1965-01-30 - Quiet Dinner Conversation
Summary: A quiet dinner, for a change…
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venus delphyne 

Delphyne leads the way into the restaurant, wearing a Chinese-cut red dress with a high collar. Her snakes bound up and out of the way, the gorgon grins over towards her companion, "This is definitely the place… I'm rather surprised you hadn't come in here before."

Venus follows, wearing a matching dress in white silk, with hints of green and gold highlights at the collar and running down the side of the dress in a swirling series of flowers. "Well, it's a big city and places are always opening…it's hard to keep up, especially when I like going back to my favorites I already have." the redhead admits, looking around with interest. "I approve of the decor though…"

Del smiles cheerfully at Venus, "Indeed, I thought you might. The owner is a friend of mine. Helped me out when I first got to this place, so I try and help him when I can." She waves towards the waitress, who gestures the couple towards a secluded table against the wall as Delphyne adds, "So rare to find truly authenic Greek food around here." Of course, being from Themiscyra gives one a discerning palate in such things.

Venus says wistfully as she follows. "It does feel very homey…" She smiles and sits at the table, sliding into it across from Delphyne. "Is this your favorite Greek restaurant, then?" she wonders curiously, leaning back as she peers across the table at Del.

Delphyne chuckles, "Well, my favorite in New York, anyway." She tilts her head, giving Venus a warm smile, "I just enjoy the fact that I can be myself here, without worrying that people are staring… or at least, staring for negative reasons."

"A rare gift, yes." Venus agrees, picking up a menu to open it up curiously as she smiles back at the green-skinned woman across from her. "Though they might be staring at you for other reasons, you know…" she says, winking a bit. "Not every day they see someone so exotically beautiful, I'd imagine." She ponders. "So, what would you say their best dishes are, then?"

Del blushes a dark green at that, as she murmurs, "Flatterer… and well, I don't know if there's anything I've had here that was not superb." She considers, looking a little distracted, "The dolmadakia is really good, and the garides saganaki of course." She grins, "And he makes an amazing apaki."

"Well then, I'll trust your judgement and go with those." Venus says thoughfully, setting down her menu again. It sounds like I can't go wrong, really." She ponders. "Do they serve quail eggs? I miss those…chicken eggs just aren't the same."

Delphyne mmms, "Honestly, I'm not entirely sure. I can ask though, I'm sure Lambert can get them." She grins cheerfully, "But you're quite right, quail eggs do have a certain… I don't know what, about them."

"I think it's nostalgia for me, honestly." she admits. "It's strange sometimes to think of just how easy it is to go buy something with meat in it these days. Granted, they're usually burgers and not alway sthe greatest, but meat is meat." Venus admits. "One of the many things today that people take for granted, I think."

Del nods, "True. There's just something about hunting for one's meal. It feels odd sometimes, not doing that. Being part of the Royal guard meant keeping up your skills, whether in practice or by stalking boar after all."

Venus smiles a bit, her eyse a bit far away. "Mm, I remember sharing meals with kindly shepherds…or horny ones, depending. Simple food, but good company generally. Shepherds always struck me as either very philosphical or very in need of something to distract them, depending." She grins. "Especially since they tended to be teens, who were just as terrible at staying on task back then as today, I suppose."

Delphyne chuckles, "I suspect most people wind up getting aroused the longer they hang out with you." She winks at Venus, and nods, "Yeah, some things never seem to change." She smiles fondly at the goddess, tilting her head a bit.

The goddess come to earth grins playfully at that. "Well…it would have been rude to take their food and not offer my own hospitality." she admits, pretty shamelessly. Not that she has much when it comes to lovemaking in general. She rests her chin on her hand, smiling at the other woman. "So, what was your favorite thing to hunt?" she wonders curiously.

Del hmms a little, "I remember stalking this massive boar, its hide was that of gold. Legends had it that was somehow related to the Norse Gods, though how it wound up in Themiscyra is not something I ever knew." She grins, "It was crafty, intelligent far beyond that of a boar, or most men for that matter. Took me three days of hunting before I finally manage to capture it. Though I ended up letting him go, since… well, seemed a shame to kill such a powerful beast as that."

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