1965-01-14 - Weapon of Mass Annoyance
Summary: Able and Yuliya catch up, talk about things and make plans for a new device.
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Though he's long since taken up official residence at the mansion per Jean's request, Able has been spending more and more time at his clinic over the last two weeks. Some of his experiments require he be undisturbed and some of his extracurricular activities aren't well-suited for an environment where student may come strolling in.

Right now he's working on the latter. Though he's more than capable of purchasing a variety of explosives from the same dealers that supply the rest of his equipment, grenades are something he prefers to built for himself. His not inconsiderable strength allows him to throw much larger, heavier payloads. That means bigger booms.

He hums a few bars of Beethover's 'Moonlight Sonata' as he loads TNT into a tin that had previously been occupied by green beans. Once the explosive is secured, he starts meticulously lining up sixteen penny nails around it to ensure even distribution.

Yuliya's been doing whatever it is she does. Most likely poking around places she shouldn't and hanging out in places she can. She still remembers the firefight near the clinic, so she's a little on guard as she slinks quietly into the clinic. Though today she's clad in a black turtleneck, a black leather jacket and a long black dress, and even a barret. It seems that she's rocking the beatnik look.

She makes her way further into the clinic, slowly moving in the direction of the humming of Moonlight Sonata. She titters softly as she moves closer, her hand reaching into her jacket to pull out a plastic tube. "Gopnik, catch!" she calls out, as she tosses the tube underarm. "Can you open this?" She appears to be keeping her distance for some reason.

This isn't the first time Able has been presented with an unorthodox method of transferring information, small items, and similar cargo. He sets aside his almost-completed frag grenade and catches the tube. Yuliya's reluctance isn't lost on him and elicits a raised eyebrow. "I'm sure I could figure something out," he affirms. "But do I want to?"

Carefully, he sets the cylinder down on his work table and studies it with a critical eye. "Any idea what's inside?"

Yuliya smiles sweetly and innocently. "I'll give you a hint," she teases. "It's not dangerous, just annoying." She then pauses and gives him a firm look. "And no, I'm not referring to myself before you say anything." She keeps her distance, and tilts her head to the side as she considers the home-made frag grenades that the Doctor is working on, before her attention shifts towards Able and the cylinder. "Oh, I know what is inside. You should see my apartment after making it." She wrinkles her nose. "It was two days ago, and I am still finding the stuff everywhere."

She gives a soft snort and shakes her head. "It came to me in a dream," she then explains. "I have figured out how I can disrupt offices, without causing an injury and spread chaos at the same time." She raises up on the balls of her feet as she waits patiently. "I know what is inside."

"Scheisse," the doctor mutters. He shoots a glance up at Yuliya that's equal parts suspicion, intrigue, and regret. "I'm testing this for you, aren't I?"

Intrigue seems to be winning out. He takes a deep, bracing breath and approaches the table again, but this time with a healthy level of fear and respect. A quick crack of his neck, then he picks up the tube and gives it an experimental shake, like a child trying to guess the contents of a Christmas present.

"Yes," Yuliya replies, as she continues to offer that same sweet and innocent smile. "I have been trying to perfect the delivery system. I did think about using an airburst rocket, but I can not get access to them." She sighs. "That and I do not have a katyusha to launch them from." She gives a little sigh. "Impossible to bring something that big in." She then purses her lips, and it seems that she might be trying to figure out how to actually achieve it, most likely bit by bit.

As she watches the man shake the tube, it seems that she's considering something. "Maybe I should make the next one to trigger on movement. But then running could trigger it." She then takes a deep breath and looks a little regretful. "Actually, I think again. Do not open it. Is full of glitter."

Whatever is in side, it seems like it's light and packed in with little movement. One end is also heavier than the other.

Caught with the cap halfway untwisted, Able freezes. The expression on his face continues the childlike theme; this time that of hand-in-cookie-jar.

Now it's set aside with the exquisite care of a man used to handling nitroglycerine. Once he's put himself a safe distance from the device he lets out a long sigh. "I appreciate the warning. I would've been… vexed."

He continues considering it, though from afar. After a moment he speaks without looking up. "Katyusha," he chuckles. "Do they still call you that?"

Yuliya offers a sheepish smile when Able stops. "Well, I had change of heart at last moment," she replies cheerfully. "After all, it is not worth upsetting the man who might dig bullets out of me one day." She then tilts her head to the side, still smiling as he puts the device down and moves away from it. "Vexed? You would have been cursed? No, you would have been covered in glitter. I have been thinking to send some to the CIA and SHIELD, just to give them headaches."

She then offers a nod of her head. "For a while, I was called Tick Tock, but Katyusha kept on popping back up. They still call me that, but there could be worse things I could be called."

"Indeed," the doctor agrees. What he's agreeing with isn't completely clear at first, but elaborates on a few items. "I prefer Katyusha. It suits you."

Tentatively, he reaches out to nudge the tube with a fingertip. It rolls an inch, which is enough to elicit a wince. Once the danger has passed, he shakes his head ruefully. "You practice a cruel and sophisticated form of terrorism, Yuli," he chuckles. "I approve. Send an extra one to the CIA, courtesy of yours truly."

"I do not know if they called me that for the song or for the rocket launch system," Yuliya admits sheepishly. She then makes her way over to perch on the edge of Able's workbench. "I was just thinking, I might actually try to make it into a system to mark targets. The glitter bomb that is. It's hard to change clothing on the run or hide when you sparkle in the light." She grins at her idea. A nod of her head is then given about sending an extra one to the CIA. "DA, I can send an extra one for you.

She then shakes her head and wrinkles her nose. "Oh, well, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. And thank you, I try to be an expert at what I do."

"Nein, this can only be described as terrorism. Although using it as a marking agent does have merit," he muses, stroking his chin thoughtfully. "You'd need to turn it into a stable grenade, or maybe an air cannon.

As always, a new project grabs Able's attention. He doesn't sleep, so one needs a way to fill the hours. "I could mix glitter with my grenades. Anyone who isn't killed or disabled will be easy to find. Clever girl. Some of us are merely gifted amateurs." He gestures to the array of supplies in front of them. TNT. Comp B. A wide array of containers. Nails and wood screws. Gunpowder and flash powder and every powder inbetween. "I work with the tools I have."

"Freedom fighter," Yuliya corrects as she holds up a finger. "It helps me sleep easier thinking that." She tilts her head to the side and purses her lips. "Plastic would burn from detonation of grenade. But a lower amount of charge and a different shell material might allow…" She trails off and tilts her head to the side. "But…" She reaches out to take the tube and screws the partially unscrewed end back on. "What if we used water and glitter mix as the delivery agent?"

She reaches into her jacket and pulls out a notepad and starts making a crude sketch with a pencil. The result is a sphere surrounded in what could be the mixture, with an explosive core. "Maybe? I don't know if it would work. I just make traps and explosives, so this is a new field."

"Gelatin." Able is speculating, but he might be onto something. "It could serve as an adhesive, making it more likely to stick and more difficult to remove."

A moment's thought while he taps his teeth. "Can't use a standard metal casing. An explosion strong enough to spread the mixture would create shrapnel. Unless… May I?"

Though he's no artist, he quickly draws up a cube with holes in each side. "Titanium," he taps the cube. "Then you plug the holes with wax. Even a small explosion would liquify it, allowing the marking mixture to be dispersed."

Yuliya hands over the notepad when Able asks for it, and she listens to his idea and nods in agreement. "I have never made gelatin from scratch, but it should not be too hard. I have heard it is a lot like braising." She purses her lips and hmmms softly. "It might come as a surprise, but I really like to cook." She actually seems a little embarrassed when she admits that.

She then shakes her head. "Titanium," she muses. "That sounds like it would be an expensive metal to use. If you can make the cube, I'll see if I can make the mixture up."

"I believe I have enough scrap lying around to create something suitable. I will make the cube." Engaged by this new challenge, Able is already plotting out ideas, but he takes an instant to tip his head to the side. "When you were under contract I studied you a great deal, but I didn't know you could cook."

He shares one of the small, tight-lipped smiles he reserves for people he likes, of which there are relatively few. "Yes, I will make the cube. In return, you will make pirozhki with zakuski. Deal?"

Yuliya offers a nod of her head. "Da, I cook well," she comments, still sheepishly. "It is something I find relaxing, and I sometimes cook at a place in Mutant Town, too. No one asks questions, and no one would think of looking for me there. I get my fun, and people get fed. It is a good thing, yes?"

She then slips off the workbench, and picks up the tube. "pirozhki with zakuski? Deal! I could make it blindfolded with my arms tied behind my back," she boasts playfully.

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