1965-01-04 - Shave and a Haircut
Summary: The cousins Reyes and Cordova work on getting Pop's restored to get back in business!
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It was a little after New Year's Eve. Not far enough past it for Reno who spent the night out and came back just pretty down afterward. He was trying but he was still occasionally dropping feathers. He opted to try something new and rang up Kai to see if he was free, and he just needed a little help working on getting Pop's back open. He could count on Robbie too, but honestly, some of that eternal optimism Reno was really hopping would come back to him like jumping a car with a dead battery to get it going again. But the bird's just been off. To Robbie he gestured, "So I was thinking I know there's the whole getting it cleaned up but like… maybe doing something with it like help actually run it as a business rather than just live around above it and have Luke pace mighty mighty holes in the floor." He looked where some stray pock marks from bullet holes were in the wall. "I mean it's got enough holes, ya know?"

Robbie nods as he starts to idly dust. His jacket being on one of the chairs that is around the chess table. "Yeah…I think that'd be a nice gesture. You know, charge people $20 a cut, put some concessions out….make it cheap and affordable. those numbers rise up fast when you do the math ese." he says pretty calmly, all things considered. though despite the bullet holes, he seems to have grown partially attracted to the place.

Kai sits on one of the seats, swinging his legs. He's on the small side of 'adult human male' in appearance, dressed in a black turtleneck pullover, chinos, and wearing a beret. He's also painfully white for the neighborhood, blond-haired nad blue-eyed. He listens quietly for a time. Finally, he asks, "So what happened here that it got all shot up?"

Pop's. Some place in Harlem that can style natural hair decently, understanding how a tight curl works. The information is a few days out of date but clearing a man's schedule around the New Year comes more easily said than done. T'Challa once again ditches his escort, or they at least allow him the privilege of thinking he ditched them. A hair cut or even a trim is a sacred experience. He comes down the sidewalk, turning to the subterranean entrance. Sign is easier to see than the doorway, and he looks over the side. Open sign on? Apparently not.

WHo could NOT recognize T'challa a mile away. Reno, the consummate host, and sharer of all things waved him in. Looking to T'challa he said apologetically, "Hey. I wish the place were in better shape. Some… guys…" The bird's nose wrinkled a nd lifted his hands to the place that got shot up pretty good but was in a state of being repaired. "Ya know, Kai," he turned to the elf, "I don't know why they do this. I tried to askem and they're all like COrdova shut your beak and… ya know they're scary and have like guns and stuff so I do." He felt guilty as hell and it showed. "but like, um, you want me to hook you up man… Sir… T'challa?" He stopped and was tryin to be polite but asked with earnest frankness, "What do you prefer anywyas? LIke," Helooked to Robbie and Kai and back, "We like don't wanna be like disrespectful or nothin." He was very quick to add, "Cuase we do man. We do, but I dunno I ever asked before." he looked around, "I dunno if it was like ever formal, but I'm Reno. That there is my cousin that's Robbie. And that's…well well call him Kai. He's really groovy."

Robbie wasn't exactly an expert on the world, but he knew who T'Challa was. He's seen him on the news before, but doesn't exactly speak until Reno introduces him. "Hey." is all he says. Not 'your highness' and nothing truly reverent of the King of Wakanda's position. "Welcome to the shop. cut for $1, shave for 75 cents." he offers with a friendly smile as he sweeps up some dust. though his jacket lay on the chair next tot he chess table….anyone who's seen Ghost Rider ghost out as it were could probably connect the dots as to who Robbie was. He does give a nod to Kai. "Hey hey. oh…just some assholes trying to get some shitty street cred."

Kai wrinkles his nose. "Why do people have to ruin things for other people?" He flashes T'Challa a broad smile. "Good evening, Your Majesty," he says in the same tone one might say s'up. "We met at the thing," he prompts, in case T'Challa doesn't recognize him. "I was covered in children. Like lice with grubby hands and opinions." He darts a quick glance between the trio. "Will you teach me to cut hair?" he asks Robbie.

The chic navy overcoat covering T'Challa's suit and his charcoal scarf look a bit unusual in this neck of the woods. Democratisation of style still has a ways to go before getting to Harlem and the Bronx, exquisitely interesting as though fashion may be. Put him in a barrel and he still manages to look regal. "I was not aware the shop was closed. What happened?" The lilt of Bantu rounds out his accent. He raises his hand in a bit of a greeting. "I can pass on if this a bad time. Interrupting clean up?" It could be an offer of a buck haircut or the possible state of the building that gives him pause. Must not be rude. "T'Challa," he adds. "The title makes people here uncomfortable."

Reno laughed to Kai and said, "I'm the one that cuts hair, or's gettin back to it. He is really really super good at makign dudes bald though" wiiiith a healthy application of fire. He shrugged, "Is harder than it looks to do right but I don' mind the company so much." He looked back up to T'challa, "Really nice old guy would run the place right? And there's just… I dunno why but different groups that want to fight over parts of the city cause no one's got enough of what they need. We lost poor Pop a while back in one of their pissing contests, but Luke's been tryin to keep it going jsut so kids got some place to hang out. Keep their nose out of trouble. Been talkin to him about fixing it up and maybe give the community that back."

Robbie simply chuckles. "Hey, I know how to do haircuts too, Primo. You just might do it just a liiiittlee bit better than me." he could probably do it with fire too. Though he gives a small smile to Reno as he explains that he wants to get the place up and running again, Robbie is in agreement with that too before he looks to T'Challa. "It's alright. I can give you a cut if Reno wants to diss on my skills." he teases slightly before he looks to Kai. "Reno could probably teach you…he's better at teaching."

"I'm just trying to learn life skills," Kai says. "I might have to get a job someday — God forbid — and cutting hair seems nice. You get to meet people and chat all day, doing your part for a better-looking world. I don't know how hard it is, but I do my own." He takes off his beret and exposes a very forgiving head of curls that would cover a bad cut rather well. On goes the beret again. "I'll watch you do T'Challa's." He hops off his seat and pads over.

Some of the slang probably goes over T'Challa's head. Most of it does not. He keeps his hands tucked in his pockets because even 32'F is insanely chilly for someone who grew up in a nation straddling the Equator and lived at times in a wet but not frosty climate. Brr. No one else may be complaining, but he thinks the complaints. He shakes his head a little. "Yes. Nice man, they call him Pop?" True enough. "I will come again. Someone good to meet." No rudeness intended, really, but time is a sparse factor for a man like him. He creases a polite smile. "I'm glad to meet you again nonetheless."

Reno warmed a grin, maybe the third time he's smiled in as many days, but it was genuine to the middle of his very gooey being. Yes, something normal like razzing your closest kin puts one in a better mood. Looking to T'challa he warmed a smile. "Really good to see you too. Give us maybe a week? Be nice to see it finished up." Looking to Kai he assured, "I think we can help you."

TChalla goes home.

Robbie smiles softly to Kai as he speaks, turning his head to look at T'Challa as he elects to head out. "Later, T'Challa." he looks then at Reno. "Huh…so that's the king of Wakanada or whatever it's called? heh, nice guy." he smiles then as he just continues his sweepin'

Kai sits down again on a chair closer to Reno. "Why don't you cut my hair and I'll watch as you do it?" he says. "I can learn that way." Quickly, he adds, "Not too short. Just a trim. I don't want anyone thinking I'm a respectable member of society." He frowns at the mere thought. He could use a little styling though. "So, New Year's Eve, huh?"

Reno gave Kai a half grin that faded to a weak smile and he shrugged. "Yeah." He perked up and offered to Kai, "You looked cook though. All glowey and stuff." Looking to Robbie he stumbled over words. "He was um…. he sorta flew too. That was neat. Kai you're really good at that." Something about New Year just sucked the air from his chest. He looked up trying not to be heartbroken telling his cousin, "Big dragon killed the glitter ball, primo"

Robbie just kind of chuckles faintly then as Kai offers to have his hair cut. He looks to Reno then with a tilt of his head. "He could? huh…." he shrugs then as he looks on over to the both of them. "Well…here's hoping Reno does it right." he teases.

"Just not too short," Kai says. "I want it to cover my ears." If one looks closely, one might notice they're just every so slightly pointed. Not to a degree where he can't pass for human, but it's one of those things where if you don't notice them in the first place, it's just for the best if he's planning to pass. The sheer crystal clearness of his eyes is another giveaway, but still plausibly human. He's just a normal citizen, honest. Except for the glowing. Hmm, about that. "Oh, it's just a parlor trick," he says, "and I didn't so much fly as jump onto a dragon's back and hang on for dear life. Probably not the smartest thing, but it worked out all right."

Reno sat perched on the stool while Robbie did the trimming. He was really quiet offering, "Yeah sure I mean… like no one got hurt? That's I guess something. ManI htink of all those scared people. It was terrifying, primo. We are really really uper lucky- damn lucky like no one got trampled or hurt or nothin. But ya know we lost two trees and now the giant glitter thing. Hurts the soul man."

Robbie just trimmed up Kai just a little bit around the edges with some scissors and a comb, a clearly practiced motion as he starts to give Kai a haircut. "Hm…this is manageable. yeah." then he looks to Reno as he works on Kai's hair. "Well, next time try to keep out of trouble. Can't be there to help you out all the time you know." he gives Reno a small smile…"man. all of two trees?" he grins then just lightly enough.

Kai's hair is very forgiving of his chop jobs. With a proper trim, it's rather nice-looking, actually, rich curls like a little beatnik cherub with a sailor's mouth. "You can't tie your soul up in things, mate," he says. "Things go wrong. They get broken. Don't get me wrong, it's sad, all the things that have happened, but, like. You've got family, don't you?"

Reno bit his lip and shaook his head. as hte point was missed, "Primo I'm talking about those guys that burned down Christmas." He looked to Kai and tried to tell him, "I went out there to try and remember my father. but it's just a bummer man. That stuff that your dude Loki- and h e is MESSED UP by the way…. but like he took me and this other poor dude in his boots and shorts to try and communicate with this thing? Robbie…it's scarrier than you man and you know I can not say that lightly." He sighed and swiveled in teh stool. "Yeah like I know man, Kai you's right. It's jsut like… everythin has been so bad lately and it jsut keeps finin a way to outdo itself." he looked a little guilty looking at them. "I know demons si trying to come back to the earth or something but that's why I was like thinking? Reopening this place? It's a lil bit of hope for some people right?" Sullen, but still optimistic.

Robbie seems to be fairly appreciative that Kai has very friendly hair as he makes sure that it's nice and well-done. It certianly doesn't take him long to give him a little trim. He sprays some hair conditioner in Kai's hair when he's finished and gives the very tip a little trim before he shows him a mirror of his work. "How's that work?" he says with a soft smile. It actually looked -really- good for someone who almost never does hair. expertly done really. still long and lengthy, but more stylish.

"Yeah, he's got a unique perspective," Kai says, of Loki, with utmost diplomacy. He admires himself in the mirror and says, "It's perfect. Thank you." He offers over the mirror and grins at Robbie. "Thank you." He hops off the chair, then puts his beret back on. Total beatnik. He pads to Reno, clasps his shoulders, and says, "You've got family," he confirms, "and this place, and stuff that hasn't been taken from you yet. Love them as hard as you can. It'll get you through the shit, kid." Kid, he says. He looks, what, nineteen, tops?

Reno notes never trust an elf not to lie about their age man. He looked back to Kai finally nodding and taking the words to heart. "Kai, your'e right man. Hey ummmm if you want to get better at like those life skills? like work nad stuff you're welcome to come help us out." He was still stuck on Loki who… was a jerk, buuuut everyone lived and he's got a small bankroll of favours he's owed. That wasnt' so bad. "yeah you boy Loki? TOok us to beet this thing this primordial eval thing? I dunno what primordeal means but I wanna says it's like Latin or something for 'ridiculously fuckin scary'" he sighed and shook his head, "I gotta read out to the guy withthe flying bathrobe and prolly let him know too. Turns out people that fly like knowin stuff. I dunno why we do that." By the end he calmed down ad lot and waded over to stand behind Kai's chair looking at the work with a critical eye. He nodded. "Primo, ya done good."

Robbie seems to smile a moment when Kai seems to love the cut…before he looks over at Reno when he speaks of a primeval evil. "Oh…shit. you dealt wit hthe big boys uh? the Rider is a primeval spirit, so you get how it is." he looks at him then. "Did you kill it? if not…then I have work to do." he says simply as he reaches over for his jacket. "Regardless…I gotta run. thanks for the talk gents." and he leaves them to discuss what they like…

the Rider had business to attend to.

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