1965-01-12 - Introducing Paige
Summary: Paige arrives at the school and introduces herself to Kitty and Dizzy.
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The taxi had brought Paige directly from Kennedy Airport, the young woman pulling her hat down over her blonde locks as she pulls her coat tighter against her frame. She can't really be cross that none of her brothers were at the Airport to pick her up, after all, this was a surprise visit. Shifting the duffle bag on her shoulder against her calf-skin jacket, the young woman heads up towards the front door of the school, carrying the same acceptance letter that had gotten her past the security at the front gate. A smile and a friendly wave is offered towards the cabbie as he drives away, the man grousing about the lack of tip from the girl from Kentucky.

Kitty slips out through the library door and into the foyer. Her hair is pulled up into a tidy ponytail, and a winter coat is slung over one arm. Under the other arm is a moderatly sized book on the fundamentals of computer programming. She looks up to see a blond girl holding a bag and a sheet of paper walk into the school. "Hi!" She calls out, awkwardly fumbling to shift her coat and book to the same arm. She approaches with a hand extended. "Welcome to Xavier's, can I help you?" Her voice is friedly and has a decidedly midwestern accent.

Tucked up alongside a staircase in the mansion-now-school is an unlikely-enough-seeming figure, talking into a handset on the end of a somewhat-stretched cord leading to the hall phone. "Yeah, baby," Dizzy says into said phone, her accent speaking of rather blue-collar New York Italian origins, rubbing her nose and getting a bit of grime on it in the process. "Maybe late, I gotta be around a few hours, and then I gotta study, but maybe I could do with a drive, I dunno," she smiles. Looks at her hand, seems to realize what she must have gotten on her nose, and rubs at said nose with a clean part of said hand. "Nah, doing OK. How you do work and school at the same time you oughtta tell me sometime, though. It's a real…" She pauses and covers the handset as Kitty comes out and announces welcomes, glancing toward where she looks.

…And, the recipient of Kitty's welcome message is… One of the high-school age students slipping in the front door a bit late for evening hours. It takes an extra second or two, as he's got a substantial iguana-like tail to sneak into the space behind him. Then he notices Kitty, looking a bit sheepish.

Kitty frowns, getting a better look. She could have sworn that she had heard a feminine voice at the door. She studies the youngster in the entrance critically. "A bit late isn't it?"

Julie meanwhile, uncups her hand from the receiver, saying, "Ah, ain't nothing, just one of the kids…" Gestures a bit with her hand, then covers it again. "Iggy, what is it, you doing that thing with the footprints again? I told you, you gotta hit the books, tonight…"

Behind the youngster, the female returns. "Sorry, needed to get my suitcase." Paige offers with a sweet smile, as she waves to Kitty and Julie. "This is the Xavier Academy, right?" she asks, "I'm Paige Guthrie.. ah, I'm the new elementary math teacher. And well, student learning her powers." Though the primary word in all of that is probably 'Guthrie'.

Kitty smiles and chuckles, "Yep, this is the Xavier Academy." She looks at Paige, trying to catch the family resemblance. "My name's Kitty, I take it you're related to Jay and Sam?"

Julie makes a little 'scoot' gesture to the younger student, who gives a little wave before heading off. Dizzy speaks into the phone, and says, "I guess I gotta go, baby. Yeah, you know it. Arright, ciao, baby." She hangs up the phone, then, and steps on forward a bit. Winks and introduces, "Dizzy. Kinda the same, only I teach shop and driver's ed."

"Kitty.. Kitty Pryde? The brothers like to talk when they're home." Paige offers with a bright smile. "Feel like I know ya already, but I want to get to know ya myself." And then there comes the nod. "Sam's the elder.. and Josh, he's the baby of the three here in New York. They don't know I'm coming yet." She winks to the two girls conspiratorily.

Kitty returns the wink and grins, "Your secret is safe with me." She cocks her head to one side, "So you're a math teacher?"

Julie says, "Well, we'll have to sneak up on em sometime, then," she nods, just listening, for the moment, with a little smile."

"Thanks. I'm sure they'll know I'm heah soon enough, but they're probably gonna be guessing that I'm just here to rile them, not because ya know.. I need help with my own abilities." Paige admits, rubbing the upper half of her right arm with her left hand for a moment. "But yes!" she cheers up at the change of subject. "I graduated with a math degree from the University of Kentucky, and I offered to help teach the little ones, and persue a masters here."

Kitty widens her grin to a full smile, "I'm currently working on a mathmatics and computer science degree myself. I've been taking classes at NYU, but I came by to borrow a book from the Institute." She jostles her coat to properly reveal the book she is carrying.

Julie ahs. "Working on engineering, myself. Gotta deal with the math for that, too. Ah, you want a cawffee or something? Food, maybe? You musta been a while on the road."

"No driving, I flew in. Figured I'd splurge." Paige grins, though her smile brightens further when Kitty reveals the book. "Oooh! We can study together!" she offers with a small bounce on the balls of her feet before she nods towards Julie. "Lots of math in that." she agrees, "I'm a little hungry, I admit."

Kitty gestures in the direction of the kitchen, "We should grab a bite then." She turns to Dizzy, "Yeah, everybody seems to think that machines are for lunkheads, but it takes a lot of math to be as precise as you need to be to make everything work."

Julie nods, there, gesturing a little grandly toward the mess hall. "Yeah, that kid Iggy's got some potential, there, if he buckles down, I kinda done some teaching in Mutant Town, he seemed a good fit for here. Lotta kids there don't get to regular school for a buncha reasons, but there's been talk of doing something more formal about that. Anyway, at least I brought some extra bagels, I dunno what they serve on planes. Ah, if you flew *in* a plane, that is."

"Just like NASA's trying to get a man on the moon. Now that'd be downright privildge to work for." Paige admits a little dreamily, before the talk of food has her following Kitty's direction. She follows after the other two women, leaving her bags by the door for the time being, but carrying her purse along. "So.. what is that ya two do for powers?" she asks curiously. She's a Guthrie - almost every sibling is powered, she's in a powered school - she's not shy about asking.

Kitty holds up the book and deliberetly passes it and her arm through a nearby piece of furniture, "Pretty much just this, we call it phasing." She shrugs, "Not as flashy as some, but it has some interesting applications." She pauses momentarily, "I think it's actually part of why I wanted to study computers. It can be uncomfortable for living things when I phase through them, but I fry anything electronic. I wanted to understand them better if I could break them so easily."

Julie smiles a bit about the NASA thing. "Ah, I do rotational kinetics, you could say." She pulls out a clutch bearing from a pocket, and holds it up. With a 'Vrrr' sound, the thing starts spinning seemingly of its own accord. "Kind of like it's all in what you do with it."

Paige watches Kitty's demonstration in wonder and wows. "Okay, that's nifty. You can make your clothes come with ya?" comes the curious question before Dizzy gets a grin. "So you make things spin faster. That's really helpful!" she points out. "I mean, besides just gears." The young woman laughs. "I'm not gonna demonstrate. I can rip off my skin and have different materials beneath it - but when I do, it tends to rip my clothes off too."

Julie looks, well, slightly stunned at what Paige says. Well, it's perhaps a confusing gift. "Far out. Ah, does it hurt when you do that?" Never gets old, what people can do, though, she says, winking to Kitty after her little demonstration.

Kitty blinks "Yeah, my clothes come with me. Actually anything or anyone I'm touching will come with me." She tilts her head to the side, "Do you need to know the chemical composition of what you have under your skin?" she pauses, "You don't have to answer if you don't want to."

"No, it's a great question. Yeah, I have to know a little about it at least. I can't just go 'star matter' and be star matter, I have to know a bit about it. So, it's also the reason why I'm in college, so I can learn all that stuff." Paige says with a small laugh, a color in her cheeks. "My whole body changes, so I can't really differentiate between clothes and me, you know?" she asks and then blushes. "It can be quite embarassing at times."

|ROLL| Paige +rolls 1d20 for: 11

Julie ahs, and smiles, and leads on into the messhall. "Well, I guess it happens sometimes. We got a guy tends to fall out his clothes and everything, or blow em off, I guess. ….Looks like cawfee's still on, anyway. You like bagels? Could be something from dinner over on the counter."

Kitty perks up "Coffee actually sounds good to me," she moves to the cupboard with the coffee cups. "Can I get anyone else a cup? I figure we can chat in here for a bit."

"Coffee and something sweet. Been told that bagels basically unsweet donuts. Not my style." Paige grins, the country girl having never tried a bagel before but was told about them by her brothers. "Coffee with cream and sugar, if ya don't mind." she agrees as she follows the others into the cafeteria.

Julie nods, to Kitty. "Ah, the same for me. You want a bagel, then? Or, well, there's usually some donuts around or something. Thought I saw some Danish earlier, anyway." She glances around, "School fulla mutant kids, they do take some feeding, you know?"

Kitty nods, "Three coffees coming up. And I'll always go for bagel. Do you think there's cream cheese?" She pulls down three coffee mugs from the cupboard. "Julie, do you need room for cream and sugar?" She begins pouring, filling one fully for herself, and leaving room for the requested cream and sugar in the cup for Paige.

"Anyway. Nah, it don't hurt. I guess it's kinda like a snake shedding it's skin - or as my momma said, I husk like an ear of corn. Something better underneath." Paige smiles at that idea, as she goes to take a seat and stretch out, since it was a long trip from home. She's probably feeling that need to wind down a bit. "So what's the boys like around here?" Of course she's going to ask that question.

Julie ahs, fishing around under some dish-covers. "Ha. Looks like a couple donuts… And those Danish, too. She retrieves a bread knife to cut some bagels and shrugs a bit, still having to think about the question a bit. She shrugs, "Oh, all kinds, I guess, almost, anyway. I guess they're all right guys, pretty much." And then …the hunt for cream cheese commences.

Kitty finishes pouring the coffee and gathers the mugs together in one hand and brings them over to the table. She passes the filled cups around placing one in front of Paige and the other two by empty chairs. Kitty claims the one of the chairs by placing her coat on the back of the chair. She then returns to the counter to grab the sugar and creamer bringing them to the table. "Help yourself, I never know how much to put in."

Julie nods, settling in as she brings the edible goodies. "Thanks, Kitty. Whattya think, should we introduce some of the boys, or just start setting up blind dates?" She winks.

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