1965-01-17 - Quiet Night In
Summary: The gang takes a night off
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Kaleb headed out with jay to do a thing and came back with bloodshot eyes, but otherwise entirely (and astoundingly) in one piece for a change. Today's adventure was having an obscene amount of chinese food delivered to them from Wing Sing with special order of dim sum. Kaleb was eating his dumbpling and rice sitting next to Max on their couch watching some broadcast on teh newly renovated televiion. Maybe this was a bad idea because every five seconds Kaleb was asking, "Well what's he saying?… well what'd she tell him? … oh yeah he's not walking away from this one."

Maximus has picked at his food, in a slightly melancholy mood, and finally given up and tilted himself to lay his head in Kaleb's lap while he quietly listens to Kaleb fuss at the TV. "Kellan? Can you make one of your doubles just sit by the dial so that he can change the channels?"

"No," Kellan says from where he sits on the floor in front of the couch, leaning back against it near Kaleb's legs but far enough down so as not to obscure Max's view. "That's still really bloody boring, even if I could. Would you go stand over there by the TV and just turn the knob?" He has a container of broccoli and beef in one hand and is gradually making his way through it while he watches whatever is on the screen.

Kaleb made room for his sullen signifigant other. He consoled him by holding out the dumpling withthe chopsticks without dropping it on him by accident…again… he was getting better at this. And hey he learned to share. Now he was disinclined to get up, and less inclined to ask Kellan to play butler. He got to do it once and that was when he was sick. Short of convalessing he didn't dare ask. There was a mischevous grin growin and suddenly the sound dropped off the TV. Echo offered, "Well… we can make our own dialogue. It's like changing the channel but without getting up."

Maximus smiles at that, charmed by the sonic as he ever is. He picks the dumpling off his chest and arches a brow up at kaleb, then eats it, like its some sort of punishment for the other man. "YOu know, an assortment of food types is something new to me.I do like that much." He yawns and then tilts himself to get more comfortable. "Kellan, you can't do boring things with your doubles? I should think you would always do so for chores and the like."

"Sure, but I do them that way to get them done faster," Kellan points out, "Like doing the dishes and going shopping and studying and vising my folks, so that I have time to go wandering around with Kaleb and spending time doing the things I want to do. And I just do them, and get them done, then dissipate the copy so it's not hanging around." Though, he does admit, "Though, I will admit… that I have been keeping one around, just to see how long they can last.. and how far I can be away from it before it disappears or I lose contact or.. something."

Kaleb loved not being alone, well, with the right people. He slid over and turned a bit to give Max more room and stretch out more comfortably not even object to being used as a pillow. There was an easy grin on his face as he allowed the figures on the screen have a conversation though he dubbed it himself so inexplicably the plot was now about the illegal import and smuggling of blueberry pies by a crime ring of grandmothers. "We should do a challenge and find some place different to eat every day for a month. That could be a lot of fun." And if he was honest he really enjoyed trying new things with them. Though there was a pause and he looked to the older miller twin, "You're not all here?"

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