1965-01-25 - Sale Not Wanted
Summary: Reno runs into Jeb while absolutely not buying bar stools
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There are few places out in the world of New York where Jebediah looks like he belongs there. It's not just his clothing, always a size too big and a little tatterd, but it's because of the dazed look of mystification he where at almost all times among the buildings far too tall to exist in Jebediah's mind, the crowds of people who shouldn't all fit in the same place and the prices are too damn high. That's look he wears now, a little piece of paper clenched in his hand of all of the things he needs for an apartment to be livable in as he stands in front of yet another building that looks like everything in it will be far too fine for his wallet.

Reno was not far off in the same boat. The young Latino man got out a nice suit, the one you save for Church you know? Tie and all to look respectable. He was, however getting the run around from the salesman when he made inquiries that 'oh those won't do what you'll want it too' or 'Someone returned it so we have to look it over because we want to make sure we sell you a quality good'. Frustrated with the constant roadblocks Reno smiled tightly, "Yeah but right now? Right now yous not sellin me anything man. Look My cousin and I can clean it up that's not a problem." And in the end, being so polite and helpful the sales guy suggested, "You know there's another place that's got one of these in Hell's Kitchen." The Bir's jaw tightened. He grew up reading between the lines and knew the problem wasn't that the furniture was bad but the guy didn't want to sell to a Hispanic. Reno, though, wasn't going to be the angry minority in teh shop because they'd immediately say oh, ex-con caushing peoples. The Crow swallowed his pride and walked out almost turning into Jeb. Disheartened, but absolutely sincere he offered, "Oh hey, um sorry man."

If there's one thing that Jebediah doesn't like, it's prejudice. And hearing the conversation as he was doing his best to not look like he was eavesdropping while he really was eavesdropping. He waves off the apology and looks round the corner at the salesman with narrowed eyes. "Why ain't he sell it to you if you have the damn money?" Jeb all but growls and his eyes flash dangerously, as tiny little rage grows in his chest. People were just /people/ damn it, didn't matter what color they were. "What were you trying to buy?"

Reno glanced over his shoulder with a tight smile and a nod like 'yeah, no trouble here'. He looked over Jeb with a curious look and when the accent came out he laughed with a shake of his head, "Ehhhh, welcome to the city man. These things happen. Tryin t' help a friend replace some bar stools. He have a harder time than I do with these things though, ya know?" He stepped out onto the sidewalk and while it was a chilly January, still took teh moment to turn his face to the sun like a flower, and jsut soak it in. Carrying the spirit of a Sun Speaker does that sometimes. "What'chu lookin for man? I see you with that lil piece of paper. I mean if youre lost, maybe I can like, help or somethin. All New Yorkers ain't so bad." He was definiately local.

"So he won't sell them to you for what reason? Besides the fact that you don't look like him? That ain't fair." Jeb, for all the world, looks like he really wants to set the whole entire building on fire, but the other man calms him down by asking about his list. "Oh, um, well, Ah'm movin' out on my own but Ah ain't got nothin', so Ah'm tryin' to find some things for myself. Ah.. Ah'm not real bright when it comes to this… doing 'adult' things." He admits and offers the other man his hand. "Jebediah Guthrie, by the way, probably should have said that."

Reno looked to Jeb having to nod. Boy did he know what that was like. He looked hesitantly at the hand. "WOah, any relation to A Jay? Tall dude wings?" He shook Jeb's hand pausing and for a brief moment looked like he got a small jolt. "Oh… guess you are. Small world?" How he knew all that he didn't say, though there were a number of ways to cold read that. The shorter man soot there thoughtfully tracing a thumb along his lip. "Hey, might be able to help youout though. Bit of a walk. Reno Cordova. Good to meet you man. You only been up here a lil bit then?"

Jebediah smiles when Reno asks him about Jay, everyone seems to know Jay. He was kind of amazing. "Yeah, that's my older brother. Ah got two of em. He's my favorite though, don't tell Sam." He teases with a small smile, but he raises an eyebrow when Reno confirms that he is from a handshake. "What just happened? How did you know? Do you got a crazy mutation too?" His eyes light up at the possibility. Jebediah loves meeting new mutants. "A few months, think my brother deserves to have his own room back."

Reno was confused for a moment and realized things went a little out of order and a half grin belied what might be half hidden, "Uhhh not a Mutant. Somethin. BUt yeah I know your brother. Good guy. He get things… um… how's he doin?" There was come genuine concern though nothing suggesting emergency. "But yeah, ya know, and brother of mi amigo is good man. Well uhhhh welcome to New York and let's… get you sorted out. You got the list man? Wher eyou goin? What'chu need? So long as it ain't barstools I might be able to like help you out or somethin. God knows this place can like eat people laive."

"He's /doing/. I think he's onto something good. He started doing a show, you know, at Club Atomic. You should come and see it. Everyone is welcome at the bar." He tells him, always hoping to draw more business into the club for Doug. "Like, a bed, a couch, a table. Ah want run down things, things ah can fix up, if there's a place that we could get those. Ah really want a coffee table with stains because ah got a cool idea for that."

Reno stopped walking and looked faintly suprised at that. "You wanna broken table? What'chu want a broken table for? All your glasses slide off onto the floor. That ain't safe man. Broken glass hurts. Man that ain't okay." NOW the bird looked concerned. "He's doin shows now?" There was a mixed bag of emotions. "Oh, well, we should be happy for em. He' a talented bird, man."

"Well, first of all, Ah ain't got a lot of money, Ah want a /stained/ table with like cup rings, you know. Ah have an idea for those. Not broken, so much as well loved, Ah think. Everything is homier that way. Ah don't need anythin' new." Jeb stiffens when Reno looks concerned when he says Jay is doing shows, ready to fight anyone who tries to say that Jay shouldn't be on a stage, as he already had shown with his own sister but none of that leaves Reno's lips and he settles. "He is. Ah still say you should come see him."

Reno paused a moment longer, and a smile warmed bringing the sun down with him in it. "Yeah, I prolly should." There was a modesty to that. "You know, birds of a feather stick t'gether or somethin." Interesting concerns for the furniture and he seemed to be coming up with some ideas. "Hey man, you say you good with like, fixin furniture? The like. I, uh, I might have an idea for you. It, uh, it won't match, but it be in decent shape? If you're interested?"

The smile seems to stop Jebediah's heart for a second, that unfamiliar feeling of a thousand butterflies birthing in his stomach rises again and it itches in a way that he can't decide if he hates or loves once more. A breath stammers out of him as he realizes he's forgot to do that whole.. oxygenning thing. "Ain't.. Ain't nothing gotta match. It would be better if it didn't."

Reno was a nervous little guy, but one that wore his heart on his sleeve. "Weeeell I know a few people who got some extra stuff and maybe we talk to them about helpin them out? Like do it in trade? I mean," He thought really hard tapping the center fo his foredae with a finger getting the throught together, "My Tio Rico? I think we got some tools at the pawn shop. Maybe you can borrow em? Your brother was pretty good to me and I'd hate to see you spend that when you can work on makin sure you get a decent place man." He paused and asked hesitantly, "You um… you Mutnat? LIke I know your brother man, we's cool, just it can be kinda hard if people find out. Some assholes drive the rent up and everythin."

"Ah found a place specifically in Mutant Town where it's okay to be a Mutant, but everyone in mah family who hit puberty has somethin'. My oldest brother can fly without wings, Jay can fly with wings and sing real pretty. My older sister.. tears her skin off to reveal new skin, better skin.. it's not pretty but it's kinda cool. And Ah can shoot electric plasma outta mah eyes. There's a whole bunch more of us yet, Ah'll bet they'll have their own too when the time comes." Jeb explains. "It's a shady place in Mutant Town but it's a place to live, that's all that really matters, right? Ah would love to get some hand me downs, that's where all my clothes come from."

Reno walked and seemed honestly amazed by all of this. "Wooooh no way? Really? Man that musta been hard for tu mama. Maaaan Hard enough for my mama chasin around a flappy kid. Havin a bunch?" There was a dimpled grin that went ear to ear before grimacing in amusement, "Man, I salute her. Still Mutant town? Can be what you make of it. LIke people get on Harlem and Hell's Kitchen but, ya know, we like it. Is good to us."

"Well she's used to havin' to deal with a bunch of unruly kids. She had ten of us, after all. She's lucky because Ah think Ah'm the only bad cookie in the lot. Jay's a damn angel, always has been. Sam's the gentleman she's always wanted. The girls are… well, they're girls but they're good. Ah'm the one always startin' fights." He explains with a small smile, tinted with a little shame.

Reno grinned and shook his head. "Eeeeh Mi mama's just got me now. GUess now that we's older it's our turn to worry about them right? Might wanna keep that under your hat in case. Not everyone in New York's ya know, groovy about that if you's not figured that out yet. Buuuut, ya know, ain't baout not bein proud of who you is or ain't jsut, ya know, careful who you trust. You's seem like nice folks. I don't like gettin bad news about nice guy that look after their mamas ya know?"

"Keep what under wraps? Ah'm sorry, Ah'm not followin'. My mutation? Ah can pass just fine, Ah only use it when Ah'm around other mutants or on the off occasion when Ah get real excited about somethin' and it just kind of… happens." Jeb explains shyly. "Ah try to be a nice guy.. Ah don't know that Ah am. Jay is for sure. Ah'm pretty careful. Ah don't have a lot of friends. Just the guys Ah live with now and my boss."

Reno snickere and waved a hand apologetically turning red across the ears, "Lo siento, man. It's just… yeah I got the same issue. I get really worked up? I molt. It's like… super embarassing sometimes." Even though he said he wasn't a Mutant. Reno shrugged and said "Well I'm just some loco Latino on teh street minus three bar stools, but ya know, you need a friend in Harlem, I'll help you out man. Just… really gotta be careful. Sometimes bein too nice aguy land you in lotta trouble withthe wrong people." He shrugged, "I mean we still do it though, just… I don't like seein new people get taken advantage of around here. Ain't what community supposed to be about." He looked back down the street and wasn't angry. He seemed… disappointed. Sad. BLinkig to Jeb he confided, "I think some people forget this over time, ya know? I feel bad for em."

Jeb leans to look around Reno's back, searching for wings. "But you don't have any feathers." And then his eyes light up, become big and wide. "Can you transform /into a bird/?" He asks excitedly, reaching over before he can stop himself to tug lightly on Reno's sleeve. He wants to see. Show him. Shoooow him. "Oh yeah, well, Ah'll keep quiet about my mutations if'n that's what you want. You lead, man, Ah'll follow. Anything to spend a few less dollars."

Reno squirmed and laughed I don't like… yeah man. Somethin like that." Looking around he walked along trying to surppress a smile and shook his head, "Nah man, you be you. I got no problem with this. LIke in my family my dad did stuff. My cousin got into some things and can do stuff. Ya know it happens. but um." He blushed. God to be put on the spot? Eeeh it was a little embarassin. "Don't like… scream. ONe time this lady threw a book at ma and I was like lady I already read Jane Austen, you got any Kerouac? But ya know, she ran away. Darn shame cause she was nice too…. oh yeah." He took a glance and with no effort he stretched his arms half bent and in front of him like some somersault in mid air getting smaller. Smaller until there was jsut a crow flapping there. Real one. Crow sized crow that was landing on the con- nope! shoes. He went up to teh railing on one of the brownstones.

Jebediah's mouth drops open but he doesn't scream. He's just fascinated beyond words, the worst he does is forget to breathe while Reno seems to origami himself into a bird. He raises his hands up to applaud him. "Whoa! That was amazing. You can ride on my shoulder. Jay can't even do that! That's neat! You're so cool!" He exclaims excitedly, still applauding the performance up at bird, in broad daylight. He doesn't look any crazier than he usually does.

Reno looked left and right before flapping over and perching on teh Mutant. "Heh I dunnoa bout cool, but I cna definiately make my buck for dinner go a lot further. Eat like a bird man. Just remember, he sing, aaaaaaand you prolly don' want me to. Also if you see a guy in blue or green pajamas? You didn't see me, right man?"

"Holy hell, man. Ah can still hear you! That's crazy, like you're still talkin' but not with a bird voice. Crazy. Crazy!" Jebediah says, looking down at the bird on his shoulder. He reaches up to lightly rub Reno's little birb head. "Ah didn't see ya if anyone ever asks, promise. Ah'm good at shuttin' up when Ah have to, even if don't seem like it."

Reno slunped his winds and said a little disheartened, "Yeah I know. I'm told I have to work on my accent or the other crows will murder me… get it?" One wing gave a wave, "Eeeeh occupational humor man. " ON GOD head rubbings. His beak waved back and forth as he made most out of being pet on the head. DOn't judge man. "Hey you worry too much, man. You be you."

Jebediah snickers at the terrible pun and continues to give Reno's head a gentle scritch, encouraged when Reno rocks his little head back and forth. He's not judging. He doesn't even mind. He's never gotten to pet a bird before. "Can you talk in bird? Ah don't even know what you would call that. Tweetish? Chirpanese?"

Reno fluffed up and shrugged, "Crow. Not to be like, confused withthe Crow people, but… I guess it's a lil confusing. IT' a long story. I know I talk when I'm nervous. That guy back there. He just… ya know… can't let it get to usbut it do."

Jebediah thinks Reno fluffing up is just about the cutest thing in the entire universe and he rewards it with more head scritches. "Ah know what you mean, gets to me a lot when people are mean to other people just because of their color, or even who they love. It ain't right and it ain't right that that guy refused you business. Do you want those chairs? Ah'll get them, but Ah don't want to give a racist my money."

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