I love that dress! Oh, it's so gorgeous." She holds up the dress against her, and looks at Venus, "What do you think? Honestly?"

Venus hmmms. "Well, I'd like to see it on you for the final judge's ruling, but it look pretty boss against you." she says cheerfully, tilting her head, her hands on her hips. "Hmmm…think it looks pretty hawt, honestly." She winks at the gorgon girl. "You have the curves to make the scene."

Del blushes a bit, but does take the dress back to the changing room. After a few moments, she comes back out… and well, the red high-collar dress does look very striking, and the slit up the side works on showing off a fair amount of emerald skin on her leg. She twirls for Venus, then glances over her shoulder, "Final verdict?"

"Ooh, you're a majorly groovy babe in that!" Venus squeals a little, claping excitedly, then walks over, walking around to admire. "Mmm, wow, that silk really clings to curves…"

Delphyne smiles and looks at Venus, "So what you're saying is… you want me to wear this to dinner tonight?" She looks down at the dress, seeming to like how it fits against her, feeling rather comfortable.

"Mmmmm, yes. Yes I most definitely do." Venus says with a lazy smile. "But in that case…you'll just have to pick one for me too, won't you?" She motions towards the the dresses…and with that, the real shopping spree can begin!

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