1965-01-07 - Catching up with the Wilsons
Summary: Nightwing interrupts Rose's training to ask Deathstroke about the card they got from the Hand.
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Slade Wilson's current residence in New York is not owned directly by Slade. In fact it was quite well hidden under a string of shell companies and fake identities that eventually lead all the way to Kenya and then back to the US.

It is not impossible to find, though. It is not a cave full of bats but a comfortable townhouse in a right neighborhood in Long Island. One would say it is a good place to raise a teenage girl, even.

It is, but only because Wintergreen picked up the place.

Tracking him down took months. But one would expect a detective trained by Batman would keep tabs on his enemies. Or is it frenemies? Because Richard Grayson and Slade Wilson have a story. It is not a nice story. It involves contracts to murder teenager vigilants, dead children, a bloody revenge on a certain terrorist organization and a suspended mercenary contract. Deathstroke's -only- suspended mercenary contract.

Security is also top notch. It would take Nightwing about half an hour to sneak into the residence proper. Rose can do it in 43 minutes. Slade times her progress every six weeks, which is about how frequently they change the whole security setup.

It is not paranoia, it is good survival practice.

A week ago, Nightwing had eyes on Deathstroke and a shipment that had come in. While what happened on that ship hasn't been discussed, it was what happened afterwards that got his interest. One of his mob informants, a man he had trusted with keeping him apraised on the Genovese family, had ended up dead at the location that he usually met him at.

It wasn't a message from the mob, though - there was no dead rat with the man that would have told Nightwing that it was found out he was a snitch. Instead, it was the black card that was attached to the body that had gotten Richard's attention. It didn't take much for him to figure out what the card meant and who it was from. And if he has one..

He's fairly certain that everyone else that was in the location had gotten one as well. Nothing like ninjas to make strange bedfellows. Not that he hasn't had past experience with Slade and more importantly, the young woman that trained in his footsteps, which would be why Richard Grayson would be waiting for Rose as she's completing her most recent security challenge. He's in the more familiar Nightwing suit of blue, the domino mask set in place as he waits for the platinum blonde's arrival. Easier to meet with dad if he at least lets Rose complete her current task, right?

Rose is in a lousy mood. Dealing with Slade one-on-one is usually a tricky proposition. But dealing with him as a semi-go-between in a situation she knows nothing about? Yeah, this is going to be one of those experiences where she can know going into it that none of it will go well. Sneaking into this place? More bad news because it's a test that everyone but her cares about. Slipping in through one of the upper floor windows silently, she closes it behind her and heads for the meetup point. Why is it that her family is the only family in the world where dropping by unannounced is the only expected way to arrive?

Slade got the note in his PO Box. The one he uses for his safari business in Kenya. Which means the Hand know his real identity. But his real name is not a great secret. Some high-ranked army officers know. The CIA and SHIELD probably know. Some of his contacts know.

Some of his enemies know. Like Nightwing.

Rose is not, actually, unannounced. Slade expects her today. Maybe the alarm will go off. Although there was no amazing improvements to the security this time, so he gives Rose a good chance to get through the system.

The old mercenary is in the living room, reading political reports. The fireplace has a nice flame going. It is warm inside. It is just above freezing outside. Breaking and entering is more fun in summer.

And it is while Rose is doing her thing with the security that Nightwing finally drops in, standing somewhat behind her, but giving plenty of room so he doesn't get a sword across his abs for his troubles. Disembowlement in the winter is so not cool. "Hey." Nightwing greets Rose as she's working on the security. "Won't distract you, but got some business with Deathstroke. He in?" His tone is casual, conversational even, but she probably knows he's watching - seeing what she's picked up on and what she's doing differently now that she's developed his own techniques. "Anyway, about the last time we met, you know. I could have just come out and said who I was. You know how it is with family." he shrugs his shoulders.

"… last time we met?", Rose asks, not turning to look in Nightwing's direction. She either doesn't remember that last time. Or is pretending to not know. Or doesn't know that they met the last time. Lots of possibilities there, but Rose doesn't seem to let on much more than that. "It's okay." She knew Nightwing was going to be here today. It's just a matter of the details of why Slade and Nightwing are meeting that she's not in the loop on. But luckily it's just a matter of going downstairs now. The automated security systems aren't turned on for the main floor when Slade is actually home. So it's basically a matter of casually avoiding the main stairs, gently leaping over the banister and bounding off a wall before landing in the hallway below before she determines she's past the security and can proceed into the living room. "Finished", she announces as she arrives in the living room.

"I heard you," replies Slade. No congratulations for managing to get in without tripping alarms or traps. But Rose has not beaten her beast time or anything praiseworthy. The white-haired man is no longer reading. Because he has an uninvited visitor and he recognized the voice, of course. So he went for his sword. "Grayson," he calls the younger man. "I want to assume you have a good reason to be here." Or else. "Have you been following my daughter?"

The acrobat follows, as he gives a smirk towards Rose's back. "Yeah, missed you too." he offers with a small roll of his eyes as he hears Deathstroke's words for him. Leaving the banister, he makes his own move to land gracefully before the pair, and glances over at Rose and offers a thin smile. "I think she did pretty well." he points out, before his attention returns to Deathstroke.

"While she's well worth following.." Nightwing starts as he reaches into a pouch on his utility belt, it's not a wingding that he pulls out, it's a small black card. "I assume we have mutual business. Rose know that the Hand's taken out a contract on you?" he asks with a lift of his brow beneath his domino mask as he hands the card over to Rose for her to study. "From our friends down at the docks."

Rose raises an eyebrow at the announcement that there's a hit out on Slade. Not that she's that worried. Slade can take care of himself and frankly, she's always considered the Hand just a step or two above the usual organized crime groups. Sure, they might have a few agents that are a little better than the average, but it's not like a hit from them placed on Slade should be enough to really get anything moving. Slade's usually got at least one or two contracts out on him. Still, she takes the card from Nightwing and takes a look over it. "Thanks." Her eyes turn back to Slade to see what his reaction to it is.

Slade gives Nightwing a withering glare. No, of course Rose did not know and that was how he prefered it. She is not involved in the Hand's revenge plots. It not very important either, "you should be used to have killers gunning for you," points out the older man. Certainly Slade does, too. "They are of little concern. If they make a token effort I will ignore then. If they push hard enough to become an annoyance I will hunt down the local leader and make an example."

"Oh, I'm totally used to it. Just figured if they were angry enough to send out their little greeting cards, they must have something pretty damned important they're trying to protect." Nightwing lifts a brow at Deathstroke's moxie that he's showing. Well, if he's going to be like that. The young man reaches over to take back the card from Rose. "You know the girl that was leading them, then?"

As Nightwing reaches out to take back the card, Rose holds it out. It's not like she wasn't expecting that exact response from Slade there. Even if he was worried, he obviously wouldn't have let on about it. She doesn't speak up though. She's taking in everything she can here. Especially since it's something that Slade would never talk about. Part of her is actually tempted to go and do something about this hit situation. But she knows that it'd just get Slade mad at her (for no good reason). So she just tries to read between the lines and gather info right now.

"Of course," replies Slade. But it is not as if he knows many people in the Hand, so he elaborates. "Although I wouldn't be so sure she is the leader. I heard the Hand is quite traditional, and she is a Greek woman. I met her years ago at a diplomatic event at the embassy. Not the kind of person I would expect end up as an assassin in a ninja cult."

That should be more than enough information for Nightwing to find out who exactly Elektra is, or was. In the case he has not done his homework already.

If he does or doesn't know, Nightwing doesn't tip his hand, before he gives a nod. "I figured you'd know if anyone, Deathstroke. I figured the others that interferred that night will be getting one of these little invitations, as well. Just figured we'd be ready for the party. Three weeks, if I recall right?" he asks, as he puts the card away. "I doubt you'll be sharing this information yourself, but if we can get it to the others - keep the Hand busy with wringing itself, right?" With that, he's already preparing to leave to let Rose and Shade get back to their daddy/daughter time.

Rose doesn't say anything. She doesn't need to. She's already got plenty of things to discuss with Slade at this point. Like what this is all about. But it's also not the kind of thing she's going to ask about in front of Nightwing. There'd be no point since Slade definitely isn't going to explain it in front of him. Rose has her doubts that Slade will tell her what this is all about even if Nightwing weren't there. She'd have a better shot at trying to catch up with Nightwing later and trying to get the info out of /him/.

"The others, yes, hrm," that was an odd group. He recognized most of them but not the fiery man, for instance. Slade has to wonder if the Hand is really going to dare threaten the king of Wakanda. It would be a good gauge of the degree of daring (or foolishness) of the current leadership.

He glances to Rose. She is already involved, thanks to Nightwing. He is not looking forward for the incoming questions and (scarce) answers session. "I think it is going to be interesting to see who they are threatening and what they are truly willing to do. Go with Greyson if you want answers. It seems no one is going to attempt to kill me until the 24th."

"I wouldn't want to ruin your moment, Deathstroke." Was that a smile? Perhaps, Nightwing doesn't have a mask to hide behind. Or has that well-trained whole 'don't show any emotion' thing that Slade does so well. He heads back towards the door to make his way out of the Wilson safehouse, but will depart through the roof access, because there's no reason to let any Hand that may be nearby to spy on Slade to know he had more company.

Rose watches as Nightwing leaves and then turns back to Slade. "So… The Hand…" She realizes that it's an uphill battle to ask him anything about anything. Especially if it has something to do with someone trying to kill him. But since she's standing there, she can at least give it a try. She's not hopeful. But she also can't just move on to some other subject. Not after watching a discussion like the one she just saw.

Slade nods, "not much of a concern," he ensures calmly. "It was work. They are interfering with other people operations. If they choose to make a personal vendetta out of it, I will destroy them."

And of course they could attack him through Rose. So it is a concern. As it is always a concern to prepare Rose so she is able to defend herself. She might be safer with Nightwing and his secretive mentor until this problem is over. So he adds. "It might be better if you leave the city for a few weeks. If you want to remain, there might be a few tasks for you."

Rose raises an eyebrow at that. "How bad is this?" She wasn't expecting much from the Hand, but if she's being told that she should leave town to be safe, that means that there's something pretty serious happening. "I'm staying by the way." Dangerous or not, it's not like she's going to be intimidated out of her home by something she barely knows anything about.

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