1965-01-15 - Documents and Donuts
Summary: Mary Jane gets a peek at Peter's notebook while he's out getting their breakfast.
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Sometime after the sun comes up, Peter went out for a bit to get Mary Jane and himself some coffee and danishes from the local deli. That leaves Mary Jane alone in the room, with Peter's webslinger from the night before still sitting on his desk, along with several notes. It's not like he can patent the designs - after all, if he did that, how'd he explain a webshooter as something he created for that menace Spider-Man? The notebook is opened to the original diagram, along with some other notes on other projects he had dreamed up.

MJ tries to respect some privacy of Peter's… but, well, he left the notes and everything out in the open. So, she pulls up a seat and looks at the notes, taking care not to tinker with the webshooter, but she starts working on her own ideas based on that design. She grins a bit, muttering "clever…" under her breath as she scribbles out some other ideas.

The notes are not only for various webshooters, but the first designs of his spider-suit. The web wings. All of it has technical jargon that MJ can understand, as they are in the same field. But there's one page of formulas that works on the whole silk shooting thing. A doodle of a scowling White Widow is on the side of the page, making a face as she has organic shooters. The formula for the silk is there before her, along with the flaws he built into it so that it only lasts for one hour before melting away. If anyone ever needed proof of the genius of Peter Parker, it's there in the book.

Mary Jane grins, then laughs to herself at the doodle of Gwen, shaking her head a bit as she starts scribbling down some of her own ideas. Something that is a bit different, just as a proof-of-concept, but it could be useful. Almost like grenades that explode outward, or pellets instead of a constant stream. So she starts crunching some numbers on what the possible effects would be, and if that would be even possible…

When she finishes her notes and turns the page - there's new entries. Peter, his name written in the center of the page. And from there, he has other notes - lines drawn to the names 'Gwen and Cindy?' and then another line down to 'Future Spider-Man? Recluse?' and another line that leads to a questionmark. 'Spider-Girl and Spider-Woman. SHIELD?'

And his own musings. - how do I bring them together? Would they even work together? Under that is 'Gwen - NOPE'. Another note spells out the problems with logistics - work with SHIELD? Stark? Wayne?

And at the bottom, there's one more doodle. A bracelet looking thing, with a tracer built into it. 'Do I give it self-defence? Would MJ even want it?'

MJ blinks, tilting her head, then murmurs, "Well, I guess I do get into trouble often enough…" She hrms, and fills in a few notes of her own on the side, not messing with Peter's notes as she gets a few ideas on what to do as far as possible sponsorship goes. As she gets to SHIELD, her nose wrinkles a bit, but she looks a little more intrigued at the idea of Stark, less so of Wayne as she considers a few other tricks on that bracelet. Mainly involving something more than just a 'tracer'.

One the last page is a half drawn picture of MJ in bed. She's asleep, dressed in a nightgown - she'll recognize it from one of the nights that he and her have spent together. 'I love this woman', 'How do I keep her safe?' and at the bottom, 'I want a life with her.' A little spider-mask with hearts above it. Outside, MJ will hear the sounds of Peter working his keys on the door to unlock it.

Mary Jane grins at the notebook, then quickly puts everything back where it was, before diving back under the covers, pretending to be asleep… because, well, she was snooping, so she'll figure a way to bring it up later.

Bringing in the food and drink, Peter arches a brow before he moves to sit on the edge of the bed, and waves a cup of coffee in the general direction of sleeping lump. "Hey, sleepy head." he offers with a grin. "Rise and shine. Should I say something like.. the early spider spins the web or something?"

MJ chuckles, "If you did I might throw a pillow at you… but you brought me coffee." She smiles and sits up, yawning a bit as she reaches for coffee, "Oooh. Sweet nectar of the gods."

Handing it over, Peter gives MJ a kiss, and then moves to sit in the chair at the desk. "How're you feeling this morning?" he asks, before drawing in a breath, as if having something on his mind, but not sure how to bring it up.

Mary Jane sips her coffee, and perks up a bit, "Oh, pretty good… definitely needed that sleep." She hmms, and looks over at Peter, "What's on your mind tiger? You look preoccupied."

Taking a draw from his own paper cup, Peter sets down the bag of donuts for the two to share. "Just thinking. There's been a lot of spider powered folks showing up lately. Gwen, her roommate.. that Latina girl. And then there's been a couple of others I've seen or heard of." he frowns a little. "I already know that Gwen isn't going to give me any slack after what happened at Christmas. Maybe I'm just trying too hard - instead of trying to work with them, maybe I should just be solo. I mean, I'm no Captain America."

MJ hmms, "Well, there's degrees of working together. I mean, you don't have to be a 'team' as such, but even just keeping things coordinated so you all are connected. That way you can share information and work together when you need to?" She sits up in the bed, sipping her coffee as she needs the caffeine before delving into the donuts.

"Yeah. But Gwen's already proven she's not going to do that. Maybe I need someone that can handle that better.. I mean, not everyone loves my wit and charm." Peter smirks at that, before lifting his dark eyes to his girlfriend. "But I'm not sure if I want to get you embroilled in this whole life.." Any more than she already has been, kidnapped by a Gwen fan boy, the troubles of being his girlfriend..

Mary Jane gives Peter a wry look, snatching a cream-filled donut at that, "Yeah, because I've not been kidnapped multiple times already. Face it tiger, I'm in this regardless, so I might as well do something with it."

There's a smile offered. Pride, really. But it's matched with a level of concern. "Well, we need to do this in a way where you don't just say 'hi, I'm Spider-Man's lover, would you like to meet him?'." he points out with a wry smirk before reaching over, and steals a finger of cream from her donut. "I've been considering trying to approach SHIELD. You know. Just to see what they think. But I get the idea that they aren't the type that's gonna let me run around in a fancy suit with my mask on."

MJ wrinkles her nose, "Ugh, SHIELD. Not sure I could trust them. Hell, they probably have me down as a subversive already." She grins, "I did make that rally after all. But yeah, hrm." She looks thoughtful.

"You did, I wouldn't be surprised if you're on someone's 'list' now." Peter rolls his eyes a little and sips again. "How'd that go anyway? You never told me about it." Then he considers. "There's Stark." he finally offers. "I mean. The tech, awesome. The uh.. whole disregard for hiding identities? Not so much."

Mary Jane nods, "Well, I'm not sure if I'd trust that either… oh, the rally was fine. Some knuckleheads tried to make it all about them, and missed the point of the rally, but overall it went pretty well. Had to go early, but it was nice since Stephanie was there with me." She grins, and looks a bit thoughtful, though… as if percolating some ideas.

"Oh, I hadn't seen her in a while. She doing okay?" Peter asks curiously before he plucks out a glazed donut to munch on. "I used to think, that you know, I could handle the small beans - the street criminals - the ones that groups overlook, because they're dealing with the world-ending threats. Rescuing a kitten from a tree? Totally my bag." he admits. "But. Lately, I've been finding myself in bigger and bigger things. It.. might be time to decide if I want to keep doing this, knowing that I'm getting a little over my head and learn to swim.. or put the mask away and return to Peter Parker, college student."

MJ considers, "I… don't think you'd be very happy with yourself, if you stopped doing this. So you might want to learn to swim, hon." She grins, "I mean, whatever you decide, I'll back it… but you know you're not going to be happy unless you're helping people."

"Yeah. I know. Sometimes it's just.. a thought, you know?" Peter asks, looking to MJ. "Concentrate on some of the other things in my life that matter." He gives her a warm smile and then munches on his donut. "Anyway. I realized.. that we're in the same field, and you've never seen how I made my webshooters."

Mary Jane grins, "Oh, that's true… I always wondered how you made those…" She hmmms, getting out of the bed and moving over to sit at the desk, peering curiously at the shooter on display.

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