1965-02-02 - One Night in NYC
Summary: Green Arrow, White Widow, and Jenni meet and talk a little shop
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It is a cold day in February, and the groundhog has predicted six more weeks of winter.
Yippy skip.
The guy currently hanging from the light pole certainly wasn't enjoying himself. He thought the cleats would help on the icy sidewalk, and the purse had been pleasantly heavy.
Five minutes later, those cleats were pointing skyward as he hung, cocooned and lightly spun by the originator of the cocoon.
"Ty, Ty, Ty, Ty, Ty…what were you thinking…?" the White Widow asked as she spun him slowly, the display seen by the few people out on a chilly night like tonight.

Green Arrow was also out that night.

Sitting on the ledge of a building, he gets a pretty easy view of White Widow's handiwork, tilting his head at the young lady as she berates the man in question. A small chuckle from arrow as he shakes his head. He can tell by her mannerisms that she's on the younger side of the age board.

"Not bad…not bad." he ponders shooting an arrow with the intent of missing….but he's not sure he wants to pick a fight with a web-slinger.

It was a chilly night- that was for certain. Jenni was wrapped up in a scarf, boots, warm parka- the cold didn't really agree with the green-skinned young woman. Still, she had work to do. School projects to follow up on- and night photography was something she was interested in. Light- lack of light- all good things to take pictures.

"Woah." Jenni says, holding her camera as she looks up towards Green Arrow and White Widow both. "Care for a picture?" she wonders up with an innocent grin.

The girl in the costume looks at the pair of greenies. "Holy Toledo, I have an audience." She blinks. She had never seen Green Arrow in either guise, but she couldn't act too friendly towards Jenni.
"Sure. Let me set up his best side." She turned Ty around until he was facing away from Jenni. "Okay. Shoot away."

Ollie looks over to Jenni as she apparently notices him. Wow, good eyes that. Though when she asks for a picture, he shakes his head. "Nope! sorry. I like to remain anonymous." he hops down though, bow in hand as he shoots a zipline arrow to help him get to the ground.

Rolling to his feet, he cracks his neck a bit. "So…I can tell you've been busy at least." he looks at the spiderling lady. Before he looks at Jenni. "So…green?" he offers her a high five.

Because green rocks.

Vwoop! Jenni floats up from the ground to get a better angle. Where the street light isn't blaring into her camera lens- she starts to focus. "You sure there, Emerald Archer? Some shadowy art photography? Holiday snaps?" she says next, as she begins to snap some pictures of the White Widow. "Lookin' good there Spider-Gal." she offers with a grin, as she keeps Green Arrow out of the shot. Respect, of course. Click! Click!

Jenni's all too busy with her art to notice the Green Arrow's high five. Left hanging.

She blinks. Spider-Gal? Nahh. But Spider-Woman was taken.
She cocks her hips, then looks to the man in green. "Last time I checked, Legolas didn't have a beard, and Robin Hood was in Sherwood Forest. So who the Sam Hill are you, sir?"

Ollie keeps his hand there.

Still waiting.


Nope! he's left hanging there for a moment and he just looks depressed now. "Well, damn lady, you left me hanging off a cliff here." he chuckles before he looks at America's Next Top Model over there in Spider-chick. a light shrug then for a moment, before he looks at Gwen with a chuckle. "nope! but I do like both of those characters. "Call me Green Arrow. Or just Arrow if you wnat to be friendly." a wink then as he perches on a nearby wall.

"Left you hanging what now?" Jenni asks as she takes another picture of White Widow. And another- "Hey, turn your head a bit and hitch your hip up… and.." Jenni clicks her fingers and a light appears from below- A green fire that throws off a warm and welcoming light, and so very warm and comfortable. "A bit of flickering light… Luckily, these are black and white pictures."

Widow smiles. "I'm the White Widow. Or just Widow. And I'm ALWAYS friendly."
A muffled sound comes from the lower end of the cocoon.
"Hey, you were going to beat up an old lady for her welfare check. YOU don't count!" She looks back to Jenni, then follows her request and tilts her hips, turned her masked head, the hood slightly obscuring the white face. "Think there's a market for pinups of superheroines? Even rank beginners like me?"

Arrow looks at Jenni before he shakes his head. "Ah, doesn't matter now. You're good." he chuckles a moment as he watches. "Cops'll probably be here any moment. I radio'ed 'em in. Might want to head up to a roof." he gives a little two-finger wave before he fires an arrow at a particular one.

"want to chat, you know where I am." and he points at said roof…before he zips away! humming something about a 'mighty mighty green archer'.

Well, least he can sing pretty awesome.

"Oh, there probably is. I could make a mint on superheroine pinups. But, I mean, who would pose for them? And, lets face it, how'd I get permission for that sort of thing? How would I share the residuals? I mean- you gotta pay your models, it wouldn't be fair for me to pocket all the cash." She continues with a grin- a few more pictures of White Widow. "See you, Green Arrow!" she offers before falling back to the ground to warm up by the green fire. "Woo. Those pics'll probably get me somewhere in school. Assuming you're okay with me using them for school?" she wonders up to the Widow

Widow shrugs. "I'm not doing anything that wouldn't have showed up on the side of a B-22 a couple of decades ago." She looks up, then says, "I think I'll go and chat with William No-Tell up there. The cops only give me so much rope."
And speaking of rope, she reaches up and a thin webline fires from her inner wrist to strikthe ledge of the building Green Arrow went up to, and she says, "If you don't want to come up, then I hope you have a good night, miss."
And with that, she launches herself upward to land on the ledge of the roof in a low crouch.

Arrow just perches up there until White Widow shows up. and it appears that Arrow is making sure one of his arrowheads is screwed on right. His personal speak for he's rewiring it to do something else. Either way.

He gives a little wave to Jenni.

Then he looks to spiderling. "Hey kid. Welcome to the party." he looks around then to make sure no one else was perchin' there. it's happened to him before.

Jenni chuckles quietly, "Well….." she says with a bit of a frown. "Maybe.." she says to herself as she returns to the sky, writhed in green flame as she floats up to join the costumed heroes. "So. I'd wear a costume too, but, green skin. Pretty recognizable." She says with a grin. "So. What are the heroes up to?"

Widow peers at Arrow. "Do me a favor, okay? Don't call me 'kid.' I've been blown up, shot at, threatened and had to bury two people I loved. I don't qualify for the title anymore."
She stops herself, takes a deep breath, then sighs. "Sorry. I get a little hacked off when I'm being patronized, even by mistake. I may be too young to deal with what I deal with, Arrow. But the universe doesn't care about that, does it?"

Ollie looks at Jenni. "Hey hey. Not a bad color, lemme tell ya." before he looks to White Widow and his eyes narrow back at her. "Look lady, I don't mind not calling you kid, but try not to sound tough or hardened by how many people you've buried. Join the club." he says almost devastatingly seriously. "That said, no apologies needed. Sorry." he says then as he returns to fixing his arrows. Though now he's almost grimly serious.

Real Ollie shows up.

"Well, you know how it is. Green is good!" Jenni says with a grin as she alights on the rooftop with the two heroes. "Tough and hardened, huh?" she wonders curiously. "I'd rather stay here and be glorious and green." she offers as she leans back a little. "So.. " A chair appears for her to sit on, just relaxing- "Spider POwers? Archer Powers? What's that like?"

Widow sighs. "Okay…i admit, sometimes I only open my mouth to change feet. So I promise not to trot out my tragedies and you promise not to treat me like a kid. I can live with that."

She pauses for a moment, then says, "I don't think I've seen or heard of you before. How long have you been doing this?" She pauses, then adds, "I've been doing this for about five months, and it's all been OTJ training. I got these powers literally by accident. Now I've got them…not I have to do what I can to use them to do good."

Arrow nods a few times to Widow. "Deal." then a smile comes back out, then he looks on over at Jenni. "…arrow powers?" he laguhs a bit before he answers seriously. "I'm just a guy with a bow. Nothing special here." he teases, downplaying himself to give him a maximum surprise. Either way! he speaks true.

"Lottap eople don't got training these days I think. Good to see people taking initiative though." when told he's never been heard of before, he grins. "Kind of the point, lady." he smiles.

Jenni, for now, is mostly quiet- nodding and smiling. "I get that! Mine just showed up one day. Woosh! One minute some guy is a little handsy, the next minute I've thrown him across the quad with a giant green fist! Very dramatic. Total sleezebag- completely deserved." She looks over to Arrow. "What, no powers? Just a dude in a green onsie with a bow and arrow?" she wonders then, "Pretty ballsy."

Widow doesn't seem all that blown away by the concept. "My father, God rest his soul, told me many times that training trumped instinct." She looked to Arrow. "I'm actually pretty impressed. It's one thing to wake up with gifts you never had before."
Like waking up looking like the love child of Brigitte Bardot and Charles Atlas.
"It's another thing to have a talent, and train to nurture it, to be the best at it." She chuckles wryly. "That seems more heroic than me, that's for sure."

Arrow gives a little grin to Widow as she speaks, nodding a bit. "Preciate it." before looking to Jenni. "Heh…well, can't all be invulnerable. Besides, no guts, no glory." he shurgs a moment as he stands up, putting an arrow back into his quiver as he starts to run off.

"Love to stay and caht, but I gotta run." he says after putting a finger to his ear. Transmission.

"I'm not sure I'm invulnerable." Jenni tries to correct, before Arrow is heading on his way. "Nice to see you!" She says with a smile, waving her hand. "So!" She wonders next, "Up for a bite? Maybe a drink?" she asks of the costumed Widow. "I got some green around here somewhere, all kinds of green. Could have a toke and talk shop or something."

Oliver Queen goes home.

Widow looks thoughtful. "I could eat. There is a nice place in Chinatown that serves great Chinese food. And I have to say, there's a nice place on the roof that I use as a table."

"Sounds like a plan. Chinese food it is!" Jenni says as she grins over to Widow. "Betchya dinner I could get there before you." She says next, "Its a loser's bet, by the way. I'm really fast."

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