1965-01-25 - Of Galleries and Dragons
Summary: In which Danny and Kai about the new gallery and the dragon at New Year's.
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It's a quiet night and Danny's spending an evening at home instead of wandering the streets looking for trouble to get into and stop. Tonight he has settled in to the apartment that looks like someone else had decorated it for someone other than him — which is essentially the case. He had seen Kai in the hall earlier that day and had invited him to stop by if he had nothing going on in the evening. For the moment, he looks out over the view of the city lights, a glass of wine in one hand.

Kai had nothing going on, so here he is. He raps on the door, dressed in jeans and a black sweater, his hair somewhat disheveled. "Hey," he says brightly. "I just had to walk and feed Kevin," he says. "I had to make sure he saw me leave so he woudln't wake up and bark his head off because I disappeared." That poor dumb dog, at least he's sweet. "Ooh, is that wine?"

Danny is dressed in a pair of jeans and a blue turtleneck sweater that matches the color of his eyes. His own hair does what the curls usually demand, leaving in its usual state of what seems to be deliberate touseledness. The two do look almost like they could be brothers. "Yes, let me pour you a glass." Danny wanders back toward the counter in the kitchen where the bottle stands breathing. He takes down another glass and pours one for Kai before offering it out. "How are you doing?"

Kai beams as he sees Danny's in a similar state as he is. "I'd love one," he says. "I'm doing all right. Waiting for the weekend." He laughs a little and says, "I don't even work and I spend all week waiting for the weekend." He takes the glass, raising it to Danny in a silent toast before he takes a drink. "Mmm, tastes fancy."

"Does it?" Danny asks with a little chuckle before taking another sip of his own. "I don't know. I have someone who shops and cleans. I come home and there is food and wine and the place is in order and I don't think too much about it." It's just kind of the way that it's been since his return. There are perks to being the CEO. He motions toward the comfortable couch and chairs in the livingroom and makes his way there, raising his own glass. "So, I want to show you a couple of spaces for your gallery."

"We have someone for that, too," Kai says. A brainwashed super soldier with a metal arm, accept no subtitutes. "That woudl be great!" Kai says. Despite his alleged street cred, he holds the wine with careless elegance. His gait as he trails Danny is smooth and polished. He's learned the mannerisms of the upperclass somewhere. It's almost courtly.

Danny, on the other hand, is a strange mix of someone who grew up with the idle rich as a child, and in the sparatan monastery for the next ten years, a weird amalgamation that he somehow manages to pull off. He settles onto the couch and he pulls a portfolio from the coffee table, opening it up to show a couple of spaces. Both are conversions from older factories that could be retrofitted as galleries, along with a couple of concept drawings for each one, highlighting the space and how it could be used.

Kai sits beside Danny, quite comfortable in another's personal space, and looks at the pictures. "Oh, these are nice," he says. "Is this one in SoHo? That place is due for some culture." If only he had any idea… "I like the sense of space on this one, but this one looks less like someone's bound to get stabbed there."

"Both of them are in SoHo," Danny says as he points out the locations on he map of each one. "If you don't like either of them, then we can keep looking but these are in the best condition and will likely afford the best ease of access, both from a public transportation sense, and also from availability of parking, proximity to local restaurants and other places people might be going, and in the more renovated areas, so that they aren't.. well.. places that people would be more likely to be stabbed."

Kai perks up. "Excellent!" He sips his wine, peeking closer. "The closer to the subway the better; I don't think most of the people coming to see these pieces will be driving." He considers. "There's charm in the stabby places," he says. "Authenticity. Still, getting stabbed, while great for my street cred, isn't good for the stabee." He leans toward the less stabby of the two. "This one isn't too far from the subway," he says, like that's why he's choosing it.

"It also doesn't encourage repeat visits. You'd probably like those who come to be itnerested in coming back to see another exhibit," Danny says with a wry bit of a smile. He then nods and takes up that one and closes up the folio for the other, taking out some specs, stats on the space, square footage, electrical, and the various concept drawings including the addition of loft space, configurations that show how the floor could be divided to create sub galleries, etc.

"You're thinking like a businessman," Kai says. Whether it's an insult or just an observation isn't entirely clear from his tone. He looks transfixed at the drawings. "You've really given this a lot of thought," he says, and that is nothing but praise. "Ooh, ooh, ooh, you could showcase so much here! We could host artists who wouldn't otherwise get a chance to be seen."

"I do, occasionally, use some of the lessons that I was taught," Danny says with a slight shrug of his shoulders. If he was totally incompetent, he wouldn't have been able to hold onto the position of CEO, after all. There's only so much that a company can take. He seems to be pleased with Kai's interest and he says, "So I've got the keys for this one." He reaches into the folio and pulls out a small paper tag with a metal ring on it attached to a set of keys. "And the other.. but I will give them to my secretary and she'll take you out and show you the place so you can walk around in it and get a feel for it. If you decide you want it, let me know and I can start the ball rolling."

Kai regards the keys with clandestine pleasure until he reminds himself that no, chances are Danny did not steal them. "This is all great," he says. "Perfect, even." His grin is ridiculous and dimpled, and he radiates that happiness without a single care in the world. "I'll be free… well, not tomorrow night, but during the day and all through the weekend. My days during the week are pretty much free, so sure, whenever she's available to do that."

Danny nods his head once and then leaves the portfolio out so that Kai can look through it or take it with him if he wants. He then settles back on the couch and takes another swallow of his wine. "How is Loki? And Kevin?" He smiles a little bit amusedly, apparently finding asking after the Trickster God amusing. "What else have you been up to lately?"

Kai takes the portfolio and flips through it with great interest. "They're fine, though I think one wants to kill the other. Its' not Kevin's fault he's so dumb." He takes a drink and looks at another set of drawings. "I've been doing a little this and that. After New Year's, things settled right down."

"New Year's was, definitely interesting this year," Danny says, acknowledging that much as he studies Kai while he flips through the book. "Sometime you'll have to explain to me just how someone is supposed to hang onto a dragon upside-down with no climbing gear." He smiles a little, looking out over the skyline, perhaps to check for dragons.

Kai looks up and says amiably, "Jam your fingers between the scale plates. You should know, though, that makes the dragon super mad." He watches Danny watching the skyline. "How did you do that thing with your fist? That really saved our bacon, man. It was groovy."

That answer does seem to make some sense and he nods in acknowledgment, "Perhaps next time I encounter a flying dragon, I will give it a try." He turns his attention back to Kai at the question and says, "Remember when I mentioned being the Guardian of Kun'Lun, the Iron Fist? I got that power, the ability to focus and channel my chi energy into my fist to deliver a very powerful blow by facing the challenge of Shou-Lao, defeating the dragon, and plunging my hands into his burning heart. Now, I can use the chi within my self to do a number of things including using the Iron Fist and healing myself and others."

Kai whistles lowly. "That's so much cooler than any explanation I could give you for the things I can do. You're a guardian and a protector, and you'vea lready kicked two dragons' asses." He forgets the portfolio for a moment in favor of regarding Danny with admiration. "They should call you Dragonslayer, too."

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