1965-01-11 - Party at Saganaki
Summary: Lambert throws an impromptu party in the courtyard of his restaurant.
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Word gets out through a number of channels that there is a…well, not quite 'supers only', but 'those of a flexible mind only' party on at Lambert's. While they lack a Kai to play music right now, there are records and a record player outside. The firepit is busy burning away, heating a metal plate atop it for mulled wine, of which there are several jugs. The smell of cooking food comes out of the kitchen area - hot roast lamb, pink in the middle, fat bubbling. Greek salad, warmed olives in oil, grilled saganaki. This is Lambert's place, and so there is a tonne of food.

But more than the food, there is the wine. Pottery jugs of it, some in ice, some with floating spices on top. Mead with cinnamon, and the more bitter taste of hops in the beer next to it. And amongst all of this is Lambert, darting back and forth, balancing it all. The only question at this point is…who is foolish enough to drink satyr-brewed alcohol?

Lindon is foolish enough to drink satyr-brewed alcohol, but sparingly. His wine glass has only a splash of deep red wine in it. He sips. Small sips. He sits at one of the tables in the courtyard, close to the fire for warmth. He's a tall, gangly fellow in a tweed suit that's tailored to his narrow frame. Everything about the way he sits and looks around screams 'nerd.' He lifts his glass again to his lips. Small sips.

Loki is without his party companion this evening, but, the do-gooder Kai shall simply have to come in later when everyone is good and sauced. The…not-good-doer…the Prince of Asgard, is in his finest, wearing his horns and his cape, and is partaking of the satyr wine like a champion. He snatches up a goblet of it and wanders over towards a chair that he can possess with his long frame. He doesn't /sit/, but instead he spreads his legs wide and leans back and slightly to one side. No doubt of it…the chair is a surrogate pimp throne. "What a nice distraction…"

Well, she certainly like to think she has a flexible mind, and Thea has heard wonderful things… so she'll be brave enough to show. The dress is snug and blue, and she's wearing a pair of heels that she'll hate later, but loves now, that same cobalt shade. The loose coat/cape is black, and her hair is loose, mostly scooped over one shoulder. The makeup is subtle, the lips glossed, lashes mascara'd. The smell of greek food has her smiling faintly, even as she moves to get some mulled wine.

Lindon is smart - and has had it before. So he probably knows how little time it will be until it is drugging him to high heaven. Lambert is dressed in a more relaxed fashion than usual - no heavy chef apron or hat to hide his long ears and little horns. The tail protrudes from the top of his jeans, as he pats Lindon on the shoulder, going past. A grin at him that shows Lambert's surprisingly sharp teeth, and then he is saying to one of the Lords of Asgard "Hello! Food? More wine?" _Keep Loki Very Busy_. Lambert then claps his hands "Good evening everyone! As you all know, this is the first of one of my parties I will be hosting regularly. It is a time to meet others, to discuss things in the open you might not normally be able to. It is a time to relax and enjoy yourself! I am Chef Lambert - I'm from, er, America and Greece, both, eh? You have anything you want, you ask me. I cannot do dancing girls."

Who is foolish enough to drink satyr-brewed alcohol? Did someone send out the Hawkeye symbol? How the hell does he keep showing up in these places? Who knows! The point is that the cocky, blond man is sporting a small bandage on his left cheek, but otherwise he is unmarred this evening! Walking into the place with mirrored sunglasses poised on top of his head, looking relaxed in jeans and a comfortably faded purple tee shirt. He's a grazer. Wine? Thank you. Food? Why thank you. He takes a casual stroll around the perimeter, getting to know the place, and stops for a moment to just eye Loki's horns. Popping another bit of fingerfood into his mouth and chewing very slowly, hands slide into his pockets, making no qualms about staring at the guy like he's an odd sculpture on display.

The Prince of Asgard is kept busy. Food. Wine. Whatevers. yes. All good things. And he smiles with a true enjoyment of the atmosphere. He nods his head, the large horns swaying with the motion, to the host of the evening. He's sipping from the goblet when he notices Clint staring and he grins, slowly, tips his chin down and then makes a slight gesture to the chairs nearby in a welcoming motion…if he /dares/. For those that have met Loki before, if it has been some time since that meeting, he has changed some in manner. No longer secretive and hyper-watchful, he seems to be /welcoming/ trouble, these days.

Thea will make soft, praising sounds about the food, sampling things as she wanders. She will turn her head, seeing that familiar figure in jeans, smiling as she sips wine. He will feel that tingling along his left cheek. She's such an interfering nuisance.

Lindon stares at Loki, and he fiddles with his glass. That's… that's the Norse god of mischief right there at the same party Lindon's at and this is all just too much. He looks up at Lambert when he passes by, and he smiles faintly, shyly. The action is going on all around, and he's frozen in his seat with his meager glass of wine. Parties, another thing he missed growing up the town Poindexter.

|ROLL| Loki +rolls 1d20 for: 3

Jay walks into Lambert's like it was an old haunt, which, considering how long he's been in town, it is. A familiar and comforting crash pad, though since winter's set in, Lambert hasn't caught Jay sleeping in his courtyard. He doesn't have his guitar with him tonight, but he does have an Elmo! Traded in his guitar for an electrician. Serene smile in place, the country boy lifts a hand mildly in Lambert's direction in greeting, the gentle 'aw shucks' nature coming in strong as he strolls through, his hands in his pockets and brilliant red wings comfortably hovering over his shoulders.

Just to add to the mix….there's the sound of wings beating. Not the usual flutter of New York's pigeons, but something far larger. Mike has decided that using the front door is for suckers, and the courtyard is the neatest possible place to land. He's careful, considering those already there and manages to settle in a clear spot. Dressed as plainly as ever: a t-shirt that he's cut to let the wings through, fatigue pants, and jump boots. Once he's touched down, he looks around himself bright-eyed, as if certain of his welcome.

Elmo, accompanying Jay, is sleekly dressed but not as relaxed as his companion, not by a long shot. Hands in pockets, moving stiffly—he's nervy as all heck. He's checking out the place, checking out the people, and almost gets to say something to Loki when there's huge fluttering wings that /don't/ belong to Jay. "Wow," he mutters, hanging back from the risk of touching.

Lambert regards Loki's horns thoughtfully and says to the Prince of Asgard "Do those actually grow out of your head? If so, want to try seeing who's is stronger?" His own - Lambert's, that is - are tiny. Just little nodules that have only just broken through his skin. The goat leans out to top up Loki's wine, and say to him "Thankyou for coming!" And. Sitting down in a chair without setting anything on fire. Yet. He moves back past Lindon and he says to him mildly "Relax. Why don't you drink a bit more. That will help, I guarantee. And look - there is Jay. And who is the other man, hmm?" A glance at Elmo, and a real, honest to goodness angel is landing in the center "Look, Thea," Lambert says to her "He's not a harpy - isn't that great? Everyone gets to keep their entrails!"

That grin from the lord of tricks is greated with an upnod from Clint, crude and forthright as the gesture may be while he chews, it seems amicable enough. Stepping forward toward Loki, he glances sideways at the giant fucking wings attached to a dude while Michael lands. Huh. An eyebrow arches over its brother as the angel gets a once over up-and-down. That's not something you see every day. But neither is the guy with the giant golden horns. "Nice hat. I like the uh," He makes a gesture to his own head, mimicking the arc of the horns when Lambert steps in an asks about the horns as well. A corner of his mouth twitches wryly. Scrubbing a hand against his left cheek, Clint glances around briefly.

"Thank you. They are my own choice of…embelishment. You have perhaps seen the wings of my brother's helm. And no, host, they do not grow from my head." He answers Lambert. The beating of many wings as the red-winged angel, then the white-winged one arrives. He too, seems to appreciate their look and accompaniment to each other. He knows Jay and lifts a glass in his direction. "I am Loki, of Asgard…and you are?" He asks of Clint in a buttery peel of words that just glide from his thin, pale lips. "Besides /drinking/…of course." Whatever semi-magic is in the booze does appear to actually affect the Asgardian in some way, his pallor a bit bright and his manner languid.

Thea smiles as her eyes alight on Jay, remembering him from her dance with Warren, lifting her hand for a wave to him and Elmo, who had also been at the bar. She will refill on that mulled wine, sighing as some tension seeps out of her shoulders. She laughs when being called on to have it pointed out the angel descending, while not the one she knew once, is not a harpy. She will snack some more, before she's sipping wine and moving into Clint's easy view when he scrubs at his cheek. "I'm not done with that.", she'll say to the archer. Loki's impressive.. headgear will get a once over, but she's not going to think much about it. There's wings, and horns, and tails.. she feels almost out of place, but the wine helps. Oh, it helps so much.

Lindon exhales softly and tells Lambert, his voice quiet and subdued, "That's Elmo. We're, um, dating. I was hoping you could meet him, but he's here with someone so…" Lindon has no idea what the protocol is here, so he stammers off into awkward silence. He waves a little at Elmo and smiles, and he waves a little at Jay too because he's right there. He holds up his glass for more wine. Sobriety just makes him shy and withdrawn. A glance darts to Michael, and he smiles. it's a genuine smile, and damn it, he has a nice smile when it's not forced or subdued. "Michael," he says. He's not so distracted he doesn't notice the blonde bombshell. "Who is that?" he murmurs.

Jay sticks beside Elmo, hovering just off the anxious looking man's left side, he dips his head to murmur, "Hey? You wanna me t'find a place we can perch an' soak it all in?" Not the life of the party over here, though his attention is drawn in Michael's direction when the angel lands in the courtyard. Shocked, every one of his feathers slowly rise on end, his extra limbs eking out to either side of his body, accidentally brushing long feathers along Elmo's back. "Ah-Ah've never seen…another one." His bright eyes go wide and round, expression soft. The waves thrown is his direction are lost on him, not trying to be rude, but absolutely floored while a tremor of motion whispers through his wings. Vaguely he ehars Lambert say that he isn't a harpy. "Well…that's good."

The angel….well, his wings aren't white. More a shade of ash gray, with an odd ember colored iridescence to them. Michael tucks them back neatly, saunters over to Lindon to smile down at him. "Hello," he says, pleasantly. "Nice to see you here." No touching - he's gotten a grasp of some of the human taboos. Then he's looking around for Lambert, and lifting a hand to the satyrling. Still loitering near Lin, he surveys the others gathered with open curiosity. Then Jay has those scarlet wings, and Michael is turning on him in amazement, eyes brightening. "Excuse me," he says to Lindon, with a touch on the arm, and then he's heading straight for Jay. Next thing you know they'll be bobbing up and down and screeching at each other in an attempt to claim territory.

Elmo becomes alarmed at Michael's approach. There's so much wing and feathers and limbs and there's probably going to be required social touching and he retreats, eyes wide. "Uh," he says, in response to Jay, or Michael, or who the hell knows, really.

Lambert waves cheerily at Clint, side-eyeing him as he looks uncertain, and then he attempts to push another drink into his hands. Everyone needs to drink! He himself has a deep red wine, and then he says to Loki "A pity. That would have been fun." Headbutting an Asgardian? Sounds like a great party to him. He examines the God of Mischief for a moment, and asks him brightly "So what happens if I try to seduce Kai? I mean. If someone else does. Asking for a friend." His attention goes to Lindon as well, and an eyebrow goes up. Dating eh? That attention slides across to Elmo, and there is a few thoughtful moments of judgement. Lambert is then passing Lindon more warmed olives and he says to him, and those near him in a low hiss "Haha, let's get the angels drunk and see if they reign some hellfire down or…wait. Angels wouldn't send hellfire, right?" Disappointment flashes across his face, before he decides "That might damage my restaurant, I guess."

"Clint. Of Iowa." The wry angle of Clint's reply is palpable as he responds to Loki in his own fashion, his tone a juxtaposition to Loki's smooth words. He's far earthier in his own delivery; no flourishes. The cup pressed into his hand gains Clint's attention, sliding a mellow smile in Lambert's direction, his free hand clasping the saytr on the shoulder with a muscling squeeze. "Thanks. This is your place right? Nice joint. Good food."

Clint's attention swings back to Loki, taking a seat as offered, he toasts toward the man of mischief. "Good to meet you. What's a 'Kai'?" Inserting himself casually into the conversation. His attention snagging on Thea, a crooked smile appears. "Well-well-well, it's the nice nurse." It clicks and he touches his cheeks again, smirking at the woman. "Does your boyfriend know you're so sneaky?"

"A Kai…is an elf that delights in scones…and is off at a hero meeting." Loki explains completely perfectly. He observes the human chumming the nurse and he smiles faintly, eventually rolling his eyes in Lambert's direction. "Asking for a friend? I would say to your friend that…I have some advice. Kai likes strength, hard, forced kisses…" Loki's face gets very serious. "If someone is going to seduce him, they should not go about it half-hearted. Adoration confessions, particularly in a public place, or simply stepping into his shower while he is washing. I will tell you…with secrecy, because this is a fiiiiine beverage," Is Loki drunk and telling Lambert to seduce Kai? "that the way straight to his bed…is in the ancient art of persistant yodeling. Shhhhhh…keep that to yourself." Straight face.

She will sip more wine, a smile for Lambert. "The food makes me long to go for a visit. Greece would be warmer and sunnier, than here, this time of year." There's a languid touch to her speech, her movements, as she moves closer to Clint and those seats. Thea smiles at Lindon, the smile a little wider and brighter, thanks to that wine. "The mulled wine is divine, Lambert."

She will wink at Clint, close enough to touch. "Are you complaining about my sneakiness, handsome?" That tingling warmth will return, even as a single finger will reach out to try and trace down along his arm. "Such nice arms.." She murmurs softly. "This wine is fabulous, isn't it?"

Lindon watches Michael go over to meet Other Birb, and he nods a little to the angel, still sitting in his spot awkwardly. He watches Loki with wide eyes as he describes how to seduce someone with naked yodeling. "I don't think…" he says faintly, then falls quiet. Don't get in the way of the god of mischief when he's doing his thing. He nibbles on the warmed olives that have been passed his way. "No hellfire," he tells Lambert. The wine is only just now starting to hit him, but not hard enough he's becoming Mr. Social. Poor guy.

Oh! Oh-oh-oh! He's coming this way! Jay tracks Michael visually as the angel decends on him from across the way. Milky-white cheeks flush with color, caught in a pique of shocked elation which sorts itself into his feathers like fingers, fluffing them up from the mild rise they were in. Wings arch up, stretched and excited, trembling with whispers. Yeah, screaming and bobbing may just happen, yet.

Jay is still aware of the hermit that he dragged out of his hole to come with him tonight, and though it's with difficulty, the red-head tears his bright regard away from Michael to look at Elmo. "Elmo. I-it's okay," speaking softly, but his voice carries the trembling undercurrent, a broad, warm smile flourishing over his expression.

Jay's going to find himself getting a looking-over from Michael, the blond's pale eyes utterly curious. The wing display has him examining the mutant's pinions. "I wasn't aware there were winged folk truly native to this world," he says, having apparently decided that no, Jay is not a fallen angel, or some guardian angel gone astray to whoop it up in material creation. His own wings are still tucked neatly behind him - he hasn't made them cease to manifest, not yet. "I'm Michael," he says, extending a hand.

Elmo's clearly not sure at all that it is okay. This, or anything. Like Loki suddenly describing in detail how to seduce one of his best friends, which makes him cover his now-red face with his hands. "Why did I get outta bed today," can be heard, muffled.

"Hmm," says Lambert to Loki, clearly putting all of this away in his head. In a place it should absolutely not be. He strokes his chin slowly, then he says to Loki, quite sincerely "Why aren't you in a hero meeting?" And then he asides to Loki "That's Thea over there. Cute, eh? So you say naked yodelling. I can - he can do that. Sure. Why not. Surprise him in the shower with public naked yodelling." The satyr rubs his hands together, and then he says to Thea "I know - it's cold, eh? I prefer summer. The girls don't wear miniskirts so much in winter." So he has been drinking his own wine. Then he sits his rump down on Lindon's table, and he reaches out to squeeze him in a hug "Relax! I know this is weird for you, but it'll be okay! See, that's Loki over there, he'd do anything to save someone he cared about. And that's Jay - he can be shy, but he's learning. Thea there knows _all kinds of things_, and if you talk to her, she'll share them with you. I don't know Elmo, but if Jay does, I bet he's fun. That guy really is an _archangel_, and _that_ dude -" he points to Clint "Is okay just to rock on up to the Norse God of…okay, I'm not sure, but Kai said he was one of the good guys…and talk to him. So Lindon, it'll be okay. Drink up. Eat some more. And meet new friends."

Clint relaxes back in his seat, one leg sprawled across the ground and the other tucked up, the pressure in his toes and heel hovering. He smiles, sly, while Loki explains in some broad stroke detail how to seduce a 'Kai'. The archer puts his seal of approval on the park, drinking deep from his cup as if it were normal brew. "That sounds about right to me. Naked yodeling and breaking-and-entering. That's how I get laid."

Speaking of which. He angles back to Thea with a relaxed smile written all across his face. "Sneakiness is usually /my/ bag. I'm just feeling a little bit threatened, you know, like your boyfriend felt when you mentioned me. I'd hate for you to steal my 'shtick'." Stormy eyes have a bit of a gloss to them as he follows the slip of Thea's finger over his arm. "Is that what this is? That's what I get for just drinking what someone puts in my hand."

Loki finally notices Elmo and takes some pleasure in seeing the man looking utterly overwhelmed by an excess of wings. He shifts in a fluid motion to lean in his chair the other direction. "There is nothing quite like being /used/ to improve a different relationship." He lids his eyes, looking over Thea with her fingertips all over Clint. He sets down his goblet and then watches Thea's fingertips carefully. The moment that she's no longer touching Clint, there's a flash of grin and he reaches out to clamp his long fingers over the man's other forearm, and WHOOSH, teleports in a streak of gold and green.

There's actual alarm, as this other man, this Loki, this 'god', makes Clint disappear. Some of that warm, rarely seen relaxation evaporates from Thea's posture, and the nurse returns. She will look at Lambert, then Lindon. "What just happened? What did he do?" The biokinetic is worried.. but worse, she's angry. Despite what some people may think, the blonde actually cares about the archer. Even if she can only be his friend.

Lindon blinks a few times as he's pulled inot a hug. He hugs back, though he's tense at first. "I'm not going to bother Elmo and Jay," he says. I know Michael, though, and I know of Loki." Who doesn't? Of Thea, he admits, "She's breathtakingly beautiful." As if this were some sort of impediment to his approaching her. Beautiful people, aaaaaahhhhhh! "I like to talk about things, though," he hedges. He stares at Lambert, wide-eyed. "I don't know how to talk to people," he hisses. "And I can't stress this enough: no naked yodeling!" Someone has to step in and ruin all the fun, and that's Lindon's wheelhouse. He blinks when Loki disappears with Clint. "The God of Mischief just absconded with someone. I hope he'll be all right."

Loki goes home.

"Because I asked you to," Jay answers Elmo's retorical question with a gentle puff of a breathy chuckle woven between his words. He doesn't close in on the electrician, giving Elmo some space, though a hand outstretches out toward him, hanging out in the emptiness as a sign of support. He's right there. Trying to be of comfort.

Michael stops in front of him and Jay stands vigilent under the angel's examination; he straightens his spine marginally, broad chest puffing against his sweater. His own wings calm a bit, though still hover largely behind him, making his silhouette larger than usual while Jay takes the opportunity to examine Michael in turn. "World?" Jay murmurs in a hush. "You mean. You aren't." His wings lower slightly, disappointed. Abruptly looking down at Michael's hand, Jay's disappointed expression corrects itself into a serene smile once more, taking Michael's hand in his. "Hah. Yer momma named you well. Ah'm Jay. It's a pleasure." The hush of disturbance over the disappearance makes him look around slightly, concerned.

Michael also glances over….but Loki's vanishing leaves him unconcerned. AT that disappointment, there's ready sympathy, and with his other hand, he tips Jay's chin up again. "Not this particular planet, no. But I am part of this world. And…I had no mother. I was created." He sounds neither disappointed nor dismayed by this. He shakes the offered hand, gently.

Elmo seems relieved when Loki vanishes. Unlike others, he's familiar with the fickle prince's random goings. Loki took his dirty talk with him and that is one less thing Elmo has to suffer. He manages to uncover his face, and offers a worried, sheepish smile to Lindon. Michael gets an annoyed look, though, as he touches Jay. "Careful, huh buddy?"

"Why not?" Lambert asks of Lindon brightly, who then leans in and he refills the man's goblet, and he says "You know I don't really get embarassed, right? Well, I might if I let some food burn." That idea makes him frown a bit, and Lambert pats Lindon's back, and he hops up and he says to Thea "Loki probably trying to stir up trouble. He won't hurt him." He glances back at Lindon, sitting near him "And talking to people is a skill that you learn, not one that people are born with. Sure, this might be a pretty open kind of party, but maybe it's a bit much for you quite yet, Lindon. But it's okay, you don't have to do anything but enjoy the music and wine."

Thea will put down her wine, looking around the courtyard. She will fix her gaze on Lambert. "He's stirred up trouble, all right. I don't like it when people just… vanish with my friends." Her cheeks are flushed, and she's clearly upset. Worried, even. She'll move, taking a seat. "How do you know he won't hurt him?" She asks, quietly, of Lambert. It's a soft voice, a softer side exposed of the biokinetic.

Lindon offers Elmo a weak smile from across the room. "I…" He doesn't finish his thought when Lambert hops up to talk to Thea. Her presence is enough to shut him up. In fact, he stands up and slips away from the pair in search of more wine. Michael talks to him briefly before leaving, and Lindon gives him a strained but sincere smile, nodding to his words. He's being less careful with the wine now, tipping back the glass. Okay, now it's starting to hit him. He leans against the wall, trying to affect a casual stance while his head spins pleasantly.

Jay's shy, but he's not shy against touch. With 29 brothers and sisters (roughly) all crammed together, you can't be. So his chin lifts with Michael's prompting, brows arching upwards faintly. His bright eyes are just /swimming/ with questions, but this wasn't the time or place. Elmo's defensive word draws Jay's attention back in his direction again, his free hand still offered out as a tether should Elmo want it. "It's okay. Ah'm okay. Ah got a little taken off guard there. Ah'm sorry." Birbs part and there's another flicker-flutter of feathers, all the fine, small feathers across Jay's shoulders smoothing until he resumes relative normalcy again. "You wanna find somewhere t'perch quiet like?" Recognizing the lack of social butterfly inclination and offering a balm. Happy to play buffer.

Elmo doesn't /quite/ glare at Michael's leaving form. Well, okay, there's a little glaring. He looks up at Jay, expression transforming to a smile. "You're okay. Guy shouldn't be so handsy, though." He lightly touches the outstretched hand Jay has been offering, finally, his fingers trembling, and draws him forward. "Come meet Lindon first."

Lambert says "Okay, admittedly, I don't _really_ know if he'll be safe, but the fact is, he likes the food here, and I won't let him have any if he's a jerkass." He then adds "Sorry he nicked your date. Actually, I hear that's very Loki you know?" He grins lopsidedly, a fang poking out. Things are quieting down now, though the wine is as delirious as ever. Then he says to her "Lindon there is nice, but he has troubles chatting to people. You're hot, so he's a bit unsure." He is so easily forthright. Now he says "A few people have left. Everyone gather at the main table and I'll bring out baklava and sticky coffee. So you're Elmo, right?" he asks across, as Jay speaks "Hi! I'm Lambert. Everyone come and tell me what coffee they want. Michael will be back sometime. He's like…a _real_ archangel. How wild is that?"

Thea frowns at Lambert. "Clint is my friend, and… someone I work with. He wasn't my date. I just.. he's been hurt enough lately, I don't want anyone else hurting him." She will wreck a man for it, straight up." She glances at Lindon, before her eyes go wide and she blushes at Lambert's …declaration of his estimation of her physical looks. But then.. "Baklava?" Lambert knows the way to Thea's heart! But she'll wait, a glance at Lindon again, with a wave and a smile.

Lindon pulls himself up to stand properly when Elmo draws Jay his way. Okay, he can do this. The wine is telling him he's fiiiiine and all this social anxiety is just tishtosh. They say one is his most uninhibited self when drunk, and Lindon's most uninhibited self is a lot more easygoing. "Hello," he says with a little wave to Thea. "I'm Lindon. You're very beautiful." Easygoing and informative.

Jay counteracts Elmo's glaring with the easy light-hearted warmth that comes to him by nature. Enduring and patient, his fingers curl and tug gently on Elmo's when the hermit takes his hand. "Touchin' never bothered me any. It's probably got me in trouble a time or two, actually. Good thing Ah got y'to tell 'em off for me." Agreeing easily when Elmo tugs him along, his wing closest to Elmo drops and curls like a feathered sheild around the electrician's back, hovering just off him.

Lambert bounces between conversation and Jay juts his chin up to the saytr, friendly and warm. The thread of conversation he picks up on isn't really directed at him, but he inserts his opinion anyway with a flickering glance toward Thea. "Loki ain't nothin' to worry about. He's up an' kidnapped a friend of mine once fer a job, an' he snatched me outta mah apartment without so much as a 'how do you do'. It was all okay though. He's jus', well…yaknow." Trying to reassure Thea as gently as he can. "Ah understand it's alarmin'. Nobody likes t'see anyone they know vanish in front of their eyes." Jay gives Lambert a long, knowing look. They both have had their panic moments about friends vanishing. "Yeah, this is Elmo. No coffee fer me, Bert. He's a…what?" Another slight stumble while he moseys along with Elmo toward Lindon's vicinity.

Elmo gets a little starry-eyed when Jay does the thing with his wing. He might be weak for all those brilliant scarlet feathers. "Loki's not gonna hurt him," he helps assure, or not, Thea. "Kai would yell at him if he hurt anybody. Hi, yeah," he says to Lambert, politely enough, if a little reserved. "Nice to meet ya. I hear you uh, know Lindon. Great place you got here." And then Lindon surprises the heck out of him with sudden sociability and he says, "Lindon!" with a startled laugh. "Jay, this is Lindon, a uh, close friend of mine. An' normally he's not like that." He slides Lambert a suspicious look, but a fairly friendly one, compared to the one he laid on Michael.

"Oh, I just meant date as in 'date to the party' or…you know, you know your own business," says Lindon, as he starts to put cups out on the table "He's had a hard time? What's been happening?" Because gossip? Lambert loves a bit of gossip. He grins at Thea, and one very long pointed canine shows. And then he is plonking down a great sticky plate of baklava and small forks "You like him, eh, that guy? Clint? You can tell me." And he says to Lindon "That's right. You're doing all brilliantly." A big cheesy thumbs up from the guy who wears a letter jacket, and he nods to Jay "A real archangel. He's the archangel Michael. Leader of the armies of God. Satan's here too. Whatta ya know. New York, am I _right_?" He considers, then says "Tea then, Jay? Oh, and you must be Elmo." What a low, slow grin, measuring "Haha. Tell me all about yourself. Oh, don't you worry about Lindon there. The wine affects everyone differently. Outta politness, I'm not going to play panpipes with everyone tipsy. You'd riot."

"Not even my date to the party. Didn't know he was coming." Thea explains to Lindon. "His job is ..physically demanding, is all. He gets cut up a fair bit." She flushes just a bit. "I.. I have a boyfriend. But if I didn't, I would probably ask Clint out to dinner." She shrugs. "The timing was just wrong, when I met him, I guess." She eyes the baklava. "I should probably go. Call Clint's house, try to make sure he's okay. "

Lindon nods to Thea, and he swallows, not entirely over his shyness. "Oh," he says, "Oh, of course. You're a bombshell. You'd about have to, um, have a boyfriend." His cheeks color, but he doesn't scuttle under a rock, so progress! "It was nice to meet you," he tells her. "I'm Lindon Mills." He asides to Lambert, "Michael's very nice. He comes over sometimes." He smiles when Elmo draws nearer. "It's really good to see you," he says with painful sincerity, and to Jay, he says, "And really good to meet you." He awkwardly offers a hand to the winged one. "Lindon Mills."

Lambert may very well be able to see Jay's brain slowly breaking down. The gerbil has stopped running on its wheel, and the musician's lips fall open into a minute 'o' of silence.

A Wut?


Not since he first dropped into the city has Lambert seen Jay derp quite that hard.


The offering of tea has him blinking back, dazed, but barely functioning. "Um. Actually. A drink? Maybe?" Trying to bring himself back to the moment because he's supposed to be meeting people. Feathers shiver and Jay recomposes himself, his serene smile curved across his lips mildly as he upnods to Lindon and takes his hand with his free one. His hand smooth, warm and umblemished. "Pleasure. Jay Guthrie." He pauses and squints thoughtfully. "You look familiar. Have we met somewhere b'fore?"

Elmo shakes his head, embarrassed by Lambert's effusiveness and painfully aware he's being judged by some unknown, goaty standard. "Nothin' to tell. I fix stuff. Hey, you a mutant? Can I ask that?" He returns Lindon's smile, shyly. The first time /this/ has happened to him. "It's great to see you too, Lindeleh." Lambert's news about Michael doesn't impress him, though. "He's an archangel? I don't care if he's Elijah comin' home for Passover, he oughtnta get grabby with mywithwith people."

Brown eyes widen, and the biokinetic can't quite pull herself together enough to minimize the way her cheeks brun near crimson. "That's.. wow." She blinks, looking down. "That's very sweet of you to say, Lindon. Lindon Mills." She'll mark the name, watching him retreat from her to the fellas. It's so sweet, and her expression says so. She'll wave good night, before she'll slip out and head home. She's got phone calls to make.

"I have a phone in the restaurant," Lambert says to Thea. Not in his house, apparently "You can call him, if you are worried. It will be okay, though, I think! Loki is mischievous, but he is not bad. Though let me suggest…next time you meet him, don't be angry. Be sassy, confident, and then Loki will begin worrying what you know that he does not." He asides to her easily "It's hilarious." And he starts to portion out the baklava "I'll give you some to take to him. Cut up? Why is he cut up?"

A grin sidles the way of Jay "Heh," says Lambert, and he starts to refill the cup with alcohol "There you go. I know. Imagine how I'd react if, I don't know, Zeus just rocked on up. Though in my case, it's like: Wow, those ancient Gods sure were a bunch of crazy assholes, maybe I should run? I hear a lot about how Loki's a jerk, but he never appeared as a bull to seduce someone, right?" He frowns at that, before his attention is back on Elmo "Relax. I'm not going to tell you 'if you hurt him I'll kill you'. I don't own my friends. Sure you can! The answer's no. Not a mutant. I'm one quarter satyr - I'm an Olympian." Then Thea has to go, and he waves brightly, before he says to Elmo "I don't mind what you ask. This place is safe."

Lindon shakes Jay's hand firmly, with just a slight edge of precision, like he's practiced this gesture to get it right. "A genuine pleasure," he says. "Any friend of Elmo is a friend of mine." His smile comes easily courtesy the wine. Elmo gets the full brunt of his warm regard. "It's always good to see you," he says, "You've met Lambert? Don't worry about him, he's a sweetheart. And this place?" He gestures around the courtyard. "We can be ourselves here. It's safe to do that, like he says."

The back of Jay's mind is still humming with an electrical short, but he pulls resources to the forefront to still function as a human being, taking his drink once poured, and though he's struggling to get his head around this Michael business, he remains entirely ignorant of the other subtext happening. "Grabby's a little strong a word, ain't it?" Reassuring, but easy, Jay explains to Elmo. "Lambert here was one of the first folks Ah met when Ah swept into town. Him an' Kai. He's been a great help gettin' me back on mah feet an' generally keepin' me t'gether. Though he hasn't had t'deal with me crashin' over here all the sudden fer a while now. Too cold." Jay praises his friends easily and honestly, void of ego.

Jay nods again to Lindon, though there's no familiarity from the other man so Jay lingers in uncertainty. That lingering nag of familiarity hanging on him. "Likewise, Mister Mills. Seems we're in good company." He gives Lambert another look over the threat, arching an eyebrow in amusement, a curious look passed around before brushed away.

"Well, if you did tell me that," Elmo says to Lambert, with a wry twist to his mouth, "you wouldn't be the first." A quarter-satyr? That's a weird one, and Lindon is acting so confident and that's weird too. And hot. And Jay /and/ Lindon are praising him and he just sits down and tries to not die of how awesome his life is right now.

Lambert beams as he is called a sweetheart, and he reaches out to hug Lindon to himself, all warm, and he ruffles his hair for him "Aren't you the cutest," he tells him, like he didn't just flirt at Thea…or ask Loki for help seducing his own lover. The satyr then says to Jay "Were you comfortable with it? I don't think Michael is used to humans or anything yet. He seems to act like people are there to be hugged or interacted with no matter what. Actually, I figure he's really lucky he hasn't just picked a baby out of a carriage yet to cuddle - some mamabear is gonna sock him one in the shnozz." He pushes the deserts across to everyone, and he says "I've missed you, Jay. Oh, well, Elmo, I don't figure I can threaten many folks. I'm just not that dangerous, unless there's wild magic, old magic about. Tell me how you like your drinks. Lindon says you're worth knowing."

Lindon peers at Jay for a time before he says slowly, "My memory has holes in it." It's a sheepish admission, and he ducks his head. "I remember the wings. I remembered them the moment I saw you — they're very lovely, by the way — but the details…" He shakes his head, then offers Jay an apologetic smile. "It's good to see you again." This time, when Lambert hugs him, he slips an arm around Lambert's shoulders. There are fewer people here, and he knows more or less what they're about, so he does relax. A lot. Picking up a piece of baklava, he says, "Michael has good intentions. I think intimacy comes easily to him is all."

The compliments from Lindon draw Jay's brows up slightly and a modest dip of his head, feathers fluffing up and slick back down in muted pleasure. "Yer too kind. Just got a little genetic lotto, that's all." Sort of. "You got a kind nature about ya—kind eyes, so, compliment fer compliment Ah guess. So we /have/ met? Ah can't really remember, either. It's diggin' in mah head. Ah'll remember eventually, but it's nice t'see you again."

Jay turns some as Elmo takes a seat, pulling his wing back in close against his body and stop guarding the hermit's back against unwanted touches. Sipping on his drink, his other hand slid smoothly into his pocket once given up by Elmo, he listens to the conversation quietly and active. "You know me, 'Bert. It takes plenty more than that t'make me uncomfortable. Heck, we cuddled up on that bench over there after y'got back from Hel," Jay chortles in a whisper of mirth. "But it's all raght if Elmo's a little protective. Lord knows Ah get mahself wrapped in trouble sometimes." Tossing his smile back in Elmo's direction kindly, shrugging a shoulder to boot. Desserts slid out, he takes a plate and hands it helpfully out in offering to Elmo.

"Ah've missed you back, 'Bert. Ah'm sorry, Ah've been busy, gettin' Doug's place off the ground, an' mah little brother showed up one day. Loki took me on a surprise vacation t'alfheim. It's been crazy. Ah don't mean t'be a ghost, buddy. How're the…?" Jay touches his own forehead to indicate Lambert's horn nubs, smiling. "It ain't that y'aint dangerous, Lambert. It jus' ain't in yer nature, that's all. Y'can hold yer own Ah think, if pressed to. Though Ah can't imagine the situation you'd have t'threaten poor Elmo over there." Jay twists again to smile at Elmo. "He's mah hero. Didn't ya know?"

Elmo blushes brightly again, trying to pretend he isn't. "Jay," he complains halfheartedly, but grins at him, shy. He looks back at Lindon and Lambert having a little cuddle themselves, and the shy grin turns to something deeper and fonder. Then something catches his ear. "Lambert? You went to Hel? Was it for Kai?" He accepts the dessert plate with a murmur of thanks. Jay's a gentleman.

"Lindon is my boyfriend," says Lambert, without qualifying what he means by that, really - given his whole level of fairly inappropriate behaviour, it could really mean just about anything. And he says to him "I wonder if he can read minds? Michael. Or…intentions? I don't know the whole Abrahamic religious thing…" And then he says to Jay "Lindon _and_ you can both be shy, dude!" Snap snap go his fingers and he says to Jay "One of my fonder memories! I do need to be a lil' more careful about that stuff, though. I keep forgetting I'm not in the culture I grew up in. Wait, he took you to Alfheim?" One of his somewhat fuzzy eyebrows wings upwards "I'm not surprised. Wait, I might be surprised that he remembered to bring you back. So that's different to Niffleheim, right? What's it like? Do they brew there?" The horns are actually a litlte longer now. Growing slowly "Haha, no, didn't know. What's the story! And yeah. I did, Elmo. Friends are important, and I'm pretty hard headed. Not sure I was that useful! I did bribe a bridge guard of the dead, though."

Lindon smiles warmly at Jay, and though he does duck his head a little as he says, "Thank you," the wine has got him past that hurdle of starting the conversation. Once it's going? He relaxes just fine. It's just getting to hello that throws him. "I think it was at the library," he says, "or near it. I remember warm weather and Rosemarie." He closes his eyes, quiet for a moment. Then he says, "I was on my way home and walking with Rosemarie. The weather was nice, so maybe summer?" His features soften. "Yes, I think that's it." So he went through the back door to get the knowledge from vast stores of the stuff. The important thing is he remembers now.

He leans a little against Lambert. "Alfheim," he murmurs, "One of the higher realms, I believe? Goodness, what was it like to vacation there?" Color Lindon interested. He steals a sly smile Elmo's way. He mouths the words 'he likes you.' Which 'he' is anyone's guess.

Jay looks surprised over the revelation that Lambert's seeing Lindon. "O-oh! Ah'm—well. Good! About time someone made an honest man of ya. You did tell me that you always fell for the sweet ones." Very much assuming what that means. Feathers ripple behind him and the musician turns a courtyard chair around with a fluid twist of his wrist, he kicks a leg over to straddle over the seat, leaning against the back. Another drink and a soft sound chuffed casually toward Lambert over the cuddle. "Don't worry about that, man. It was a good night after a real hard time. You've never overstepped yer boundaries with me."

Quiet for the shortened version of what Lambert did to help Kai out in Hel, Jay nods encouragingly and drinks, not taking a dessert, himself. There's a whispered aside to Elmo. "He's bein' modest." And straightens in his seat again. "Alfheim was incredible. Yeah it's the, uh, realm? That Kai's from. Ah don't know exactly what happened there, but he decided Ah needed a vacation, Ah guess. There was some kind of celebration' goin' on when we went, too. He stuck to me pretty close as well. A real attentive host. Ah panicked at first, but once Ah figured out Ah wasn't gonna be goin' home until he said so, it actually turned out to be a real nice trip."

"Elmo, you wanna tell 'em about it?" Jay gently encourages with a casual air, letting the electrician get a word in edgewise. "Legitimately, he saved some lives."

Jay squints at Lindon curiously, then turns bright red all through his ears and into his face as recognition sets in, every feather rises and shivers, shaking out and slicking back again. "Oh. Oh. Now Ah remember. Uh, yeah. Rosemarie at the library. She introduced us." Smiling sheepishly.

Elmo points extremely meaningfully at Lambert. "Buddy, I owe ya. You need somethin' fixed? You call me. I can fix anything." He shakes his head at Jay, then. "Feh. Jay's roomate's got a pal, he juiced up their coffee maker with some weird stuff. Woulda been fine, I guess, except the thing wouldn't work. So I rerouted this 'n' that and told him not to let anybody mess with it. I dunno that that's saving anyone." He leans towards Jay, maybe not realizing he's doing it.

Lambert keeps Lindon sauced for the good of Lindon's mental state - which may not be a good idea long term "Rosemarie?" he wonders, and then he says to Lindon "Heh. You know about all the places," he says to him thoughtfully, and then he waves a hand at Jay "Can't say I'm that honest. You know me. But yeah, I have a thing for the sweet ones." And he waggles his brows at Jay, of all people "You're all sweet around here, feathered dove, you." And then he says "So what was the food like? Could you understand the language? They speak some kind of all language, right?" He then leans in, to peer at Elmo, his arm around Lindon's shoulders "I'm a sucker for a good heroic story. Might earn you some free food…aww, Jay, why are you blushing?" And then the satyr-kin says to Elmo "Actually, sure, that could be good - I'm bad with modern technology. Real bad. I can't use electricity in my house, and my stove's wood. But there are things like mikes for the singers, and stuff like that - if I mess with it, it'll break. So that could be pretty cool." Lambert snaps his fingers "I'm three quarters human, so I can still _use_ things, but if I try to fix stuff, it tends to break. Something about old magic and technology not mixing, you know?"

Lindon tells Jay, "I don't know that I've made an honest man out of him, but I enjoy his company." He smiles at Lambert, a little dippy from the wine. "Trouble and all." His cheeks color at all this mention of the sweet ones, and he glances down at the baklava in his hand. He nibbles on the corner of it. Then he says, "You went to an Alfheimian celebration? Oh wow. Wow, that's so cool." He regards Jay starry-eyed, like Jay's some kind of hero for chilling out in Elfville. "What was it like being on an alien world? I just… I can't imagine." Then to Lambert, "And you've been to Niflheim. I've had a vision of these places, knocked me for a loop, but actually being there… wow."

"Now Elmo's bein' modest. He cracked that thing open an' the sucker bit him. Ah'm convinced it was only a matter of time before the thing exploded in our apartment." Jay explains regarding the Max-ified coffee maker. "Luckily the only two of us who ever used it are real durable, but it still hurts like a son-of-a-bitch—pardon me. Elmo also took a look at this weird little robot zippin' round the apartment. Made sure it wasn't gonna kill us all in our sleep." Inclined slightly in Elmo's direction as well, just out of contact.

Jay can feel the heat in his cheeks and decides to take a deep drink from his glass, waving the topic of Rosemarie away with a literal flick of his hand, waiting for the color to slowly drain from his fair features. "Not important." casting a smile at Lambert, but gives him a 'seriously?' sort of look in amusement. "Gonna sweet talk me right in front of yer fellah, 'Bert? No kiddin' not so honest. Ah'm no homewrecker, Lindon, so rest assured. Lambert made all those pretty moon eyes at me back when Ah was too dumb t'know which way was up, so Ah'm glad he got someone sweet t'keep him warm."

Jay, making commentary he doesn't know are stupid since 1945.

Of Alfhiem, Jay smiles and refills his drink. For what it's worth, he doesn't seem to be falling over himself just yet. But he's warm. "It was…well it was everythin' you could imagine an' nothin' like you could imagin'. Yeah, Ah could understand 'em, but when Ah asked Loki about it, he explained it was some kind of…intuitive translation? Ah don't really understand it, but it wasn't an issue. The festivals were real colorful, festive, um…spirited is a good word…" There's another light flush in his cheeks, but not as hard as he delicately talks around it. "The /art/ an' /music/ scene there is incredible. Incredible."

Elmo gets an eager look in his eye as Lambert talks about how good with machines and electricity he isn't. "I gotcha covered. I dunno about no old magic, but technology, I can do." He listens to Jay, with a slightly dopey expression that suggests he's listening to his voice more than his words, and very delicately presses his arm against Jay's. "The Allspeak," he murmurs.

Lambert reaches out and scoops Lindon close. Squeeze. And then he releases him, and says to him "Good! Let's keep it that way. Try all the things, Lindon. All the things." Now he kisses the top of his head, careless with his affection. So careless. The baklava is better than it should be - Lambert does not have very many fantastical powers. He cannot fly. He has no bio-kinesis. His connection to Old Magic is not conscious. But _damn_ can he make food that lights up the palate. He lowers his shaggy head, the pelt on top more fleece than hair, and his long goaty ears swivel, towards those who are talking.

"What do you mean, _bit_?" he asks, and then he says "Oh, it got zapped! Holy shit. What. Robot? I mean. A real robot?" Lambert waves his arms, kind of 'Lost in Space' style - those are the only robots that he knows. Then he laughs, and he says to Jay "Lindon is…look. I'm a quarter satyr. My grandma kept grandpa in line by hitting him all the time. And it still didn't work. I have problems when I see things I want. I know it ain't great. The human side of me…" His voice trails "Well, like, sometimes I wonder. Is it an excuse. Or. Am I weak or…" No. All those thoughts are far too reflective for him. One can almost _see_ the thought slide right out of his head "I'll moon eye you," he says, amused, and then he says "Huh! Sounds like you feel a bit inspired, music boy. Maybe I need a trip there to try the food. Except I guess I can't get those spices here…damnit." And then he says to Elmo, curious, all of it "Are you a mutant? Or something else? I really don' mind, you know. Magic, mutant, blood. Why, it'd be really stupid if I cared, wouldn't it? I'm not a _real_ Olympian. I can't fight like they can. I'm the most human of all the kids in this generation. And yeah. Wow, look at your crush. So cute!"

Lindon's mouth opens, closes, and then he ducks his head, fiddling with the baklava he still hasn't eaten all of as his cheeks turn a fine pink. "Lambert is one of the people I'm seeing," he explains delicately. He shoots Elmo a glance, bites his lower lip, and adds, "I'm seeing a few people. Lambert means a lot to me. I adore him, but I wouldn't dream of trying to change him. If he wanted to… if you two. If. Er. I wouldn't mind." He's quiet a moment, then adds, "I don't, um. I mean I know that 'boyfriend' means something else in the South."

The brush against his arm and helpful clue from Elmo draws his attention that way, brows arching just as gently as he repeats, "Allspeak?" The corners of his mouth pull a bit more into a curving smile. "Is that what that is? He didn't give me a word for it. It's really amazin', though. It must be how Doug feels wherever he goes." His arm left to comfortably press against Elmo's, not quite leaning into him, but present as he turns back to Lindon and Lambert.

"Not like, hah, not like a Jetson's robot, but like this little…thing that runs around on the floor." Jay lifts his foot a few inches off the ground to signify the height. "It cleans the floor, Ah guess?"

Lambert and Lindon go through the effort to try to explain to Jay precisely what's going on there and for a long moment, Jay seems confused. The abstract of it a curiosity, rousing a couple light fwips of his wings. Lambert's is a little too abstract. It's Lindon that seems to bring it home when he offers Lambert up on a platter. His brows slowly rise. "Well, uh, yeah, Ah mean, we jus' had that conversation, funny enough." A little drifty, Jay smiles at Elmo, dense as fuck as he glances back to Lindon. "'Boyfriend' is someone ya went out with, dated, but it's more serious an' steady than all that. What did Ah say, Elmo? Hitch yer wagon to? Ah mean, Ah've dated around." Jay shrugs slowly, shaking his head. "But just cause ya go out with someone, or ya grab 'em fer a tumble, they ain't yer boyfriend or girlfriend. That's a word ya gotta have a discussion about back home." He scrubs a hand through his hair, letting it all shake apart and fall together. "Still tryin' t'figure out the story up here. So y'all're datin'? That the jist of it?"

Elmo jolts like he's been given a good shock. He makes an indignant noise behind his teeth at Lambert, spreading his hands in an expressive gesture. "Fer cryin' out loud, Lambert!" He vibrates for a few moments, then exhales, looking grumpy. "Well, gig is up," he says to Jay, recovering a little humor. "I'm crushin' out on you. Better run for it."

Lindon sets the baklava down and finds a napkin for his fingers. "Here in New York it means something else," he says. "I'm not just sleeping with Lambert. He means a lot to me. I care about him. Even though I'm seeing other people, I hope to be close to him — and them — for a long time. I'm sorry, I thought that was known." He smiles weakly. Then he gives Lambert a squeeze and says, "I think I might go lie down."

Lambert waves a hand, not the least bit jealous, to be one of the people that Lindon is seeing. Surprise! Most would probably guess the other way around. He then says "It's way cool, it's hip. Because Lindon can speak to me in Ancient Greek. And most people can't. And I really feel…I dunno. Happy. about that bit." He thumbs up to Jay "Yeah, Allspeak - that's it! You keep mentioning Doug. Who's Doug? Can he understand any language?" And he grins and then he says "I see. Oh, well. I don't think it's…I care about how Lindon feels. But…" And now he is butting up against human ideas, and he clearly is ill equiped for that "Except, I don't…look, I wouldn't say I don't care about someone if I'm sleeping with…damnit. I can't. Just. I spend time with Lindon, and don't need to have sexytimes to be happy with him. Yeah. That's it!" As if that is _more_ serious than a lot of anything else! As Elmo speaks, Lambert fingerguns him "Yeah, you got it! That's it, boy!" Beam! He then says to Lindon "I'll come up with you, okay? I need a break from trying to host when I feel a bit tired from cooking."

Jay doesn't even seem to notice the cross-conversation with Lambert and Elmo while he talks to Lindon and tries to figure out what they're getting at. He does blink and look over at Elmo when he jumps, eyes going wide and round, innocent. "What?" A slow smile warming his expression, not understanding. "What'd Ah miss?" Crush? He arches an eyebrow, smiling with a soft chuckle, "Yeah. Ah know. Run? Damn, are we on the lam?" His free hand grips the back of his chair suddenly, urgent. "Have we been made? Code red! Th' spaghetti's outta the pot!" Jay flings codewords out with no regard for sensibility, shaking his head in amusement.

Verdant eyes flick back and forth between Lambert and Lindon while they try to explain. One from a saytr point of view, the other from his own. "No…that sounds pretty much the same like y'said it, Lindon." He arches an eyebrow at him and nods very slowly. "Just sounds like…y'got something else goin' on, too." A shrug of his shoulders. "Doug's an ol' schoolmate of mah brother's. Family friend, Ah guess. He owns the club Ah work at, an' yeah. He understands every language, but not just words. Bodylanguage, computer stuff, symbols, patterns, he can read /anythin'/. It's wild. Nicest guy." The winged young man stands slowly, tossing his drink back. "Mm, if yer both goin', Ah won't linger. It was nice t'meet you, Lindon. Or, meet you again, Ah suppose. Bert, now that things are slowin' down, we gotta see each other more." Looking over to Elmo in silent question to see what he'd like to do.

Elmo grumbles something about how Lambert should stand on his head and grow into the ground like a turnip. He's got one hand over his eyes and is still recovering from being embarrassed straight to death. He peeks between his fingers. "G'night, Lindele. Have fun." Jay's clowning makes him laugh, though. "The spaghetti—Oy, you're a menace. You want to find that perch?"

"I'll just clean up a little," Lindon says to Lambert as he heads up. Lindon stands to do just that, gathering up food to take back to the kitchen. "It was nice to meet you," he says to Jay. He looks up at Elmo and smiles a little when he calls him Lindele. "Good night," he says. Once he's taken some of the food to the kitchen, he heads for the stairs, his head ducked low, like he's not up for being as tall as he is. He might accidentally loom, and that can't be had.

Jay smiles at Elmo rather helplessly when he's called a menace, both of his shoulders bouncing toward his ears. "Maybe Ah am, but it distracted from the topic a little, didn't it?" A flash of a wink. "Yeah, Ah'm still awake if you are? We can find some place to talk? If you'd like?" Question marks all around and gentle offers as his eyes flash all over Elmo's face.

"Sure am," Elmo says, ducking a little, even though Jay is nothing but gentle. "Let's do it. I've had enough of people tonight." People are /hard/. He stands too, looking up at Jay, and his mouth curves into a smile. "Uhm, sorry about gettin' cranky. I didn't think anybody would /say that/."

"Ah honestly missed what he said," Jay admits with a shake of his head, honestly oblivious, though he winces. "Though Ah think Ah offended yer friend a little, while we're apologizin' for things. This whole term thin' is kinda throwin' me fer a loop. Ah'm not sure if Ah'm goin' nuts or what." Inhaling deeply, a shiver ruffles through his feathers and smoothing back down. "Sorry if that was painful fer ya."

Elmo winces too, recalling. "Eh, he just called me out in front of God n everybody, over bein' sweet on you." He rubs the back of his neck, reddening. "Not real used to that. Dunno if I'd say painful, just, hope he don't do it again. About gave me a heart attack." His expression softens, watching Jay's feathers ruffle. "Yeah. I dunno why he's sad. I'm gonna ask him." Then, daring, he reaches for Jay's hand. "Later, though. He an' Lambert are probably in bed already."

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