1965-01-24 - Drinks in Mutant Town
Summary: Drinks and random banter between Julie and Yuliya.
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Mutant town, it's one of the few places that Yuliya ventures out to without going overboard on things. However tonight, she's currently blonde and instead of wearing her business attire, it seems that she's dressed as a beatnik, and she has only used a bare minimum of makeup, which helps her look her true age of barely twenty, instead of being in her mid-twenties. With a soft sigh, it seems that she's trying to decide what to order, and is no doubt looking for something new. She falls back on an American drink. Coca-Cola. With the bottle in front of her, she eyes the fizzing beverage dubiously, as if expecting it to explode or something. After all, vodka doesn't fizz.

Julie is a little way down the bar, sipping on a martini, occasionally, and thumbing through a magazine when someone between the two gets up to take their leave. Dizzy glances up, then, raising her glass a bit as she spots Yuliya… looking so dubious about a Coke. A bit incongruously for her own beverage, she's wearing a leather jacket with a stencilled logo on the back in fading paint.

Yuliya blinks a couple of times when she spots a semi-familiar face down the bar, and she offers a waggle of her fingers in greeting. If it wasn't for the stranger who got up, she would have missed the mechanic all together. She takes a tip of her coke, and wrinkles her nose as she feels the bubbles on her tongue, and she abandons her drink in favour of sitting near someone she has met a couple of times before. "You are Dizzy?" she asks. "I think I remember that from when we first met at the cafe in Queens. Have you been well?"

Julie smiles, there. "Oh, hey, yeah. Not so bad, I guess. Thought I'd drop in and see who turns up, and all. Sorry, kinda forgot the name, though. Getting along OK here in the States?"

"I am actually doing well in the States," Yuliya admits with a smile. "I have run into a family friend, who has been helping me out. While I do not understand the country, there are opportunities here that I would not have had back there." She purses her lips and looks thoughtful for a moment. "Oh, and sorry. I am Yuliya Moscovich. I have not been to this club before, so I thought I would come. Keep my nose clean, see nothing, hear nothing."

Julie tilts her head, a bit. "Well, I guess a lot of people that come here might appreciate that, and all. Good folks, generally. Also probably about the best Martinis for the area." The magazine there seems to be about hot rods, by the photos. The girl smirks. "So, you get in trouble other places, or something?" she teases.

Yuliya glances down towards the counter for a moment, and she nods her head in agreement. "That is right. There are good people around here, and most do not pry from what I have seen," she comments. "I do not like to mix my spirits, so I will take your word on martinis being good here." At the talk of getting into trouble, she goes silent for a moment. "Oh no. It is not like I get into trouble often. I honestly try to stay out of trouble. But you know, sometimes it turns up. Like there was one time I brought garlic bread from an Italian restaurant, and a gunfight broke out."

Julie smirks, "Someone musta made a lousy martini," she says. Her own accent being New York Italian, she's got to shrug, there. "Kinda best to stay away from those wiseguys. I mean, you know, politely."

Yuliya purses her lips. "Why would I want several bottles open at the same time? One bottle is enough, and you can save the other bottles for when you have finished the first," she cheerfully points out. "Wiseguys? I think some of them were more dead guys after the snake guy took care of them," she admits. "And they used to have great garlic bread there. It was totally worth the risk." She then sighs, looking a little sad. "Then I dropped it."

Julie ahs, "Oh, that kinda guys. There's still dead guys running around?" She indicates the drink. "You wouldn't wanna drink vermouth on its own, though. It's almost all gin, in these." She says, "New York's sure getting a bit weirder than usual, past few years, though."

Yuliya arches a brow at Julie and she shakes her head. "Nyet. They were wiseguys, then ended up dead guys," she comments. "No more walking around for them. Or running. Or even breathing. What is the saying? Dead as a door nail?" She gives a little shrug and offers an innocent smile. "I sound like a stereotype, but I like vodka. Good vodka. Is vermouth not a medicine?" She arches a brow when she asks that. "I would believe that it is getting weirder than usual, but I think that is how the world is going."

Julie ahs, there. "Well, I guess they make vodka martinis, don't taste like much, is all. But, you like somethng, you like it, that's what I say." She indicates the bar, "These guys seem to know about all kindsa hooch, they probably know the good stuff."

Yuliya arches both brows when Julie mentions vodka martinis, and then she waves down one of the bartenders to place an order. She places an order for two, and then pays before glancing towards Julie. "I like you. We drink, da?" she comments. "Always good to drink with another person, not with ghosts." She offers a bright smile at that. "What is hooch? I have not heard this word before."

Julie smirks. "Oh, just a word for booze. Well, expecially if someone made it themselves, like from back when they had Prohibition, but I guess it caught on, generally." She nods, there, as another pair of drinks arrives, and she eyes a fancy racer's watch she wears on the insider of her wrist. It's a bit big on her. She clicks one of the buttons, then, and says, "So, what you been dong, now that you seen a bit more of the city?"

"Ah, da. Samogon, which I think you call moonshine. Or Shining moon or something," Yuliya offers to Julie with a nod of her head. She takes her drink in hand, gives it a discreet sniff out of habit and then takes a sip. The click of the button might be lost on the Russian, who most likely didn't hear it over the ambient noise of the room. She thinks about the question asked, and then smiles faintly. "I have been living," she admits. "Living and trying new things, while life moves in inexpected directions."

Julie nods, "Salud, then," she says. when handed a fresh drink, "I guess it'll do that, life, and all. This town, too, lotta people come here and reinvent themselves. And then there's the rest of the country, if that don't work."

"Sant%<233>!" Yuliya offers in return to Julie's Salud. "It is a big country to get lost in, if I cannot reinvent myself here." She smiles thoughtfully at that, and tilts her head to the side. "If this country does not work, I will move to Qubec." She takes another sip from the glass and looks thoughtful. "My friend, he has been able to reinvent himself in this country. If that gopnik can do it, then I have a chance of doing it. That is if the people he works with will take me." She gives a shrug of her shoulders. "If not, I do not know what I will do."

Julie ahs, "Got a job lined up, maybe, or something? …I, ah, don't know what a gopnick does, actually." Smirks a bit, and takes out a pack of Chesterfields, offering one from the pack over to Yuliya. Sort of gestures around. "Anyway, there's all kinds of possibilities, new ones, even. Kinda hoping it won't be so weird for a girl to do what I do before too long, myself. I mean, we was doing it during the war, or our Mamas were, so maybe people will get over trying to cram us all into aprons again."

"That is one thing that surprised me about this country," Yuliya admits. "Women here are limited by the jobs. No coal miners or people who work with their hands. I was told mother answered the call, acted as a sniper during the Patriotic war. But here, only factory work. No tank commanders or pilots fighting the Nazi." She then finally laughs softly and then shakes her head. "Gopnik. It is a term for undesirables. Lower class. Here? gopota. Us? Gopnitsa." She pauses for a moment and then laughs. "Well, I am gopnitsa. People here, not gopnik and gopota, but good people."

Julie nods, there, and smiles lighting her smoke. "Well, I dunno, maybe wars won't get that big again, hopefully people learned better than to be Nazis and stuff, anyhow. I dunno." She sighs. "Guess it's bad enough I gotta worry about my family getting sent overseas over that Vietnam place, but I guess I'd go fly if they called me. They got some real nice birds these days."

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