1965-01-12 - Miracles in McMullinsville II
Summary: In which Jesse, Cass, and John continue their investigation of some odd happenings in McMullinsville.
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The boys had finished up at Janet's sister's place and hopped back in the car to head out to the spot where the bus had gone in the water while it was still light out. There were all kinds of thank you notes and ribbons tied to the bridge, though no memorial, as everyone had survived the ordeal. However, there was no end to the gratitude that was placed on the bridge to thank the strange figure that locals credit with saving the bus and those inside. Cards, letters, prayer books, flowers, all saying thank you to the mysterious benefactor. John had stopped off in town to make a few calls regarding some other business, leaving Jesse and Cass standing on the bridge. It wasn't too cold, but the sun was still out, leaving Cassidy looking like a mugger with barely his nose showing from under his hood.

Tire tracks go off the side of the hill just as it begins to climb toward the bridge and straight into the water, having dug deep grooves into the wet mud that had then frozen, capturing them in place. Skid marks broken up by where the ice had been that the bus had slipped on lead up toward those tracks.

A preacher and the mugger. Or a burn victim. Irony! Looking like a burn victim to prevent becoming a burn victim. Jesse's smoking, a cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth while he stares at all of the cards, flowers and so on, walking down the line with a careful eye before he looks at the site of the accident. "Well, they're not lacking in gratitude."

These are necessary precautions, and one doesn't get to be Cassidy's age without taking a few every once in a while. "Aye, you'd think everybody died from all this outpourin' but there's no memorial. Kinda weird. Lookit this.. thankin' angels. None o' them's ever fought an angel, I'd wager.. " His hands are firmly in his pockets as he shuffles a little bit from one section of fence to another.

"If they had, they'd know what a pain in the ass they were," Jesse agrees dimly, reaching forward to touch a card, opening it up to read the inside. "'Thank the Lord for you. Love, Christina, Ricky and James.'" A dismissive flick of his fingers as he closes it, the preacher lifts his head up, looking over the rim of his sunglasses toward the tire tracks. "It's worship."

Cassidy's brows knit as he glances over toward Jesse and then he shrugs his shoulders, "Sure I suppose. Could be." He wanders a little bit down the hill, gravel and sand and salt from the road crunching beneath his boots as he goes to crouch down by the tracks where they suddenly veer off the road and down into the water, currently covered over once more by a thin layer of ice. "So, we think God's wandering around upstate New York performin' little miracles because he got bored of Heaven? What's he on about out here? And why now? Suddenly all these little things, when we haven't heard squat in.. months?"

Like a leash taken up slack, Jesse is pulled in Cassidy's direction slowly, following him slowly down the hill, careful on the loose gravel. Looking at the tire tracks, he follows them up to the edge where Cassidy crouches, staring at the layer of ice that's reformed over the top. "Months," He agrees. "But these are—these are nothing miracles. Right time right place stuff. It's not like he's parting the red sea or curing all the kids in the cancer ward or anythin', right?" More questions than he has answers, Jesse takes a drag off his cigarette and rubs it out on the heel of his raised boot. "He left heaven when Gen got there, we still don't know why, Cass. Nobody knows why. That's why we're lookin' fer him. The miracle thing is a damn good question." He looks up the hill, at the pile of cards and flowers. "If it was the praise he was after, why not stick around, you know? Why not soak in the adulation? The good book tells us he's a jealous thing, wants all the praise fer himself, so why leave before Janet can even invite him in fer lemonaide?"

"I mean, if it's even him droppin' these breadcrumbs and not some other, thing, or whatever. Seems like there's a lot of things out there I didn't even imagine existed, and I'm a bloody Vampire," Cassidy says from where he squats, elbows resting on his knees, looking out over the frozen surface of the lake. "So if it's not for the praise, then what? There's greater evils goin' on in this world than a bus accident, or a single family caught in a fire. I mean, don't get me wrong none, I don't wanna see any niblets gettin' roasted, meself, but this.. this just seems.. well none of it makes a lick of sense to me." He straightens up then, "Or is he scared? Scared o' Gen? I mean, why leave? An' maybe now that he's stuck outta Heaven he's just.. got nothin' else to do?"

Jesse slides a wry smile down to Cassidy, if not for the fond glint in those black-mirror eyes, it might've seemed mocking, but the subtle detail speaks of affection instead. "Guess you aren't the most fucked up thing out there no more, Cass." Jesse pushes his sunglasses up his nose and exhales a puff of air, looking over the lake. "Yeah, it's just…proximity. There ain't a whole lot of purpose to it aside from proximity. Well, Ah mean, Ah might be freaked out by Gen, too, come face t'face with her. But Gen ain't in heaven." Jesse taps his temple with his first two fingers. "So why's he still runnin' to podunk Northeast nowhere? A damn vacation?"

"Well now," Cassidy says, "Let's not be gettin' ahead of ourselves." The smile he flashes can be seen as a glint of teeth beneath the hood. "Right, and we've been in New York for months, so if he was tryin' to avoid her, you'd think he'd be makin' his way west or further north rather than stickin' around and flickin' the light switch a few times for us goin' Hey, boyos, I'm over here unless this is some kind of a game." Which, frankly, Cassidy wouldn't put past those celestial motherfuckers if they weren't so damned serious. He stretches his arms a bit and then says, "I'm not even sure what we're lookin' for. Does God leave behind some sorta holy residue? Maybe we ought wait for Johnny boy and have him take a look about."

Constantine missed the conversation but John was cold and cranky. "Well, that didn't sort like I thought it would. Be convenient if there was a trail of angel droppings to follow." Haot air was breathed into cupped hands. Eyes fell to the cards gathered with a head tilt and a derisive look. "Someone's rebuildin a powerbase of widows and the work weary and doing a right fine job of it. Find anything else yet?"

"Ah'm not a big fan of playin' kiss and chase when Ah ain't gonna get my dick touched, personally," the flat comment coupled with a fiddle with an item in his jacket pocket, turning it around and around. "Yeah. Much as Ah hate to admit it, Cass, we're out of our depth here. We ain't exactly Sherlock an' Watson." Angling a dry smile in his friend's direction, Jesse turns around on the heel of his boot to trudge back up the hill when low and behold. John Constantine. He flicks something small and metal, like a coin, toward John to hopefully catch. "What do ya make of that?"

"Great big shiny turds with halos," Cassidy mutters in agreement with John, knowing the sound of that grumbling without even having to turn around. "Well at least I'm from the right side o' the pond," Cassidy shoots back at Jesse, but it's with a grin that can be heard rather than seen.

The charm is the symbol of St. Nicholas, patron saint of children, the shiny little metal thing that the oldest girl had given Jesse back at the house. When Constantine touches it, if he has any particular ability to sense power there is, the faintest hint, of something there. Now, it doesn't light up and set off fireworks with a neon sign that says "GOD HERE" but it definitely feels.. like there's energy there.

Constantine plucked the coin out of the air like the little street filch he grew up as. He was, however, more familiar than he'd like to be some days. He palmed it in his hand and pressed his hand to his forehead, knuckles rapping idly maybe communing with it. He looked at it again, though paused to give an inflection of eyebrows to Cassidy in some agreement with his visual. To Jesse he siad, "Patron saint of children. Feels like a protection charm instead of a trinket though. Where'd you find this?"

Jesse doesn't look back at Cass, but shakes his head anyway, smiling to himself. Both hands slipped into his pockets, he watches John's reaction to the charm. "Janet's oldest had it. She said she got it from the guy who came to the door, and he touched all their heads." The most bland delivery of 'oh, that's a God touched charm'.

Constantine sat and looked at the trinked laying flat in his palm, jaw at an angle. "Seen people use children before. Almost never a good things." There was a ppause and he asked, skeptical as always, "If it is Him…" John shrugged. His eyes watched Jess for a long moment before looking down the bridge. "Still he picked these places and things. Of all teh things happening."

"Is he using them?" Jesse asks in flat neutrality. "He didn't exactly make it obvious for us. Protection charm. But like Cass an' I were sayin a second ago, why here? Why these people? It looks like it's just proximity, no master plan or connective tissue." He considers and looks at the tracks again. "That we know of. The article have a list of folks on that bus? Maybe there's some kind of connection we ain't seein'." It's a last ditch thought, though. Jesse breathes out, not convinced by his own words. A nod to John. "If it is Him, we still haven't confirmed that. Could be another damn angel so far as we know."

Cassidy glances back toward the car and says, "I dunno. I think it was a school bus headed back from a trip. There's probably a list somewhere on who was on the bus and where they were coming and goin' from if we want t'take a look inta that." He stretches once more and says, "But so far as we know, we've yet to see a damned angel help anyone, just bother us."

Constantine murmured, "And wreck my car." He didn't elaborate but he held a grudge. He dook a deep breatha nd said, "When we stop someplace I can see if there's anymore to see on this, otherwise I don't see why small town like this people wouldn't be talking if they're leaving these many flowers, though the teacher or the bus driver might be the one to talk to. Be curious why the bus was in peril to begin with."

Jesse nods slowly, to either or both of his companions while he looks along the collection of cards, flowers and so on. "Yeah. Nothin' seems out of place on the road, and Gen's pretty quiet, it ain't like there's a giant neon sign anywhere here sayin' 'Lord wuz here'." He looks at another card, opening it up between his thumb and forefinger. "Folks should be pretty eager t'talk about it with this kind of exposure." Dark eyes flick between John and Cass. "That's a lot of people to talk to."

While the three stand not far from the car looking over the frozen-over lake, one or more might catch in the fading afternoon light what seems to be some sort of light coming from beneath the ice somewhere beneath the bridge on which the figure had stood, if one were to believe the stories of the people of McMullinsville.

Constantine took a drag from his cig and stared down at the water with Jess and cass. He sighed fishing around in the pocket of his coat for something useful. "Well I dunno about you lads but I didn't bring my swim trunks." He stopped and sloooowly panned to Cassidy. Surely frozen water wouldn't kill him, but still, even John had the decency not to ask. "Gonna have us a look-see." From his pocket he pulled out a triangular tone with a hole in teh middle and peered through it to see if anything just jumped out at him as immediately, or arcanly odd.

It seems rather like John and Jesse have the same thought at relatively the same time; John looks at Cass, and on the other side of the vampire, Jesse looks at him as well. A flick of dark eyes over to John. A quick check of 'do we—do we ask?' Before it's decided that no. No that's probably not cool.

When they both look at him at once, he looks at one, then the other, then the glow under the water, and somewhere within the hood and behind the ski mask, he squints, then sighs, then says, "You're both gonna owe me a lot of booze after this." He then begins trudging out toward the ice, in his get up, while John peers through his rock.

There does appear something arcanely strange in the water beneath the bridge. What it is, he can't tell exactly but it's roughly round and it's about the size of a softball in diameter, and it glows with a kind of soft and shiny light that could mean anything really.

Constantine held up the strange rock to his eye. "Cass, you'll find yourself sayin 'bloody hell, that was damn well worth it' by day's end." He made a note that this may require more sparklers. "Well somethin's down there. Cass?" THe exprcist paused and offered, "Keep yoru gloves on if you pick anyhting up. In case." He looked to Jess and murmured, "There's a liquor store on the way back, yeah?"

Jesse watches on with some concern as Cassidy trudges forward, his brows knitting together. "Sorry, Cass. Hypothermia is one of those things Ah'm not too fond of." Turning his head toward John for the aside, "Yeah, we're in the middle of nowhere. There's gotta be one close. What else do people 'round here do?"

Jesse meanders toward the ice as well, peering at just how thick and sturdy the stuff seems. You know, where it wasn't just plowed through by a car.

Cassidy goes on trudging and muttering, and it doesn't even sound like it's in English once he gets out there a bit. The ice is a bit thicker near the edges and grows thinner the further one goes out toward the middle. Cassidy's still muttering as he makes his way out under the bridge and then *CRACK* the ice just gives way beneath him and *SPLOOSH* the vampire goes right through. At least he was pretty close to where he was going. The light sort of disappears, which could be because it had gone out, or because Cassidy was blocking its view or any other number of reasons. But suddenly it's very quiet.

Constantine boggled at Jessie and mily offered, "Screw bears, ride moose, and dirnk maple syrup?" An eyebrow went up but his brow furrowed and his attention went back to the water. "You know, if something moves can he still burn under water?" It was a concern. JOhn was a bastard but he wasn't a complete bastard. Plodding steps started taking him to teh bankto a tleast give him a hand when he got back and worked on following on the ice where he could. There was no rule saying the guy couldn't get trapped down there.

"Is that what you'd do, John?" Jesse deadpans while he watches after Cassidy closely. Just because the guy wasn't technically 'alive' didn't mean he didn't worry. The vampire takes the plunge in a flash and Jesse cringes. "No idea, actually. We don't actually do a whole lotta swimmin', if you can imagine." Trying not to think about that right now, Jesse glances around on the ground for something to bust through the ice somewhere about where Cass might be able to get up since it is thicker around the edges. A big ol' branch will do.

That is a good question. Does the light penetrate enough in the icy depths to burn the vampire? Well, for a while, there's no telling. There doesn't seem to be a sudden blaze going on beneath the water. Would the water put it out? So many questions.

Jesse takes his big old stick to the ice and manages to break up a bunch of ice near the edge, making an escape route.

And eventually a very sodden Cassidy does come trudging out from under the ice, everything literally dripping and clinging to his body, and yet not on fire. He shivers a bit, because apparently he can in fact still get cold. Hypothermia won't kill him, but it doesn't mean it doesn't suck. He holds out his gloved hands toward the pair and offers up what looks like a shiny metal disc that couldn't have been down there too long since there's no weathering or corrosion. There's writing all over it, but the language is unfamiliar to the vampire. Enochian, perhaps?

Constantine took the disc from Cass. If anyhting was sanctified he couldn't promise it wouldn't hurt Cass. Hell even John took a kerchief out of his pocket and wrapped the disc up in it handing it to Jess. As flippant as John was there was a care to him for his companions. Gently he offered, "Cheers. C'mon. There's a blanket in the car. We'll get the heater for a warm up."

Cassidy gets out of the water and Jesse's there to try to grab him by a sodden arm to help him up. Yeah that does suck. But hey, they got what they were going for. "Good job, man. We owe ya all the liquor this shitthole county's got to offer." Leading Cassidy a little bit while the disc is passed off to John, and then back to him, Jess just slides it into a pocket for the time being, more concerned with the vampire not turning into a popcicle.

There's a little tug at Jese's psyche from Gen when that disc is held out, a kind of a whispering that is indistinct at best, but something, and it seems unsettled until the disc is in Jesse's safekeeping in his pocket. Then, all is quiet again, at least for the time being. Whatever it is, Gen wants it to stay close.

Cassidy huddles and drips. Fortunately it's above freezing so he isn't freezing solid standing there, but it's very cold and he is very soaked all the way to the bone, so he shuffles wherever he's lead, and the suggestion of a blanket and the car heater seems to meet with a fervent nodding. "Jus' need a lil' somethin' t'warm the blood," he mutters through chattering teeth.

Constantine squint with a look around confiding to Jess, "Hotel?" Leave it to this crew to be guaranteed to have a flask on someone's personage. It wa passed to Cass withthe offer of, "Sit up front with the vents. Hotel. Booze. Food. Hot shower for Cass, and we'll see what we can find out between the four of us." Yeha he didn't forget Gen was in there.

"I'd say so," Jesse agrees mildly to John while he helps guide Cass toward the car. The urgency in the back of his skull quieted almost immediately, he may not honestly consciously notice that he took the wrapped token beyond compulsion, as his conscious mind was focused on the chatter vision of his friend. Yanking the passenger's door open and folding Cass up in that direction, dark black-mirror eyes shot John a look at the 'four' of us. "Yeah," The reply dry. "Sounds like a plan."

Cassidy nods his head to John when he says Hotel, seeming to agree that a warm shower and dry clothes and a lot of alcohol should be in order. He gives Jesse's arm a squeeze when the man helps fold him into the passenger seat. He's a little bit stiff, but otherwise seems to be moving alright. "I'll be right as rain soon enough," he says through gritted teeth with a flash of a grin at the black-eyed Preacher, sounding in decent enough spirits and downright reassuring, as they all hop in the car to head back to the hotel for the night.

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