1964-12-28 - The Sharpness of Charm
Summary: Diana meets one of her royal guards in Delphyne, for the first time in Man's World. The two soon meet Remy and Vesper and discussion of charm, fashion and trees ensues.
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While it's easy to lose track of one's daily routine when out on foreign land, dealing with strange people and their weird customs, an Amazon must always stay true to their warrior's calling. As such, Diana makes sure to hone her skills daily, and it just so happens that Central Park makes for the best spot. It's easy to find some seclusion among its meandering paths, if one takes the effort. She has her Amazon Battle Armor covered by a long sweeping grey cloak, the hood of it pulled over her head to hide her royal tiara. To avoid drawing attention should someone walk by, she uses a sturdy stick in lieu of her sword, brandishing it bravely against a tree bark as if it were a training dummy. She still could draw some attention from afar, considering how every now and then she can't resist the battle cries ingrained with certain strikes that goes in her fighting form.

"You know, you still keep dropping your guard when you swing backhanded." The voice is a familiar one to the Princess, as there's only so many Gorgons in the world these days. Delphyne is standing nearby, wearing warm leggings in addition to her typical skirt and a black turtleneck sweater, and at her hip is a classic Xiphos blade. Then she smiles, and curtsies towards Diana, "Your highness."

It didn't take much coaxing to get Vesper out of her apartment and onto the back of Remy's motorcycle. He didn't have much planned after that. A walk through the park seemed fitting enough, so he tucked his bike under a tree and led the young lady down a few paths at random. And then… sticks and swords. He glances over at the young scientist and cocks a curious eyebrow, but he seems intrigued enough to investigate if she is.

Per usual, the Cajun is draped in his thick coat with a dark shirt and fitted slacks beneath. This time they're not even wrinkled from being slept in. Someone dressed up.

Take advantage of the warmer winter weather as you can. Vesper is bundled up against the wind with a knitted scarf and mittens that will be too heavy when they come to a stop. They stick out of her coat pockets, waving at passersby. Central Park gives a pleasant diversion from basement labs and haunting patisseries for the Gallic expat, anyways. She has to walk double-time to keep up to Remy given their differences in height and her habit of checking one side of the park. Distractions abound at this time of year, like odd cairns built from pine cones and the occasional opportunistic bird stealing French fries. Through leafless trees women practicing training moves are not exactly invisible. Her brown eyes widen a little. "Is that another kind of calisthenics?" The question is in French because the Cajun presumably understands the non-bastardized version of his mother tongue.

Diana was rather invested in her training routine, to the point of not quite catching on to Delphyne sneaking in on her, not that her Royal Guard wasn't capable of being quite sneaking when they so pleased. She stalls on her next move, holding the stick where it last swung at the tree bark, "oh, did I?" Diana asks, her voice belying the joy at hearing a familiar one, as she turns to look at Delphyne with a warm smile on her lips, "what would I do without your instruction, dear Delphyne?" She asks, ever so slightly shifting her stance, correcting preparedness for a counterstrike, assuming the poor tree bark was capable of such.

As an afterthought, she notes Delphyne's leg wear, "what are these?" She asks curiously, before her eyes shift focus to Delphyne's blade, "should we try some real sword play?" She offers, only to spot an audience moments later, which brings the follow up of, "perhaps another time. We do have company," turns out she regained her alertness, as she's looking directly at Remy on his motorcycle, accompanied by Vesper. She does offers a friendly wave of her arm towards the duo.

Delphyne grins wryly, "Instruction? Well, I remember Phillipus drilling that into both of us… but some of us weren't invulnerable." She smiles and approaches Diana, and if allowed, gives the princess a hug, "I've been scouting so long, it's good to see you, Highness." Then she turns around, and looks over at Remy and Vesper, giving them a friendly wave. Even though she might have a bit of a frightening appearance, being a gorgon and all…

"Peut %<234>tre?" Remy replies. French for 'maybe'. "I see many things, but never see anything like this before." Still, he smiles and waves back. His eyes are concealed by a pair of cognac-hued sunglasses with octagonal lenses, which leaves him looking relatively average, if a bit scruffy for the era. "We go say 'allo, oui?"

"Bonjour, ladies," he greets once they're a bit closer. Green, snakes, and cloaks don't seem to phase him.

Show her a string of confounding equations, Vesper purrs like a cat. Someone whacking a stick against a tree or invisible opponents brings out greater caution — smile or no smile. She walks lighter and slower then, deliberation in where her feet land on the path. She half falls in behind Remy but curiosity has her peeking around him, more indirect. Different looks, different fashion, it's all quite overwhelming for someone used to sedate labs. "I have not seen something like this before. Are we interrupting?" English is lovely and so chased by her Parisian accent, they've illicitly wed and returned with their love child.

"Hey," Diana holds up a finger in a dismissive gesture at Delphyne's words, "I train as hard as any of you, I didn't get named the Champion of Themyscira for nothing…and I thank each and everyone of you for helping me get better," she should know, initially Hippolyta didn't have the mind for Diana to lead any sort of warrior's life outside the palace. She intended a more purely diplomatic, royal role for the Princess. But Diana would have none of it, and if it wasn't for the camraderie and faith of her trainers, her royal guard who offered training, and those who pushed her to excel, she'd probably never would have been worthy. Divine gifts be damned. After all, one's spirit has nothing to do with godly gifts.

Seems Diana has missed Delphyne enough that she doesn't begrudge her a hug, even before the eyes of strangers, giving her a strong embrace of appreciation. "I'm glad to meet you, how is Man's World?" She asks her softly, not caring for Vesper or Remy to overhear that question, "I have been awhile."

With Vesper and Remy finally approaching them, Diana eases her embrace of Delphyne and turns to face them, pointing the stick downwards as if it was an actual sword and she needed to show she's no threat, force of habit. "Just some exercise…I am Diana," she introduces herself, and then points at Delphyne, uncertain how her body guard introduces herself in Man's World, "and this is…" she lets her fill the missing name.

Delphyne smiles over at Diana, "It's been good. Have you tried pizza yet? Oh, and these are leggings I picked up with… a friend. It's too cold in winter here by a fair margin for me." She faces the other two as well, no sword drawn as she says, "Delphyne is my name, and it is a pleasure to meet you."

"Remy LeBeau," the thief responds by way of introduction. "This is Vesper." A quick, friendly tug brings his friend closer. "Our pleasure. Right, mimi?" The question is directed toward Ves, who is much less forward. It's coupled with a friendly and encouraging smile. "Anyway, what the tree do to you? Look like it owes you money."

The singsong application of a Gallic cognomen is completely unavoidable. "Vesper Mezieres." See, the Evening Star, in her petite form. Brown hair pulled back in a chignon leaves her open expression fully visible. A good strategy for balancing the coolness, her scarf swaddles her throat and shoulders in a wash of aquamarine and grey patterns. Very Mediterranean, Cote d'Azur inspired. "Enchanted. You have found a better place than most for your athletic practice."

"Pizza…? Can't say I've had the opportunity," Diana relates to Delphyne before they start a conversation with the strangers, soon to be named. "You shall have to show me, Delphyne, these leggings seem functional." Diana should know, she's seen some horrid women's fashion in Man's World in her time, none of them even resembling functionality in their design.

The Amazon Princess does laugh at Remy's joke, shaking her head, before shaking a finger playfully at him, "don't take me for a fool, trees can't possibly owe currency! And were it able to feel pain, my strikes still were relatively soft, else the stick would break, n'est-ce pas?" Turns out she also speaks French, flawless Parisian accent too.

Looking over at Vesper, Diana notes, "I like what you've done with your hair, it's a pretty arrangement." As Vesper speaks true, Diana nods, "training in nature is the best way to train, be one with the world around you, and not surround yourself with fake manmade structures."

Delphyne nods, "Indeed so. And pizza… well, I have some currency here, so we'll have to go out and try that Diana. I think you'd enjoy it." She grins, "I may be thinking of starting a pizzeria when I go back home." Her eyes sparkle with a bit of amusement, and then she nods, "I will have to show you where I found them. These are very comfortable, I almost don't feel cold at all."

The Cajun shrugs a shoulder and lets off a lopsided smile. "Only things I hit that hard did something wrong, jeune femme."

He's pleased to encounter someone else who speaks French, though his is anything but flawless. Remy lets out a low chuckle and tips his head toward Vesper. "She very pretty, non? But you all are. A gentleman is rarely so lucky." Rather than flirtatious, the comment comes off as roguish compliment, especially when coupled with a sweeping, old-fashioned bow.

Vesper shakes her head enough to make her drop earrings sway slightly. Her chestnut brows lift. "What do trees do to you to earn this anger?" No heat in the statement but she probably has about as much heat as the average rock on the Moon's dark side, which is to say not any at all. When her glove threatens to fall out, she tucks that back in. "Now I see you offended by a hapless pine upended by a storm that flattened your favourite car, or blocked your path. A march against the naughty pines, is that it?"

But put her on the spot, why doesn't Remy? Pretty people and talk of leggings leaves her gaze averted. No blush, not really. Safe ground exists right over there for the scientific mind. "Practice outside in the fresh air is best, oui. Especially for aerobic activity. Though you do wear the most interesting clothes for it, both of you. I am sorry, the style is not one I know." And Parisian-bred, that's saying something.

"Is that so…?" Diana looks aside at Delphyne, curious by her apparent deep appreciation for this pizza, "we shall see." She can't imagine her mother would be overjoyed at anyone established anything from Man's World back on Themyscira, but wonders do happen. One who goes by Wonder Woman on occasions should know. Her eyes soon rest on Remy LeBeau as he offers a sampler of his charm, leading her to grin in appreciation, good thing encountering the likes of Sameer had prepared her for such instances, "I dare say, Monsieur LeBeau, you would say just the same were we all ugly to a fault. I can read that much on you, flaunting your charm about like a blade," she winks playfully, there's no anger, she's amused if anything.

Diana shakes her head at Vesper, "no harm done by or to the tree, I assure you, friend," she takes no offense, if anything, she's touched by the passionate defense Vesper would offer a tree. It speaks of a beautiful heart. When it comes to Diana and Delphyne's rather unique fashion sense, Diana states, "it's old fashioned," an excuse to be sure, but perhaps Vesper would be nice enough to take it at face value.

Delphyne grins, "Well, it's a type of food, but… ah, I'll explain it later." She smiles a bit, "Wait, you're calling me pretty? Well, that's quite… flattering. Thank you." She does seem a bit charmed by the rogue, because… well, pretty isn't exactly how she views herself. Then she looks over at Vesper, "Well, the pines aren't the ones you watch out for. It's the cedars. The cedars, those would be out to get you."

"Oh, Remy's charm is no blade," he defers demurely. "Can't cut yourself on a compliment."

All the same, he seems pleased to have had an effect. Now he angles himself toward Delphyne. "No chance of catching me in a lie today, so you're welcome. Green be a very flattering color for you." Now that'd probably be flirting if he wasn't still holding onto Vesper's hand. He shoots the scientist a glance and a wink. He did open all this with a compliment to her, after all.

Charm and spice by volumes will eventually make do with the dazzled brunette. See, the lady with the serpentine hair proves perfectly sociable. The Amazonian princess incognito wears the best of cloaks. Remy apparently can make friends with everyone not of sylvan origins. Lessons to be absorbed continue at a slow, steady pace while removing the protective outer layers of social grace. Man's World is hard on its cloistered members. Ask her, she knows about nuns. "Here every kind of clothing passes. I am happy that someone will not protest that I am wearing pants." A labcoat with those chic tailored jeans is unfortunately a bridge too far for the establishment, however. Her fingers curl slightly tighter. "Copper as the complement for that sort of green. Gold or honey is common to offer, but a fresh dash goes best." This, for Delphyne, is freely given without the authoritative air of someone like Coco Chanel. Mind she can see in totally different spectra, of sorts.

Vesper, being social. Win!

Diana nods as Delphyne explains more about pizza, but she withholds any further question till a time they're alone. She shouldn't try and put attention to herself if pizza happens to be something very odd for her to not be familiar with. For all she knows, it may well be a common thing. She does smile brightly at Delphyne's reaction to Remy's smooth charm, "there you are, Delphyne the Pretty. That moniker might stick!" She winks playfully, as if to suggest she'll spread the word about Themyscira at some point.

Can't cut yourself on a compliment he says, surely, Remy has not lived long enough in the world of mythology and ancient greeks. But rather than lecture of that era, Diana merely points out, "you'll find charm just as sharp as a blade if properly used, with nefarious intentions, though I trust your heart to be a pure one, my friend."

When Vesper mentions the difficulties of Man's World in accepting that women deserve to wear functional clothing, Diana nods wholeheartedly in full agreement with the French woman, "duly noted! Why should it bother them what you choose to wear? That nonsense must stop!" She has been around when it was worse, she hasn't been here long enough in the now, but despite spotting some improvements, it still a far cry from Themyscira.

Del blushes a dark green, and looks at Diana with a wry expression, "Don't you dare." She grins and slips a hug to Diana, "But I should go, as I trust you to guard yourself against those with tongues as sharp as his." A wink at that, "It's a bit cold out here for me, but tomorrow eve, we shall have to have pizza together and catch up on things." With that, she curtsies politely towards both Remy and Vesper, "And good evening to both of you, as well."

"Pure? Me? You're very beautiful, but a terrible judge of character." Remy grins, entirely too satisfied with himself. He waves to Delphyne as she departs, then gives Vesper's hand a tug. "I think we go to, oui? Let you get back to your workout. Pleasure meeting you both. I think we see you again before too long."

Blushing is a legacy so well understood by the Inhuman geneticist doing her very best to appear as a regular, everyday girl. As if genetics is a field with so many women to not stand out. As if being a geneticist at all is every day. It feels it, around here, some days. Resigning herself to a polite smile and a petite wave, Vesper ushers Delphyne off to the care of the night. Now it's back to the main event, seeing how someone brave enough to duel a whole forest on a 900 acre park of its friends interacts with the roguish gentleman on the verge of penning a Russian novel. "Tastes differ. Mon dieu, another pair of heels with how many stairs I climb and they wonder why ladies trip in the subways. Ballet flats are a godsend." This is also why she so often turns ephemeral and rides the lightning to her location, but that's for another day. Mustn't make the mortals jealous. Consigned to pizza and oblivion, she laughs softly. "I anticipate we will see one another again. Mais oui, we must make our circuit or the police may ticket your bike. They are full of zeal here."

Diana is still very amused, the playful grin not leaving her, as with a somewhat impish expression she tells Delphyne, "I'll consider it…you know you shouldn't dare me, right?" A playful wink to seal the deal, taking delight in a rare chance to tease the gorgon. She hugs with Del once more before the gorgon goes about her way, leaving her with Remy and Vesper.

"Me? A terrible judge of character? Now you wound me," Diana feigns a rather convincing offended expression. Then with the announcement that he and Vesper must leave, Diana waves again, "we shall meet again than, drive safe," than brandishing her stick anew, she charges at the tree bark once more, with gusto!

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