1965-01-09 - First Drink at Farrell's
Summary: A meeting at a bar!
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It's another evening in the city. Riri is staring at a mug in front of her somewhat pensively. To judge by the level of the amber liquid sitting in it she probably hasn't tried her drink yet. She regards it balefully, like some sort of serpent. The girl is distinctive, both for being tiny and for having an afro which certainly is not. it draws attention to her while she mostly ignores the people around her. So why, then, IS Riri here?

It's not too crowded in the pub tonight and people are in good spirits. A pretty typical night, really; this place has always been considered a safe haven in this part of the city. More people are trickling in as the temperature outside drops.

There was a lot different about this world when compared with the island. Politics, attitudes, transportation, clothing…how accepting people were of wearing weaponry openly. One thing that hadn't changed however was people's love of relaxation with alcohol. While the scent was different, it was still close enough that Cyrene had decided it was close enough for her attempt at being social and 'blending in.' Wearing a long coat that ended just above her knees done up tight, the redhead woman steps into the establishment and lets her eyes sweep over the gathering of patrons.

There was no familier faces, but she didn't expect there to be.

Riri blinks a few times at her drink and then sniffs it gently. She shakes her head afterward and takes a deep breath. The young black woman turns so that she can see the room at large, leaving the drink behind her. Eventually wide, dark eyes come to rest of Cyrene herself. Riri pauses for a moment, then shrugs once. "…Want a drink?" She's quite softspoken but the holding out of a full mug is unambiguous enough for most purposes.

Julie comes in out of the cold, glancing at her watch and flapping her work jacket by the lapels a little to let some of the warmer air in, as she glances around at the place and patrons, not really being a regular. Eyes a somewhat-oversized watch on her wrist and then looks about for a place to have a seat.

A blink, but the redhead wasn't going to ingore the one person who'd approached her to speak with her. Looking the shorter woman over for a moment she offers a smile and a bow of her head. "Certainly," she accepts before tilting her head to the side. "Is that not your own?" Julie's arrival earns a glance over her shoulder, but nothing more for the moment. Most of the people in Man's World were dressed strange to her. Where was the armor?

"Oh. I… Don't know if I want it," Riri responds slowly. She shrugs then. "It's yours now." The drink is handed over to Cyrene, dark eyes roaming the redhead's form briefly before snapping to Julie as the other approaches. She fidgets slightly. "…Enjoy," the girl states helpfully before turning away again. She's seated alone, something becoming more increasingly obvious as the other seats in the room are filling. "…Mmm."

Julie makes her way over to the bar, to get herself a beer, exchanging casual greetings with the barkeep, and a patron who seems to start getting perhaps-uncomfortably-interested in conversation, and she manages to beg off, though, heading back out into the bar-room, and says, in a New York Italian accent, "Heeey, there. Ah, mind if I have a seat? I kinda told Mr. Personality back there I was here with friends. Don't really know the place and all."

"Mr. Personality," Riri replies in a dry, soft tone .She looks up and then blinks a couple times, her eyes wide as she looks Julie over from head to toe. Just for a second. "…Okay." the young woman affirms then, twisting slightly in her seat at the booth as she does. "It might be the onl yseat left," she muses asfter a moment." Then Riri twists slightly, glancing toward the bar again.

Julie laughs, a bit, there. "Yeah, I guess it's a popular spot. Actually, I really am meeting someone, but just to give her a ride somewheres. Ended up kinda early." She says, "Ah, they call me Dizzy, by the way," (So says an embroidered oval nametag on her jacket) "…can I get youse a drink or something, just to be more social?"

"Riri," the woman replies. She flashes Julie a brief smile before nodding slowly. "I guess I could, um. Take a drink. I was going to get a beer but… Um." She shrugs slowly. "-Juice would be okay. I think they have cranberry." Riri pauses for a second, letting the silence settle before she stating, "You're welcome to, um. Stay at my table here until you have to go."

Julie ahs, "Juice it is, then." She glances around to see if anyone's working the tables, or if she ought to go and get it. "Ah, sure. Supposed to be good for ya, and everything. She does manage to flag down a waitress, and says, "So, this your local place, or just passing through or something? Usually ony get over this way for work once in a while, that sorta thing."

"It's not too frar from home," Riri responds slowly, tilting her head slightly as she does. "I have some friends who said good things about it. So… You're a mechanic?" The outfit is a hint, at least to most eyes. It's the first time Riri actually looks up properly as well. Progress.

Julie nods, "Yeah, pretty much the family business. So, you know, as long as I stay outta sight of some of the customers that way, …you know how it is. But, hey, they say the world's changing, maybe not for too long, you know? You?"

"…Mechanical Engineering student. First year I was, um, eligible." So to speak. Riri twists in her seat again and then straightens slightly. she locks her gaze onto Julie finally and manages to stay still long enough for their eyes to meet. "Things seem to be changing," she agrees quietly. "Bit by bit, year by year."

Julie smiles. "Hey, me, too, well, kinda. I get some classes in occasionally, that is, kinda worked something out. You know, one of these days there could even be a job in it or something, not that I mind what I do. Kinda started in reading about turboshafts and keep with it and all. Got this uncle who's in helicopters, gotta keep up with the times and all."

"Helicopters?" Riri brightens at this and then nods slowly. "I- um. Pretty much had to fight most of my family and all the faculty at school gto get to where I am now, really. I always liked taking things apart and figuring out how they worked - and I guess it just sort of led here. To be honest, I want to work with NASA if a position opens up. They're still trying to finalize designs for a rover but I don't think I'll be out of school in time for all that… Um."

Julie says, "Well, the things'll still probably need improving after they get there a couple times, that's how it is with machines. I dunno, though, you must be pretty good if you got where you're at without family letting you work on stuff. I mean, my brother's going to school for it, …kinda more percentage in that and it couldn't be both of us. …You into cars or anything, though? Maybe you could meet some of the gang if you like the hands-on end of things, someone's always working on something, when they ain't breaking it on the strip or showing off or something. Pretty cool kids, I mean, mostly," she smirks. She slides over a business card for a shop in the East Village. "Ah, you can ask for me there, kind of keeping irregular hours cause I got this outside gig and classes and all, but weekend afternoons, pretty often."

"I mean. I did work on stuff. They just weren't happy when I was done." Riri flashes a brief smile and then nods a couple of times. "That sounds - great. I love cars. I want to learn more about them, actually. Makes and models, not just - internal components." She lifts her closed hands and spreads them in the traditional pantomime of an explosion. "I'd love to meet some of them," the young woman finishes firmly. "…Thanks."

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