1965-01-27 - Drinks, Darts, and Deals
Summary: The Bonaventure Boys mull over Elmo's idea of starting a garage in Mutant Town over wings and darts, you know, how all important decisions get made
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Saturday night meant food, darts, and… well hopefully going as well as their last game of darts went. It was a ritual. Brothers needed rituals to keep the world on its center. This ritual also included chickie wings with as much pepper and tobasco as JP could drown them in too. "So… we was thinkin, an' I have to'ask as you are," He gestured to Sev with a hand in deference, "clearly the expert. Tres bien. Ummmm thoughts on New York?"

Darts had gone either a little better or a lot worse than they had last time. The throws were better, but there were no hot medics to kiss instead of miss at darts. So it was a toss up. Severin sits at the bar with a pile of chicken wings in front of him and is busily gnawing his way through one after the other, a small mountain of bones amassing in front of him. He glances over at JP and says, "It ain't n'awlins but it's alright. Havin' a bit of fun," he grins, then glances over at JP's chest, "Gunshots notwithstandin'"

JP absently rubbed at that spot on his chest which, was pretty gone gone but for some light blemishing. He chewed his chickie with head tilting to the side aknowleging his brother's assessment, "Tha' it is. Tha' it is. But, plean'y guns in N'awlins too! Also, did I not tell you you'd like tha' medic I found withthe part times? Hmmm" That grin was smuuuuuuug as mug gets. "I'm happy f'you. You's startin t'get all serious on me f' a while…well… us serious I guess." Which was way different than the scale for 'normal' people. "Soooo… Elmo an' I's talkin. He says t'me he thinks we should open a garage. He's thinkin is a good face for doin what we gotta do, an' also, pull down some cash on the fron'. I says to him, I dunno, maybe I stay in New York, maybe I ain', but I am, first, gon' talk to you t' pick your brain non that."

"Yeah," Severin admits, reaching for his mug of beer, "I do like the medic." He grins a bit and shrugs his shoulders, "He's hot as hell and not a little bit shy. I like that in a man." He then goes back to picking at his chicken wings, though he pauses at the mention of the garage. He thinks on it for a time, continuing to make his way through his plate of chicken wings. Finally he says, "Look, I came on up here t'lay low a while, enjoy the city, see if there was some trouble t'get into. I didn' make no plans, either to stay or t'go. I figure a garage wouldn't hurt nothin'. It'll give you somethin' legit to do up here, an' me a place to hang out and drink beer. I say go for it."

JP let out a slow breath with a shake of his head, "Glad he ain't for your sake. Were I not seein you into him? Totally take a bite outta that one. I dunno what t'do with shy 'neither." It's entirely true. If something didn't drive like a dragster he didn't really know what to do with it. He lifted a chicken wing to his brother and said, "Well here's to maybe somethin bein somethin. Be fun t'find out." He meant it when he told their friend he didn't take food off the lion's plate; where in 'food ' might be what might make his brother happy at all. He wasn't that much of a rake.

Still he ate his wings and listened to his brother's ruminations nodding thoughtfully. "I think….and this' jes' my observation," says he sounding like a scholar now, "if we don' have a secure inside place to crash out? our new friend is goin' t'have a coronary. So… I'm thinkin it might settle both isues. Maybe somethin' with a sleeper office. Maybe small warehouse. Definiately, and I do not say this lightly, definiately a coffee pot."

Severin looks over at JP and shrugs his shoulders, "You wanna take a bite, go ahead. I didn't write my name on'm or nothin'. He's free to do whatever he wants." He's never been one for more than loose associations and one night stands. Whatever's going on with the medic — he isn't real sure what to call it yet, and so he doesn't think about it as much more than that. He shrugs his shoulders and says, "Maybe somethin', maybe not." Sev's an alley cat. His level of committment is questionable at best.

"Yeah, yeah, seems there's a few folks who seem to be makin' it their business to be concerned for where we sleep at night. Ain't like it's ever been a problem before but, whatever. More important though, if it gives us somethin' legit to be doin' in town, that's good enough reason to do it."

JP laughed, "Yeah we got ourselves a fanclub. This set don't have flashin lights on their cars though." He shrugged with a snicker, "Is a nice change, that." He considered and jsut shook his head to the rest for now. "Been thinkin bout them signs, ya know? We needed a kitchen the other day. Popped into some lady's place. Actually… kinda sad. Lost most her fmaily. Kid. Mutant. Las' year. So we clean up teh place. Borrow the kitchen a' course, but ya know, got t' thinkin, we could really Robin Hood som shit like we did wit' the toys? Felt good. Givin ''the man' the boot, but … I dunno this community can use t' help. Well… parts of it." He paused to assure, "Specifically /our/ part but pther people's part s tooo." Selective charity

Severin nods his head as he listens, finishing off his order of wings and wiping his hands clean before reaching for his beer. He takes another long swallow as JP talks about the borrowed kitchen. Finally he nods his head and says, "I don' mind doin' a little take from the haves, give to the have nots from time to time. Ain't nothin' sayin' that we can't give a little to folks who're havin' a shit time of it."

JP nodded seeing eye to eye on that one. "Hey, ain' like we didn' look out for one another. That lobster guy? Clint? Guy have these six kids in tha' buildin. They definiatey don' have it good as we did. I mean say what'chu will, but at least we wasn' dodgin fists. Sure was loud, but wasn' angry, ya know These hero types are fine, yay lil TImmy don' get kidnapped by some villian with a stupid name but it don' mean that they got enough. An' I think we're just the dashin rogues t' pull that shit off. SIdes. It'll be fun."

Severin folds his arms on the bar top and leans against them, nodding his head a bit as he listens. He seems content to let JP do most of the talking. Then he says, "Yeah, there wasn't a lot but nobody ever hit us or treated us like shit. Jus' weren't much room and it aws easier t'take care of ourselves then make folks take care of us." Not to mention the way that they helped out their own younger siblings. Sev might be willing to tear a thug to shreds, but he isn't much for seeing kids suffer.

JP really found those ideals to be one in the same. He sniffed and licked the sauce off his thumb. "Yeah you move' out fast as a …well… " He wasn't going to say jackrabbit, but there was a wry grin that suggested it. He shrugged. "My dumb ass went back' forth t' County so many times figured it was the leas' I could do. I like spendin time with em."He shrugged and held up two fingers to gt another round going. "I miss havin' a big family around, but, we were lucky, now? Eh, we help someone else be lucky too. Still… 'ventually, I'd like t' see Amalie. HAve a real place or… somethin she can visit." And by visit there still was that hint of, 'and she can just stay', but it was too remote a possibly to put out there right now. "Eventually, though."

"It ain't like we can't go back or anythin'. The only reason I'm not hangin' around down there's the temptation to do another job is high and the heat is still up from the last one. Can't really do work down there til it cools off, but that don't mean we can't go visit family any time," Severin says with a shrug of his shoulders. He nods then when JP mentions his little girl and he reaches over to give his brother's shoulder a squeeze. Having a kid was never a problem that Severin had to worry about. But he liked his brother's little rug rat well enough. "Yeah, sometime we'll get ya set up with a place she can come and hang out."

JP nodded his appreciation from Sev's support on that. Getting his beer he paused and tilted his head. Uh oh. His lips pressed together in a grimace and his fingers itched his chin, "Eeeeh not the only one that' had a deal go sour. Had a guy comin after me f'answers las' night. Hmmmm I don' wanna talk about it here, but, hopefully the guy he angry with? Ain' me. Still. I don' like talkin employers with people. But if it'll let me get home with you? Well… It's somethin."

There's a raise of both of Sev's brows but he doesn't pester for further information, at least not while they're at the bar in public. Instead he just drinks his beer and nods. "Guess we can talk about that later," he says.

JP boggled "Yeah for sure. More important discussion need be had, can you win three outta five games a' darts. Also wher we get another chicken fro? These're fantastic." That grin was irrepressable, and once the eyebrows waggled it was game on. Could they be hunted to the ends of the earth by various parties right now? Eh, maybe. Wouldn't change his priorities any, and they'd deal with that as it came up. "Maaaaan Sev, gotta say, if I gotta be on the lam with one mon frere? Glad it's you cause Louis complaaaaaains abou' everythin." There was a wry grin, but the approving wink given to his little brother was genuine. This one? This one he was proud of.

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