1965-01-26 - Private Party
Summary: A private little get together for the LGBT folks here in 1965.
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The location is an abandoned tenement in a part of town where loud parties happen. Nothing for cops to worry their pretty little heads about, right? There are lookouts at the doors. They rotate in and out so they get to have at least a little fun for their efforts. They tell people coming in the same thing: keep the party contained in the house, don't let it bleed onto the streets. If the cops come, these are the exits you make a run for it.

The party itself is in the basement, so in a way it really is an underground party. Electricity has been stolen from next door via extension cords. Furniture has been stolen from various apartments that still had it, so there are couches and chairs in decent repair, though nothing fancy. There's a stage, and on stage there is a red-winged handsome man with a melodic voice. There are coolers of booze, there's food laid out — the catering is actually pretty nice, this is stuff that was made fancy at the store! The lighting is dim, mostly indoor Christmas lights strung from the low ceiling. From one corner, there's the telltale smell of weed where a few people are just unwinding a little, man. Groovy. Someone thought to burn incense. There's no 'basement' smell to speak of.

On the area of the floor reserved for dancing, there are couples doing just that. Men together, women together. Some of them are really getting into it. How often do they get the chance, after all?

Kai is flopped out on a couch, already stoned as balls, and he's got two beer bottles, one in each hand. In the absence of his dance partner, he's going to get wasted. Unfortunately, because of his Alfheimian physiology, he needs a lot of booze to get there. He watches people come and go, and when he spies people he knows, he waves over at them.

Danielle took her time getting to the place. The entire journey, wrestling with any number of doubts and concerns. Even at the entrance, she lingers a moment, as if debating whether to call it off and head for home. Buuuut, then how would she explain it to her girlfriend? All the 'trust me, I'll see if it's safe or a trap' bravado would be for naught. But the sound of music and fun proves an alluring .. lure. She follows a couple of cute gay boys down into the basement, and promptly finds herself a section of wall to brace with her shoulders. It's one thing to goof around with the handful of close friends she knows, but this is a new and different and … sweet mercy, lookit what that girl's barely wearing. Okay, maybe just a couple of beers…

There aren't many places for 'alternative' life-styles in New York City, so when Jenni heard about some 'underground' thing she was *so* there. Dressed in a cute mini-skirt, a pair of low hells, a sweater over the blouse. For colors, they compliment her deeply green skin- emerald color- Reds and purples. Her sweater is a button up sort of thing- left unbuttoned.

She's got a freshly rolled joint in her lips, struggling to light it up with a match and just not getting anywhere fast.

Will wonders never cease? For the first time in recorded history one Elizabeth Rose Mayhugh has arrived at an event prior to Sophia Rousseau. This is notable because it indicates some level of intention to actually socialize… Just kidding. Lizzy is spending her moment looking around with wide, intense eyes, violet in the current lightings. She's wearing a little black dress, though it's little only in the sense that Nyx herself is tiny and so her garments must be similarly so. It's actually pretty modest for a formal party affair. Lizzy keeps to the edge of the room for now, watching as people are going back and forth. Given how tense the ridiculous pale, violet-eyed mutant girl is someone has probably tried and failed to give her a joint.

Dizzy makes her way into the basement, there, letting her eyes adjust a bit as another girl in typical rock and roll skirt and leather, plus a slouchy black beret, takes her by the hand near the bottom of the stairs. Dizzy herself is in jeans and wears a Hawaiian shirt, on the other hand, rather than dressing to studiously-avoid busts for wearing the wrong clothes. She looks up to her friend, cause chances to really dance don't come easily. Still, the first steps are to fade into the crowd and seek out whatever improvised bar they've set up.

Loki arrives, of course, and wanders straight over to Kai. "Ahhh…I see you have already imbibed. Should I get you anything else, or…have you already had enough?" The Asgardian chuckles.

Elmo slinks in with the air of someone hoping not to get noticed. There's so many louds and people he doesn't know and that is problematic.

It's about then that Lizzie's date arrives, Sophie stepping into the room with a long, burgundy coat covering whatever outfit she's chosen for the occasion, and carrying her guitar case with her right hand. She pauses for a moment to one side of the entrance, her eyes scanning the room, before she spots Nyx and breaks into a delighted smile, starting toward her girlfriend with her long-legged stride.

JP was the antithesis of shy and reserved when he showed up. Did he even know where he was!?. Being in a hive that would be the target of every police raid in the 5 boroughs did zero to diminish this, and seemed to appreciated getting to exit all over again waving a big day-glo middle finger at the conventions of society. That said he wore the same thing he usually did; tight jean, black boots, leather jacket, and a fitted white t-shirt, only today it read: [Mutant - What of it?] completely out there for the whole damn world. For being a lean little shit he was certainly bellicose about his nonconformity. "Hell yeah!, Kai. Stolen power, nice touch, Yous know I approve." The Cajun slurred with an easy grin like the world existed in a bubble for them to play with. "Jules, you s made it. Good t'see you, chere." He tossed her a wink before folding his fingers together, pressing two to his lips and scoping the place out for who he knew, who he didn't, and who looked like they were in desperate need of having someone take a very large spoon to their security eggshell.

Kai beams at Loki and sits up. "I was saving one for you," he says as he offers the beer he's drank the least of to him. Then he gets to his feet and gives the trickster god a kiss. "Look! People are having fun!" He spies slinking Elmo and calls out, "ELMO! OVER HERE!" Did Elmo try to go unnoticed? That's adorable. "JP! Hey!" he calls. Then he says to Loki, all soft and sweet, "You're the best looking guy in here." Of course he might be biased. He's in jeans with rolled up cuffs and a t-shirt that stretches tight over his chest. It's a departure from his usual beatnik chic, which isn't nearly revealing enough by far.

Loki takes the beer and also that kiss, then smiles as he looks around to the name Elmo, JP, and then the compliment. "Ahh, well, I could say the same about you." He winks at Kai. "Elmo…ah…finally we meet?"

Danielle may or may not have 'party clothes'. It's entirely possible that she considers snug bellbottoms and linen-tunic completely different from her usual day-attire of denim and comfy top. Either way, /someone/ has to make all the other ladies look even more fab, right? She swims through the small crowd on her way to the refreshments, scooping up a bottle of something beer-ish. A bit of pleasant chit-chat with an unfamiliar face, followed by a modest 'maybe later' (including bottle-waggle) when a blonde girl offers a dance. A bit of booze, and some time to enjoy the scenery. That's what she needs to relax enough to consider boogies.

Lizzy lifts a hand to greet Sophie, violet eyes shifting to settle onto the approaching Sophie. She even breaks character and ventures a brief smile, more shy than distant, as the guitarist is coming close to her. Nyx shifts her weight from left to right, then leans in to give Sophie a tight hug,then a gentle kiss when she is close enough. The violet-eyed albinoid girl seems to become more animated by the second. Then Liz looks around the room slowly. "…More people than I expected," she admits. Maybe the attitude is just an affectation of being shy?

Elmo skirts around the edges of the room to get to Kai and Loki, like it's a jungle full of V-C rather than a damn party. "Hey," he says, arms folded tightly.

Hugging Lizzy back with her free arm, Sophie happily returns that kiss, then replies to her girlfriend, "I thought there might be a good-sized crowd here. It's okay, just relax and enjoy it." She sets her guitar case down against the wall, then slips out of her coat and lays it along the upper surface of the case. As she stands up straight again, she asks the shorter blonde, "Spotted anyone we know yet?"

Julie seems *very* surprised to see JP here, but gives a bit of a grin, and heys, quietly, as her friend manages to obtain a pair of cans of beer with certain aplomb. "There, that'll do," she says, as she takes one, …just when JP seems to attract a lot of waves. She adds, "Ah, hey. This is my girl Jenny," …smiles a bit to say that, "And this is JP from down South, I been trying to get him to come check out the strip this spring, if nothing else."

Another match. Tssk! And finally, Jenni gets that joint on fire! "Success!" she says to herself, as she sways back and forth and takes a long pull on the thing. "Aha! Green gal's got the green!" she call out, "Come and get a toke!" she says with a wide grin, and another pull on her joint. "Oh, and bring booze!" she grins wide, a little dopey- a sway in the green girl's step.

Diana has been on a mission for the most part, and her exploration to reacquaint with Man's World, which has changed quite tremendously over the years since her last visit, has been eye opening. Whether it is her natural charm, her divine charismatic gift, or just the apparent naivete of a young woman who seems a bit flighty in her lack of familiarity with the most trivial, she has managed to earn herself an invitation to this party. The prospect of a secret party certainly seemed intriguing, and the lovely woman who issued the invitation seemed quite a remarkable person. So a venturing forth affair was a simple decision. Thanks to one Carol Danvers, Diana even has what to wear.

She arrives late, but at least makes up for it with style, a Grecian styled gown, One shoulder, in immaculate white, accented and hemmed with golden embroidery, and a golden sash cinching at the waist. The woman must be a model, considering her exceptional height, though she seems a bit more toned than one would expect of a model.

Not wanting to make a fuss about her arrival, she doesn't bother drawing attention to herself, not that she really has any friends in this basement, at least none she's met yet. So she first moves towards the wall of the room, looking out over the merriment with a radiant smile. Watching people dance, drink and share in mirth was always heart warming. Good spirits were the best of spirits.

Loki points at Elmo. "YOu and I have been long overdue for a conversation. Though…perhaps not at this party…since its…" probably a kidnapping, "personal."

Kai snakes an arm around Loki and turns so that he can fold Elmo into their conversational space. Kai take full advantage of the public okayness of displays of affection in this place, glued to Loki's side. When he looks at him, it's clear he's a sap for the Asgardian. Those big blue eyes go all puppyish. "Relax Elmo," he says, handing off his beer to him. "Do you need some weed? You're wound tight, man." His gaze strays toward Diana and her gown, and he murmurs, "Oh, she's so pretty." Hey, he's an artist. He can appreciate aesthetics. He looks between Loki and Elmo. "You need me to give you two a moment, babe? I can go make the rounds." That's trust, right there.

Hearing a tempting call from over yonder, Danielle grabs a second bottle of beer and starts working her way around. Towards Jenni.. the one offering tokes. By way of greeting, Dani lifts the two bottles with one hand, rattling them lightly together. It takes another moment or two for her to sidle close enough to the green gal to make it worth offering the mostly-full bottle. "Got enough to go around?"

People seem much friendlier here on that subject than Mike is used to. He's had human mores about same-sex relationships explained to him, and he's learned to say, not touch his boyfriend in public….but it's never made much sense. So he doesn't look amazed or furtive as he appears, but very pleased and very curious, indeed. There are wings on display, pinions of a soft, ashy gray folded neatly behind him, though when strong light hits them, there's a subtle rosy glow. If they're all mutants together….

"Enjoy it, hmm?" Lizzy cants hr head slightly and then flashes Sophie a brief, honest grin. Then she takes a dep breath and shifts forward slightly. "Oh, hey. That's… Julie, right? I'm not sure if I've seen anyone else just yet," she continues thoughtfully. "The green girl looks interesting, though."
There's a pause while Lizzy reaches out and snags Sophie's arm, then proceeds to drag her out toward hte middle of the room. "Play your guitar in a second. Let's meet people now." With that pronouncement she actually moves toward the middle of the floor. "You always want me to get out and meet people, so… um. Pick someone?" Lizzy winks and then breaks into chorus of laughter.

JP scanned the rook with those dark brown eyes scrutinizing it. scrute scrute scrute Ah ha! Danger Boy's expression opened into a wide, warm grin greeting Julie with an offered hug in brief before offering a hand out to her girl. "Nice t'meet you, chere. JP. Dizzy' call me Gearhead." He looked to Julie giving his unsolicited approval, "She' cute." He glanced the room aga- oooh ELmo, you think you're hiding today? The cussin' Cajun gave Kai a wink like 'on it' to drag Elmo into being drown in 'fun' if he didn't lighten up on his own. He did a double take at the other wrench jockey and wobbled his head in a sloppy figure 8. "Yeah I know, Had a girl back home but ya know, Jules, but I'm too much a people person t'sit on one bench." He gave them a wink and grinned. There was a double take at the wings though and an ironically appropriate utterance of "Mon dieu, Now there's a lucky expression."

Elmo, it's hard to miss, is would pretty tight. There are a lot of girls here. Beautiful girls. There's a lot of boys here. Beautiful boys. It's making him way nervier than usual. And Loki is acting alluring and threatening and this is just a lot to handle, okay? "Um, wow," he says to Loki, eyes wide. "Yeah, okay. …I don't guess you wanna tell me what about?" He accepts the beer Kai offers him, gratefully.

"Baby, I got the better part of an ounce. I got enough for all my new friends, and all my old friends.." Jenni assures Danielle, grinning wide. She offers the joint towards the new friend, taking the bottle in fair trade. "Oh..wow.." she says, taking a moment- "You've got the nicest hair…" she says to Dani, "And hey! Nice boots!" she continues, before taking a long pull on her beer.

Green eyes slide over to spy Diana, "Wow." she then looks back to Dani with a grin. "I love the color of your skin." This, to Dani. "I'm Jenni." she offers, "Really nice to meet you.."

"Yes, actually." Loki glances to Kai, smiles a little broader, then back to Elmo. "I heard you have had a lot of dates, recently, and…you are going to go on one with me. Kai has approved." Impish grin. "So worry not about offending your friend." If Elmo had a danger sense…

Kai gives Elmo a thumbs up. He doesn't take off just yet, but rather sidles closer to Loki, who is being alluring and threatening, and it just makes Kai love him more. "Yeah, I'm totally okay with this." He gives Loki a squeeze. Yep, he's got it bad. It's a tactile version of Kai that doesn't often see the light. He looks around, and when Michael walks in, his eyes widen. "Oh! Hey!" He waves, then asides to Loki, "That's Michael. He likes birds." JP gets a wink in return and a nod inviting him over to the Torment of Elmo. A game everyone can play!

Dizzy pops the top of her beer-can, tidily dropping the tab inside without looking, and shrugs, smirkingly. Says something in Italian that must be a proverb of sorts, and says, in similar sentiment, "Hey, if people knew how this stuff works I figure they wouldn't give us such a hassle about it." 'Jenny' seems to notice JP's T-shirt and glances to her. Diz looks back to her companion, and says, "Yeah, he's like me. Actually more than most in some ways, I guess." She adds to JP, "Jenny's OK with us, I just kinda try to keep her out of the line of…" There's a bit of a pause as she notices the Amazon lady clad for ancient Greece, and nudges her partner. "Now that ain't something you see every day in a joint like this," she says.

"I just brought it in case Jay needs to take a break, or wants me to join in later," Sophie replies to Lizzy. "Julie, and… Looks like maybe her girlfriend we've never met?" Turning to look toward the green girl Nyx mentioned, she adds, pointing, "There's Dani over there with her, too."

Elmo swallows, hard. Loki now has his total, terrified attention. "You…want to go on a date. With me." Surely he heard that wrong. Surely he is hallucinating or there's something in this beer. He looks at Kai, but no help there—Kai's in on this.

As she looks about the room, Diana spots a momentary glance from Kai, and while she doesn't hear his remark she does offer him a smile from across the room. But next to Kai, she spots someone she's met but once, but struck a rather unforgettable presence, and so she starts to move with a flowing gait towards that group, before extending her hand towards Loki, "fancy meeting you here…you seem well, how does your brother?"

That's a face he knows - so Michael heads Kai's way, wearing a little smile. "Kai," he says, pleasantly. Good with names, this one. He picks his way nimbly through the crowd, though the observant might notice an odd visual effect in his wake, a nearly invisible shimmer in the air.

Danielle accepts the joint and takes a nice, slow pull. She holds it for a moment, then exhales just as slowly. "Oh, that helps," she sighs warmly, then grins at Jenni. "I'm Dani. Glad to meet you too. And except for the boots, I come by it all naturally." She also pauses when her eyes finally land on Diana. With a few blinks, and a bit of lingering wowness, she clears her throat and sips her beer once more. "Your skin's a pretty remarkable color, too. You here with any.. oop, I know her!" Here she lifts the hand with the bottle to wave vaguely Sophie-wards. "We were at school together, see."

Loki is trying to torture Elmo! He does glance towards Diana though, and smiles. He finally lets go of Kai, so that he can take Diana's hand. "I would not know. I think he's too busy deep in his cups with mead and women to get out of the Embassy." A smile follows and then he looks back to Elmo in a broader sense. "Yes. You cannot turn me down. This is Diana…and I will swear before her that you will return from the date unharmed."

When Danielle waves Liz waves quietly as well.And then she is laughing, "Well, yeah. Find all the people we *do* know when I say to meet someo-" Then those violet-blue eyes settle onto Diana and Nyx apparently completely loses her train of thought. She gapes for a split second, then blinks, then looks over at Jenni again. A pause follows.

"That's- Mmm…" A pause follows and then the diminutive blonde-haired Lizzy swallows, hard. "Wow. Looks good…" Playing it off like she isn't incredibly impressed? Not working.

Kai steals a quick kiss from Loki before he draws away. He claps Elmo on the arm and says, "It'll be fine. You'll have fun!" Because Kai would! He inclines his head to Diana and says, "It's nice to see you, Princess." He knows who she is, by association if nothing else. He waves Michael over and, because he is high and in his cups, gives the angel a friendly hug. "Heeeeeeey. Are you here alone? We gotta rectify that."

When Sophie speaks, it's normally with only the barest hint of an accent. She's lived in New York for coming up on nine years now, and speaks English almost like a native. But when Diana crosses her vision at about the same moment as Lizzy catches sight of her, those blue eyes go wide, and under her breath, she mutters, her Parisian accent in full bloom, "Mon Dieu…"

Catching herself staring, the blonde Frenchwoman blushes, and looks to her girlfriend and says, "Let's go say hi to Dani and her friend…" And taking Lizzy's hand, she heads toward the pair.

Elmo squeaks out, "Okay," and then there's Diana and her six feet plus of pure knockout. This is way too much for one small nerd. He takes a gulp of beer, like it will help.

"Yeah? School? What did you study? I'm in for fine arts- photography and cinema." Jenni offers as she takes a slow pull on her bottle of beer. "And to answer the unasked question- here alone." she says with a little grin, leaning back against the wall. "It hasn't always been green, to be honest, sort of a new thing for spring."

JP shrugged to Dizzy's Jenny and offered to her, "Machine speaker. And really, considering I got shot this past week for mindin' my own business? Yeah don' blame you. Thooooough, at some point later? We should get t'gether with my buddy Elmo over there and talk literal shop." He squint and checked in on the Electric Company over there and snickered with a wry grin to Dizzy. "Not now though. I think he' havin' a heart attack or bout to or somethin'" There was a mmhmm. "Yeah the fun fairy might need t'pay some people a visit. " Very seriously he looked to Dizzy's gal with a furrowed brow and asked her , "Yous seen a stick with a star on it layin aroun'?" Shaking his head he sighed. "I'll have t' improvise." The hardships of spontaneous miracle work yo. It comes at the expense of props. Sorry Elmo, but you are zipped up tighter than a potato in a jacket. Fun Brigade, inbound!

Michael wraps both arms and wings around Kai, gently. "Well, not anymore," he says, pragmatically. "Now you're here. Are you enjoying the party? Thisis the first one I've ever been to."

"Mead and women…? Than you would say he is quite typical of his stature, hmmm?" Diana inquiries, her lips dimming just a tad, though it's quite distinctly still there on her face. "I would expect more based on first impression," she muses, as she takes her hand back after the brief greeting with Loki, her gaze soon following his towards Elmo, "that is quite a heartfelt oath, I should like to think you are in safe hands," she offers to Elmo, before turning back to Loki, "that embassy of yours, did you have a hand in its creation?" A curious inquisitive question. Likely quite unfitting in this particular party

Diana's smile turns a slight shade towards embarrassed with the faintest hint of flushing cheeks at Kai's greeting, as she inclines her head at him in a somewhat regal fashion. May as well after he noted the title she didn't offer freely. Then again, he knew her better than most, just the same as she likely knew him. "Likewise, a pleasure to see you, Kai, you've the habit of bringing merriment where you go, or so I've heard? Certainly seems the case tonight."

When Diana eventually spots a couple of strangers looking her way, she offers a wave of her hand, if only to acknowledge she's spotted them and takes no issue with the potential stare. Naturally, she assumes the best, and expect it was nothing short of a curious glance at spotting a stranger.

Julie pauses to sip her beer, and squeeze the girl's hand, not something habitual around people, in general. JP gets an awkward sort of salute with Dizzy's beer hand. She says to 'Jenny,' at some comment of hers, "Well, when he talks, they actually, Eh, I'll explain later." She notices Sophie looking her way, and possibly Nyx, says, "Guess word got around a bit, there's those gals I mentioned there, come to mention it." At some response, she gives a bit of a wave over to the French girl, and Nyx, if she's relatively easy to spot at the moment.

Danielle leans back against the same wall, feeling the mild grooviness spreading warmly through her. "Private school… I sorta bailed on my senior year. Kinda. It's complicated." She smiles as Sophie and Nyx make their way closer and closer. "I almost had a date, but she's … mm. Anxious. About things like this, so I promised her I'd take a look. If it's cool, I might drag her to the next one," Dani grins and shrugs a shoulder, then takes another appreciative perusal of how much greenness Jenni is sharing with the room. "New or not, it suits you somehow."

"Enjoying?" Kai says to Michael, "I'm throwing it, man. Come get something to eat, something to drink. You want to dance? Look at that cute guy over by the cooler. He's dancing with everyone." He gestures to a guy wearing greaser chic only his shirt's a buttondown that's wide open to show that yeah, he works out. "Or my friends over here! Elmo, JP, this is my friend Michael." He grins at Diana. "I do what I can to bring a little light to a world overburdened by darkness. Speaking of light, this is Michael. Isn't he positively angelic?" At this point, Loki draws him to the floor for a dance, and he calls back, "Get to know each other and become best friends!"

Now Mike turns that guileless blue gaze on JP and Elmo, taking them in with open curiosity. "I'm Michael," he says, simply. And then feels compelled to clarify with, "…..the first Michael." Ohhhkay. WEll, then, the wings do make decent credentials. "I'm not as good with light as my brother is," he adds, modestly.

Seeing her look their way, Sophie gives Julie a smile and a wave as she and Liz make their way toward Dani and her cute green friend. "Hey," she says to her Native American friend as they get close enough not to shout. She gives both her and the exotic girl with her a smile.

Noting the apparent discomfort of Elmo since she approached Loki, Diana extends a hand towards him, "I am Diana," she repeats the introduction already offered by Loki himself, "are you a good friend of Loki?" It's certainly small talk, but she makes the attempt, if only to try and calm his perceived nerves.

Yet when she overhears Michael making it a point to note he's the first, she has to turn his way and ask, "are you of a divine nature?" It could easily be a bombastic compliment. All in the eye of the beholder after all.

Jenni grins wide, the red-gloss of her lipstick catching the light as she gives a laugh- likely because she's more than a little stoned. " I hear that. I mean, people stare at me no matter where I go these days, but you know it can be… Its hard to live life and be what you are. Sometimes you can't hide it- sometimes you can…I don't know what I'm saying." she giggles again, pulling deep from that beer.

"Oh Hi!" she offers to the woman approaching, to Sophie. "I should roll another joint!" she suggests- largely to herself.

The hand Diana is offering is a dilemma for Elmo. Which he solves by deciding he'd be an idiot to turn that down, and he goes for it. A totally normal handshake, done by a totally normal guy. "Nice to meet ya," he says, only a little shakily. "I'm Elmo. Loki's my friend's …" Kai's what? Now that he can say it in real words, which word does he pick? "Kinda, husband, I guess."

JP wasn't joking when he said fun train. He could do one hell of a Locomotion, complete with lip syncing, sashaying, footwork, and parts as if idly keeping himself entertained. Shame was not what was for breakfast on his menu. He might have met Shame once but markered bushy eyebrows, a ridiculous mustache, and buck teeth on it. So much for shame. He was about to Address his buddy with that same effortless bemusement when he stopped doing a double take to Michael. "Suuuup, Elm- " He blinked and what came out of his Face wasn't french but one word, almost melodic, and not even new enough to be Enochian. And for a moment the olive-skinned bayou boy went sheet white standing there agog. Finally he blinked, looking vaguely… worried? His head dipped curiously and he took a step back towards Elmo offering Michael a distracted, "Bonjour." even though his eyes were locked on the curious angel.

Liz takes a deep breath and holds it for a second.She's small enough that it takes an effort to meet people's eyes. She at least makesa go of it, offering Danielle and then Jenni each a brief smile before she turns herself back to Sophie and tilts her head slightly. "If you want to smoke I won't say anything," she offers. As Lizzy tilts her head her eyes subtly shift from violet, to almost blue, and then to azure. It's all in the amount of light hitting her.

"Hi, girls," Dani greets brightly. Whether the toke or the beer or the atmosphere or the impressive number of lovely people gathered to harmlessly party and flirt, Danielle is feeling comfortably relaxed. "This is Jenni. We were just chatting." And drinking. And whatever. "Jenni, this is Sophie and the adorable girl with her is… I want to say… Elisa..? No.." She grins and leans slightly towards the green girl, mock-whispering, "Aren't they adorable together?"

There's the tiniest furrow on Mike's otherwise cloudless brow at Diana's question. "I was created by the Divine, to do his will," he says to the Amazon, gently.

And then JP addresses him not by the rubric that is his name here on the material plane, but the true Name. It has Michael mantling in shock, the great gray wings arching and spreading wide and starting to glow like embers in a fire. In fact, the angel himself starts to glow….and around him, in curls like shining wire, are strings of signs, like incandescent tattoos. In instant, he's gone from an amiable presence who might just be a mad mutant to something that was very definitely *never* human, and might be about to go off like a suitcase nuke. His voice has taken on the quality of somehow being a chorus, as he demands of JP, "MORTAL. HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?"

Julie gives a wink to Sophie, having a pull from her beer and seeing it's Dani, too, decides to go say hello, while everyone's here. She's just saying, as they approach, with a bit of a shrug, there, but a smirk for the look on her companion's face. "Hey, a lotta people got wings, believe it or not." Then all of a sudden, Michael sort of lights up and says that with the booming voice…" In any sudden hush this may produce, she says, "Ah, I dunno that guy."

With a quick laugh, Sophie says to Dani, "You're already flying, if you can't remember Lizzy's name." It's about then that Michael has his, ahem, moment, and the blonde catches the start of it at the corner of her vision and her attention snaps in that direction. The accent comes out for the second time tonight, as she stares and says, quietly, "Merde…"

Kai is grooving it up on the floor with his man when he hears Michael's choir-voice. He makes his excuses to his beloved, and slips through the crowd toward the archangel. "What what what," he says, "is going on? Guys, be cool. Party rule number one? We're cool, okay? Someone get this angel a joint." He's all business, inasmuch as his tipsy self can be. "We need to mellow, man, dig me? Like, we're all friends here. Toke up, feel the music, man, let's all just relax."

"Simply darling," Jenni stage whispers back to Dani, with a grin.

But then there's this shouting and who knows what from some guy. "Oh come on…" She rolls her eyes, "Its a party! Who cares who's mortal or immortal or mutant or queer. Who cares…" she groans, as she continues to roll a new joint. "Are you going to stir shit up here, because, I'm really not sober and I really don't want to have to pull out.." She then, in a drunk and stoned manner indicates herself, "All this.."

Jenni tries to keep a serious face on- super serious. Super duper serious. But she bubbles out a giggle and starts to laugh, "Oh…jeez. CAn you imagine, someone being a total ass like this at a party like this one?!" she laughs again, "Hey! Hey! Choir Boy! Come'ere! I have a fresh joint with your name on it!"

While many things are strange for Diana in Men's World, the concept of one gender marrying the same gender, is actually one of the few familiar things thanks to Themyscira being the home of only women, making it a rather everyday affair and not at all unique in any way. "You've a lovely, cheerful husband," Diana says to Elmo as she shakes his hand, her grip perhaps firmer than one might expect, "you shouldn't be so shy, you're a nice fellow, let others see that."

Diana seems to take Mike's proclamation much better than most would, a creation of the Divine, makes perfect sense. The Divine do create. It's like their favorite pastime. As well as meddling with their creation, but that's a whole different topic. "Is he pleased with you thus far?" Diana asks as if this was just another mundane conversation. After all, if Mike's to do his will, whoever that particular Divine might be, she's curious at his progress in his quest. But then he puts on a show before JP, and Diana's turn becomes a slight frown, "I would dare say he is not very pleased with you at the moment, now is he?" Yes, Diana is the sort who will voice her opinion even while a show of power takes hold before her.

"Ah, come on, Soph. Calm down." Lizzy flashes her a brief smile. "There's always a god or a would be god or somebody who wants to be a God. You're an Avenger. Just be glad Doctor Doom isn't kidnapping anyone. Yet." A deep breath is taken, held, and then slowly exhaled. Liz takes a moment considering it. "Hi, Julie. Danielle…" There's a pause as she considers this for a moment "…Green girl." As Dani and Jenni discuss how adorable Sophie and Lizzy are together the very, very pale Lizzy Mayhugh begins to turn cherry red. If she had some skin pigment it might be less noticeable.

Elmo has, fortunately, let go of Diana's hand by the time Michael has lit up. That's scary and JP is in trouble and in response, electricity leaps to life all around him, hissing and popping. He's extremely fast to get in front of JP, defending him from. The whole room starts feeling like a really dry day when touching metal holds a risk of a nasty shock. "Hey, stop!"

Danielle sneaks another quick toke while Jenni's trying to be super serious and scolding. She smiles unapologetically at Sophie, and waggles her half-empty beer bottle in mute offer of a drink to both (or either) Sophie and Liz. "I'm not /too/ far gone, but.." But she's bordering on earning a Look from her girlfriend when she gets home later. Her eyes, like most others, are drawn to the hubbub over there, but given the number of people quick to intervene and handle things… "Sorry, Liz, I knew I was close. This is why I try not to be social without Amanda to poke me." Nyx's blush draws another warm grin from the Cheyenne, but she mercifully doesn't tease further.

JP went to answer Michael about how he had highly confidential data. Once there was an Elmo between he and that beautiful and scary as he- …well… scary as justice angel JP composed himself rubbing four fingers across his forehead. He laughed, ironically, and squint one eye, "You um… I didn't…." A nervous chuckle out of the generally unflappable mechanic, "You, um, don' wann' know that." Oh like hell Michael didn't want to know that. It was technically information no one should have, and for what it's worth the greaser now seemed aware of that. He grinned ear to ear looking at the people around, "c'mon at least have mercy on these guys. They got it hard enough as is." Dark eyebrows furrowed together and pleased to reason. He murmured something to Elmo, and looked to Kai, "Dude, Kai, is killer party. We need more of these."

Willing herself to relax, Sophie says, "Sorry, I was just startled…" At least she didn't swirl into airy form. Once in a while, the reflexes that result from training all through one's teen years under the likes of Summers, Grey, and Associates can get away from you. Turning to Dani, she asks, "Where /is/ Amanda tonight? I expected to see you both here. Is she all right?"

Diana's question earns her a glance…..Kai gets a wave of one shining hand. Apology or dismissal, it's hard to tell. But Michael is still focussed in on JP…..and heedless of Elmo's attempt to defend him, he snags the poor Cajun by the collar and summarily drags him towards the nearest door. At least he's not pulling a full-on Vader and just choking him with one hand.

Julie steers her girlfriend behind her, as well, and glances between that situation, and the girls from school as, apparently, confrontation seems to be in the air, rather literally, however high some could possibly be at the moment. This is exactly the sort of thing that means her somewhat wide-eyed paramour hasn't been introduced in certain circles, perhaps. " She says to the other girls, "Got a beat-looking '61 Biscayne wagon next block over out the back, light green." Not exactly what she planned around potentially escaping from, but she did, after all, have some kind of expectation this party might just need to scatter. She keeps eyes on what the glowing figure does, until he apparently elects to haul JP out of the place. "Cripes, what did that kid get into this time?" She looks distinctly like she's restraining an impulse to foolishly run after, when she's further tugged back by her girlfriend.

JP half dangled in his jacket and laughed with a nervous grin like he had no idea how to take anything serious, or was just so used to being in trouble it wasn't even surprising anymore, "You know if you knew how many people I met this way? You wanna dance? Tha's cool. Kai, be, um, be right back. Gonna step out in the hall for a -" he cleared his throat and said, 'gon' grab a smoke." He waved his hands like it was all good.

Elmo, uselessly defending JP, lands a good one on Michael. Lightning flickers from him to the angel—CRACK! And does absolutely nothing. He looks at his hand in disbelief, then hurries after Michael and JP.

Kai has tried to defuse the situation, but no one's really listening to him saying to be cool. "Guys!" Then they're leaving. He looks around. He's got a choice, follow the few or stay with the many and smooth things over. He plasters on a smile and says, "It's okay folks. Keep having fun. This party is for you guys. Enjoy it!" Then he hisses after Michael, "You're being an asshole."

There's not a shred of hesitance about Diana, at first she reaches against the side of her gown, as if there was supposed to be some kind of weapon there, but her instincts is merely a result of ages of experience. Tonight is a different setting, and therefore she will have to go about it in a more personal matter. Wearing a steadfast look of determination, she immediately sets out after Michael and his prey.

"We'll keep that in mind if it comes to it. Hi, Julie," Sophie says in response to their potential getaway driver's mention of the waiting vehicle. She does manage a bit of a smile, at least. "I'm thinking some introductions are in order?" This, as she glances past her mechanic friend to the girl with her.

But now some guy with a really bright aura is dragging someone out- and there's a CRACK of lightning. Well, someone's got to sober up pretty quickly.

"Woah! What the heck!" Jenni exclaims. "Some people, can you believe it.." she says, as she lights up another joint. This time, with a bright green flame that appears from her left palm. PuffPuffpuff… "Do you think someone should go out there? I mean.. make sure it is okay out there?"

Jenni frowns, smoking quietly. "Hey!" she says over to Kai, "Hey man, come and hang out! What was that all about?"

Kai shakes his head. "Pansy drama," he says. He lights a cigarette, scowling with his irritation. "Some people think they're better than everyone else, don't need to keep the peace so everyone else can have a good time." Raising his voice, he calls to the party at large, "Just keep dancing, lovelies! Nothing's wrong." He then adds, quieter, "If they draw the cops' attention, I'll eviscerate them myself."

"Pff. Lovers' tiff, probably." Danielle is remarkably unbothered by the whole display. She saw muuuuuuch more drama while hanging out with the valkyries. Talk about petty jealousies and ruffled feathers… "Julie! Hey, sorry, I didn't see you what with.." Handwaggle in the direction of the whatever-just-happened. "Have you girls met Jenni? She's both cool /and/ pretty." Gradually, her brain works back around to a question from Sophie, "Oh, yeah, Amanda's fine. Just fine. Amazingly fine. She's just skittish about this sort of thing. I'll haul her to the next one over my shoulder. Not fair everyone else gets to show off their boys and/or girls."

Julie sighs, a bit, glancing back, and as she often does, tries to lighten her own mood. Her girlfriend asks, wryly, "So, how's things at work, dolce?" And nudges Diz, who also drains some of that beer in her hand a bit more quickly than usual. She nods to Sophie, though, freeing her other hand to gesture about. "Oh, right. Ah, here's some of those friends I said you shouldn't be jealous about. Everyone, this is Jenny, ah, Sophie, Lizzie, and Dani, and… She says to Jenni. "Hey, I'm Dizzy, but everyone got calling me what teachers do." She smirks a bit to Dani. "Hey, nothing against you guys, but this was my Jenny's idea, didn't realize we'd cross paths here."

"Well, it's nice to finally meet you," Sophie says to Dizzy's Jenny. "Your girl here works hard keeping everything running for us, but I see why she hurries home when she's done," the blonde adds with a grin and a playful laugh. "I'm just glad to be able to get out together somewhere no one will bother us for being who we are. I hope whatever's going on over there doesn't turn into a thing."

"Yeah, but I mean.. right. Anyways- that dude, and that really tall pretty lady? They got these auras- and that's not just the weed talking." Jenni mentions, "Its like.. kinda.. Are you sure we shouldn't do something?" she says then, frowning a little. She takes another long pull on the second joint- before offering it out in front of herself for whomever might want some. "Jenni. Well, Jennifer-Lynn, but I prefer Jenni." she gives a nod over to her fellow Jen. There might even be some kind of secret Jen-based head shake.

"Seriously though, who comes to a party and acts like an ass like that?" Jenni wonders, "I mean, jeezless, the dude was just standing there and then he starts shouting about his name and mortality." She begins to get animated- talking with her hands, drinking from the bottle of beer.

"Anyone else want another drink?" She wonders, then.

"I could use another, if you're getting one," Danielle agrees, after jiggling her bottle with a faint frown. "Let them sort it out. I think I saw that /gorgeous/ tall gal go out with them. If she can't whomp some sense into their respective heads…." She shrugs, then peers around for a more party-focused change of topic. "Honestly? I'm pretty surprised how many people showed up. Back home, it woulda been me and the only boy in town girlier than me."

Elmo comes back in with his arm around JP. He's tense but clearly okay, as is JP. "I can't believe you," he's saying to the Cajun. "You gotta go get in trouble with /angels/, for cryin' out loud."

Kai has making the rounds, making sure everyone's okay, and he's pushing the narrative of the queen spat. Better to believe that than angry archangel flipped out at a mortal haha nothing to worry about. By the time he's restocking drinks in the cooler, people are back to dancing and having a good time. Kai pauses by the corner of weed to take a hit off someone's bong. It barely does anything for him, poor Alfheimian with his sturdier physiology. It's the thought that counts, though. If he takes enough hits… But no, it's a party. Puff puff pass.

"I haven't had a first one yet, but if you're offering to fix that…," Sophie says to Jenni, with a grin. Then to Dani, she comments, "So you saw her, too, and I wasn't just imagining her?" She laughs, shaking her head.

Julie shrugs a bit about Jenni's question. "I dunno, maybe he got a complex or something about his gifts, those guys with wings get a real set of pipes sometimes, I guess." She passes up the joint, with a polite palm-forward, though other-Jenny does not. Diz says, "I guess I could do with another of these at this point," she says, waggling her beer. "Anyhow, nice to meet youse." She nods over to Dani, who she's seen being being very 'amazon' herself. "I ran across her once, I think. You get that impression, don'cha?" But she adds, "Well, even in the old neighborhood here it's easier all around if no one's gotta know. I get enough about turning wrenches and all."

"I'm still not convinced it wasn't a mass hallucination," Lizzy admits quietly, speaking up for the first time in several minutes. She's really good at disappearing into the background, apparently.

"Yeah, but I'm too lazy to get over there and get them myself." She looks over to Dani, "Oh, yeah. My god. Let's just say I wouldn't mind that woman whomp me any way she wants. Tons of whomping. Every angle style whomping. Its all good." Jenni says with another grin, "Yeah- so, too lazy to get those bottles by walking over there. I'll do my party trick now- the green skin is new, and so is this."

Jenni extends her left hand and suddenly green light constructs appear there, wrapped in green fire that sheds no heat. The hands float across the room, grab enough bottles of beer for the small crowd and float back across to distribute the libations.

Sophie stares for a moment at Jenni's green-light constructs, then grins. "That's some trick," she says, as she accepts her bottle from one of the 'hands'. "So…" She lowers her voice as she leans a little in the green girl's direction and asks, "Are you a mutant? I can promise you none of us right here will have a problem with it if you are."

JP waded back in from the hallway, slightly wrinkled and no worse for wear and seemed to have a bop back in his step returning though he did find Kai standing there with a J, planted a kiss on his cheek taking it from him and tossed a wink looking him over coisdering, shrugging and saying only, "I owe ya." And with that looked to Elmo and held it out for him. "Soooo we throwin these once a month or what?"

Michael re-enters behind JP and Elmo. He seems much calmer, that angry glow having faded, though there's still the reddish shimmer of embers in the shadow of those wings. But his brow is knit, and he follows JP. "I will need to find you again, soon. Where are you to be found?"

Nyx tilts her head slightly, eyeing the constructs forming near the beers. She arches a brow, then glances at Jenni and back. Finally Lizzy shrugs. Shadow constructs join them now, creeping up the edge of the table to bask in the odd green glow. Lizzy bears a cat-like, sly grin at this point. "I won't complain at least." It should be noted Nyx's shadows do NOT pick up or move anything.

When Diana enters the room again, her visage is deadpan, giving away nothing, as if it was nothing but a pre-planned timeout. She heads over to get herself a drink, not looking at anyone else in the room for the moment.

Julie oohs, a bit, at Jenni's trick, and shares a bit of a near-wink with her gal, who isn't used to seeing this sort of thing. "What'd I tell ya, and we used to think I was pretty weird…" Well, apparently some have decided it's a great time to show off. "Ah, thanks," she says, taking up one of the beers as presented. And simply takes an adjustable wrench out of her back pocket, to start popping the bottles open. Nods to what Sophie said. "Well, not present company, anyway. Can't really speak for the whole room, though." The shadows draw her eyes a moment before she realizes it's Nyx's doing.

Kai eyes JP, then slings an arm around his shoulder. "You guys are killing me," he says. "We should do these at least once in awhile. People need to blow off steam and let loose. Can't get too conspicuous though." He claps JP on the arm, then casts Michael a gimlet eye. In passing by the ladies who've been gathered nearby, he says, "What do you think, should we have these more often?"

Elmo hugs the heck out of Kai and hangs on him for a minute, face mashed into his shoulder. When he comes up for air, he accepts the joint from JP, but he's not done scolding yet. "Yer gonna give me gray hair, you nudnik." He inhales, coughs some and wipes his eyes. Then offers it to Michael as a peace offering, saying, "Hey, no harm, no foul?"

"Here's the thing, I don't know. I mean- maybe?" Jenni offers to Sophie, "I don't think its mutation- a friend of mine said its magic. But, honestly, I don't know…" she shrugs, one hand becoming a table to set the beers on- a low table. The second hand puts the beers on the table that haven't been collected. The pops are topped as the green hand becomes a bottle opener- Pop! Pop! Pop!

"Hey! Gorgeous!" Jenni then calls over to Diana grinning wide, "Come and join us, huh?" she offers as the bottle opener then disappears. A couch appears, a long low thing perfectly in line with the green table. She sits down, leaning back. "I'm still working on comfy chairs. They come out a little too plush!"

JP chortled and gave Michael the answer Elmo might smack em for, "You good you are with tracin' plate numbers?" He cosidered that for a long moment and said, "Look Sacred Heart, tomorrow 2pm. I'll trust you can find it." Elmo's bemoaning about giving him greay hairs earned him a half headlock and a slap on the back. "Live a little. You's gon' get bored otherwise, mon ami. We can' let that happen. Sides, night's young. Thoooough… Kai when it gets warmer? We should totally borrow a boat and have this on the water somewhere."

Borrow…likely without the tedium of asking, right? Because it's rude to bother people with superficial details.

"Call my name. I will hear you." It has an air of finality to it. Poor JP - an archangel breathing down his neck for the foreseeable future. Then Mike's turning to Kai, still grave. "I am sorry to disturb the peace of your gathering," he says, gently. Elmo offers him the joint - he takes it, sniffs it, and hands it back, carefully. "No, thank you. It would not affect me, no reason to waste it." Angels can't deal with reefer, it seems.

Kai hugs Elmo without missing a beat. "Hey," he says. Then as the joint is offered to Michael, he says, "Yes, please, someone mellow him out." Kai's still giving him the eye. Then the apology comes, and he relaxes somewhat. One arm still slung around Elmo, he turns toward Michael and says, "Thanks. It's just that these people, they don't have anywhere else they can go, you know? You scare them off, where they gonna go?" He takes the joint when Michael passes it up, and he takes a hit. Then, out of the blue, he says, "I might get into doing art shows. Danny Rand's helping me get set up with a gallery. Could funnel some of the funds into financing a club or something. Make it a little more official."

When Jenni calls her over, Diana seems to take a few moments to realize that Jenni was talking to her. A drink in hand, she looks at Jenni, and only after no one approaches her, does she call out, "were you referring to me?"

Julie seems to conclude, at the couch's sudden appearance, "Guess that could be magic, right there." It's a pretty wild world just lately, …such that Kai just gets a little nod. She adds to Jenni, "I think I know one or people who'd be able to tell for sure." There's a glance to see if Diana accepts the invite to the perhaps-inevitable gaggle of girls.

Elmo says "Gah" when JP roughhouses him. "You should grow into the ground head first, like an onion." He rakes back his hair, which is now thoroughly mussed. Jenni's creation of a couch gets his attention, though. "The heck?"

JP watched DIanna giving her an upnod, not a come-on, but a thanks. Perhaps recognition? The respect was there WHen Michael told him how to get ahole of him JP paused. He squint at the angel. First he got yelled at for the name and now he was told to use it as a hotline. There was no winnin for losin here. THere was a nod. However, Couch! There was a laugh, that came easily as if the heavens didnt jsut shake him down, "OOoooooooh no shit? Merde, we need to party wit' these gals more often, mm?" Ther e was ahumm of a question, but JP was taking a seccod hit instead of waiting for an answer. The wry grin hung on his face, "Onion huh? I'll let you try." He held up a finger. You get one, sir. One try!

"Was I referring to you? Do you see anyone else who is *so* tall, *so* amazingly beautiful, and *so* well,.. I was wondering how you feel about whomping?" Jenni says, with a bit of a flirtatious tease in her voice as she waves Diana over. "Come on, take a seat- have a toke. I'm Jenni." she says, pointing to Julie next, "Dizzy." she then points to Julie's companion, "Jenny." she says next introducing down the line- "Um.. Sophie? And.." She frowns, "I forgot your name." she points to Nyx. "But she's quite nice, yeah?.. Soo. Everyone here thinks you're amazingly beautiful and wants to get to know you better."

"I understand," Mike is still grave. He bows his head to Kai, and then he's turning to slip out. Inasmuch as someone still trailing wings the color of stormclouds at snset can slip subtly out of a party. He looks perturbed- time to go confer with Lucian.

"You don't have to go," Kai says. He doesn't rush over to Michael to stop him, but he makes the offer. Apologies have been given, the slate is clean. Still, as hosty as he's being, it's hard not to get distracted by SUDDEN SOFA, and he blinks a few times as it appears. "We definitely need to party with these ladies more often," he says. With the music still playing, people still partying, he relaxes. It's a party! "Hey Elmo," he says, "What do you think about me running a gallery?"

Diana smiles softly at Jenni when she lavishes her with flattery, she's always more comfortable on the field of battle than in pleasantries. "There are other gorgeous women about, I would never persume," Diana notes as she approaches Jenni and those around her. "Whomping…? Should I have a specific feeling about it?" As she comes closer, she raises her glass, "and I am Diana." She inclines her head at Dizzy with the introduction, "pleased to meet you, Dizzy." She repeats the gesture towards Jenny and Sophie as well. "Well, I am very much flattered. What would you like to know?" She asks curiously.

JP blinked at the sofa and nodded to Michael. "So I guess tomorrow." Only JP Bonaventure could be scruffed and dragged out of a hostile room only to be hanging out causally with his assailants the following day. Maybe that was the mmutant power: more lives than a cat and more luck than the Irish. "I think if yous got bank like Danny Rand in your pocket? Maaan, Kai, it'll be somethin. Do it."

Elmo claims the joint again like he needs it. JP is straining his nerves. "Sure," he says to Kai. "It sounds fun. Keep you outta trouble. You're gonna want lighting, I guess?" He leans on Kai, who is a reliable source of being heavy and personable.

"I….should go rest," Mike excuses himself. He doesn't sleep, per se, but he has times of silent withdrawal. He nods to the others, and slinks out. Presumably to go commune with his pigeons.

Julie smiles a bit to Diana. "Ah, thanks for helping that guy out, Diana. Guess he's in trouble a lot, but I think he's all right, generally." She sighs, a bit, and sips her beer, trying to relax when, well, like most here, she's always got to be a little on guard in a lot of company, in this case, about a couple of things. Such is the world, and all.

JP snapped his attention up. Elmo was just not having a day and less so, likely when JP patted the side of his head in passing. At least he didn't slap him. It's like he was deliberately button pressing his buddy as if he hadn't already. "I ain' leave. Sides, I like this song and those two dudes? They been eyeballin one another all damn night'. I'm a ffiz this and teach em how to lighten up." He looked back to Elmo, "Take notes." He winked at his too tense friend. To Kai he snappointed, "We should talk set design. Tha's how we do it in the south. Make the whole area inta' somethin. We should talk sets tomorrow for the art man." But for now? The crazy Cajun was gettin his dance on adopting someone's discaded drink like the saucy scavenger he was. Well, he might not always have common sense, but the boy could put on a show. The important thing was he show these two strangers how to do that and get them off the wall. Let it not be said he wasn't a party philanthropist.

JP goes home.

"I'll need a lighting man," Kai tells Elmo. "You know I will, man." He upnods JP. "Sure thing, man." He waves to him as he goes off to groove. He watches Michael go, giving him a nod when he says he should rest. "So what the hell happened out there," he asks Elmo. His attention drifts toward the ladies and that sudden couch. His inner interior designer is going nuts.

"It was the right thing to do," Diana remarks at Julie's words, not looking to make a big deal out of doing what should have been done. Particularly when not many are equipped to take on an angel. "I agree with you, Julie, I don't think he was more than a hapless victim."

Jenni grins, "Yeah, but you light up the room. You've got this aura around you- I don't know what it is. Its like.. light. Power. Very becoming." she offers to Diana. "Ever since I turned green, I've got like.. sense. You positively hum!" she offers, with that bright smile. She takes another long hit on the joint before offering it over to Diana, "Do you smoke?"

Elmo gives the reefer back to Kai, companionable-like. "JP don't know how to stay outta trouble," he grouses. "Yellin' out angel names like he got any business knowing 'em. I had to make sure Michael wasn't gonna get rough with him." Like he could have stopped it. "That nice lady Diana helped, too. She's a class act. Hey, what is with your husband type, I didn't think he was—ya know, interested in me, like that?" That one is a real puzzler.

Julie smiles a bit to Diana as a slow-dance is played, and takes the other Jenny's hand again. "Hey, if you'll excuse us a minute, we gotta do something…" And the two head out to the dance floor, possibly to shut out most of that world a while.

Kai takes another hit. Ah, that's the stuff. He shakes his head. "Angels," he says. "These heavy hitters, you have to remind them this isn't their world. It belongs to them." He gestures with the joint toward the dancers on the floor. "We're all just visitors." He offers the joint back, though there's only one more puff on it at most. He smiles as Diana is mentioned, and he glances over at her. "She's amazing," he says. He waves at her, then tells Elmo, "I dunno, he probably wants to get to know you better. He's a hoot, though. You should go."

Diana listens to Jenni's flattery quietly, before stiffling a polite laugh, "surely you exaggerate, but I do appreciate the high regard you have of me, Jenni." She nods at the suggestion she 'positively hums' whatever that might mean. Looking curiously at the joint, Diana sits down in an open spot, "I haven't done so before, so I don't suppose I do."

"Can you tell me about this 'sense' that you have? How does it work? What do your senses tell you?" Diana is quite curious about that, perhaps Jenni is gifted like the Oracles.

When she spots the wave from Kai, Diana waves back at him, though she wasn't eavesdropping on the conversation, so is quite out of the loop in regards to the exchange between Kai and Elmo.

Elmo sways. The weed is strong, Kai-strength, and he weighs basically nothing. "'m gonna. He told Diana he wouldn't hurt me. That don't mean he won't leave me on some planet. He probably won't though. You'd yell at him." He sits downon a couch made of fabric, not lightand closes his eyes. "Come get me if he leaves me on Mars or somethin', okay?"

Meanwhile, when that slow song hit, Sophie and Lizzy had also excused themselves, and gone out to dance. It's not often they have the opportunity to be fearlessly romantic in an at least kinda-public place, after all. Once the song is over, and having said goodnight to Diz and her Jenny as they headed out, the young couple returns to the general vicinity of Suddenly, Sofa.

"Well. It isn't easy to explain." Jenni begins, "Take those things on your arms… they have these lines in them." Jenni begins, "They're more then they appear." She leans over, and attempts to take Diana's hand- a green finger tracing along the bracer's in a particular pattern. "Patterns, here.. Like hammer marks, maybe. Power.." she continues, "And you- you have this aura. Its like gold or light all around you, and I can't really explain it because its sort of new to me." she offers, "But it makes it *really* hard to not notice you and doubly hard to look away." she says with a bright smile, taking another long pull at the joint as she relaxes on her green sofa. Sipping her beer next.

"I see it on a few people here and there- most people are normal. Just like regular people, right? But every now and then I hear something. I feel something. I see something…and I can't really explain it easily." Jenni shrugs, "But I do see it, hear it, and feel it."

"I won't let Loki leave you on Mars," Kai says. He keeps an arm around the man to keep him from oozing onto the floor. "And I know you two wouldn't do anything I ought to be jealous about." He pats Elmo on the shoulder. He doesn't need to threaten! Not his good friend. "So how are things going with all your boyfriends, Romeo?" He meanders toward Diana and the others to sit down and relax. If there are smelly boys allowed in their club.

Elmo gets towed along. "Nah, he don't wanna sleep with me," he says, about Loki. "…Unless he does?" He seems alarmed by the thought. "I'll tell him no," he reassures Kai. "…I only got /two/ boyfriends. Lindon's got /five/. Guys love him. It's because he's adorable." Facts.

"You're a perceptive one, aren't you?" Diana asks Jenni, her hand flinches back a little when Jenni reaches for it to have a better look of the bracelet, but she does eventually eases and allows her to examine it freely. Jenni doesn't seem the sort to try and foolishly remove them after all. "I was right, you are perceptive." When the aura she sees about Diana is further elaborated, Diana jokes, "maybe it's because of my royal lineage?" Why the heck not, Kai already referred to her as 'Princess' infront of everyone in this party.

Diana is an Amazon. A Princess of Amazons, and furthermore a Champion of the Amazons. She will fear no man, no matter what bodily odor he may carry and how long it's been since he returned from the gym. That being said, few would imagine the stench on an old school battle field. She can handle it, and Kai likely doesn't even smell all that bad being from Alfheim, the cheeky bastard.

Jenni shakes her head, "I don't think that's it. I mean, your bracelets aren't royalty, are they?" she wonders as she takes another long pull on her joint. "So, where are you from? A princess for real? A queen? You look it. REgal, I mean."

"He's an old nerd," Kai says. "We know why the boys love him." The cheeky bastard takes a seat and tugs Elmo down to sit beside him. "Hello!" he says. "I'm Kai, this is Elmo." To whom he says, "Which is an okay reason to date someone, don't get me wrong. No one's saying your shallow."

Elmo less sits than drifts down to the couch. "He's not /old/," he grumbles. "And /that/ isn't why. Okay, maybe it's kind of why." He takes a minute to catch up with what's actually happening. "Hi," he greets the women. "This is Kai, he's making fun of my boyfriend."

"I try to avoid mentioning it," Diana confesses to Jenni, "but alas, Kai has a flippant tongue," she notes, turning to cast an amused glance at Kai. "I'm sure Kai makes fun of more than just your boyfriend," Diana notes to Elmo.

Jenni gives a yawn, "I should get out of here." she says, "We're sitting on my couch- unfortunately, it comes with me. As does the table." she remarks, nodding to the green table she's been keeping around. "I've hit that point where I'm like… really stoned… and I'd rather be stoned in the comfort of my own bed." she takes a slow, deep breath- rolls another joint before she heads out and hands it over to someone near by. "Great party!" she says with a grin.

Jenni then heads on out into the street, swaying happily.

Kai gets to his feet as the couch goes away, and he leads the way to one of the few unoccupied circle of chairs to be found. To Diana, he smiles broadly, objection to her assertion not at all. "I'm also kind of picking on you too," he explains to Elmo. To Diana, he says, "He's dating someone old and bookish who gets a lot of attention. It's because of an attribute you fine scions of Lesbos don't find the least bit interesting."

Elmo whines, because he keeps getting moved around and he's way too high to find that enjoyable. "He's not /old/!" He'll keep repeating that until Kai gets it, apparently. "And I wanted to date him before I found out about that. You're the worst."

"There's something for everyone under the sun," Diana remarks to Kai's cheeky teasing, mindlessly her hand to rub over her bracelet, her eyes turn to Elmo, "you can take his teasing of course, can you?"

Kai's grin broadens. "There must be," he says. "I've never met the gent. I'm only going by what Elmo tells me, so if I make these assumptions, it's only because of what Elmo's told me." Elmo gets wide-eyed innocence from Kai. Who also doesn't deny that he is in fact the worst. "Oh, Elmo can handle me. He's tougher than he looks."

Elmo kind of gets starry-eyed over Diana's concern for him. "You care? That's …so amazing. Thanks." He smiles sleepily at her, and then just in fact puts his head on Kai's shoulder and dozes off.

"Of course I do," Diana almost seems surprised that Elmo would even doubt that, "everyone should care. Is that not what makes our world a better place?"

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