1965-01-18 - Friendly Game of Darts
Summary: Vitale extends a hell of a job offer to the Bonaventure Bros. before darts get interesting, and lobsters attack back
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Vitale so rarely came across anyone that he thought would be good for the 'family business' as he preferred to call it than any other unsavory term. He liked to think that maybe one day this wouldn't be his life, that maybe one day, he'd have a normal job, maybe as some kind of miracle doctor, so much so that he rarely acknowledged that anyone might be useful for the /mafia/. And, well, with his father's not so high view of mutants, the friends he does manage to make are often times not ones that his father would approve of having around. JP, however, looks normal enough to pass and his skills would be so useful, it was hard not to see the opportunity and potential that he would be passing up if he ignored them.

And also well, JP was very, very attractive and if he were running jobs for Vitale, Vitale would see more of him. Often. There was no fault that Vitale could see in this. Especially because going on jobs means the likelihood of JP being injured increases, which means there's going to be plenty of reasons for Vitale to put his hands all over JP's body. Truly, this was a win-win scenario all the way around.

He hopes to find the man in the bar, thinking that he might be a frequent visitor. What scrappy young guy doesn't like a nice beer after a good fight?

Well Vitale wasn't wrong. JP was good looking enough, but mostly a magnet for finding trouble, and willing to break a lot of laws for a buck. He was also fairly renown if you know a guy, who knows a guy, who met a guy with his ear to the ground. If you met that guy? He could tell you JP was one of the best passive safe crackers in the biz. That said he seemed either oblivious or ambivalent to any ulterior victories that might be gleaned off talking 'jobs'. The Cajun was reliably found at Eight Ball slinging darts looking as hale and hearty as everyone else under the weather around here. His beer was running on empty indicating being here for a bit, though really, it was a nice safe haven that didn't ask people to leave that had heat. Also a big win.

When Vitale spots JP, he goes up to the bar and orders him a beer, bringing it over to him, he lightly taps JP's elbow with his own. "You're looking a right sight prettier without the shiner, you know. How have you been?" He offers the beer out first, business deals should always be iniated with beer, a peace offering.

JP scoffed in good humor, "Prettier? I dunno about that. Ain' you heard? Scars dig chicks." Ka-THWAK! The dart sailed into the cork hanging on the wall. Those dark brown eyes scanned from the board to the beer arching an eyebrow. A faint nod followed as invitation to join. "Ehhh been good as anyone else. Met this gal. Tried t'run me over wit' a horse. Tha' was new."

"I think it might be the other way around actually," Vitale almost snorts when JP says that a girl tried to run him over with a horse. "You get into all kinds of shenanigans, you know? I'm going to expect a new story every time I see you now, you've set the bar high for yourself." He sets the beer down and nods at it so that JP knows it was a gift for him and holds a hand out for a dart. "Any broken ribs you've got that you need healin' this time?"

JP snorted talking the beer lifting it, "Merci." eyebrows arched in concession, "maybe. maybe it is, maybe it ain't. But exciting it is always being. God willin'. Don' honestly know what I'd do roadside. your throw. What's new wit' you, V?"

"Actually, I didn't come here to shoot the shit with you, not just that at least. I have a business proposition for you, Gorgeous." He moves into place and throws the dart, having it fall a bit left of center. "It comes with money, lots of money, and if you get hurt, I can always fix you up."

JP Arched an eyebrow shakin his head, "Whoooo, yous know flattery is gettin' you everywhere." He looked around and everyone was minding their own damn business as far as anyone being obvious. Still he kept it quiet as he did vague and casual. This was not his first go around being hired for a gig. Ask him how his ass landed in New York of all things. The Cajun's expression was as casual as it ever was. "well, V, I got ears." Which meant he was listening and apparenrly open to hear him out. There was a critical look given to Vitale on the sly that while he was happy as a daisy to keep up the banter but they were absolutely having a business discussion.

"You do? I thought those were just for decoration." Vitale teases and steps closer to drop his voice a little lower to keep the conversation between the pair of them. "You see, my father runs a business, most of it isn't quite so legal." Italian. Mafia. It should be easy to make that connection. "We could use your skills. Think you could crack a couple safes open for me? Maybe punch a specific guy? Maybe steal a few things by telling them to come home with you? The paycheck would be large."

JP wasnt' exactly jumping for joy going woo cash. That he could boost on the sly when careful. He did think about this though for a long moment. A middle finger and bent first finger poked at the surface of the bar offering his limits, "No women, absolutely no kids, and no churches. I don' fuck around wit' no churchs. MmMmm." There was a hum of absolute nothin doin from teh Frenchman. His head wobbled, "Couple boxes an' a set of wheels? Tha'z no big deal. This? This I can prolly do for you."

"Those are all rules I can abide by. We never involve kids or churches anyway. Women are sometimes collateral when they're attached to their husbands, but I can make sure you're never on a job that would put you in a position that would compromise any of your rules." Vitale agrees, easily, he doesn't have to hesitate to think on whether or not they would be compatible with the line of work. "Wouldn't be all on one job, might call on you a couple of times."

JP took another swig off his beer and tilted his head. "Jues' lemme know what's up before han' an where t'be. Likely me an' mon frere will be there. If this so? I divide my share, don' worry. I pay em out. Is good." He considered and asked curiously, "You met Sev?"

"Of course, you'll have all the information you'll need and you'll be well taken care of when it comes to money, and also, if you get hurt, you know I won't let that last long." Vitale tosses another dart, dead center this time. He has always had a great eye. "Sev? Don't think I have. Partner of yours?"

JP arched his eyebrow and murmured "Tres bien, tres bien." Mad props on that toss. He chuckled, "Nah, well… yeah. My lil brother is my business partner too. Sometimes. Has more common sense than I do, but, I think he' be agreeable with health care thrown in. I know no Italian's rollin on their word."

Vitale preens under the compliments. "Thank you. I'm good with aim so long as I'm not four drinks into a game." Or a job. Never drink before a job. Couple of men nearly lost their lives doing that. Would have, if Vitale didn't exist. How convenient for his father to have raised a mutant with healing powers, a real gift from God, Vitale was. "Little brother? If he's as useful as you are, he's in. I won't let him stay hurt for long either."

Severin comes wandering on in to the Eight Ball, making his way over toward the bar through the haze that seems to hang perpetually in the air. He glances around, looking for familiar faces. That's when he spots JP and wanders on over, slinging an arm around his brother's shoulders and then ruffling his hair. "Who's your friend?" he asks in that cajun accent that places him neatly in the short list of possibles in the room as JP's little brother, in the flesh.

JP was playing darts with Vitale, half a beer in. Thoughtfully he muttered something in French that was mostly swearing and a promise to Oya that there's be business of another sort. When Sev slung his arm around his shoulder JP relaxed sinking into his stance translating the highlights, thumb gesturing to Severin "Anyone make Sev hurt yous pullin me off a bloody corpse." No one hurts his fuckin family. The grin dimpled stretchin from ear to ear like the easy going bullshit artist he was otherwise when no one was threatened. "Sev, this' Vitale. He the one that fixed me up. He sayin he got a couple jobs for us."

"I'm the little brother in my family, I think some of my older brothers would say the same about me even though I can heal myself just fine. If someone hurts your baby brother, you're more than welcome to murder whoever you'd like." Severin comes in and Vitale's eyes are drawn to him as well, just as gorgeous as JP, the same accent that sends a tremor down Vitale's spine. This has to be the brother, right? JP confirms it, in a voice that sounds far away as Vitale is trying not to let his eyes linger too long on the new face. "Speak of the devil and he appears, huh?" He offers his hand out to the newcomer. "Vitale, like he said. I will pay you well, nothing too dangerous."

Once JP is duly ruffled, he reaches out to take the offered hand and give it a firm but friendly shake. "Fixed you up an' will pay us well? Well, consider me signed up." For what, he has no idea, but apparently that doesn't seem to matter. He seems willing enough, and the grin that spreads across his face is nigh on wolfish. "What sorta trouble am I gettin' myself in to now?" he asks, finally, looking Vitale over as well.

JP chuckled with a widening grinwith a feign to dodge but didn't care getting mussed up. He picked up his beer and upnodded to the bartender, held up the beer, and then pointed to Sev. It was the testure of 'hook this man up, yo'. He answered Sev in short, "I gave em the layout: No harassin women, chil'ren, no churches." The latter he added on but he was adamant about that.

If Severin is injured in anyway, even minorly, he will feel that ache slip away from him and into Vitale instead through that contact. He holds on just a moment longer than he needs to, to be sure the other man is free of any ailments before he releases his hand. "Oh you know, the perfectly illegal kind. Just some stealing, nothing that violates your rules and if you get hurt, I assure you that you won't stay hurt. You'll be paid often and a lot."

Severin has a little bit of a sore ankle from their running around the other night, and that pain just vanishes as he is held onto by Vitale. Both brows go up with curiosity and then his smile turns sly. "Oh, now that's pretty cool." He leans up against a nearby wall and says, "Well, alright then. You tell me what I need to do an' when. I'm alright with gettin' paid for a job done."

JP gave Vitale and Severin that smug look of 'I told you I know the right people' Ka-THOK. The dart hit metal and only a single digit space. Not the finest hour. "Jes' need the specifics. Warnin of what to expect? Outside of that? Is no big deal. You handle the what, we got the how." The look he gave to his Brother was one of pleased assurance commenting in French «And in New York there are fewer things that'll try to wallow you alive wehn you're a duck.»

That smug look is far more attractive that it has any right to be on JP's face and when he starts speaking /French/, Vitale thinks he might die right there. There's gotta be a limit on how attractive people are allowed to be right? "Well, for one, there's a safe I'd like you to crack for me. We'll call it a test run, not that I don't think you can do it, but of course, there's got to be a trial. Show me just how good you are."

«I am not turning into a duck», Severin retorts to JP in that creole French that they toss back and forth with one another from time to time. But then he swaps back to English because, company. "Alright," Severin says to Vitale, eyes lighting up a bit at the challenge. "You show me where to find this safe of yours, and I will get into it and show you what I get out of it."

JP made faint quacking sounds with a wry grin picking on his brother, though really, he was not at all fond of things trying to eat him. All things in good nature. "Eh we could look into someplace fair after this." Looking back to VItale he assured, "We don a bunch of these. We may not sound all Northern fancy but we know how t'keep our yap shut."

Vitale smiles at the way that JP seems to be picking on his little brother, reminds him of his own brothers, before they had more important things to do, people to swindle and threaten, a father to compete for affection from because they all wanted to take over the family business when he kicked the bucket. It's nice, that innocence, even in the wake of what they were discussing.

Vitale takes a piece of paper from his pocket, an address on it. "It's on the second floor, in an office. The owner leaves every Saturday from five in the evening til late at night, usually off with a different girl each week. You'll have back up on the off chance you might get found out but I doubt that's going to be a problem for you both. Take everything you find in it, bring it all to me and I'll make sure you're paid. I'll give you part of it up front too."

Severin gave JP a bit of a shove at the quacking noises but then his beer is arriving and he is duly distracted by that. He lifts up his pint and takes a swallow from it. Glancing between JP and Vitale, he nods his agreement with JP but does not voice it because beer is currently taking priority. Though when the slip of paper is produced, he reaches out and nicks it between his fingers, reading it over, and then tucking it into his pocket. "Alright, enough business. Tell me something interesting about you, Vitale."

JP waded over in that easy plod of his to pull the darts back and held them up. "Yeah rules of the game." Oh there are rules now?! "you aim at the board, and the number you hit is the quality of the question yous get t'ask."

"Well, here I was just going to start giving facts about me away, but now you've made it interesting." He nods to Severin when JP returns with the darts. "He wanted the facts, he gets to throw the first dart and gets to ask the first question. I'm an open book though, gorgeous." He throws a wink to Severin.

|ROLL| Severin +rolls 1d20 for: 13

«Shit, JP, I was about to get something for free and then you went and put rules on it.» Severin smirks over at JP and then he takes the dart, however, and says, "Fine then.. " He takes up the dart and then glances over to Vitale, one brow creeping up a bit at the open flirting, something that surprises him for a moment, all things considered. But it only makes his smile a little more amused before he tosses the dart. He gets a 13, which isn't bad, a little better than average, so he asks, "Got any tricks aside from healing?"

JP looked entirely too self-satisfied by the compliments. At least JP remembered that compliments don't buy beers. "I make everythin interesting, V. If it ain't a challenge it ain't no fun." He looked to Severin and gave him a wry grin at the French «Guess you're going to have to learn to up your darts game, brother». JP, like the instigator he was, drank his beer and watched this one.

"Depends on your defintion of 'trick'. I heal, but I take whatever is hurting you and I get it instead. So I can heal you and I heal myself very quickly. That's as far as my mutation goes though. Very useful in my father's line of work to have someone that can take away a bullet wound and heal from it in a half hour." Vitale explains. "I can throw a mean punch, speak Italian and I shoot really, really well." He moves a little closer to Severin. "And you? I know about JP's. What can you do?"

Severin considers that and grins, "That's pretty crazy.. though, sounds like it'd hurt like a sonofabitch in the meantime." He winces a bit at that and says, "You stronger than' me. I don' wanna feel that shit once, let alone feel it from bein' done to someone else." He lifts his beer in Vitale's direction then says, "Ey, weren't you supposed to toss a dart before you get to ask?" He checks his brother to see if the rules still apply.

JP laughed and said "Yeaaaaah you should' seen em when he fix my eye an' ribs up? WHOOOOOOOO tha' look on his face was somethin else." He held the dart out in his fingers to Vitale with a tilt of his head, "Is rules, mon ami. Ruls for a reason." He noted to Severin, "Careful wit' this one. He got an arm on em."

|ROLL| Vitale +rolls 1 d20 for: 18

Vitale raises his hands in surrender. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm good at breaking the rules." He takes the dart from JP and tosses it. Just barely off center, as he turns to Sev and smiles. "I'm half tempted to change my question now, but same one, what tricks you got hidden up your sleeve?" He asks, that big smile, still refusing to fade from his face.

Severin glances over at JP and raises both brows, grinning a little bit when JP backs up the rules-is-rules argument, but Vitale's arm is good and he chuckles. "I'm a shapeshifter," he offers up, "I can take the shape of any animal that I've seen enough to get a good feel for its form." He shrugs his shoulders a little, "And I can," he taps his temple and points at JP's temple and points back, "Talk in your head when I do it so I don't have to bark at you or somethin'."

JP murmured, "Yeaaaah is usually stull like 'Hey, JP, I can't be bothered to have thumbs right now. Can you get the screen door so I can do out?'" That dimpled grin hung suggesting this was not close to accurate. He handed another dart to Vitale and one to Severin. Wait, what was JP getting out of this? Entertainment.

Vitale listens intently as Severin explains his power. "I was gonna ask you what your favorite shape to stay in was, but I guess I've got to throw a dart to get you to answer that, huh? It's your turn too, and I agreed to play fair." He steps back and gestures for Severin to throw. "That could be extremely valuable though, especially in our line of work."

|ROLL| Severin +rolls 1d20 for: 12

Severin smirks over at JP and says, "Hey, you do it. So that's on you, frere." His eyes sparkle with amusement though. He takes up another dart and takes careful aim as he grins over at Vitale and says, "You can ask that on the next round, or something else if you score higher." His second shot is a little more mediocre than the first and so he asks, "Do you speak any langauges other than Italian?"

JP grinned and shook his head, "That I do. That I do. And I don't speak Italian." He paused and looked to Vitale, "Ooooh him. V, there you go." JP spun on his chair and nursed his beer looking, well at least hale and hearty, but shake Vitale's hand and that happens. "We should make this a regular thing. This' entertaining as all get out."

|ROLL| Vitale +rolls 1 d20 for: 18

Vitale smiles. "I'm fluent in kissing, English and Italian. I can give you lessons in the first if you'd like." He teases. "That's all I know though." He pulls back his hand again, and this time he's not even looking at the dartboard, instead he drops his eyes to Sev's lower lip and tosses, hitting just off center once again. He draws his eyes away from Sev and to the board. "Oh. That was good one too, huh? What animal do you like the best and why?"

Severin grins over at JP and says, "You going to take a turn in this or you jus' gonna watch Vitale and I go back and forth, eh?" There's a grin and an arch of a brow at Vitale at the offer and says, "I might take you up on that. It has been a while." Then he watches the shot and shakes his head, "Remind me not to play this guy for money," said aside to JP. But true to the rules of the game, he answers the question, "The cat, I think. Can hunt, can sneak about, got good night vision, and everyone wants one."

|ROLL| JP +rolls 1d20 for: 1

JP Laughed and said "Frere, I already told you not to play em for questions!" He did warn that. He sighed and agreed and threw the dart. It not only missed the board but narrowly missed another patron, knocking his beer over, and landing with a *CRAK* in the panneling behind. The greaser lifted the back of his knuckles to his mouth laughing too damn hard. "Aaaah man I think taht means I get next roun'. Do not worry man, I think that jes' includes you too?" Which was fair. As much as he loved a fight he respected someone's beer.

|ROLL| Vitale +rolls 1 d20 for: 9

Quite distracted by the idea of teaching Severin about the language of kissing and laughing at JP's miss, Vitale's next dart hits the board but just barely. "Ah, that one wasn't very good. Gotta be a real simple question then, huh?" He says. "I'll give you a yes/no one. When there aren't any eyes on us…" And he takes another step closer, watching JP go off to get them all another round and laying on that charm hard. "Can I kiss you? Or is there a dinner requirement first?"

Severin smirks over at JP and says, "Oui, oui.. I know, I know," with a wave of his hand and a loft of his beer to his lips to take another long draught from the glass. JP's shot, however, makes him wince and shake his head. "That was pretty bad, frere, perhaps it is time to cut you off?" He flashes a grin and then looks over toward Vitale to see who and what he will ask next. For a moment Sev considers the question and then tips his chin up and says, "Yes. No."

JP arched an eyebrow and condsidered that. That could have gone a lot worse. When teh other guy was assured there would be a replacement beer things seemed to chill out. At the easy quesiton? The older Bonaventure laughed, "Sev' so much nicer than I am. I'd absolutely make dinner a requirement." Because all things to get free food. He looked at the dark in his hand and sighed. He set it down. Safer.

Vitale drops his eyes to Severin's lips one more time and then casts a look around the room to see if anyone is looking their way. Most everyone besides JP is distracted with a game, with a beer, with the pretty girl with scales they're trying to take home, for just a moment, no one is paying attention to the men playing darts. "Dinner is still on the table," Vitale promises JP distractedly as he lightly moves a hand beneath Severin's chin to coax it up and bends down to meet Sev's lips with his, the pressure light, phrased like a question Sev is meant to answer.

Severin shrugs his shoulders at JP and says, "Dinner I can get anywhere for free," with a flash of a smile. "You have no idea how many people don't think about people who can turn into animals coming through their pet doors." But then there is Vitale drawing his attention back to the Italian man when his chin is tipped up for a kiss. The light touch perhaps surprises him a little. He hooks a finger in Vitale's belt loop and pulls him a little closer to return that kiss, not seeming to care who might look, at least he doesn't glance around to check, and then releases him afterward with a grin.

JP dimpled a wry grin and said to Severin, "Says you. Tha' don' do me any good. I gotta barter for somethin. Wink an' a nudge don' keep food on a table." Still he didn't care about the nature of the exchange and after that kiss? He laughed and drank his beer. "Maaaan I gotta get better at darts." That was the truth.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Eight Ball, yeah, yeah. Clint walks in the bar with a styrofoam cooler held out in his hands, shooting a glare at the bouncer when he's stopped. "Seriously? /Seriously/?" His irritation high, Barton sets the cooler down and sets his foot lightly on it. Rummaging around in his pockets for a coina pennyand leans in, pointing to a shotglass on the bar, halfway across the room. "See that?" Snapping his fingers, the penny goes flying, pinging off the wall, off a speaker, then into the glass. Barton gives the bouncer the flatest look he can manage, staring him down. Blink, you son of a bitch, blink.

The hand lifts from his chest and the blond cons his way inside, shoving the cooler under one arm while he weaves through the crowd. All the way to JP. A double-take on V and Sev, he arches a brow. "Huh. Nice." Then turns to JP, shoving the cooler into the man's chest, looking smug as all hell.

Severin's finger in Vitale's belt loop draws Vitale in deeper, making him just a little bolder for that moment, chasing the first kiss with a second before he pulls away, thumb moving across Severin's lower lip as he does. "Now, is the dart a prerequisite for more of those?" He teases, a hand up and over Sev's side as a smile grows large on his face as well.

Severin doesn't seem to even mind the second stolen kiss that was not won with the darts, chuckling a little bit. "Yes," Severin says to Vitale, "For now, anyway. That's the game, non?" His cajun accent matches that of his brother. To JP he says, "What? You don't like what I bring you? Fine, next time I slide in to some rich folks house and find all that fancy stuff, I'm setting myself up a feast and you can Colette can fend for yourself, eh?" He does accept the new round of beers though when JP comes around with another, glancing at Clint when he shoves a cooler at his brother. "What you got there?"

JP blinked as that coin went ricocheting around the room. Though at Vitale's question he chuckled always up for making life difficult and raising the bar a little bit more. "Haaaa say y-" He paused cut off by a styrofoam cooker to the chest. He held it because, well that's what you do when things are shoved at you, though the beer had to get set down. This was confusing as hell. "Clint what the hell is wrong wi-…mon dieu…" He peeked in the cooler at the smapping little bastard crawling around inside. He had to ask, "You bought a lobster?!" Now technically he never really specified that was a requirement and waived that. Technically.

Sans rubber bands and everything, there is a snapping, pissed off and confused lobster crawling around on its belly in the bottom of the pressed foam scoop. And Clint still has all his fingers! Personal victories all around. People are making out, there's a dude with too many knee joints in the corner getting his dance on, and Clint looks a bit like a cat who just left a half a sparrow on his stupid human's pillow; hooking his thumbs in his beltloops and letting his elbows hand loose at his side.

"Bought?" The archer scoffs the word, a crooked smile curling on his lips. "What's the fun in that?" Stormy eyes dancing with dark humor as he /stares/ at JP, waiting for him to understand something unspoken.

Vitale remembers JP mentioning a lobster, waiting for some guy to bring him a lobster and that it was reason why JP didn't mind being flirted with in the least by another man. So when he mentions the lobster, Vitale's attention is stolen from Severin for a moment, but only slightly, a hand resting lightly at his side, thumb rubbing idly at his hips. "You weren't making that up. Some guy literally did owe you a lobster." He says in surprise.

Both brows go up when the contents of the cooler is revealed and he starts to laugh, "Frere, you got you an entire lobster, live an' kickin'." Then he looks over toward Clint and says, "So what do you ow'em for the lobster, eh?" He studies Clint for a moment and, without stepping away from Vitale, offers a hand to shake, "Severin, the little brother. And this is Vitale, in the event that you haven't yet been introduced." He chuckles at Vitale's surprise as well.

JP was blinking into the container, and you could tell he and Severin were the real articles spat up from Bayou country because JP stuck his finger in there to poke at it. "Haaaaaa this' lil dud is right pissed. Sev lookit the size of this lil bastard." He hopped off his stool and was confused retruning with all five fingers still attached, though narrowly, "Vitale, I'm many things? But no one ever accume me of being a liar." He looked to Clint and asked, "You got a stove?" See, Severin knew exactly how his brother worked and everything ran on trade. He answered, "Oh shit! I didn' tell you. Yeah he was askin What like this' your whole name? We can call you that now?" He sighed, but was too amused at how he didn't win that battle of wits to be pissed that he didn't win. "I says to him, not without gettin me a lobster first. Fucker speak French well enough though. Called me out on it, so I says suuuuure." The mechanic had to give him props for that one. "Tres bein." To the other two he said "I'm a go find us a way t'cook this guy up." Putting the lid back on he looked to Clint expectantly like hey I'm not the one withthe kitchen, man, lead on.

Clint gives Sev a look over once he's finally done grinning at JP like an imp. Reaching back out to clasp his hand. "Clint." The same passed in Vitale's direction without even a glance at where Vitale's other fingers hooked into. His handshake is firm without being muscling over. He is just pleased as punch while his confused lobster tries to take a snip out of JP, letting the cajun fellow explain the wager. Or rather, the conversation. "Yeah, he's plenty angry. I can't really blame him, he's had a hell of a confusing day." Clint claps the cover back over the cooler and winks one stormy blue eye at Sev as JP explains. "He spewed his beer all over the bar, hearing me call him out on the sly. Everyone else in the place confused as—well confused as this guy." Rapping his palm on the cover..

Clint juts his chin up at JP and then toward the door in some kind of affirmative. "Yep. Let's get out of here Jean-Pierre." Boy, you are /screwed/. Barton likes that a little too much. "Carry on, boys," A lazy salute of two fingers near his brow, Clint leads the way out of the bar, bringing JP along for the ride.

"I believe your brother just got abducted and left you all alone with me. I feel like the stakes on that lobster might have been a little higher than he let on." Vitale teases, picking a dart left by JP off the table and handing it to Sev. "It's your turn, I beleive. Rules are rules, you said."

|ROLL| Severin +rolls 1d20 for: 10

Severin glances after JP and Clint, watching them head out with a bit of amusement and says, "One never knows. One never knows." But then he turns his attention back to Vitale and takes up the dart that he's been handed. He turns it over in his fingertips and then he tosses it, but it seems his shots are getting progressively worse, "Hm.. very well.. a yes or no question I suppose." He considers for a moment and then asks, "This safe. You know what's in it?"

|ROLL| Vitale +rolls 1d20 for: 3

That question is simple enough. "I do. This job is one of my own. I'm running it, at the behest of my father, in a way.. the owner of the safe wronged my family and I wanted to wrong him back. He keeps a lot of money in there, but he also keeps something shiny, a one of a kind kind of shiny, a family heirloom kind of shiny." Vitale explains, giving Sev far more information than he had to, but the more honesty, the more trust he builds here. He hopes as he rolls the next dart between his fingers lightly.

His next throw hits the wall and plummets to the floor instead and Vitale gives a light laugh. "Kissin' you got me all kinds of distracted, that's why you really said yes, wasn't it?" He teases as he releases Sev to go and grab the dart from the grab before someone hitting the drink a little too hard steps on it. He offers it to Severin. "I don't think I get a question missing the board entirely."

|ROLL| Severin +rolls 1d20 for: 5

Severin listens with interest as Vitale lays out far more than he had thought he was going to get when he asked the question. He nods his head and looks thoughtful before saying, "Yeah, sounds about right." He then flashes a grin and laughs at the throw that misses the board entirely, watching Vitale wander off to retrieve it and plucking it from his fingers on his return. "Too bad. I was wondering what you might ask next." He then tosses the dart and laughs as it tinks off the side. "I think your distraction is contagious." He goes to pick it up and brings it back to Vitale.

|ROLL| Vitale +rolls 1d20 for: 3

|ROLL| Severin +rolls 1d20 for: 3

Vitale laughs, "Well you see, I was thinking about what I was going to ask and I just got so damn excited, I missed." He takes the dart from Severin's fingers, allowing his fingers to linger longer than they need to. "I'm still thinking about it, I might just end up piercing someone's ear accidentally for them. Besides what this job is about and whether or not I can take you home with me. Do you have any other questions? I'll give you a free pass on all."

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