1964-12-28 - A Pep Talk
Summary: Karnak searches out Kamala for a talk.
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Do you know how hard it is to contact an Inhuman sometimes? Kamala sent out a note, and finally when Lockjaw visited once, she sent a message with him. 'Karnak - need some things explained to me. - Mala'. "Go fetch!" she offered to the large dog.

She hadn't gotten an answer yet when the young woman was sitting at the bagel shop, idly cutting into a bagel with everything, some cream cheese smear and lox.

Which is when Karnak walks in, wearing her somewhat matronly outfit of white shirt and green skirt, though she doesn't bother with a jacket despite the chill. However, she does have a rather nice green scarf as she goes to the counter, ordering her own bagel and a glass of water. With that, she walks over and sits down across from Kamala, "Yes?"

Relief washes over Kamala's features before she springs up and gives Karnak a hug. "That." she murmurs, pressing against the older woman for a moment before she pulls away. "I haven't seen anyone but Crystal in a while and I was worried." she murmurs. "With the Kree and the Skrull.. and I'm feeling useless, and and.."

Karnak hugs Kamala back briefly, not much hesitation there, but she nods, "Well, to be honest, I haven't been consulted for much either. I suspect we're still gathering information, and you are most assuredly not useless." She hmms, and tilts her head, "Is that all that's bothering you, Kamala?" She doesn't seem as cold as she normally does when talking to people, but Kamala is different in that regard.

"No." Kamala murmurs, and lowers her head for a moment, ducking it and then continuing on. "…I want to tell the school about the statues we found. You know.. the ones of us." she comments quietly. "But I'm worried about breaking some high council order, or ruffling Triton's gills, or upsetting Maximus.. or…" really, Kamala could go on all day.

Karnak snorts very gently, "If Maximus is upset, then that is typically a good thing, Kamala." She actually smiles a bit, "I don't see any harm in sharing the information. Medusa and Crystal trust the school, so I would be inclined to do so as well." She actually reaches out and pats Kamala's hand, at that.

Wait. Are we SURE Karnak isn't a Skrull?

Kamala should worry just a little about that, but right now, she's craving the positive reinforcement as she grabs Karnak's hand and squeezes it gently before withdrawing and returning to her bagel. "Okay. I just.. I don't get what's what with.. being what we are, Karnak." she admits quietly. "I mean, I wasn't raised in that society, and now I'm suppose to know all this stuff, and it's bad enough that in my own people I'm considered secondary, and now.. I'm a nobody in another heiarchy as well."

Karnak tilts her head, "You are not a nobody, you are learning, Kamala. There's a difference." She frowns a bit, "My brother hasn't been giving you problems again, has he?" She then starts working on her bagel, also having it with lox and cream cheese as… well, that's what people do here, right? Best to blend in.

"No. I haven't seen anyone since.. that. I mean, Crystal briefly and then Medusa. But.." Kamala glances down. "I'm not being shunned, am I?" comes the very quiet, very worried voice.

Karnak actually laughs a bit, then shakes her head, "No, you are not." She looks at Kamala with something that might almost be considered affection, "I think it might be a good idea if I continued teaching you, despite your attending this new school." And if the mutants object, then that's their problem.

"I have so much to learn, Karnak." Kamala admits quietly, for the first time, the overwhelmness of it all is in her voice. "Xavier's, college, Inhumans, being a hero.." she lets out a breath. "I don't want to let anyone down. And I think I let the others down."

Karnak frowns at that, which might seem familiar, and looks at Kamala, "You have not let anyone down. Considering the sheer amount that you are taking on, you should remember to pace yourself, so you aren't overwhelmed. Which you are currently right now. You don't need to see weaknesses in things to realize that fact." She glances at Kamala with a stern expression, "Your priority should be education and training, so that you will be ready. And you can develop adequate social ties with others. Though I suspect that shouldn't be a problem for you." Her lips quirk a bit at that.

"I don't know." Kamala is still fighting that little bit of insecurity in her. "What if they know I'm not a mutant. I just came into my powers. Not like them. Should I feel bad that this was sort of my choice?" she asks, looking up at Karnak between bites of bagel. "I'm being a total downer. I'm scared." she finally admits.

Karnak nods, "If you were not scared, then I would be a little more concerned." She looks at Kamala, "The trick is to make the fear work for you, instead of against you. To do what you do despite the fear." She pauses, and says a little quieter, "The fear will always be with you Kamala. The strategy is how to make it work for you, instead of against you."

There's a slow nod of Kamala's head. "Okay." she draws in a breath and lets it out slow. "I can do this." she finally murmurs. "I'll try to find someone to talk about the underwater city to. And maybe.. we can help each other. At least I hope so."

Karnak smiles slightly, "I have no doubt that you will do well, Kamala. Now, tell me more about the school…" Because if she's going to be teaching Kamala on location, it's best to know as much as she can…

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