1965-01-21 - A Package Deal
Summary: Tony shows up to offer Peter the same thing he offered Spider-Man. An internship. Peter turns it into a package deal.
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The campus cafeteria is hardly ever busy on a Sunday night. Students still haven't made it back to campus from the weekend and others just don't think to go there. Wich is why a pair of tables have been taken and there's several sheets spread out on the table and Peter and Mary Jane are huddled over it as they share a pair of meals.

"Okay, so he's obviously using a sonic based semi-conductor to cause those around him to lose equilibrium and induce a rather drastic physical reaction. The question is, at what frequency is it broadcasting, and how do I find a way to counteract it without sticking web in my ears?" he's asking his girlfriend quietly.

MJ hmms thoughtfully, "Well, you could try a white-noise generator? That might disrupt the frequencies in general if we could figure out the exact range…" She hmms, "I mean, stuffing your ears isn't gonna help since it's a subharmonic, right? So maybe if did some sort of jamming… might not be pleasant but you'd at least not lose your lunch." She eyes the half-eaten meal beside her as she works on her own homework while Peter bounces ideas off her, "Admittedly, you aren't losing much…"

Tony stands out like a sore thumb. A rich sore thumb, dressed in a silk suit, tailored of course, he's not some sort of savage. He looks around, squinting, then makes his way over to the table where Peter and his pretty ladyfriend are. "How do people learn here?" he says. "Or eat, for that matter? Is this how they weed out the weak? It's either ingenious or cruel."

"Is that your way to tell me to shut up and eat?" Peter asks Mary Jane with a playful lift of his brow. "I just don't know how he sees out of that fishbowl.." he's starting to say when he hears a new voice. Spidey-Sense doesn't give good enough warnings these days, he swears as he moves some of the papers. "I think the food is pretty good!" he starts to protest, then he recognizes the face.

Not just from all the magazines, but just a few nights ago. "Oh gosh, you're Tony Stark!"

A look to Mary Jane. "It's Tony Stark!" Why is Tony Stark here?

While that's going on, he's shuffling the papers and a few photographs of Spider-Man's latest adventure, against the villain known as Mysterio.

Mary Jane blinks, then grins, "You got it Mister Stark. We're busy designing our death rays for the next battle royal to see who makes it through to sophomore year." She tilts her head, and looks over at Peter as if to ask, 'one of your friends?'

"That's one way to do it," Tony tells MJ as he casually watches the shuffling. "Just remember, radiation… it radiates. Go with lasers." He clucks his tongue, then informs Peter, "You're Peter Parker. Word on the street is you're some kind of wiz kid. No accounting for your eating habits, but I'm led to believe you've got quite the brain behind those painfully sincere eyes. Blink, kid, you're making ne nervous."

Wide-eyed wonder causes Peter to finally blink upon command as the young man glances towards Mary Jane. There's that momentary panic - maybe he should have told her about the whole meeting with Stark instead of being distracted. "That's uh.. wow. High praise, Mister Stark. I'm a big fan. Especially of your father's work.." he's trying to play it down and not fanboy entirely too much. "This is Mary Jane. She's in applied physics, pretty smart.." And his girlfriend, but that's not the important part of all this.

MJ nods, "Yeah, um, is there something we can do for you, Mister Stark? I mean… this isn't exactly someplace you'd normally be." She glances back towards Peter, flashing him a worried glance that she's… not exactly experienced enough to keep Tony from noticing.

"Yes, unfortuntely it's not every day the genius wiz-kids land on my window ledge. Sometimes I've got to go into their native habitats." He looks around the place, uncertain of this particular habitat. He may have to burn the suit. He raps idly on the table with his knuckles and says, "Pops won us the war, no doubt about it." He inclines his head to Mary Jane. "Miss Mary Jane," he says. He doesn't introduce himself in turn. It would be repetitive at this point. To Peter, he says, "I wanted to see if you were half as smart as they say. If so, I might have an internship. I just lot an intern to, ah, circumstances."

|ROLL| Peter Parker +rolls 1d20 for: 20

Peter is able to keep from sputtering completely when Tony mentions the whole geniuses landing on window sills. "You mean they don't just drop from the sky looking to work for you?" comes the innocent question as he puts the pictures away. "An internship usually means unpaid.." he admits cautiously. "I have my Aunt to care for, and I'm not exactly here on a scholarship - Mary Jane is, though!" Hence the pictures and all of the other small jobs he's taken on.

"Not that I'm saying no.." he corrects himself quickly. "Just.. a lot going on." Including the red and blue costume.

MJ gives Peter a wry look, "Which is why I work at the diner, and still try to get paying gigs, and…" She trails off, as what Tony says registers, and she gives Peter a warning glance before saying, "Window ledge, huh? Sounds rather unusual for people to be picnicking up there."

Tony's brows lift curiously. "Mary Jane has a scholarship?" He turns to her. "Maybe you're the one I should consider for the internship." He waves a hand and says, "You get all sorts of things on the window ledge. Pigeons, mostly. Sometimes a spider." He shrugs a shoulder, though he shoots Peter a sidelong look. "I never menitoned picnicking." He smiles, pearly whites flashing.

"Maybe both of us. Package deal." Peter offers. He's willing to step up to the bat for that as the young man hears the mention of a spider, and still is able to keep his cool. "That's an awful high place for spiders to be. After all, usually the highest a spider is willing to climb is around 200 feet - but they have been carried into space before." He's trying really hard to play it off, but Tony is beating that bush pretty hard as he takes Mary Jane's hand and squeezes it. "Now if you're talking about the hero type of spider, I mean, I take pictures of him, but only because he lets me know where he's patrolling.. it's like I told Jameson.."

MJ's voice drops a few octaves as she does a remarkable imitation of Jonah, "PARKER! WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT THAT WALLCRAWLING MENACE! NOW GET ME PICTURES THAT I CAN HORRIBLY UNDERVALUE TO RIP YOU OFF." She has… decided opinions about JJJ's treatment of Peter, apparently, as she gives Peter's hand a squeeze, before looking up at Tony, then back towards Peter, her voice going back to normal as she says, "Package deal?"

"You take pictures for that hack? Geez, let me at least offer you a pittance." It's just so sad. Sad like this cafeteria is sad. He glances between the two of them. "Hmm. I guess I can squeeze in another. Just show up and show me you're smart enough to be there. We're shaping the future. That doesn't happen with second-rate staff."

"Need more pitch and maybe a finger moustache." Peter says with a small snicker towards Mary Jane before Tony speaks up. See. Package deal. "We will. And we're both definetly up to the challenge." Of course, as he says this, the smart money should be that Peter will NOT make it because he'll have to do something Spidey related and Mary Jane will have to fill in.

Mary Jane grins slightly, "Oh, just give me a shot. I'll show you what I can do. What's your lab working on right now?" She sounds curious, arching a brow as she glances over at Peter as if to ask is this really happening?

"Which lab?" Tony says. "We've got our fingers in a lot of pies right now. I was going to put you two eihter in the chem or physics labs. We're cutting edge R&D in all the major sciences." His tone is glib rather than bragging. Who needs to boast when it's true? He takes a pair of business cards from his suit jacket and tosses them on the cafeteria table. "Go to that address, seven o'clock in the morning. They'll be expecting you."

Taking the card, Peter passes it over to Mary Jane. "Physics is her thing - I dabble in a bit of everything." he admits with a bit of a smile. "But we'll be there, Mister Stark." Of course, this means that Spider-Man is out of a job - but that would have been murder on the W-2s, after all.

Mary Jane takes the card, "Yeah, applied physics is my specialty. Death rays are woefully inefficient anyway, the friction of the air molecules would wreck the effectiveness. Something more like a particle projection would be far better, I think." She grins, "Or even a sonic weapon, since the air is there anyway, use it as a medium."

"Particile projection is promising," Tony says. "We've been dabbling in sonic weaponry. Maybe you'll bring in some new ideas." Maybe. Mr. Stark still seems a titch skeptical, but hey, he's here and the cards have been passed out. "I'll try to work around your schedules, but the world of business is a cruel mistress. You might have to make some choices."

When MJ brings up sonic weapons, Peter may have accidentally stepped on her toe. Accidentally. Of course. "The main drawback to particle projection at the moment is convincing your target to sit till long enough for it to be effective. I think the repulsor technology is more proactive, even if it does need adjustments on the spread of the beam when it's used."

MJ makes a face at Peter, "Yeah, well, we'll see about that won't we." She then glances over at Tony, "Well, as long as classes are still factored in, naturally. I can work around the rest. Especially if this is a paid internship."

Tony holds up his finger and thumb at a small distance from each other. "It's a small stipend. You can still benefit from hard work and all that stuff." He glances between the two of them, committing their faces to memory so, in the morning, when he's tired and hungover, he might have some idea who the hell these two kids are showing up at his lab. "Right. You've got me for about another thirty seconds. Any questions?"

If he was in costume, he'd totally ask Tony how much he had to drink. Instead, Peter shakes his head, because he's the awe-struck teenager. And noone else has said otherwise yet. "None from me, Mister Stark. I'll be there with bells on. MJ will bring the whistles." he grins over towards his girlfriend at that. "Is the cafeteria decent or should we pack a lunch?"

Mary Jane snickers, "Considering his reaction, I think they probably have a good cafeteria." She looks wryly at Peter, "Guess I might need to leave my job at the diner, then…" Then she glances up at Tony, "I don't have any questions yet… but I'm sure they'll come along."

Tony says, "It's less depressing than this one," Tony remarks. Not that he'd eat in that one either, but no one's complained so far. "Well, if you think of any questions, feel free to get in touch with my receptionist, her number is on the card. She'll make sure I get the memo." He pauses to think of a profound thing to say in parting, but all he comes up with is, "I'm going to get out of here now."

"See you later, Mister Stark." Peter offers, tucking the card away before glancing aside to Mary Jane and he smiles brightly in that 'can you believe this' way as he watches the well-dressed man leave.

Mary Jane Watson nods towards Tony, "Alright mister Stark, seven am sharp." She then blinks at Peter and looks at him with a nonplussed expression, "Are you kidding me just now???"

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