1965-01-24 - To Kill a Mr. Mockingbird (with humourous reprisal)
Summary: Word to the wise, Clint, when you prank a sceintist it will come back on you in spectacular ways.
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It's cold. It's cold but there's Kai sitting on a bench in the park with his guitar, and he's strumming away, his voice crystal clear, and what a singing voice it is. "As the present now will later be past, the order is rapidly fading, and the first one now will later be last, cuz the times they are a'changing." There are a few coins in his open guitar case. He's dressed in old chinos and a black turtleneck under a long coat. Frost puffs on his breath, his cheeks and nose red from the cold. He's grinning like an idiot as he brings the song to a close.

There was a light humming like a great swarm of bee behind Kai. It wasn't even remotely spring though. Fitz headed out with Kitty after checkout that Fitz might get a more social look at New York City and test a few things. ANd right now what he was having fun with was walking around Time's Square with a brilliant mind and hte drone they've been testing this week. It had four round propellers on it and an extendable arm mot much bigger than an antenna, with a tiny rubber eraser on the end of it. What was he ussing this device for? To extend and retrat a couple times to poke at the back of Kai's pointy, and likely mostly hidden ear. The snicker and glee from teh big bad brain of SHIELD could not be repressed.

Kitty does her best to repress a snigger as Fitz manipulated the drone to poke at the man on the bench. As she watches with amusment she realizes that she has seen that man on the bench before, at dinner the night Fitz asked her about coming into SHIELD. "Are we going to say hi or are you just going to keep poking at the man?"

There are a few people who were listening, but now that the show is over, they offer a scattering of applause before wandering off on their way to do whatever. Kai waves at the cheerfully. He smacks at the pokey thing, taking it for a bug. So unusual in this weather! His reflexes are pretty good. On the other hand, he's not trying to catch a buzzing tiny device. "What the, stop it." He sweeps his hair back over his ear, and he noodles a little on his guitar, not really playing so much as messing with chords.



Fitz was terrible at keeping quiet and bit his lip as he had to balance it out. "I can't help it." He cleared his throught gathering what composure he could, not a lot, because bugging his friend harmlessly was funny. He switched the radio receiver mic through the controller to eminate from teh tiny speaker on the drone, "heh Hey Kai. Behind you."// He flew the drone back a bit and make the arm bend 60* and rotate back and forth in a sort of wave from teh antennae, Fitz and Kitty in plain view. A mitten attached to Fitz waves hullo as well.

Kitty shakes her head, "You're lucky that he didn't break it just now." There is no venom in her words, in fact she sounds pretty ammused by the whole thing. She looks over at Kai and also waves, "Hi there!"

Kai turns to look behind him, his brow furrowed in irritation. Then his features soften and he smiles, waving at Fitz and Kitty. He puts his guitar away, after pocketing the change, and he ambles over to the pair. "Hello!" Looking to Fitz, he says, "What sorcery conveyed your voice to my ear? I felt it poking me." He did come very close to destroying it. So close.

Fitz would have found that utterly saddening and for a good cause. He pressed his lips together and wandered over letting the dron land. He showed Kai the controller. "Remote gadget I'm working on. Kitty's been helping us develop new features for it. I'm practiing so I can steal Clint's french fries when he's not looking." Great use of government money. But he also can't go into black ops protocols either. He did offer genuinly, "Beautiful song, mate. Nostalgic feeling. Oh! Um, you rember Kitty> Kitty, Kai.

Kitty smiles, "I remember Kai, we met him for Chinese the night you offered me the job." She waves at Kai again before briefly crouching down next to the landed drone, giving it a quick once over to make sure there is no damage. "If it's Clint's fries that you want, I have a couple of other ideas we might try." Inspection complete Kitty stands back up. "You have a wonderful voice."

Kai nods amiably and says, "Kitty, of course." He returns the wave with a dimpled smile. "Thank you, I've been singing for as long as I can remember." He glances between the two of them. "Who is this Clint? And why are his fries in peril? If it's mischief, I entirely understand."

Fitz grinned, ears turning faintly red, but offered earnestly, "Your resume got you the job to be fair." He wasn't one to take credit for the accomplishments of another. WHO WAS CLINT? "oooooh good question. Ummmm you ever meet someoen who was both good looking and remarkably clever and was insufferably aware of this with too much free time? That would be a Clint. And yes, we are talking reprisal mischief of the highest calibre. Very serious business…will take requests and recommendations."

Kitty nods in agreement, "I have yet to meet the man myself, but based on everything I have heard I feel it's my duty to defend the honor of the lab." She grins, and it is a look of pure mischeif. "I've met his type before. I'm actually looking forward to using some of the more… esotaric skills I learned at Xavier's." To Fitz she saya, "My resume may have passed muster, but I never would have had the courage to apply if you hadn't reached out."

"You just described my husband," Kai says, using the 'h' word as easily as breathing. "You might try giving him rope until he hangs himself. Metaphorically. Play into his ego, see where that goes." His eyes glint with mischief, perhaps picked up from living with the god of the stuff. He rubs his hands together. "The best pranks you pull are the ones they walk right into of their own will." At all this talk of applying and resumes, Kai admits, "I'm glad I don't actually work for a living. I've tried it. Not my thing."

Fitz chuckled and shook his head, "Well if we bait him he'll probably get a promotion. I think we'd all be in trouble." He grinned "You knoooow what I think we need?" He looked from Kai to Kitty and said decisively, "A planning committee. Something so elaborate he'll never see it coming. LIke a plan within a plan so he finds up planning and goes off trying to follow that set up to distract him from the actual plan. A decoy-something-toscope-out if you will."

Kitty shakes her head, "I would go stir crazy without a job, I need something to do." she tilts her head to one side pondering Kai's advice, "Yeah, baiting them never works. I think Kai is right, we need to make it look like it was all his idea." Her grin widens "A plan within a plan." she repeats, "Oh, that is perfect. If we can get him to think we're baiting him, but then the actual trap were to come from left field…" she lets the thought linger in the air.

"I'll have to meet him," Kai says, "or observe him from afar. It'll be easier for me to prank him if I know more about him. It'll be exciting. I can't get my man, he's too clever, always sees it coming." He shakes his head. Alas. To Kitty, he says, "I'm tearing down the power structures that keep people like queers and mutants and negroes in bondage. It keeps me busy."

Fitz blinked at the frankness of the statement. It was a bit direct but offered, "Well… good, frankly. I mean I"m none of those things." He paused and tilted his head, "Not that I'm aware of." Shit his super genius could be bytechnical classificaion a mutation, but not necesarily from the mutant genome. To Kitty he answered, "Yeah that's what I was thinking. We should arrage a thing for you to meet him Kai. I think we could have a lot of fun with this."

Kitty grins, "I could try luring him out for lunch. I bet he would love to show the new girl around." she tilts her head to look over at Fitz, "What do you think?" a frown crosses her face, "Although, I may not have the proper feminie wiles to lure him out." She looks down, suddenly feeling unsure.

Kai tells Kitty, "You've got the wiles. My dear, if I were interested in the fairer sex, you would definitely turn my head. You're very pretty." To Fitz, he says, "It's okay if people who aren't oppressed join the struggle. Hell, we need them. They can accomplish things we can't. But! Let's set that aside and meet this man whose life we're going to… alter."

Fitz pressed a smile together and offered to Kitty genuintly, "It's absolutely not a problem. That's you're pretty. Not that you aren't but." He took a deep breath and restarted his thoughts, "The problem might be for him to stop haunting you at some point. And as a fair warning, he's actually smarter than he lets on, but feel free to confuse the hell out of him. It's fun. Fun for the whole Lab." He never mentioned what kind of lab and really there were product industries all over. Plus Kai was an Avenger so he had little concern. "Soooo maybe we plan to so a schwarma thing and invite him along?"

Kitty blushes, having come of age around a group of women who could have easily passed for supermodels had always made her feel a little plain jane. "I had some pretty solid instructors, and I can haunt with the best of them." she chuckles inwardly at the word choice.

"Schwarma sounds good," Kai says. "I'll show up first and just happen to be there," he suggests. "Then you guys come in and take a place not too far from me. I'll watch you guys a bit before coming over to greet my good friends Fitz and Kitty." He looks between the two of them. "Does that sound like a plan?"

Fitz actually seemed pretty proud of that grinneing to Team K. "Ya know, Kai, I think it sounds the perfect plan. I'll reach out to you ahead of time and we'll go from there."

Kitty nods as well, "Sounds good."

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