1965-01-08 - Lunch at the Mansion
Summary: Gidget finally goes back to the Avengers mansion and see the Batman and Carol
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It is an early afternoon day in New York city. people are still traveling to and from work in the hectic hour. Most annoyingly? Rush hour. Bah, the sound of it alone is enough to annoy the Batman.

He was in the main kitchen actually, perhaps attempting to rig some new defense systems into such quiet utilities as to help defend the mansion in the event that it was attacked by enemies of the Avengers. Always think one step ahead, as is his motto.

Otherwise? he is dressed in his complete batsuit, enshrouded by his dark cloak with his cowl over his head. underneath? very-well made armor.

Gidget had decided to escape her office for a bit….take an early lunch so to speak. Honestly? She just wanted to escape. After working nonstop for a few weeks she deserved a legit light day. And where did she decide to go? The Avengers Mansion.
The tall brunette had only been there once….and that was when Wasp recruited her. A tilt of her head and then she would look around. "…now….where to heat up my food…." Pulling off that scarf that was tied over her short hair, slipping off those sunglasses to slip into her hand bag before slowly making her way around. Pulling that coat off, it now hung over her arm with the bag that carried her lunch. Underneath? A simple black fitted wrap dress that she had a love of wearing to work. And it took a bit but she found the kitchen.
Oh boy did she find it…..freezing she saw the back of the Batman. Slowly she would just take a few steps back, oblivious that her heels had prabably already given her away. I mean….she's running into THE Batman. Not sure how to just have a convo with him…any of them really. She felt so…odd to be in such a group.

Batman was fairly diligently working. Once his modifications were finished he rises to his feet and -slowly- turns his head to face Gidget. he watches her for a moment. "Gidget Marie Boileau." he greets her and approaches, looking her up and down. "I've heard of you, but you'll forgive me if I don't compliment your fashion choices." he says pretty easily enough before he moves past her to fix the camera that's been having small shorteges by way of a hacking module. Technology at it's finest.

"I heard Wasp recruited you into our little club. That true?"

And she saw him looking at her. Blinking she would just open her lips to speak but when he said her whole name she almost winced. "….sheesh….why not call out my social security number too…." A hand would go through that short hair as she chuckled. "And I'm assuming…my clothing?" Gidget would tilt her head a bit then watched him look at her. Blinking she'd look down at her clothing then back at him as she walked past her. Turning to face him she'd raise her brow. "….when I don't have to deal with clients….I dress for comfort. A black dress is simple…."
Then he brought up her recruitment. Now what? A slow nod as she smiled to herself. "Yes. Though….I don't know what she saw in me…."

Oh, Batman already knew the social security numbers of all the avengers….he does…very detailed research. He even has an archive of theories needed to defeat them, should they turn evil or fall victim to mind control…because always prepare for the worst case scenario. Though as she speaks, Batman narrows his eyes a moment. "Observant." he says then, appearing to admire the snarkiness of her personality.

When he hears that Wasp did in fact recruit her, he nods once. "She has a good eye for talent. I'm sure you'll be put to good use." says the Bat as he types in a host of code commands as the camera starts to straighten itself out. "Very rarely will she say what she sees in you. Merely that she wishes to see you grow." he turns to face her then. "If you need training in hand to hand combat or other forms of physical training, you can approach me." Batman offering to teach her? huh.

….then again, he's offered to teach other avengers who may be lacking there too.

Gidget would just stare at him. What is up with this guy? He sure knew how to hold a conversation….sort of. Staying quiet for a moment she would then chuckle a bit. "She said she thought what I did was cool….what she….saw…"
Clearing her throat she would move over to a counter, setting her food and handbag down. Finding a chair she would fold her coat over on it and exhaled a bit. But then she perked up and looked at him. "Fighting? Oh….I…." There was a hesitation then. "…I….I don't fight. I don't know how to do all that stuff you guys do…" Gidget would fidget as she finally leaned against the counter where here food was. "…so…maybe I'll take you up on that."

Batman is just that good of a conversationalist clearly when he notices that she's a little on the speechless side. Oh, the wonders of being Batman. regardless, he moves past her once more, making sure the proper protection was in the proper places before looking back to Gidget. "Well, Ill take your subtle approval as an approval. You can mostly find me in the lab or in the training area." he states then with a simple nod.

Gidget would slowly nod then. Watching him as he moved past again she would nibble her bottom lip. Turning to her food she would start to unwrap it then. "Okay. Maybe while I'm here I'll wander around. I don't know where any of that is so I guess I need to figure it out." Moving to the oven, she'd turn it on to about 300 to get it arm. "This is only my second time here…..so…."

Batman nods a few times to Gidget. "It's not a hard place to get to know or explore. THe training room is downstairs to the right. bedrooms are upstairs on both sides of the hallway. No, I don't sleep here." he answers her question before she possibly even asks! though he's pretty….Batman, in his tone.

Gidget would turn to look at him then blinked. "I wouldn't think….you would. I mean…" There was a hesitation as she looked around. "…does anyone actually live here? I didn't think it would be smart to full live here from a tactical stand point. What if there was a mass attack….?" Now it was apparent she was around her father too long. "Strategically this should simply just be a meeting spot of sorts….hang out…maybe crash here from time to time. But one big boom and what Avengers?"

Batman just looks at Gidget as she questioned if anyone actually lived at the mansion. Shaking his head. "Few people do. Depends on whether or not their living conditions need to be improved." the Dark Knight walks past her again, dressed in his full armored garb, as he taps a few buttons on his wrist gauntlet, which houses now a little computer as he pushes buttons, hacking..and improving, the security system. "Hnnh….everything seems to be in order…" he murmurs to himself something about adding in a prototype grid. but isn't quite sure how to implement it yet.

Gidget by this point had put her lunch into the oven and turned up the heat just a little bit. Dressed in that little black wrap dress she did look dressed down compared to the heels. Turning back to him then she would nod. "I didn't think so…seems it would be weird to just…live here." Shrugging she would then move back over to her handbag, folding up her scarf then to put it up with her sunglasses. "…I guess I need some sort of….name….or something. I don't exactly want my name shouted from the rooftops…"

Which is when Carol walks in, wearing a denim shirt over a white T-shirt, as well as blue jeans. The heroine looks decidedly normal, her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, and she grins a bit looking between Gidget and Batman, catching the tail end of the conversation, "Well, I hope some people live here, I worked hard enough on fixing up the place!" She smiles, "Afternoon, you two." She then tosses Batman a wink.

Batman looks then to Carol as she enters then, having heard her come in with a tilt of his head in her direction. "Carol." he says, flashing her a small smirk before looking to Gidget. "You don't need a name unless you have something to protect." he states fairly matter-of-factly. Though even Carol could likely discover that Batman was making some sort of upgrades.

Gidget almost jumped at the other voice and spun around. Smiling she would wave a bit then. "Oh! I mean the place looks great…don't get me wrong…." Putting her purse back down she would nod as she smiled. "I'm….Gidget…..Gidget Boileau." Clearing her throat a bit she'd stand up straight then looked back to Batman. "Well I don't exactly need my boss hearing about me on the news…or my clients….or my parents for God's sake…." Pinching the bridge of her nose then she'd chuckle. "….I'd get extradited so quickly and sent off somewhere it'd make everyone's head spin…." The tall brunette would just shake her head then. "…and no one wants an angry war vet rampaging through the city…trust me…"

Carol grins wryly, "I can relate to that… Gidget, then. I'm Carol Danvers." She smiles over at Batman, "So, what are you working on there? Because you're smirking, so it must be something good."

Batman answers Carol without looking at her. "Upgrading the security system schematics so that I can apply proper upgrades." he says in his own Batman tone. Before he looks to Gidget, noting her reaction to such a thing getting let out. Before he turns his attention to Carol. "What brings you?"

Gidget would smile at her warmly and nodded. "Nice to meet you, Carol…." She'd then watch the interaction between the two and clammed up. Put in her in a party full of stars and fashionistas? She'd be the life of the party. In this situation? She felt so….out of place. So going quiet for now, she'd move back to the stove as her food should have been done warming up. Opening the door she'd then blink as she looked around and started to open a drawer…another. "…oven..mitts…." Sighing she just backed up…not feeling like digging she'd move back to her lunch tote as that dish would float out of the oven to set on top of the stove. At least her quiche wasn't burnt from not paying atteninon. Turning back with a fork and napkin, she'd twitch her nose as the oven's door closed before picking at her hot food.

Carol hmms, "Well, I decided to take a little time off patrol since, well, there's no alien invasions or the like to deal with just right now. And besides, I thought you might end up being here." She glances over towards Gidget, and smiles, "Need a hand finding things? Unless someone misplaced it, I can probably tell you where it all is."

Batman nods then softly to Carol as she speaks. "I see. Well then. If you don't mind, I'd like to have a private word with you later." he walks passed her then, possibly giving her hand a soft squeeze in passing. He had Batman things to do. "If anyone needs me, make sure it's important. I'll be in the laboratory." he says then as he walks off, unless someone stops him.

Gidget would blink as she poked her food then looked back to Carol. "Oh! I was just looking for some oven mitts or something…." Chuckling she would set her fork down for now then blinked as he left. Staring she would just shake her head then sighed as she looked back at Carol. "Oh….sorry. I could have left. I just….popped over here because I've only been here once and figured I could escape my office here…"

Carol smiles, "Should be the drawer by the stove, left side, top." She nods, "Yeah, I can understand the need to get away from the office once in a while. Having multiple jobs can be… stressful."

Gidget smiled as she turned to the drawer then chuckled. "….of course the one I don't look in…." Shrugging she would look back as she waited for her food to cool. "I can't imagine multiple. I'm so busy with the one….and then….." Running her hand through her short hair she'd chuckle. "….Wasp apparently recruited me so now here I am. Though….I don't exactly feel….like I fit in per se."

Carol grins, "Well, between working for the government and being a superhero or something… yeah, pretty full life for me." She chuckles, "And no worries, Gidget, everyone feels a little awkward at first. But Jan's a great judge of character, so if she wanted you here, you should be here."

Gidget would chuckle a bit then looked around. "So is like…everyone on a first name basis here…." Pausing she would then jerk her head to the door. "Except Mister Talkative obviously….." There was a playful smile on her lips then. "And…I suppose. I planned just…keeping this to myself but….I got 'caught' I guess."

Wayne goes home.

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