1965-01-28 - Roll Call
Summary: Just another day in the SHIELD HQ…
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Lights and sounds and dings and buzzers go off! The science lab is in full swing as Fury stands in a corner. Possibly observing… But no. The smoke billows from his cigar and he removes the stogie. A short squat scientist approaches with his glasses half off his face. "Sir." Fury holds a hand up and the man quiets. Taking the now apparent test results from god knows what, Fury examines. "Heh." His short grunt sounds dissaproving and he hands the papers back. "Run it again." He knows it's futile but frusteration is obvious. "Red room my a$#." He takes another deep drag and shrugs. "You." He shouts at one of the passerbys. "I need samples from the Widow. Her blood. Get 'em. And from the russians who escaped." Nick has something bothering him, that is for sure as he stomps out his smoke on the ground. Dare someone to say something! He grabs the man by the arm before he hurries off. "And the winter soldier." Oh, OH!

Well, since this is an issue of Bucky, of course Carol would get called in. She walks into the science lab, wearing her SHIELD uniform as she glances around, blinking a bit at the slightly-more-intense level of chaos than one normally sees here, "Okay, so I'm guessing I missed something." Since, well, being an Avenger and superhero means sometimes she gets a little too busy…

"Red Room," Jess scoffs as she steps into the lab, hands in her pockets. "Sub-par work, that. Everyone knows if you want it to last, then you bring in the HYDRA scientists." Look, if people are going to hold your past against you, then you might as well embrace it and have some fun with it, right? She gives the sea of lights a skeptical look, then eyes Fury. "So, uh. Any chance that means I'm not due for a blood draw?"

Teddy isn't even sure who Bucky is so he's definitely not been called in. Really, he's just here to talk to Fitz. Though seeing a few agents head into the lab and another one scurry out makes him pause. Maybe another time? Well, he's already here so… Wait, did he just hear HYDRA? Too late, he's already in the doorway, his uniform name tag reading 'Hulkling', and peering around for the scientist. Nope, not his business and since Fitz doesn't seem to be here, he'll just slip out before he's noticed.

Nick eyes Carol as she comes in. Taking note of her comment he replies. "Well, If you missed that agent Barnes has abducted Shield detainees and has seemingly dissapered then yes. You have." His tone is like sandpaper. "Thought you were keeping an eye on him." After that his lone eye squints with…'Fury'. "I hope ya' got something to add that's helpful." Another cloud of smoke puffs from his nostrils and fills the air around him.

"Agent Drew." He says when she enters, "Your off the hook…this time." The last part with the slightest hint of playfullness. "We've got a rogue situation that's been left untouched for too long. Anything to add?" He assumes she is up to date on the happenings but not sure. "Red room might be a step below but if you've met the Widow you know they /do/ produce capable agents. This buisness with the Winter soldier making off with their playtoys don't seem right." He removes the cigar again and looks around. "Where's that damn sample!"

Seeing the Hulkling he turns his head and directs attention to him. "Need something?" He asks with an accusatory tone. He's under the gun now!

Carol looks at Nick, unfazed, "Well, I've been a little busy saving the world to be his babysitter. Thought we were past that phase, Fury." She hrms, "Though I don't think he'd go back to the Russians… knowing him, he'd be looking for answers, but I haven't seen him in a little while." She glances over at Jess, saying dryly, "Try not to scare the rookies, okay?"

"Hey, if they get scared, they're not ready," Jess shrugs to Carol with an unrepentant grin, glancing over her shoulder as Fury nails Teddy with the eye. "Don't run, kid. He can smell fear," she advises, winking in encouragement. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but Barnes has broken out, like what, three times? Aren't we at the point where we should've put some sort of tracker in his arm and just let him go?"

Yup, should have just turned around and walked away. "What? No." Pause. "Sir. No sir. Just looking for Fitz." Pause. "Agent Fitz. He's not here." Teddy adds. "Didn't mean to interrupt. I'll come back later to look for him when you're not busy with… whatever it is you're doing."

Fury just shakes his head at Carol. "I did too." His comment towards the phase they are currently in! He nods though. "Yea, seems like something he would do. Not big on protocol." The smokes keeps forming around him as do his suspicons. Turning back to Jessica he says, "Said the same thing. Let him and the Romanov girl play house and see what they're up to. Seems standard ta' me." Then his attention is back on the Hulkling. Ever the questioning type. "Fitz? Why? What do you need? Get in here." His tone leaves no room for dissagrement. "What's he got fer' ya?"

Carol hmms, "Well, I can try a few angles to dig up Bucky, but if he's going to ground, it's not going to be easy to find him. Though if he has his 'siblings' with him, it does cut down on his options."

Jess is already ahead of the game, not needing to do a blood draw for the day. And not at fault for whatever Barnes has been up to. She's been on street-level ops lately, well away from other 'turncoat' types in the organization. Possibly by design. "I'll keep an eye out for any chatter, but I doubt he's going for any other agency. More likely he thinks he can make a go at a normal life. Hasn't tried that yet, I don't think."

So much for leaving when he could have. "Nothing." Teddy answers, stepping more fully into the room. "I was just going to ask him if he's found out anything more about the Kree. We've been talking about them and the Skrulls for a while." Both of which are almost certainly way above his security clearance but given he's his history with them…

Nick nods to Danvers. "Yea, he's a slippery one. But we are SHIELD. If he's playing us.." His growing frusteration is obviously mounting. "I don't doubt he feels he's making the right call but I'm done with this vigilante garbage. We have a heirachy here!" As his voice raises the lower level folks get startled and the lab quickly clears out. Though one stops and hands him some more results. That lone eye blinks and he scrunches the papers in his hand. Turning now the Drew he says, "Na' He aint jumpin' ship. He thinks he's in charge! Do whatever the hell he thinks is right and answer questions later." His eyes flick back to Carol. "Maybe he should just join Xavier. OR some other outfit, thinks they're outside the law." A grunt accompanys the comment before his wrath is back on Teddy. "What about the Kree? And don't wind me any tales about the Skrull." Fury isn't questioning clearnace right now. He is aware of the mans past deeds.

Carol looks at Nick with a wry expression, "And yeah, we'll pull him back in, but you have to trust these people to know what needs to be done, and they'll do it." She doesn't look terribly fazed, though at the mention of the Kree, she also gives Teddy a curious look at that, "Hadn't heard much about Kree involvement, beyond those messages from a few months ago."

"Yeah. Lots of vigilantes in town," Jess agrees, though she flashes a brief smirk in Carol's direction, arms crossed loosely over her chest. The irony of getting crap about how SHIELD handles things from one of said vigilantes is not lost on her. "Did he break out all the Barnes-lets too? Because if there are any of them left here, he'll be back," she shrugs.

"Well, that's what I've been trying to find out." Teddy admits, reaching up to run a hand over his hair. "We know less about them than we do about the Skrulls." And considering how little they know about the Skrulls… "Why did they show up at the UN? They must be planning something. I was hoping to learn something that might make sense." As opposed to all this information about Barnes which isn't making much sense.

Nick repays the wry look with a serious comment. "Will you, agent Danvers? Fine. Noted. Then I am putting you in charge of his recovery. Can you take some time away from your 'saving' the world with the avengers? Because we could use you here." Towards the end his tone is less aggresive. He takes another long puff and the smoke clouds the room again, but not his question. "Your value here is unquestionable. But if I can't utilize you, well…" He leaves it at that. Turning back to Jessica now he says, "Above your pay-grade, agent. But you know what isn't?" Now the cigar is removed and his eye squints. "Assisting, Agent Danvers. You're assigned." Now Mister Hulkiling is addressed, "I see." Aliens can be more dangerous then global affairs. "This aint the time but I will need to debrief you, Agent…"

Carol narrows her eyes at Nick, "Alright then, if that's how you want it. Though Director Carter found a good amount of value in my work with the Avengers." She crosses her arms, and nods once, "I brought Bucky in once, I'll bring him back again." With that, she looks over at Jessica, "So, let's get this organized. We'll need to hit up those that would know where he is… but at least Loki isn't involved this time." She then makes a face, "Hope he's not involved, anyway."

"Fury, for what they pay me, I'm pretty sure mopping the floors is above my pay grade," Jess smirks, reaching out to offer a fist-bump to Carol. "But we can handle it. Bringing him back might be another issue, but if we can't find him, I'll…I dunno. Be very ashamed of myself."

"Hul… Altman." Teddy answers and looks from him to the others. "If you need to find this person, and he'd come back for another… one." whatever they are, exactly. "You could leak it that you've captured another one and lure him back?"

"It is." He affirms to Ms. Marvel. He doesn't chime in on Peggy's ideas. "I expect success, Agent Danvers." His tone leaves no room for the allowance of failure. "I'm counting on you." She gets a nod and he turns to Jessica. She almost gets a grin at the mopping the floors part. Almost. "At least find him. And, keep some agents with you." He thinks and smokes, "don't make initial contact. See what he's up to. God knows his intentions pry' aint bad. But this is unconventional." To the Hulkiling he just squints.

Carol smirks, "Conventional isn't Bucky, even when he's working on the side of the angels." She glances over at Jessica, returning the fistbump, and chuckles, "So, where do you think we should start? Because I have a few ideas."

"Supplies," Jess answers Carol. "He's not going to ground anywhere without the ability to fortify himself and protect the people around him. And unless he made off with the stuff from here, he'll need to get some of it. So let's shake some illegal supply trees and see what falls out." Jess and Carol are next to each other consulting while a cigar-chomping Fury stares down Teddy in the science lab.

Right, no more suggestions. Teddy just nods and takes a step backward toward the door. "Well, since Fitz isn't here, I should be getting back to work." All that training and stuff.

The second in command just nods as Carol and Jes start to get the ball rolling. "Don't fail me." He says with a small wink though no one sees it. "I'll have you both mopping floors if I don't see Agent Barnes here soon." The last part is quite straight forward as the cigar fills the room with putrid smoke. Jessica is spared for now while he turns attention cack to Teddy. "Good at avoiding superiors, huh?" He removes the cigar. "You're dismissed." Though he does not seem pleasant about it. "I'll be expecting reports from you and agent Fitz." The last comment has the tone of authority. To Oliver he now says, "Oliver. What displeasure do I owe this to? MAlke it good."

Carol chuckles, "Duly noted." She then looks over at Jessica, "Sounds like a plan, let's get cracking on that then. And coffee. Lots of coffee."

"Hold on, who got pancakes?" Jess has objections! If there were pancakes, they should have been shared! Oliver gets a speculative look from her, measuring him by her own standards.

Oliver gives a smirk to Nick Fury, giving a little tilt of his head. "Happy to say the feelings mutual Fury. and here I was thinking I could get a placque made of you." Then he looks to Jessica. "Oh, I brought pancakes to the lounge. more than enough for everyone actually, help yourself." a kind smile then to the woman before his attention is back on Fury. "Can't I just say hi?" he says with his casual swagtastic tone.

Fury just keeps on smoking. "So everyones on tha' same page?!" His question is more of an accusation but he gives nods and marches out. Those scrunched papers getting thrown on the ground as he marches out.

"No one has to tell me twice about pancakes," Jess says cheerfully, mocking a salute in Oliver's direction as she turns for the door. "Always think better on a full stomach, after all."

Oliver -definitely- checks out Jessica as she leaves. What? she was gorgeous. "I think I'll take some pancakes too." before he looks to Nick as he storms off, with Carol in tow. "Huh…I guess he didn't feel like talking. Oh well." he turns on his heel to follow Jessica.

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