1965-01-04 - Business arrangement
Summary: Douglas has a favor to ask Bobby when they meet upi n the gym at Xavier's Institute
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Doug is currently enjoying the fact that he has access to a world-class gym - he doesn't have super-strength or other abilities — so he compensates the best way he can, by working out like a fiend.

Today is leg day. And Doug is hitting the squat rack, huffing out a breath as sweat drips off his chin. "I should've just listened to dad's advice and become a lawyer, lawyers don't have to work out! Nnnnghhhh!"

and there was Berto just chilling in the door, humming a moment when he sees Cypher probably trying -way- to hard to get fit. So he walks over to him as he casually eats a bowl of cereal. He presently wears Jeans and a T-shirt….but in terms a physique, Bobby was no slouch.

"Hm, getting fit? could do you some good to widen your stance just a littlte bit to put less pressure on your quads and more even focus on your calves and glutes. that way its all even." he smiles then a moment as he approaches with a smile. "Other than that, your doing good."

Doug looks up, and wipes his forehead, and says, "I have to do something to keep up. Otherwise all I'm going to do when the bad guys come knocking is dazzle them with my mastery of Old Egnlish." Doug turns, and says, "Hey, actually I wanted to talk to you. I need your help—" He grabs a towel, and begins to wipe the sweat off his face.

"I need to borrow some money. Actually, I need to borrow quite a bit of money — I'll pay you back though." He pauses. "…Somehow."

Bobby nods a few times as Doug sets his bar down to wipe at his forehead, and even state his request. "Well, you are a genius in that measure of speaking. Truly a remarkable brain." he says with a soft smile, though he does agree that Cypher could improve, combat-wise.

When asked that Douglas needs to borrow money, Bobby looks at him curiously as he takes a few more bites of his cereal. "Hm…whatcha usin' it for?" he asks. He didn't say no…in truth, if he's missing a few bucks, he ain't gonna weep about it. He has more money than he even knows what to do with in a lifetime.

"Oh. I'm buying Three-Eyed Jack's in Mutant Town. I have this plan… see…" He begins to stretch, leisurely, and says "And the first part of it involves opening a club. But to do that, I need money to buy the building, money to renovate it, and money to push through the licenses. And while I don't obviously present as a mutant, and I make good money, when you go to the bank and try to get a loan this is a project that they politely call high-risk."

"I know. I tried."

Bobby nods a few times as Doug starts explaining to him, approaching this as a more of a business proposition as well as seeing it as helping out a friend. though he does seem to be interested in helping out Doug with buying the place. "Hm…alright, I see this as doable."

he smiles softly then to Cypher. "You let me handle cost. money is no object. So, lets meet up one of these days or just whenever we both happen to be free and we'll meet up with the present owners, and we'll talk shop." he smiles softly then. "and forget about paying me back. I'm not gonna cry if I'm missing a few bucks."

Doug holds up his hand. "No… I'll pay you back for it. Someday. Fortunately Mutant Town properties are the cheapest in New York right now. It turns out that when real estate developers consider the place a de-militarized zone prices aren't that high. This is part of my plan to change that. I'm going to open up a music club."

"Then there's just the matter of keeping the cops off my back, though any cop who decides to shake down a club full of Mutants must be out of their damn mind."

Bobby nods a few times. "Doug…I got this. but if you -really- want to repay me, alrighty." he surrenders then but he nods a few times at him. "Yeah. Only when neighborhoods start mass-renovation do prices start to rise back up again. But don't worry, I'll lend you the cash and help you close the deal. Cops shouldn't be bothering anyone around mutant town unless they were looking for a suspect. But even then, we won't be having any trouble in that bar. or club, for that matter."

"though why a music club?" he smiles softly then with a raised brow.

Doug raises an eyebrow. "Because — and don't tell him this — one of the parts of my plan involves making Joshua Guthrie a star." He crosses his arms. "This thing with the aliens… the Kree — we're not going to be able to hide much longer… and when the time comes, we're going to need people who're bigger than life, who aren't hiding. I won't ask anyone to reveal themselves… but Jay can't really *hide*, can he. Only by putting a bushel over his light, and deep down he doesn't really want to do that."

"But this is years in the making. Right now? The club."

Bobby seems to hum then for a moment as Douglas gives him the reason as to why he wants to start a music club. Shrugging in his shoulders in a 'alright, fair answer' kind of way, he smiles softly. "Alright. done deal." he says simply as he sets the cereal aside and extends a hand.

"Just to be official. now we're business partners." he smiles then. "in addition to being friends.

Doug pauses, and then he reaches out to grip Bobby's hand. "Deal. I hope to have the place turning a profit inside of a year. Since I'm planning on continuing my translator work, I was going to sink my cut back into the place. Fifty-fifty?"

Sunspot nods then as he gives Doug a firm grip in the handshake before he releases it. "Sounds good." then he ponders splitting the ownership cut to 50/50. "Hmm…I can work with that. sure." he smils then, being pretty simple guy when dealing with friends. "Consider us agreed."

Douglas says, "All right then." Doug says, snapping his fingers and pointing at Bobby. "Done deal. Let me go grab a shower, and then I'll take you down to Mutant Town to show you what I'm working with. It's an old building with great bones, and the bar's in the basement, it'd be easy to expand it outward." He turns to head toward the showers, and then he stops. And puts his hand on the doorframe. "Bobby?" He says, "Thanks… for trusting me. I'm not even so sure I trust myself, here.""

Bobby nods a few times, smiling then. "Sounds like a plan, Doug." he nods a few times. Though hwen he turns around to thank him. Bobby looks up at Doug then and smiles at his official thanks. "Anytime Doug." because they've been through a lot together. He practically considers Douglas to be his brother.

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