1965-01-21 - Helping a Brother Out
Summary: Triton seeks out his cousin Blackagar and bids him to come home
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Triton left Maximus a week ago telling him he'd go off and get him what he needs. Triton wasn't on a search for tech salvage from Penglai, however, but after what Maximus truly needed: his brother. It had been a long series of months and as he had in the last 12 years done, Triton set out to go keep his family together. Finding Black Bolt was not always simple, and sometimes getting to him less so. Thankfully there are also large teleporting dogs that help out considerably. And there arrived Triton in the place furthest from his comfort zone: the mountains. Well at least it wasn't the moon or something. The Appalachian ranges were a great wonder of solitude where one could meditate, focus, regret, and move forward. In water he could do those things but also breathe. Whyyyyy was everything always so damn dry on these trips. Oh well. Triton walked forward, unnoticing of the cold, and bolded a fist ovver his shoulder with a bow of his head. He didn't speak, btu waited for aknowledgement.

Blackagar stood looking out over the vista below. He'd been away training Skye for a time, working with her. But since then, he had come here for a while, to gather his thoughts, to go over plans and previous mis-steps, to consider how to move forward next before returning to New York. The arrival of Lockjaw with Triton causes his brow to furrow slightly. Was there something new wrong? They usually sought him only when there was trouble. Motioning with one hand, he beckons Triton closer, head tipping ever so slightly to listen to what he has to say, blue eyes focused on his cousin.

Triton spoke muffled, and slightly digitized with the rebreather mask on, "Cousin." no My King, no Titles or the such. When bade he walked closer. Triton, pragmatic as always, said in a dry wit, "There are troubles, cousin. So it must be Sunday somewhere." There were always troubles in the world. "The return to New York has been met with challenges and… I bring you news of your brother. Looking around at the landscape the assassin admitted, "Generous view. Restful." There was a pause before he stopped, "Are you alright?"

There is no surprise whatsoever on Black Bolt's features as Triton mentions the troubles, though there is a bit of a dry smile that touches his lips and he dips his head in acknowledgement of the humor. The mention of news of his brother, however, banishes the smile from his lips as he waits for the news. When it does not come, he shakes his head and dismisses the question with a slight wave of his hand, instead, waiting for the news of his brother.

Triton folded his webbed fingers pressed together thoughtfully. Triton was not one to be less than objective but there were things that tried him. The volatile Boltagon was oft one of these things. "In Attilan when we were on the ship with the Kree your brother and my sister did wonders to reconstitute our home. The attempt to assisnate him that failed I think set him… off. Regardless he's trying, I believe in his own wayto reach out. He's" Triton paused furrowing his brow summing up teh exactness of the situation, "He reached out to me to help him find what he needs to lead the Ihumans in New York." He paused and sighed shaking his head looking to Blackagar, "He asked me to find you. I do /actually/ believe he's trying but he needs you COusin. WE…need you." The fishman reached out a webbed hand to squeeze Black Bolt's shoulder and asked simply, "The question I have for you is what do you need that I can help you with to make that happen? I'll remind you what I did, Max. You are not alone."

Blackagar listens to Triton, giving him the full focus of his attention, which might unsettle another, but not the assassin. He reaches out a hand to squeeze Triton's shoulder in return, a firm familial squeeze, and then he seems to consider the question. For a moment, he looks around the mountains and then shakes his head. He removes his hand from Triton's shoulder and makes a sign with his hands. «It is time.» Perhaps he had intended to linger just a bit longer, but there was nothing holding him in this place, and there were those who needed him back home. He clasped Triton's shoulder again, with a small smile and a nod of his head toward Lockjaw. It seemed that he was ready to return.

Triton was relieved. It was subtle but family knew family. The tension went out of his shoudlers and he admitted, "On the upside he's not throwing another coup to get anyone's attention…entirely. And he will not be the only one happy to see you." Looking back to Lockjaw he gave them a moment to let the pup catch up with him before saying, "Take us back to back to Max's New York apartment.

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