1965-01-20 - Light de Triumph
Summary: Taking pictures in the park, Jenni meets Zatanna.
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Its a crisp, cold Sunday afternoon. The sun is high in the sky, and the day is largely clear. Most people are keeping inside given the weather, but Jenni has work to do. She's out in the cold with her camera, viewfinder set on the Arch and fountain here in the park. She's just waiting for the right time to take her pictures.

She's dressed for the weather, in warm clothing that covers most of her body. A scarf half over her face to keep the wind off the lower half of her face. The hood of her jacket is down, however, showing that dark green hair to any who pass. Her finger-less gloves show of emerald green fingers. She's certainly not baseline human.

It is a crisp day - which means that Zatanna is bundled against it. With a waistcoat snuggly covering her torso that is slightly opened, with a peacoat over it, the pair of slacks the woman wear are dark in color as she makes her way through the park, carrying a couple of small parcels. She's not wearing her tell-tale hat, a scarf around her neck, her cheeks rosy against the cold. She's not trying to pay attention to the world around her, instead, she feels a slight pull on her magical intuition, and she can't quite pin it down.

Jenni's connection to the mystic realm is difficult to deny- she's a font of energy for a truly potent magical artifact. One of those created in the dawn of the universe. Of course, Jenni really doesn't know much about that- these abilities were pushed on here all of a sudden.

Click! A photo taken- light captured. Another picture taken- the young woman half bent over as she steadies her camera on its tripod. "Beautiful…" she whispers, just looking through the eyepiece.

The click of the camera so close to the feelings that she can sense causes Zatanna to snap out of her thoughts and the striking brunette gives a sunny smile to the camera. "Usually, I'm called beautiful before my picture's taken, but I'll let it pass this time, since we seem to be on an even playing field." she teases gently, giving the green on green a once over. "And you, dear, are not a mutant, are you."

"Oh! I wasn't talking a picture of you." Jenni says, waving the other woman over. "Come on, I'll show you." she says, with a little smile. "And I don't know." she replies to Zatanna's next question. "I've got the green skin, so.. maybe?" she wonders aloud, "But look.." she says, "Right through this part here.." she points at the viewfinder. "I'm taking a picture of the arch.."

Being so close to her, Zatanna can feel the strange power that eminates from her. "…no, that's something else." she starts to say, bending down to look through the viewfinder to look at the arch as well. But she glances aside to the woman next to her and offers a gloved hand. "Zatanna, by the way. I'm usually not so forward, but you.. well, did something happen to cause the green skin?"

"It just sort of happened." Jenni admits, taking that extended hand and giving it a shake. "Jennifer-Lynn. But, you can call me Jenni." she says with a little smile, "You know, one day I'm your everyday normal gal at a college party- the next I've got this green skin." she grins, "And hair." she shrugs, "So- maybe I'm a mutant? Maybe not." she states to the other woman. "I'm adopted, so, I don't know if maybe one of my parents were a mutant with green skin or something."

There's a light chuckle that follows the warm grip, but Zatanna stands up as she gets a taste of the girl's power, and she swallows, her cheeks visibly pinkening, but she calms herself down. Oh, new magic is always so exciting to seek out. "A party? Too much to drink?" comes the curious question. Mutants are usually developing at puberty - the fact that she was in college speaks differently.

"Oh, absolutely too much to drink. I'm on my way home- this guy gets a bit fresh, and boom. I'm all green, and he's been plastered on the ground, boom. So, I ran back home and there you go. I turned green under stress, and never turned back." Jenni says with a little smile. "I'm a big fan of parties, still, despite the handsy gentlemen."

"Handsy gentlemen are the worst - but it sounds like you dealt with him pretty handily." Zatanna winks at that. "I'm a stage magician, so I totally get the whole guys wanting an inch and then the whole mile thing." she admits before she gestures to the arch. "Well, I don't see what you see - what is it that's so special about the arch?" she asks, mostly curious - but wanting to see how she views the world.

"You're telling me?!" Jenni says with a little grin, "And yeah, broke his jaw. Oh, and I can fly. That's pretty neat-o." she continues, "Well- its the light and the ice.." she says, as she points it out, "Look, do you see how the light is on the arch. The marble really catches the light well, and the symbols of victory.. " she grins, "They really catch the light and once I develop these pictures, I can show you what I see." she says, "I'm a student of the arts, so, I've got to take a lot of pictures anyways. Good hobby, keeps me outside a lot."

"Aha." Zatanna grins, impressed with the girl, not only her looks, but her abilities, and the way she takes in the world. "I can give the illusion that I can fly, but that's mainly a bit of illusion." she says with a sly little smile before she gives a small wave of her hand, and snaps a small business card from between her fingers seemingly out of nowhere. "My card." she offers to Jenni with a wink. "I do need to get some new pictures for my show - my old ones were taken when I was still a teenager."

Jenni takes Zatanna's card with a smile, "Ah! Nice!" she says, looking the card over. "That's a great trick!" she says with a little grin then. She slides the card into her pocket. "I'd love to take your pictures. I could always use a little extra cash." she says, "What sort of pictures were you thinking of? Tasteful? A little racy?" she wonders, "I guess I'd need to see your show to get a good idea."

There's a grin at that. "If you saw my costume, you'd already assume racy." Zatanna points out pratically, before she gives a shrug of her shoulders. "Maybe some action shots, or something more flirty, without giving too much away. I take direction pretty well, so if you have the time, I can gladly set up a time and pay for the pictures."

"Well, sure." Jenni says, as she pulls a small pad of paper out of another pocket with a pen. She writes down a phone number, puts her name down and offers it over to Zatanna. "Just give me a call, and we'll figure out a good time." she says, "I'm free most days after classes, and every weekend." Jenni offers with a bright smile. "We'll figure something out. I don't have a studio, so we'd need to either find a studio or do it in a location of your choice. I can do nature shots, or, set up an area in a house. Garage, parlor, something like that."

"Hey. I'm just about finished here, you want to get something to drink? Maybe a bite to eat?" Jenni wonders over to Zatanna.

"Well, there's the stage where I perform, or outside in nature, I could do that." Zatanna agrees, before she takes the sheet of paper and tucks it into her pocket to put in her book later. At the offer for a drink or dinner, the raven-haired girl considers for a moment and then smiles. "I would like that." she agrees. "I am a bit peckish, after all."

"The stage would probably be best- you'd have your props. We could use those." Jenni says with a smile, nodding. "Great! What are you up for?" she wonders, "There's a let of great places right around the corner here. Chinatown is close by. Most of those places serve drinks and food together, aren't too expensive. There's a Persian place that does amazing soups…" she says, trying to go through a few options, "Unless you've got something in mind?"

There's a laugh at that. "Now, Jenni, you asked me out - which means you have to pick the place." Zatanna gets a cheeky grin at that. "That's dating one-oh-one." Not that she considers this quite a date, but she's more than willing to play a haughty girl just to tease her new friend a little.

"D..dating?" Jenni says, cheeks turning a bit darker. "Oh. Er.. well, I wasn't thinking of a date,er.. " she says, with a little shrug. "Well, I know a place then." she then grins, and begins to pack up her equipment. Camera and everything else going into a bag, she shoulders that and her tripod. "Lets go. I'll be a surprise then."

"Sweetie, that was a tease. If this was a proper date, I'd dress up for it, and I'm sure you would too." Zatanna grins winningly, though she takes Jenni's arm after the equipment is put away. "But I'm all yours, let's go!"

Jenni grins, "Too late! Its a date!" she teases back, tucking Zatanna's arm close as they begin off in the direction of Jenni's choosing!

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