1965-01-31 - Just a normal date.
Summary: Bruce and Carol go on a date and discuss their work lives.
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Normally when Carol is with Bruce, they're Captain Marvel and Batman, striking fear into the hearts of criminals and all that jazz. For this afternoon, they're just Carol and Bruce, the former dressed rather casually in a button-up blouse and jeans, looking rather unremarkable as she grins over at Bruce, "So, what were you thinking for lunch. And if you say a burger, I am definitely taking away your silverware for it." She winks, teasing the billionaire as she walks alongside him.

Bruce walked casually with Carol hand in hand, keeping her close to him. At her question, he'd smirk. "Guess I'm losing silverware…" he teases. "I was actually thinking steak." A shrug then.

Bruce was actually dressed casual today. European styled kindle eve grey shirt with blue jeans and Standard shoes.

Carol grins, "Steak sounds good to me." She hmmms and gives Bruce a curious look, noticing the shrug, "What're you thinking?" And she doesn't seem to be referring to lunch, necessarily.

Bruce just gives her a warm smile. "Steak it is then." Though when asked what he's thinking, he answers pretty matter-of-factly. "You and a string of murders I've been investigating." He does not pull punches. "It's difficult to say, but the top contender is easily Deadshot." He looks to her then. "But my focus is you."

Carol frowns, "Deadshot… I remember looking at his SHIELD files. Nasty piece of work." She doesn't disclose classified info, naturally, but she can confirm a few things easily enough. She glances over at Bruce, and chuckles, "I don't mind talking about 'work' you know. Besides, it's not like I'm a highly trained intelligence operative who could help give you some insight or anything…" She winks to Bruce at that, squeezing his hand as they walk together.

Bruce nods a few times to her as she speaks of Deadshot. "A skilled assassin." Is all the praise that man will ever get from the Dark Knight. "I know you don't, Carol. Though I was hoping we could be normal for a day." He grins to her softly, leaning to give Carol a small kiss.

"I love you. Now let?s get you something to eat."

Carol grins and returns the kiss, her voice kept low, "Hon… I'm a fighter pilot turned secret agent who got hit by a Kree gizmo that gave me crazy powers. I think that ship might have sailed." She winks and hugs Bruce lightly, "And I know. I love you too."

Bruce nods a few times to her with a scoff. "Well, not all of us can be half alien." He teases her softly as he leads her into the restaurant. Taking a romantic corner booth. He orders fairly easily.

"I'll have the sirloin. Medium-rare with a sprite and water to drink. And whatever she would like." Clearly, it's on him today.

Carol might normally bristle at having her date pay for everything, but hey, when the date is a millionaire, he totally CAN pay for it all, she's fine with that. "Oh, I'll have the ribeye, medium-rare, and just iced tea to drink, thanks." She grins at Bruce once the waiter leaves, "I think you enjoy the alien part." A wink, at that.

Bruce can't help but give her that infamous smirk as his arm wraps around her shoulders. "I wouldn't care if you were completely alien. I like the you part." He teases her softly. "Kinda like how you like my millionaire status." He winks to let her know that he's kidding.

Carol chuckles, "Well, it is refreshing to not have to file government expense reports…" She grins, giving Bruce a wry look, "Though I'm guessing my type is tall, dark, handsome, and rich?" She then sticks her tongue out at Bruce, obviously teasing.

Bruce gives her a little grin then as she stares her apparent type of men. "Well, seems like I live up to that." The tease being that if he wasn't, they wouldn't be dating. Regardless! Their food eventually arrives and Bruce digs in. "So, what's new in your neck of the woods?"

Carol sighs a bit, "Oh, new management at work, it's driving me a bit batty to be honest. Treats the other agents like they're in basic training and not trusting them to do what's necessary." She makes a face at that, shaking her head.

Bruce nods a few times as she speaks. "Sorry to hear that. Lose your last boss?" He asks her curiously…it's a good door to learn more about SHIELDs apparent new leadership.

Carol Danvers shakes her head, "Not really, no… just new middle-management throwing his weight around." She gives Bruce a wry look, "Don't think I haven't thought about the job you offered me, but it's just… well, awkward."

Bruce gives an understanding look to his girlfriend's plea of information. He nods a few times as she mentions his offer once more. "No worries Carol. It was merely an offer. You may take it however you like." A soft smile with a teasing wink.

Carol chuckles, "Not that I'd mind making a lot more money and having less stressful work, but… well, even though it's merit, it's still feels weird to be working for you like that." She grins, "Though if you know any other millionaires that need heads of security that are willing to pay a crazy amount in salary…" With that, she winks back.

Bruce chuckles a little at her words. "Fair point. Honestly, it's likely a good idea. Most relationships involving business tend to end quite badly." He says with a very small chuckle. "I'd suggest Stark or Queen, but considering your relations with the former, I?d suggest the latter." A smirk then. "Maybe the da Costa kid could use a hand."

Carol wrinkles her nose, "Yeah, if I'm not working for you, I'm definitely not working for Tony. Ugh." She shakes her head, and grins, "Not sure if I'm ready for the private sector. Corny as it sounds, I like working for the government. Makes me feel like I'm doing the right thing."

Bruce gives a little nod then, but chuckles as Carol flat out -refuses- Working for Stark. Though he silently admired her dedication. "Then let it be so." He surrenders, giving Carol a little kiss.

Wayne goes home.

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