1965-01-05 - To Ask a Favour
Summary: Maximus comes to Triton to gain his support and figures out instead what support he actually wants. Here is to getting their family together: New York edition.
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The dethroned King sent out a word for Triton…and kept going to the museum's aquatic section, because that meeting place is /hilarious/ and he'd have insisted. Not sure entirely what day Triton would get the message and show up, he gave it a 3 day window, and he's only on day 1! He has his hands folded behind his back, wearing his attilan clothing. No one is around him. They move around him unconsciously, uncertain why they just don't want to look at this exhibit right now.

Triton descended from the ceiling! No, really he used the side entrance and no one really cared. He squint checking the eyes of those around and then Maximus before approaching. Quietly he greeted, "Cousin. Presently I see no trouble and the aquarium isn't actually on fire. I did find some of the things you'd asked for though." Always up to business first before a pause. Sound muffled by the mask he inquired, "You alright?"

"Oh yes." Maximus turned to look over at Triton as the man arrives. "The best ever, actually. I wished to speak with you, since I value you more than the rest of my cousins, and you will be the only one who will understand. Come closer…its serious business, this day, Triton."

Triton squint at Maximus. Now Triton loved his family, but it was not to say his love was blind. "If you ask me to sit in the blue chair over the red X…again? No." He wlaked over and sighed, "That's because everyone else had to move away. THey're understably a 'tad upset'. Prithee, what have you, cousin?"

Maximus smiles faintly. "No..nothing so tricky as that, my cousin. Simply, we need a leader in our exile, and I obviously believe it should be me. Black Bolt cannot be our guide in this time…he /refuses/ to lead. So…that must fall to me."

The fish's eyes might find it hard to squint and a dead stare was the return response before the aquashield inner eyelids blinked a moment before scaled overlids blinked. He sighed. "You come to be because Gorgon is taking care of things at one of the sister sites," to Penglai but he wouldn't speak so brazenly in the open even with Maximus' control of the populace. "And I know you have not spoken with my sister." Because Maximus's face wasn't bruised. Was it bru- no that might be khol residue. He took a deep breath. "Where's your brother? What of Medusa and Crystal?"

"I come to you because I believe you will support me…and your sister, perhaps not. My brother has abandoned us, to meditate. And Medusa will not lead..she has no will for it. And Crystal is absent. Someone needs to make the call, to make decisions for the Inhuamsn here, and that person will be me. Do I have your support?" Max asks with a calculated lift of his chin. "It is a small matter, perhaps, but there may be times when one voice is needed."

The diplomat assassin watched and sighed. "And of course I am out for all of the 82 reasons we need not mention" Like don't put your undercover agents front and center in media." There was a long pause and a nod; one of understanding but not yet agreement. "I still wish to speak to them." There was a long silence watching the fish swim circles. "He will come back you are aware?"

"When he does, we will have a talk about HIS behavior, this time." Maximus turns to look at Triton square on, and his face is firm, resolute, kingly even. But, after a few moments that way, it changes, mercurial as ever. "I need my brother, Triton." He swallows. "And the only way to get his attention…is jolt him out of his FUCKING HIDING." He gritted out the last two words and then calmed again.

Triton still loved his family but they were all reliable to their character quirks, including himself. He couldn't stay out of the middle of things and Max would alowasys spike when consistancy seemed the norm. It was now he dared to put a hand on Maximus's shoulder. "I's a weird time. But you're right." Here's where he braced for the wailing or rage, "You do need your brother. You are best with him as I am best with Karnak and when Medusa has Crystal. We are our origin. There is a completeness in that." He blink-blinked all eyelids before shaking his head, "We will resolve this and I will … help you do that.You wnat your brother back. I want our family back together."

"Yes." Maximus, oddly enough, agreed to it. "Our whole family. We have been separated long enough. That may mean…somewhere here in New York, along the shore, that is our own. A safe place, for all Inhumans that we find. I will look into that. Thank you, Triton. Karnak is unlikely to like this news, but…who can really argue with it?"

Triton glashed a grin under the mask, giving his cousin an assuring squeeze on his shoulder…or perhaps that was a subtle reminder that he was trained to rend and break? Eh he seemed to be assuring him. "I can. I might be the only one, but I will talk to my sister."

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