1965-02-01 - Drinks, Math, and Photographs.
Summary: A meeting in a bar
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Farrell's Bar is a mostly classy place. Cops, velvet seats, great beer selection and wonderful whiskey selections. Today, one lady is sitting in a booth. Red velvet goes well with green skin and she seems very comfortable with her large beer, and a cigarette. She's looking at pictures- something given to her by a near by detective. "Wow.. This is some intense stuff." she says, looking over at the detective. "Hey, thanks for this. I've been doing a study on things like this in photography and well. It is.. Really dark. Wow."

The detective grins, pocketing something that was just handed to him. "Hey, no problem."

The reason why Riri continues to come to this bar when she is so clearly discomfited by the presence of people no doubt continues to elude the many experts studying her behavior. At the momnt the young woman- who is dressed in a white blouse with capped sleeves and short blue skirt (coming only to mid shin!)- is entering with both arms wrapped around a large binder full of papers. She lets her afro do the talking, dark hair bouncing slightly as she walks toward one of the nearby tables and garners nearly as many stares as the green girl in the process. Riri is a bit less engaging about dispelling the tension. For now she seems to be focused on setting out her work in froont of her and settling in.

The Detective gives a tip of his hat. Pockets whatever green something has been passed over and heads off to drink on Jenni's dime. Still, she is looking at the pictures with wide eyes. "Jesus…" she whispers. Crime scenes are serious business. She looks up- a black woman. Probably the only one in the entire bar. "Very interesting." she continues with a slow breath, curious as she looks over now. A lot of papers. She closes up her file of pictures and stands, heading over towards Riri. "Hey, mind a companion?"

"Nope." Riri is pretty laconic apparently. She has an accent that's more Windy City than Big Apple but she wears it well. Atiny black woman with quite expansive and well cared for hair. She looks up briefly 00 and blinks when she sees the green woman at her table. That's asurprise. To her credit Riri doesn't really react to this development. She just shifts slightly in her seat so that Jenni is able to slide into the booth with her. "…What are you looking at?" She asks, inclining her head ever so slightly to indicate hte photos. Riri's work is proudly emblazoned with the logo for New York University in case anyone has doubts as to what she seems to be spending her time on.

Julie comes in from the street, rubbing her hands from the chill, and then removing a pair of gloves to warm them up, as she makes her way in toward the bar, saying to the barkeep, "Hey, you got any cawffee up? Or, ah, anything hot, I guess," she smiles, before turning around and glancing around the room… She spots the afro and the …green girl, and gives a wavie.

"Crime scene photography." Jenni answers. "I'm.. well. I'm studying something and I thought these might help. They're.. pretty graphic. Really, really nasty. Honestly." she shakes her head, "I'm not sure I made the right choice with them to be honest." she admits. "What about you? What are you working on?"

"Math," Riri responds pretty succinctly, gesturing toward the entire pile of papers in front of her a she does so. The small woman has just produced a pen and it looks as if she might say more when Julie waves.Brown eyes finally cast upward and for a split second she is watching Julie. A return wave follows. It's certainly less reserved than her previous movements. She gestures for the other woman to come toward their table before looking back to her folders. "Physics, mostly. It's pretty boring unless you like machines." In this period female engineering students aren't really a thing. Or more accurately, have just become one. Riri doesn't seem to be concerned with the politics of it, at least. "Why did you want those photos exactly?" She asks, perhaps abruptly. "Were you looking for something specific?"

"Not much of a math girl, to be honest. More into fine arts." Jenni says with a smile. "I wanted to see something dark. I thought it might get something creative going. It might, still, but wow. Its some *really* dark shit. I'm probably going to need to get really drunk, though. Super fucking drunk. Like four sheets to the wind."

Julie comes on over, a mug of coffee cradled in hand, to join the other girls, peeking over Jenni's arm to look at the photos. "Looks pretty gruesome. That where the art world's going these days?" she smirks. "Hey, you two, guess you met?"

Riri's eyes widen cvery slightly. She's not very emotive so that must be her version of vaguely scandalized by the language being used. Rather than comment on it directly Riri says, "Wow, that's pretty drunk." She nods once then and glances over at Julie, offeringthe woman a nod as she joins their booth. Riri herself is quite short, so even leaning forward she can't actually see the photos in question. Instead she stops trying and shrugs. "We just did," the girl affirms. "But we haven't been introduced yet. My name is Riri, by the wa," the girl continues, scarcely skipping a beat.

"Jenni." The green woman replies, grinning over to Julie, "Hey there." she offers softly, "Nice to see you again." she offers. "Well, it is.. you know.. Art is supposed to make you feel something. And something… terrible is something." She offers quietly. "And there is a terrible, terrible beauty to these pictures. A terrible, terrible beauty… I don't want to look, but I can't look away kind of beauty."

Julie ahs, "I could look away, I think, …people shouldn't treat each other that way, is what I say. A wreck's bad enough, really. Anyway, I dunno, maybe that's why I'm not in art school," she smirks, taking a sip of the coffee. "So, otherwise, how's school, speaking of that?" This she seems to open up to both the girls.

Riri glances toward the photos again but she still can't seem to get a good look. Instead the woman shrugs slowly and then taking a deep breath. Then she looks down at all of the work in front of her. "Sometimes seeing horrible things can get you - motivated. It doesn't have to mean horrible things. I don't know about the beauty of it, but…" Riri shakes her head as she trails off. She spins her pen between her fingers. A folder is flipped open and then the small woman begins to write on the papers located therein. "School is okay so far. So much work to do. No real help from the advisors. Lots of numbers." Lots and lots of numbers, if one cares to look at the folder in question. "I wish I could say it was exciting, but unless you like classical mechanics…" She shrugs.

"I don't disagree with you." Jenni offers to Julie. "People should treat each other with decency. They don't, but they should. Still, here is a record of the terrible beauty of the human anger and hatred and self-loathing. This is terrible… but I think there can be some good from it, maybe. Once I've parsed it completely. Maybe."

"Oh! School is great. I'm not top of the class by any regard." Jenni says with a grin, "And I think the green skin might be holding me back just a touch. People are treating me differently since the change, but, its not so bad. I'm lucky to be among artists. My professors and fellows are, for the most part, just asking me to pose more for paintings."

Julie smirks to Riri, "I've been known to dabble. Kinda like angular momentum, myself," she winks, and then sighs to Jenni, "I guess it comes with hanging around painters, that, apart from the usual stuff we deal with for being girls. I mean, someone my friend knows models for art classes for a few extra bucks for school, though." She shrugs, there. Definitely not seeming the type, herself, somehow.

"Doesn't matter what colour you end up being, huh?" Riri asks of Jenni. "Someone always-" then Riri stops and takes a deep breath. She pauses, then begins to write somethin on her papers. Julie manages to earn a brief smle then. "Angular momentum, hm? Well, if you have suggestions for how to apply angular momentum in a vacuum I, my work shadow partners, and all of NASA would love to know." There's a wink to follow. "But seriously, that's actually on scheudle this quarter…"

"Well, I do all kinds of photography for some extra cash." Jenni says, "I mean, within reason. I do have my artistic streak. Usually, its just wedding pictures or sometimes for a Bar Mitzvah, parties. Things like that." she says with a smile. "I don't mind posing. The color goes all the way down, so, it can be interesting for painters who like realism. Its typically very respectful." she grins, still. "They'd be very silly to try anything funny with me."

"Honestly, though, I can't make heads or tails of that advanced physics stuff. I've got enough trouble with college level algebra. I'm pretty good with geometry, though. Shapes just make sense to me."

Jenni pauses a moment. "I wonder if I could go to space.." she says, mostly to herself. "I should try it. I mean, what's the worst that could happen, right?" she smiles, still.

Julie hrms. "A vaccuum? I guess apart from breathing, that shouldn't be too hard. Space, I dunno, though." Well, she does, really …they could send her, probably. "Maybe some kind of impact wrench, and hang onto something," she winks. She nods to Jenni, "Oughtta see some of your work some time."

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