1965-01-13 - Colorado Bound
Summary: Lamont and Lindon receive a visit from Constantine
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Lindon was sad last night, but Lambert cheered him up. Now he's at home, and he's lost in his books. Last night was a lot of alcohol and a lot of people, and Lindon just isn't good with lots of people. Decompression is necessary. Decompression and cats. Puck is on his lap, along with Athena. When they get bigger this is going to be problematic. Lindon is making himself read more slowly than usual, turning a page slowly and carefully.

There's Lamont, with tea. Not so much with lots of people, either. But he's come to offer silent touch, and a kiss on the top of the head. The tea is set down on the desk, but he settles his hands on Lin's shouldes.

Lindon takes the tea and smiles up at Lalmont softly. He takes a sip, then sighs, relaxing a little. "Thank you, love." He takes a moment to think, then says, "Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by this life. You don't think people would mind if I just stopped going out and hid in our room, do you?"

"Mind, yes," he says, slowly. "But understand if you needed to." Lamont runs a hand through Lin's hair, gently, massaging the scalp with his fingertips. "I think the ones who mattered would understand."

"You're always so gentle," Lindon says. He pauses, then adds, "Except when I don't want you to be." His cheeks color a touch. Quieter, he says, "I am so in love with you." He closes his book and leans against Lamont with mindless affection. "We should get away, you and I. Maybe fly somewhere nice."

Lamont's arms come around him, holding him tight. "I would be delighted to. Where would you like?" Another bend to kiss him, this time on the temple.

Lindon leans into the kiss, and he sets down the tea so he can wrap his hands around Lamont's arms. "Maybe upstate? In a nice cabin or something? Maybe something on the ocean, though I know it would be cold. Just us, maybe bring the cats if they let us have pets. I suppose our friends could look in on them if we left them here. I think I just need a change of pace."

"What about somewhere further west? If you're in the mood for a longer trip….we can make it in short stages. Somewhere like the Rockies or the western desert," he muses. "Or somewhere south, where it would be warm."

Lindon perks up. "You could fly us to the Rockies?" he says. "I've never tried skiing. Let's try skiing." He hugs Lamont's arms around him closely. "I'll break my leg. I just know I will, but I still want to try it."

They're at home, in the library, talking sweetly and making plans. Puck might sense someone at the door, because he bails off Lindon's lap and pads toward the stairs, trilling. They do have excellent hearing, cats do.

And just then the bad penny turned up. Two sharp raps at the door in unceremonious fashion. A forearm slouched on teh frame and he waited peering back at Puck peering at him through the glass.

"That'll be John," Lamont says, tone gone dry. "But yes. We can go out to Colorado, I will teach you how to ski." With that, he's turning to play butler for Constantine. "Evening, John."

Lindon smiles after Lamont as he goes to answer the door. Puck twines around Lamont's legs and gives Constantine an oddly canny look. He rubs up against John's legs too, then pads back to the library, glancing over his fuzzy shoulder at the pair as if to say 'well?'

Constantine Looked at the faint scowl on Lamont's face, and leeeeeaned in for a closer look. He patted his old frined on the cheek. "I'm interrupting fmaily time byt eh look of it. Excellent." He greeted before he saw him, "Lindon." He turned to Lamont and just started into his needs like a bullet into a cake; a party suddenly run amok. "I need you to slap some sense into me, mate."

Lindon inclines his head to Constantine. "John," he says amiably. Puck hops back on his lap with a mrr, and Lindon pets him. This gets a rumbling purr. Athena mews when she's disturbed, but she settles in again. Such a mellow kitten. "What happened?" he asks, "that you need a little good-natured abuse?"

Lamont's expression goes curious, but he submits to the patting. And, obligingly, he lifts a palm, but refrains from striking John with it. Lindon's the only one directly subjected to certain of Monty's kinks, after all. "I'll forgive you," he tells John.

Constantine wiped his shoes on the rug by the door because the man wasn't an animal, "gutter mage" or not. Still he answered themreluctantly admitting, "Remember that bird from teh bookstore? The one we didn't want to burn down. Liked all teh music you can't stand?"

Lindon's brows lift. "I'm glad to hear you didn't burn down a bookstore," he says mildly. He takes up his tea and sits comfortably, sipping and petting cats like a man who shouldn't have as many people in his life as he does. There but for the grace of his loves does he avoid being that weirdo who lives alone with cats.

By the expedient of living with another weirdo, who also likes cats. Even Lin hasn't plumbed the murkiest depths of Lamont's mind, poor thing. "I do," he says. "She was a good singer." He gestures towards a chair, lazily imperious. You may sit.

Constantine didn't follow into the living room but the kitchen where the kettle was reliably hot, and…well John really did make himself at home didn't he? Little has changed from when he was 15 and first stayed with lamont including the way he always looked sideways when opening cabinets. Hey, you get attacked once by a shade crawling out of one you never forget it. Mug! Ah ha. There was atink tink tink of a spoon and he went on with it telling them. "Was thinkin of chattin her up for coffee." Here's where he hald expected the words Get out of my house and don't haunt that poor woman to come out of Kent's face. He followed it up with, "Skiing?"

Lindon continues to pet his kitties, though he overhears some of the words drifting his way. "Yes," he calls, "I'd like to learn how to ski. Do I know who this woman is?"

"We're going to take a vacation," Lamont explains, with that flawless deadpan. John rifling the kitchen….not a problem, per se. Though this is a far different house from the cottage Monty had in England, when John first knew him. "Indeed."

Constantine took his tea and joined hte other strays Lamont's taken in , pausing to look at Puck like Really? He finally sighed, "Hi." And waited for cats to clear. "So no lecture? C'mon mate I came here for you to talk me out of this." He slouched into the seat and asked in earnest, "Want me to check up on the cats while you're out?"

Lamont gives Constantine that 'really?' look. It's only improved with age, since the first time Constantine saw it in the trenches near No Man's Land. "Why should I? A nice young lady'd do you good, since you're not a terrible old queen like myself."

Constantine shrugged an expression and casually retorted, "Eeeeh I dunno. Something about that 12% survival rate and the last one trying to kill all of us?" You know. That small addendum. Sitll he shrugged "Smart. Follows good music. Isn't afraid of a bit of a spectacle." Which for him were a necessary plus. "Dunno if there's anything there but I kinda dig her. There's a story there."

He's settled down into his kitchen chair. "Lindon will be along in a bit," he adds. "He's felt a little….in need of quiet, of late. Do you want a drink, something to eat?" Already up on his feet, not waiting that answer. "She was pretty…"

Constantine was going to dismiss that but paused admitting, "Something would be fine." John wasn't one to fret but he was giving this a mighty bit of consideration. Both eyebrows went uop and he had to agree, "That she was." Which might be odd for a man of well-fuck-it-let's-try-a-thing approach at life. Recent events have systematically mired the Saint of Last Resorts in a measure of caution. "How's Lindon really been holding up?"

Lindon does emerge, eventually. His tea is finished and he's holding Puck, who struggles to get down so he can go hassle John, twining around his feet and looking up at him with interest. The other two kittens folow him. He's the pied piper of cats. "Did I hear something about a date?" he asks.

Constantine finished catching up with his oldest confidant and looked to LIndon and said with a dry affection, "Don't you already know everything?" And the thought occurred to him squinting at Lindon carefully, "You are …aware of what? All writted pieces published correct?" Oh god that was leading

Lindon says wryly, "I try not to pry into personal stuff of people still living." He sits at the kitchen table in soft repose, hands folded before him. "It doesn't have to be written or published," he says. "I don't have actual thoughts or intentions of people who have lived, but I know what they know. Factually, without any context attached, unfortunately."

Constantine had all of his attention on Lindon, "Then if you know what I know then you know whom we're discussing and might be able to dig me up her phone number?" His head tilted looking at Lindon and he finally did it and played the card of his charity against himself, "C'mon mate. I kept you from being eaten alive. The best way to not be all consused by knowledge is to share it yeah? And it's not like I ever asked a favavour." Oh damn him all over again.

"I could dig that up," Lindon says, "but it's easier to just have a conversation with you about it. Quicker, too." He arches a brow quizzically. With painful sincerity, he asks, "Is there something you want to know? I'll do what I can to find it." So easily offered.

Constantine worked on his drink and leveld withthe man. "She was smart, funny, attractive, and knows the Kinks, the Beatles, and the Zombies. I think I just kinda relaly need to she if she's up for coffee. Besides she had a canny usefulnes and was able to help Lamont and I out. Very curious." He went to say more but didn't on that. "Her name's Venus, and I have no idea how to get ahold of her."

"You want me to find her address?" Lindon says. "Hmm." He furrows his brow. "No surname, huh?" Because sure he's a walking phone book. He rattles off a few phone numbers, four in total. "Those might be her," he says. "You'd be surprised how many people named their child Venus."

Constantine pasused and furrowed a brow to Lindon and before he said yes he shook his head, "Nah. I don't want to stalk her, I jsut want coffee and a conversation." His jaw squeezed togehter and he told lindon, Michael's not entirely right about me. It's not that I don't want these things but sometimes I just can use some human company from time to time where the conversation in't the world coming apart, ghosts of our failures, and a reminder that everything won't ever stop. Sometimes coffee with an attitude does wonders."

"I'm sure you'll be a responsible gentleman," Lindon says. He then says, "I understand what you mean, though. It's nice once in awhile to be able to just talk about the weather, or mustic, or books. We have to try to maintain some semblence of normalcy in all this mess or it'll consume us."

Constantine swirled his glass and reached out across the table, and set one hand on Lindon's giving it a squeze. " You didn't ask for any of this, Lindon. I'm going to go and see a man about a book first before we sort things like taking an afternoon off. When you leaving for Colorado? Cass and I can look in on the cats for you"

Lindon smiles as John touches his hand. He's so at ease around the necromancer, almost like there was no body count to consider. "We just thought about it today," he admits. "I'd like that, though, if you looked after the cats. Puck has taken such a shining to you." Puck is currently sitting at John's feet, looking very important. "I'd like to leave soon," admits. "I just need to get out and breathe."

Constantine considered and tapped his thumb on the table and he didn't look down. "I can feel you staring at me, Puck…" WHile there was no mew the cat looked smeg…because it was cat shaped. After he reconsiled that he offerd, " I'll givve you something to take with you. Help keep you hidden from wandering scryers while you're not under your home wards." Because even though he doesn't say it, John worries and at the very least is exceptionaly through.

"He likes you," Lindon says with pride. Then, to John, "That would be wonderful, John." Such wide-eyed sincerity, and those big dark eyes are awfully puppyish for a cat guy. "It would be nice to not have to worry about him finding us or not having the benefit of the house's wards. Gosh, sometimes I worry so much about something happening to the cats."

Constantine snorted, "YEah, stray cats and I have a lot in common." he peered at the cat without animosity. "Used to have one for a while. Miss that cat." WHich was perhaps odd that he's never mentioned it before. There was a faint grin and he looked down the hall if Lamont was nearby. This spelled trouble. Turning back to Lindon he siad "Kent didn't have a cat either until I kept leaving food and water on his back porch. If you could see the look he gave me?" yeah he wasn't sorry at all. "If you can imagine a 17 year old me whoclearly knew more than everyone becuase I was 17 and full of piss and rebellion… and also cat snacks. There were so many of them in the yard by the end of summer. eventually they wandered off but… it was funny."

"I had one for a long time," Lindon says, "Tiger. He was my buddy when I was a kid. I didn't have many friends, so…" He scritches Athena, who has taken up residence on his lap. Then he laughs and says, "I can imagine that look, crystal clear. He's made it clear that three is enough. Which is for the best. Otherwise I would just keep collecting them. I can't say no to those little faces." Athena stretches and resettles. She knows she's got it good. "It's funny, because he's so good with these three."

Constantine looked entirely too too smug, "Now imagine 14 he didn't know about. I used to antognize him so bad." He went to drink his tea and paused, "Alright to be fair I still do. But because it's healthy for him." Were that they case he wouldn't have come to him for honest life advice an hour ago. "Just remember when you're skiing if you hit him with a snowball it'll make him go faster."

Lindon laughs quietly. "I think it might have been good for him. Taught him how to work under stress. Probably still good for him now." Just whose side is Lindon on? He continues to stroke Athena's ears. He's on the cats' side, ultimately. "I'll try to keep that in mind," he says about the snowball. "Honestly I'll just be happy if I don't break a limb."

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