1965-01-28 - Exploring SHIELD HQ
Summary: Finally allowed out of her cell, with a lvl 7 assigned minder, Natasha is allowed relative freedom. She uses that chance to go walk about SHIELD HQ, where she meets Oliver.
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Nat has yet to go about SHIELD HQ in this fashion, meaning, dressed in civillian clothes, not part of a disguise, and move about mostly to familiarize with the place rather than be there for a specific mission. The Triskelion she knows well. SHIELD HQ, less so, but luckily she has the very nice Lvl 7 Clearance fellow, fully decked to escort her so she doesn't get 'lost'. Thoughtful, but at least it's not the same as being stuck in a cell all day.

Oliver Queen is also in his civvies today, wearing a white longsleeve dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black suit slacks, dress shoes cover his feet. He appears to be focused on making new arrows. He just finished making a new broadhead arrow, for example and set it aside. He appears to now be working on an explosive arrow. Though Oliver isn't one to have escorts….regardless, he's oblivious(or is he…) to his present surroundings.

Nat is dressed in a black peacoat over a red camisole, and black capris, just flats on her feet. Nothing fancy. The way Oliver is so lost in his work does draw Nat's attention, she appreciates professionalism and attention to details, and so approaches Oliver quietly. A test if you will, can he tell someone is drawing near while seemingly unalert.

Oliver crosses a few wires and is completely silent, even as people work around him. However, he would speak anyway. "I hope there's not a knife in your hand." he says to Nat without looking at her, still working on his arrow as he nonchalantly turns around. "Hi there." a warm and beautiful smile offered to her.

"So you couldn't tell that much, huh?" Natasha says as if she wasn't all that impressed, but she smiles a moment later, "you've a fine way of looking distracted while staying alert, that is a bit impressive." Hey, high praise right there! "So, you're working on making some arrows…?" Nat remarks with feigned disinterest, "you do know about the recent technological break through called firearms, right?"

Ollie shrugs a little bit at her statement, though he does admire her beautiful smile. But then again, one of her many skills is luring her prey in with her looks. It's disarming. Regardless, Oliver gives her a soft chuckle. "Appreciate the praise. Especially from the Black Widow." he knows who she is. pretty much everyone in SHIELD knows who she is. Even if they don't know her as Natalia Romanova. Though at her remark about the technological wonder known as firearms, he laughs. "While I do enjoy classic buckshot, I believe the past has many advantages, such as personalization." he teases softly, finishing his explosive arrow before setting it aside to be put in a quiver. "We all need a hobby right? so, what brings you?" he asks curiously with a smile, grabbing another arrow to start working on a tracker arrow.

"So I see some people have already heard of me around these parts, huh? You keep up on your intel, as an agent should," Natasha notes as Ollie calls her by her notorious codename. "The past…? You're a historian?" She asks, before noting, "you have me at a disadvantage, your name?" She asks, before taking another look at the work on the arrows, "Clint is it?" She attempts based on intel she recalls. "I've been spending a lot of time at the Triskelion lately…" in a cell, but who needs to know that, "I wanted to see how HQ looks…"

Ollie hummed as he screwed on the head of the arrow itself before tinkering with wires, multitasking perfectly due to muscle memory. "Historian? Try hobbyist." he shrugs. "Picked up the bow when I was 8." he shrugs then, though when she asks if his name is Clint, he shakes his had. "Nope! Try again for a dime?" he says sarcastically before he outstretches a hand. "Oliver Queen." Billionaire Philanthropist? party boy? Given, much has changed..but damn. "ah, fair enough. Well, happy to see you around I guess. good for morale." a kind smile then. "Is there a name I should know you by other than Widow?" he asks her curiously.

"I see, it's important to have a hobby," Natasha acknowledges, allowing Ollie to relate his story, "how did you come by a bow at 8 years old? Or was it a toy one?" When he offers her another chance to guess his name, she waits for him to reveal it himself, before grinning, "guess I don't make a dime, huh? I think I actually heard the name," no kidding she has, "first time seeing you in person." She extends her hand, "Natasha, Agent Romanoff," she offers two alternatives. "So how long have you been making your own arrows?"

A simple nod from oliver then as he smiles to her. when asked how he picked up a bow at 8 years old, he shrugs. "Was a fan of Robin Hood as a kid. Decided to pick it up to be like him you know? I was really good at it, then I dropped it. Left it for a few years." more like 12 years solid "..then I picked it up again about 12..13 years ago? started making my arrows about 6 years ago." which was when Oliver Queen resurfaced after being considered dead. "Nope, no dime for you. I'd be a dime poorer then." a wink in clear sarcastic humor. He gives her hand a solid shake in respect. and she was absolutely beautiful. Lucky guy! "Nice to meet you Natasha. Mind if I call you Nat?" he asks her.

"Emulating a childhood hero? I can see that…" Natasha notes with a faint smile, likely able to picture the young boy pretending to be the heroic Robin Hood with his new bow. "Sure, you can call me Nat, would be silly to take offense at something so meaningless, wouldn't it?"

Ollie shrugs a bit. "That…and being on an island, not exactly any firearms about. Hence why I'm happy I already knew how to shoot…honed my skill there. Then, around the world." he says pretty easily, but he is -not- going into details…besides, SHIELD probably already knows. Though as she tells him it'd be meaningless to take offense to him calling her Nat, he smiles. "Well, some people don't like the nicknames. Or pet name. Howeverp eople call it these days." he says as if to express humor. "So then, what's new in the world of Nat? or is that classified?" he winks.

"So you really got stranded on an island all on your own? Don't tell me you picked up survival skills on the go…?" Natasha inquires, curious as that would put Ollie's presence at SHIELD as a very logical thing. Surviving alone on an island without survival skills? That's a serious gift. "That is a distinct difference, if you called me by a pet name, that would suggest you consider yourself better? Me the lesser? Something to that affect, no?" It's a bit unclear if she is asking a question or baiting, but she bats her eyes and looks at Oliver quite expectantly. "With me most everything is classified," she offers what might be an expected reply.

Oliver nods as she asks the question about the elephant in the room. "Yeah. Five years. In that time, ya gotta learn or you die. So I learned." he really did have a serious gift for surviving…so much so that it's a little scary. His bowmanshp and his physical training were both enhanced through intense physical training. "Didnt exactly have a guide." he teases her. Though as she mentions pet names and the like, he laughs. "Ohhh no no no, not getting baited into that one. I know when a woman can shoot from a solid distance away. best not to pick fights with high ranking SHIELD agents." he does wink at her flirtateously as she bats her eyes at him though. "Heh…" he finishes the arrow he works on before setting it aside and crossing his arms then.

Natasha taps Olvier on his shoulder, a gesture of appreciation, "I gotta hand it to you, many would perish, you've done well for yourself, Ollie." She doesn't ask for permission. If he gets to call her Nat, she gets to call him Ollie. "I'll let you finish with the arrows, I got more sightseeing to do, see you later, survivor." With that she continues along the way, accompanied by the lvl 7 she arrived with.

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