1965-01-19 - Turf War
Summary: A battle between rival gangs is interrupted by the arrival of Electro and a pair of Spiders that aren't Spider-Man
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As evening starts to descend on the Lower East Side, many residents are rushing to get home. There have been rumors as of late that a pair of gangs are rubbing against each other and that there was going to be a fight to try to claim one of the borough corners in an attempt to expand their territory.

As the gangs are preparing for their rumble, there was one wildcard that was added to the mix that one side didn't expect. As the East Side Bodegas make their push into the territory of the Ukranian gang, there's a flash of lightning, and one of the gang-bangers is struck in the chest, knocked backwards as standing amongst the group is a figure in gold and green, with a lightning bolt motiff.

"I thought you said this would be challening, Francine. I still want my share of their territory." Electro, master of electricity, offers blandly to the woman at his side.

Francine Frye, with stars in her eyes, smiles brightly. "The deal is still the same. Help me clean up this mess, and we'll have their territory.. and each other." She makes a suggestive waggle with her hips.

To which Electro rebukes. "Business first. Lets see if we can make this more interesting." With that, he sends an electrical blast towards a nearby car, causing it to overload and explode.

Miguel wasn't really on patrol. I mean, he was, but then he got distracted. What has stolen his attention from his task? A femme fatale beauty? A mysterious phenomena? A murderous mystery?

Nope, in this case, it's the eight inch roast beef hoagie he brought along for a snack.

He's on a nearby rooftop, his mask tugged up enough to let him eat in peace, his back agains the concrete. He knew this neighborhood was bad, but maybe he'd just…

And then he sees the flash of lightning from not far away and he sighs, carefully re-wrapping his sandwich and tucking it against the wall, "I'm going to be real mad if some cat steals you," he mutters, tugging his mask down and starting to vault over the side to get a closer look.

Flashes of lightning? Explosions? Sane people would likely run in the other direction. That might actually explain why a girl in huge sunglasses and pretty ordinary street clothing has set her sights on the conflict that is currently brewing. Anya leaps from building to building from now, throwing her bola only when it's absolutely essential to her passage.

It won't take the girl too long to reach one of the buildings overlooking the conflict. Anya peeks over the edge slowly. Burning, shattered car. …Gangs… She crouches as she takes a moment to study the scene beflow before making her move.

If a move is to be made, it will need to be soon. Electro is totally an unwelcome presence to the spanish gang. A few that brought weapons are firing them, but the man's electrical control is complete and the build up of static allows him to control the bullets and then the guns themselves. This is why Magneto was willing to concede he was so powerful.

"Fools." rumbles Electro before sending out a wave of electrical current that causes the spanish gang members to twitch and fall over as ball lightning dances between them. "This is too easy." crows the super-villain, who now starts to have larger plans as he turns to Francine.

The girl looks towards him, and grins, "This is so hot. I can't help myself." And she presses to Electro, kissing him hard - it was an electric kiss.

Literally. Electricity jolts through the woman's body and she screams, before being thrown back againsta nearby wall, her body slumping towards the ground as smoke rises from her.

"Dammit!" Electro growls, but there's nothing he can do at the moment except turn his attention back to the gang. It seems that they will be who he takes his anger out on.

Miguel witnesses the electrocution from above, clinging to the side of a wall. He's upside down a bit, but that comes with the spider-territory so to speak, his red and blue mask covering his face.

"Wow, I've seen some bad kisses in my time, but woof, you take the cake, pal. Have you ever considered a vow of celibacy? Because I think you'd look magnificent with one of those monk haircuts, the horseshoe thing…what's that called? I can never remember."

"Oh, also, hi, I'm Recluse, I'll be foiling your villainous pursuits this evening," he says, raising a hand and firing a blast of webbing at Electro's face.

"Eres tu, Jose?" Anya is calling out on impulse, her eyes wide as she stares down at the pople below. Her voice is gruffer than usual, thick enough to avoid being identified on the spot, but it seems the girl can't resist calling out by name. "What are you doing out here? Does your mama know that you're running with these folks again?"
Then Arana begins to chide the man in Spanish, leading to a a dizzying back and forth about the gang, and his money troubles, and his mother's health. Eventually the smaller spider shakes hr head.
"Oh, I'm sorry. Are the rest of you waiting? They call me Arana. That's recluse. *We* will be putting an end to your villaining tonight. And Jose, you better go home and apologize to your mama and your abuela before someone actually gets mae. For shame."
Miguel is firing webbing. Anya is already swinging out from the building and dropping into the alley behind eElectro, bola in hand.

Recluse's webbing is met with a burst of electricity that fries the webbing and turns it to ash. "Spider-Man!" he starts to hiss, and then notices the change of clothing. "A different look, the same lame jokes!" he responds as he turns his attention away from the gang and towards the two spiders that are there to cause him trouble.

"Recluse, Arana, Spider-Man, it doesn't matter. You're all insects and I'm the zapper!" A burst of static elecrticity is aimed at Recluse - not at him driectly - but at the wall nearby. He knows that with Spidey, that static electicity wrecks the wall-crawler's ability to cling to walls, and he's suspecting that it will be the same with Recluse, even as he swings his other hand to send a bolt of lightning down the alley, lighting it up as the metal dumpsters and pipes try to turn the alley into a deathtrap for young Arana.

Miguel doesn't exactly work the same way as traditional Spidey, the micro-hooks in his fingers being a bit less dependent on static and a bit more…um, grippy. He somersaults away from the electric blast, "Different guy, same premise. If you keep getting your butt kicked by heroes, however, you'd think you'd start to take the hint after a while, wouldn't you?" he says, science-savvy enough to keep clear of the metal as he moves to land in a crouch.

There's a split second between when Electro begins to raise his hand and electricity begins to shriek through the alley way. She took that moment to leap *up*, jumping mor than ten feet and catching herself against a wall with one hand affixed to a window sill. Anya places a foot for stability as well, swaying the air as everything below her sizzles. The smell of ozone is thick on the air but she tries to ignore it for a moment. Now she attacks in tandem with Miguel, launching her ola at Electro's feet - or she would except she loses her footing. and starts to tumble downward. The bola instead goes upward - and catches on the roof, hooking forward. Anya swings into the alley and - dangles.

"Because you heroes never learn. This isn't your town!" Electro responds, sending another blast towards Recluse, even as Arana takes off into the air. Stepping back as the girl finds herself tangled up in her own bolo, it would almost be comical.

If it weren't for the fact that Electro isn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. "Keep him busy!" he calls to the gang members as they move towards Recluse to try to take him down.

In the meantime, he's turning towards Arana and electricity starts to arc from his body as he pulls it from the buildings and lines around him. "Any last words before I fry you, bug?" he asks dryly.

Miguel throws himself into the thugs, kicking one in the jaw and lashing out with his hands at the others. That's something of a surprise for them, as they don't expect the sharp edges of his claws, raking across their faces and probably drawing a bit of blood and maybe a few nicely distracting yelps as Recluse tries to fight his way towards Electro.

"Busy? Please, these guys couldn't keep me busy if they had jigaw puzzles and a New York Times crossword. By the way, what's a three letter word for 'Gonna get his butt kicked'? Oh, right: it's you!"

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