1965-01-23 - A Fan or Not A Fan: That Is The Question
Summary: Dazzler gets a visitor after a small show at Cafe a Go Go, and Fury manages to creep her out a bit.
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It's been a while since Dazzler's last show after her return from her European Tour, but in celebration of her new single, "A World Without Color," she had decided on an impromptu performance at a small venue. So it is that only 5 days ago her performance was announced for tonight as Cafe au Go Go, under the slogan: Be Dazzled For One Special Night.

As can be expected, Dazzler fans have filled the place in higher ratio than regulars, but the relatively short time frame from announcement, made the venue less packed than it might have been otherwise.

Dazzler is true to her name, taking the stage in a dazzling halter gown, beaded with crystals that reflect light, creating quite a klaidescopic effect once she breaks into her first song, and her trademark lightshow starts to appear as if of thin air.

The first song, energetic and lively, titled "The Prismatic Journey," is quite upbeat, and the colors that are drawn with each note are similarly bright and flashy.

From then on she settles to her more relaxed psychedelic tunes, covering myriad of less generic topics, touching on racism, class inequalities, the lack of fairness in the world, and eventually she concludes with her newest song, describing the world without life, without joy, and without colors after a nuclear holocaust destroys everything and leaves the world a desolute, dreary place. No music, no people, no joy, no love, just death and nothingness.

On that sad notes all colors turn melancholic, as she ends the show on a down note, commenting briefly before taking off the stage, "last week I participated in an anti-nuclear protest and I must tell you, the threat is real, get out there, make your voices be heard, and help bring a real change to the world."

Then she's off the stage, and after a good 30 to 40 minutes, she comes out, to mingle.

It has been awhile, but people talk and with fame comes new fans. Of all kinds. Into the crowd Fury enters. His long black trench coat and eye patch not the least out of place where the senses seem so distorted! But he holds his own, Not to mention able to dodge through the crowd with considerable ease. But as the show progresses he eases back out of the place. Standing outside he motions here and there and a few shadowy figures disperse.

Upon reentering he stops briefly to look at a poster of Dazzler, a large plume of smoke escaping his nostrils and mouth. "Hymph." Escapes his lips in a soft grunt. He pulls the cigar and looks around, eventually the eye patch swinging to the stage. His eyes scan curiously and he shakes his head. After seeing the star he does approach, with some ease and grace yet a certain amount of authority as well. "Evenin', Miss." He stares that one lone eye down at her. "Quite the show." His eye lingers but it is not aggressive, just curious. "Stark?" He mumbles that just for her.

Dazzler makes herself very approachable to her fans, still remembering that only two years ago she was still playing in the streets for some food money. Her smile is radiant, she gives everyone who approach her full attention, if only for brief moments as there are so many fans. But eventually she does find herself in close proximity to a very unlikely fan. Judging by the eye patch, likely not a fan at all. "Evening," she replies, grinning impishly, "most here would call me Dazzler, I take it you're not a fan…?" She asks, before the follow up answers the question for her. "Oh…is that really still an issue?" She tries to shrug it off.

"Nah." Fury states. Another cloud of smoke enveloping the two. He shakes it off with his hand and removes his cigar. "Oh, I'm a fan." His eye darts around and takes in the scene. "I just, well. Guess the music aint quite ma' style." He half grins at her now. "But I'm a fan." He looks around, quite quickly and less noticeable then you would think with the eye patch but he does, "Shame there's no drinks here. So," He squints at her now, "How'd Tony get inta' Rock and roll?" He steps back, leaning against a wall. Not imposing, pry not a shield thing. But Nick is curious. He keeps on puffing.

"Are you…?" Dazzler asks with an amused smile, "I know it's basic knowledge by any who research me that I'm a high school dropout and a runaway, but that doesn't make me stupid." She crosses her arms, and deflect from the question about Tony, by answering with a question of her own, "if you're a fan, can you name a song of mine?"

"PFft." Fury lets out with another exhale of cigar smoke. He motions with his shoulder at the poster of her behind him. "Said, I wasn't a fan of the /music/." He grins again. "Look." His arms fold. "I aint here ta' rain on your little hippy do da." His eye darts around again, a few barely noticeable nods given before he adds, "Just keepin' an eye on what yer up ta. Theres more thrills ta' this world then little coffee shops with no liquor." He sheds dissapproval at that.

Dazzler frowns once Fury elaborates, "hippy do da?" She asks, arched brow and a rather offended expression setting on her visage. "If you don't dig my music, which is groovy, I'll have you know, then why are you here…?" She then rolls her eyes and grumbles, "I agree, I deserve alcohol about now, if you're going to investigate me for being a witch, devil worshiper, or whatever the hell other stuff the Bugle is spreading on me because their jealous of my success."

Nick seems slightly amused at her stance. "Do I look like I'm worried about what the D. Bugle is saying?" One could almost note the slight role of the eye. "Don't think newspapers are the only ones takin' notice of ya'." Now he's slightly frowning in that fatherly way, his silvered sides flashing slightly in the dimmed lights of the aftershow. "If I /needed/ answers or were interested in tha' truth I'd have it." He bites down on the cigar now and narrows his sight, "You be careful, Ms. Blaire." The tone indicates an advisory tone.

"I don't know…are you?" Dazzler is a bit at a loss, is that guy a reporter who came to discover the 'truth' behind her light displays? That was the impression she got. Then again, he didn't really look the type, that menacing look and the eye patch didn't fit with the usual 'reporter' look. "Wait, what…?" Dazzler is certainly not used to being talked to in this manner, and she's also not used to people who are distinctly not her fans, actually knowing her real name, "where did you get my last name?" She asks, showing a bit of nervousness now.

Being the spy Nick knows what to say and how to gauge it's reactions. He slowly steadies a hand. "Just take it easy." His voice is calm. "Like I said, if I /needed/ answers." His hand returns and he does as well, to smoking. "I'm a fan." He half-grins. "Just not of the music. Or Mr. Starks 'toys'." He puffs away and lets that hang for a second before continuing. "I heard your songs. With your talents, well." Shrugging now he looks down to her. "Just make sure you play it safe. Stick ta' dumps like this." That dissaproving look again creeping across his features.

"Take what easy? I don't go about publishing my real name…how did you know my last name?" Dazzler doesn't seem any calmer, something about Fury is pretty intimidating. She snorts at the suggestion she should keep to small venues, "I already toured Europe, appeared on Ed Sullivan, and performed at arenas, this performance was the exception, because I wanted something small…I am a rock star!"

Fury listens along. A thumb and forefinger reaching to his brow to rub between his eyes. "I've noticed." His comment at the end and directed towards the 'rock star' part. "Yes, Ed Sullivan. That was quite the spectacle." Shaking his head he continues, "If you hadn't already attracted enough attention yet…" His back straightens and he continues to look down at her. "Just make sure Mr. Stark keeps you going. Because the 'show' is only gonna get bigger."

Now Fury is really starting to freak Dazzler out, to the point she starts stepping back away from him, as she asks, "so, you know my name, I don't know yours. Just who are you? And what is this…a warning? A shake down? What…you want me to pay you? I didn't do anything wrong, and neither did Stark."

Nick just stands there. He's adding a few nods here and there but nothing that would give anything a way. "I said relax." His tone is becoming frusterated. "I don't want your money, Ms." He takes a long drag and adds, "Stark was making flashlights when I was shi$$in@ my pants." Growling now he adds, "Tha' D. Bugle aint doin' you know favors thats for sure."

Dazzler looks curiously at Nick, still confused as all heck, and not sure if she should run and hide, or stay and play it cool. Either way, she better talk to the Professor about this. "I know, they hate my guts. You'd think I was Spider-Man's sister or something, which I promise, I'm not."

Nick lets out a huff with might edge laughter but a large puff of smoke accompanys it. "Yea. Well, he's not touring Europe either ya know." Taking a deep breath now with the cigar removed he looks around again, ever vigilante with that keen eye. "Just stay sharp. Ya never know who likes rock music." Certainly sounds he doesn't as he gives a nod and dissapears into the crowd.

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