1965-01-16 - Strange Reception & Telenovellas
Summary: After a strange assignment with the Blue Team, Jay and Kaeb return from the future with takes of Disco while Maximus 'fixed' teh television to make it…well it's more interesting
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Kaleb has dealt with waaay too many concerts. He vowed in fact, no more. He was done for now. Stepping into the apartment he took the helmet off looking around. "Max? Kell?" He looked around, "Guys?"

"Ever feel like maybe God's challengin' everythin' you love?" Jay murmurs tiredly as he follows, glued to Kaleb's backside until they're home. "We're oh-for-two on concerts already." a helpless little smile slid toward his best friend. "But until the killin' part, things sounded amazin'."

Maximus is…at the apartment? for some reason, he did not go to the concert and he's presumably been around at least a little, to keep track of Kaleb being not-dead and such. But, also likely involved in some work…trying to take over the world, the usual. He's got a screwdriver, a weird-looking tool and has just done something to the TV when they arrive. He looks up and over and grins. "YOu both look like you had an…interesting time. What was that about killing?"

Kaleb pulled the helmet that Max made him off his head; eyes being bloodshot where the whites of his eyes are now red. Otherwise he looked just fine. He's walking fine if not a bit tired. He murmured, "I might've killed a teammate… future… self of… I don't…know." He was tired asnd was summing things up badly. "Future self of teammate was possessed by some… thing. Killed a lady. We discovered something called 'disco' and… you're going to hate the 1970's apparently. On a music level." You know hte important stuff. The helmet was set down and looked over his shoulder. "Jay you ok?"

Jay squeezes Kaleb's shoulder firmly, pausing a bit when he sees Max in the apartment, adjusting quietly as he moves through the apartment, listening to Kaleb's explanation of the mission. "He's gonna be okay, Kale. There wasn't a whole lot of choices. If that's the direction that pop goes, can you imagine what happens with folk and rock? It's gonna be amazin'." Yes, focusing on the important stuff while he takes his shoes off for a night in. Big green eyes veer back to Kaleb. "Huh? Yeah, Ah'm fine. Don't worry about it. You want me t' make ya somethin' t'eat before you crash?"

"You were drawn into th efuture? What? Explain this, how could you possibly…" Maximus frowns and looks at how Jay's demeanor changes upon noticing him. "Jay…do not leave…we are not like the others." He tries to assure, because…he's been around them…he knooooows.

Kaleb looked up boggling and shook his head confused, tired. "I'm fi-coffee." Belay the fine. Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. The helmet wass et down with care and he spoke, though his voice was a slightly rasp, "Telepaths. Craziness. I don't even know. But this… thing, being? Comprise of dust is now elsewhere and I think… I think we did a good thing?" He looked to Jay, "Logan's gonna heal right? Like you?"

"Yer gonna need sleep, not be buzzin' like a bee," Jay teases Kaleb lightly, but doesn't push too hard as he slips out of his shoes, tossing them into his room and making way into the kitchen. "Mister Logan's healin' factor is among the best out there. Ah wouldn't bullshit you, Kale. He's gonna be okay." Sincere, but reassuring.

Jay starts in with the coffee machine, glancing back toward Max while he prompts the machine into order. His eyes bounce between Kaleb and Max while he distractedly pours the grounds into it. "Uhm, thanks, Max." Feathers swish slightly.

Maximus says this, but…then he also does set down his tools and come in closer to Kaleb. He puts his hands on the side of the man's head and looks at his ears, then the rest of him, appraisingly. "So, you banished a time being…I suppose…that is good. Inhumans that manifest with any temporal abilities are…highly rare. So dangerous. But…let us hope that you did not alter the…no, I suppose it wouldn't work that way." His head hurts.

Kaleb cracked a half smile, even those bloodshot eyes alit jsut slightly, "We stopped a future event from getting out of hand,not a past one… also I broke the very expensive machine…" He was actually slightly amused by this taking confort from Jay's assurance that over time Logan will recover. "Heh, I It it wrong I find that kinda fantastic. I yelled at something across a decade and popped it. Kinda makes me think of that story with your brother though, Max. We should probably be careful with that." He let Max wobble his head around and examine him, tired, but only a little scuffed. "Hey the helmet worked. You did good."

Jay just tries not to think about it too much, what they just did. Avoiding a headache before Kaleb goes down is number one priority, so rather than the complications of the future or past, he focuses on the present, closing up the coffee machine and letting it do its thing. His palms brace on the counter behind him, leaning his hips back.

"If you know the future, you could come back and potentially alter it, so that…it never happens. YOu say the music is terrible. Well, hopefully you took notes and we can fix that." And Thus did Maximus and Kaleb, 6 years from now, invented Sir Elton John, to save the 70s from everything being terrible.

Kaleb shook his head, "I'm tired, I'm irritatied… which I'm guessing means I'm healty. Jsy-" He was looking at Max, but squint, "Jay I can feel the look. We're fine. We're just not," he paused, "Wel're not doing concerts for wa while." And he must be ccomfortable enough with Jay because the rare, rare trace of PDA was there when he kissed Max on the cheek as assurance. "Show us what you've been working on? We want to order food I think I can eat an entire Tony's Pizza by myself right now."

"He didn't say the music was bad," Jay points out while he waits for Kaleb's coffee to brew. "He said yer not gonna like it. We loved it. Though Ah'm still bummed they didn't let us go to a record store after." Jay turns, giving that small token of pda some privacy while he fetches a cup. "What look? There ain't a look, Kale."

"I do not see a look." Max also encourages, then he guides Kaleb over to the couch to sit him down. "Have a look." He flips the dial on the TV and there are several stations overlapped onto each other. "I boosted the receptive power. If there were a human station in space, you would be able to get that now." Of course, this also means that he probably needs to fix its ability to tune to specific ones. But for now, Kaleb can watch an American show and a Chinese show, at the same time, overlapped. Its terrible. "Who is the They that would not let you go?"

Kaleb sat down and was about to answer when… oh god… Max was doing things to… Dobie Gillis and some balet?! He had to ask, "Jay, did TV Guide say Maynard Krebbs and Dobie GIllis were going to the balet?" This was a caophony. He was not, however, one to tell Max he failed. There was a certain safeguard of the esteem of his family he actually worked to maintain. "The sound overlap is a little difficult. Is it possible to do a split screen?" As if one had to do withthe other. "Oh hey! Hey that lady said come in…" His eyes got slightly larger and he actually picked out, of all things, the word 'Jin'. Hey he was learning slowly there. "The gals there said we'd break reality if we brough the records back. They're probably not wrong. But I think we cna do our own thing here jsut can't… publish it and have to wait." His nose wronkled. Kaleb Miller was not a patient man.

Oh God. Oh God. Max is touching something mechanical. Nothing was okay any more. The winged young man cranes his neck to watch what's happening. "Ah don't think so. Lord are there cats involved?" He frowns a bit, worriedly looking at Kaleb. "Kale…y'just stressed yerself pretty hard back there. Maybe turn it down?" Or off. Or throw the whole television off the balcony now? But he wont say that, of course.

|ROLL| Maximus +rolls 1d6 for: 5

Maximus helpfully changes the channel a few times. He's not an idiot. He can see that that particular channel is screwed. But, not every frequency is shared, or active, at the moment. Still an age when TV just…stopped…at 11PM and there was just dead air, in places. So, he keeps turning until he lands on one that isn't mixed up. Its in Spanish. "The gals…in the future? I am shocked they believed you."

Kaleb waved a hand and was curious on the channels pausing, "Oh that looks sharp." And this is how the 5th Avenue apartment was introduced to teh telenovellas. "Well the picture is very clear. THis is… impressive. We can spy on foreign nations from teh comfort of our own living room." The upside! He watched Jay and coffee… mostly coffee until he HAD the coffee then Jay again and back to Max, ""The gals came with us. Mutant operation to help one of our own some…when. Somewhen is …yeah somewhen."

Coffee has been hunted. Gathered. Prepared. Jay comes across the floor about when the channel clears and he turns the handle out for Kaleb to take. "Spying on foreign nations' daytime television. Now we just gotta get Doug up here to tell us what they're sayin'." hooking his thumbs into his beltloops, Jay flicks a couple looks in Max's direction before looking away again to the oddness on the screen. "Pretty neat.". 'Somewhen' makes him smile slightly, giving Kaleb a faint smile of amusement.

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