1965-01-30 - Of Flirting Horses and Nesting Eggs
Summary: Amanda and Danielle catch up after long day of work. Brightwind notices a cutie.
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Despite the brisk chill in the air and the layer of snow covering the mud, Danielle is in a tanktop and jeans, working a stiff brush over Brightwind's non-feathery parts. Grooming a winged horse is even more of a chore than a normal horse, especially when that horse can 'talk back'. "I don't care how good /you/ think it smells. You reek, dummy. I don't care if she /is/ impressed, you shouldn't go flopping around in the mud like that. No, I.. ugh. Just hold still, would you?" Grumble grumble brush brush.

"Funny. When I tried brushing you like that, you complained too." Unlike her partner, Amanda is not dressed so casually. She and cold have a… healthy respect. She has her long white coat wrapped around her, the hood tucked up and her dark hair hidden underneath. "Hello Brightwind. I hope you enjoyed the apples I brought earlier."

"Humf. I'm a tender and delicate creature," Dani retorts with mock-huffiness. Brightwind, for his part, whickers cheerfully at the other girl, giving his head a light toss of appreciation. His rider catches a mouthful of mane, and lightly thumps the big stallion's neck. "That was a thank you, obviously. For /you/, he gets all sweet and charming. But I've told him you see through that act…" Despite the grumblings, the Cheyenne does take very special and meticulous care of Brightwind's coat, soon finishing up the task. "Wings tomorrow, you big lump. We need to wash them properly, but it's too cold today, yeah?" After getting reluctant agreement, she steers him back into the oversized stall at the end of the stable area, and takes a moment to get the heavy blanket properly draped and tied. "There we go. And stop flirting with the chestnut!"

"Horses flirt?" Amanda lets that questions go for about a second. "…. please don't answer that." She sighs a bit of a tired sigh and leans into Dani's back, arms wrapping around the woman's waist. "How is he here, otherwise?" She stops by when she can, knowing that Dani is pitching in to earn her keep around the circus.

As she finishes up, Danielle exhales and strokes her girlfriend's arm with one hand, not minding the lean. "He's happier here than he would be closer to the City. And I don't have to keep him under wraps or isolated. And that cute harness Ilsa put together works wonders." Somehow it makes those huge feathery wings look like cheap props that parents can explain away to over-excited kids. Which means more people have seen Brightwind, without actually realizing he's really real. "You feel run down, cara mia. Do I need to clean you up and drape a cozy blanket over you, too?"

Amanda Sefton smiles. "Maybe not ready for bed yet," she murmurs. Her position behind Dani hiding just how huge that smile of hers is, at that little nickname. "Maybe just sitting down with a blanket and something warm to eat and drink."

"That sounds like a good notion," Dani agrees, and gives her stallion another loving thump, before turning. Her bare arm curls around Amanda's shoulders, and steers them away from the stalls, back towards their cozy wagon. "Hmm, I don't think I told you about that party thing yet, did I."

"Party?" Amanda frowns and shakes her head. "No.. " But then, despite the cold, it's been busy. And while Dani's job is 'behind the scenes', Amanda is a performer. So she hasn't really had time to venture out with Dani lately. "What party?" she asks, as they walk up the steps to their wagon.

Danielle herds Amanda inside, then ducks in after, and closes the door securely. "Ahh, better," she sighs happily. With chores finished, she was starting to feel the chill. "It was that night I got home late. That cute guy at the bakery slipped me a flyer for this party. Underground, very hush-hush." She sits to tug off her boots, wiggling her toes with relief as she explains. "It was specifically for gays and lesbians and ..you know, other 'non-traditional' types. I didn't want you to worry about me while you were working, but I wanted to check and see. Wouldn't have surprised me if those pervert cops were trying to set up people like us."

"Oh." Part of her tries not to worry too much, so Amanda busies herself with things. She's still worried about where this will lead. "….and how was it?"

Danielle stretches out and exhales. "It went amazingly well. No trap, no cops, no nastiness. There was some weird bit of drama when some big glowy guy started fussing at his boyfriend or whatever, but they took it out in the hall to talk. I saw Sophie and her girl, Lizzy, there. And Julie was there.. She's another one I know from the School, but I didn't realize she's gay, too." Not that she knows Julie all that well to begin with, mind. "There were some adorable gay boys there, and a lot of stunning girls. Everybody was having fun, dancing, drinking. Saw a few couples making out off to the sides. I shared a joint with this cute girl with green skin.. not sure if she's a mutant or what, but we were giggling at the amount of eyecandy there."

Amanda Sefton removes coat, gloves, boots. And as Dani describes the night, she moves back towards the wood stove. The magically-working wood stove. Yay, magic has practical uses. She immediately sets about to making hot chocolate. She should be responsible and make some food first, but hot chocolate! "Uh-huh." She's trying hard not to pout. "Sounds like a fun night."

"I was surprised how fun it turned out," Dani agrees, watching the other woman move around and do the things. "I promised Sophie and the others that the next time there's a gay shindig, I'd drag you along in your prettiest, flirtiest dress. Show all those other lesbos what they're missing. Besides, I'll need someone to dance with."

Amanda Sefton blushes bright red. Well, as red as she can. "Is that… how they all speak? 'Lesbos'?" she frowns a bit. Not offended, but perhaps confused? "I don't think I own a flirty dress," she says, frowning a bit. "Most of the dresses I own are for work."

Danielle grins and gets to her feet, taking a couple of steps until she can slide her arms around the other woman's waist, "A few of them are that…brash, but I heard someone use that word and wanted to see how you'd react to it." She gives a nuzzle to a blushing cheek, and teases, "You are so adorable, cara mia. But seriously, everyone I met there was amazingly nice and happy." As for the dress conundrum, just pretend Dani isn't grinning quite so wide, "We've stashed away plenty of cash. We're going to go shopping for a flirty little dress, someday soon."

Amanda Sefton leans for a moment, back into Dani's arms while she watches the water bubble. "Well… since you say it so nicely," she murmurs. Still blushing. Predictable Amanda. "Nothing intoxicating for me, otherwise we might end up somewhere else because I thought it would be really funny."

Danielle smiles and gently kisses that warm cheek. "Who knows, it /could/ be funny… But don't worry. There was beer and pot, but they were incidental. People were there to relax, have a good time, and be… mm. Open.. about who they love. No pressures, no disapproving looks. It was pretty groovy." She rocks ever so slightly from side to side, holding Amanda close and warm. "Sophie said to say 'hi', by the way."

"We need to have her over sometime," Amanda suggests. Eventually everything's ready and Amanda (somehow) manages to get hot chocolate in two mugs, despite the cuddles from behind. "So… I decided hot chocolate was more important than food… what did you want to eat?"

Danielle gives a squeeze, before untangling herself and moving to investigate the food situation for herself. "Hmm. How about I whip up some eggs in a nest and crispy potato bits?" she offers. "Simple and homey. Bet it goes great with hot chocolate."

"That sounds like a nice idea. Let me get a bit more wood for the stove." Which involves a quick teleport. A little longer than she intende, if only to make sure nobody spies her. Once back inside the wagon, she finds the thickest blankets and settles against the wall their bed sits against, watching Dani at the stove.

By the time Amanda returns with more wood, Dani has things just about ready for cooking. She hums softly as she works, getting the butter melted in the pan and the diced potatoes bubbling away. When the potatoes are nearly done, she scoots them to the edges of the pan, to make room for the bread to toast up nice and yummy. Then, into the 'cored' center of each slice, she cracks open an egg, and lets it all finish up in the pan together. A bit of salt, a bit of pepper, a pinch of cayenne for spice… "There we go.." she declares, after portioning out the contents of the pan onto two plates, and bearing them triumphantly to the bed.

Amanda Sefton accepts hers with a murmured thanks. And for once, she manages not to devour the food immediately. Old habits die hard. She smiles at Dani, leaning into her and bumping shoulders. "Thanks," she says. She pokes at the eggs and potatoes with her fork, spearing one piece of another as she eats. "We'll be closed Sunay again this week," she notes.

Danielle settles onto the bed beside Amanda and contentedly munches away at her own dinner. "Sunday? Hmm, good.. We should go into the City and do.. something. Maybe shop for a dress that makes me wolfwhistle." Yes. This sounds like a good notion to her. "Unless the weather goes nasty on us, in which case, I vote for staying in bed all day." After another bite, she pauses and frowns faintly at her plate. "I swear it's missing /something/, but I can't ever figure out what."

"Groceries," Amanda suggests. "We should get groceries, too. Maybe we can peek at the spices while we're there, and see if you can find something to add to the eggs?"

Danielle munches down more and more of her dinner, sipping hot chocolate between bites now and again. "Mm. Yeah, that would be good. I'm close to figuring out how Mom did it, but …" She uses the last bits of toast to wipe her plate clean, then exhales and leans back. "Let's see. Dress first, then groceries. Then we'll see where the mood takes us."

"And if it's too cold, we're teleporting." Of course they'd be teleporting to the city regardless, wouldn't they? Amanda smiles. "And if it's cold, we come back after groceries and just… relax. Maybe read. Make sure Brightwind's okay." Nevermind that Amanda has a slight spell on the stables area to make sure all the animals stay warm.

Danielle nods slowly, considering that option. "That sounds like we have a plan and a half." She grins and leans over to smooch the other girl, then gathers both plates. A bit of squirming off bed and onto feet later, she drops the dishes off in the sink to soak a while, then settles back onto the bed. Cradling the mug in one hand, she loops the other arm over Amanda's shoulders. "As for tonight, I hope you didn't want to go see a movie or anything, because I'm liking this."

Amanda Sefton settles into Danielle's side, finishing off the egg and assorted other bits of dinner on her plate. "I'm comfortable right here," she assures. "Just us, talking…. just not about Brightwind flirting, /please/!"

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