1965-02-04 - Welcome Home!
Summary: Roberto, Sophie, and Jean welcome Scott and Bobby home.
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Ten years ago, a 15 year old Bobby Drake first drove through the gate to arrive at the Xavier Institute. That Bobby graduated and went off to college. Life happened in the interim, and now he's back. Driving a beat-up sedan, he pulls into the Institute grounds, and the car slow to a stop. Out walks an older, more worldly Robert Drake. He closes the door and takes a deep breath; the country air is definitely something he missed. "Home sweet home," Bobby says to himself, a smile spreading on his face. A moment later, he walks around to open the trunk. Better go let them know he's arrived.. though if things haven't changed much, his arrival wouldn't be much of a surprise to some.

Scott Summers actually arrived a couple of nights ago, late when most people were already asleep. He settled in as if he owned the place - he predates most of the current residents, after all, and knows these halls like the back of his hand. He found his old room and settled in quickly, claiming a small office for himself on the second floor. Still, he hasn't poked his head out much, just bracing himself a bit for taking up the mantle again. He's spent most of his time recently as a pilot, largely independent and on his own, with no one relying on him but himself. But also, no one to rely upon or work alongside. It's always a trade.

He's coming out the front door just as Bobby pulls up, laughing slightly to himself and shaking his head, "Seems like I picked a good time for a homecoming. Welcome to Westchester, Mr. Drake," he says, stepping down to offer a handshake and a helping hand with the trunk.

Work, work, work. If there were such a themesong in accordance with that word repeated thrice then it would be Jean's. There was a lot to do, so many issues that cropped up and little time to deal with them. But Sunday rolls around and it gives her a little freedom. There wasn't much in the way of formalities in dress; a pair of slacks, flat shoes and a white t-shirt. Hair tucked back so that she could clean without the mess getting in the way, a few books here carried into the library to be replaced and another taken out for her to read.

But there was a sense there to stop, her brows lower, eyes close briefly as her flat footed shoes turn towards the door. There were two minds abound, one she was actually too busy to see but thankful that he was in the same spot now. His laughter as she trails behind draws a raised brow.. but she lets the boys have their moment while she lingers behind like the creep that she was. Completely out of sight; possibly obscured by Scott's stature.

"Summers," Bobby says to Scott, clasping his hand tightly around the other man's to shake. Of all the people they could have sent for the welcome committee. Scott must have drawn the short straw there. "Good to see you," he says, releasing the handshake, and pulling his bag out of the trunk. "How've you been? Back long?" He doesn't see Jean immediately, hidden as she is.

Scott Summers shakes his head, "Only a couple of days myself. Guess it's old home week," he says. Nobody really understands how Scott sees, not even him, but he has a pretty excellent peripheral awareness, sufficient that he realizes there's someone behind him in relatively short order.

Jean gets a smile and a nod, "Bobby here and I went to school together here, years ago. With the Professor on sabbatical, I thought I'd lend a hand. You wouldn't happen to know if there's an available room for the Iceman here?" he says to Jean.

"I know that." Jean says to Scott, then Bobby there after. Her lips quirk just a touch, what could have been a smile may or may not have been there, but it was hidden in short order. Since Scott was talking work, Jean decides to cut down to business as well. Reluctantly, of course.

"Sabbatical is an understatement." She states, moving towards the door to keep it open, hoping the gust of frosty wind doesn't catch her unawares. She does gesture a little bit to wave them in, looking to and fro to make sure that no one else was on approach. "There's rooms available, in fact his old one is still available, unless you want to move to the faculty side of things, I'm sure we can make arrangements." Book smooshed against her as she waits, her head bobbing slightly. "With everyone returning in the wake of Charles' absense I suppose I'm left to figure out what to do with the lot of you. I think we should stop by my office for a small chat, yes?" Not to be an ass!

"Oh, hi Jean!" Bobby lights up a bit when she makes her presence known. Certainly more than he did for Scott, but who's surprised by that, really? "I'm here to help. The Professor's.. gone?" He quirks his head a little bit at that unexpected plot twist. Not that it changes things for him, just surprised. He lugs his bag along as he walks toward the entrance and Jean. "I'm here to help however I can. Got me a fancy degree and everything, so I can teach the young'uns," he says with a put-on accent and a grin. "And the other stuff. Glad there's still some friendly faces around, at least."

Scott Summers looks momentarily non-plussed, "'Young-uns'?" he mutters, shaking his head. Trust Iceman to be acting the fool, as usual. He goes up to the door and opens it, gesturing for the others to go in ahead of him. Scott's nothing if not courteous.

"I'm sure he isn't gone for good, but he's always had his share of irons in the fire. And he's never been obligated to keep us in the loop about it," he says. His absolute trust in Charles Xavier borders on that of an apostle. "But figuring out what we're going to do is a wise idea. Lead the way," he says to Jean.

As some of the core X-Men members chat outside, Roberto da Costa arrives!…..eating a bowl of cereal. Possibly the most chill person in the room at any given moment (not to insult Iceman), Roberto walks up to the group wearing a relaxed longsleeve shirt with blue jeans and black boots. he looks at everyone with a casual nod.

"So, what did I miss?" he looks at Scott and gives the man an upnod. "Sup Scotty?" he asks with a small smile. a look then to Jean and Bobby. "Yo." he gives a friendly smile and a little two finger wave. Though he realizes that he stopped the group from moving…he just follows!

"Hi Bobby, good to see you again!" Even though her tone was slightly rigid, her shoulders and entire demeanor about her seems relax. "Good, I'm glad you're back. And.. I really don't know about the Professor. We really don't know. Probably gone on vacation with Emma Frost or searching whatever heavens for Dr. MacTaggart. Romantic at heart.." Her hand waves a little as Scott takes the door, allowing Jean to not lean upon it as she nods towards the others words. "He's probably not gone for good, but things have to keep moving at least."

More into the foyer, her fingers tug faintly against her hair, Roberto's approach not missed and not exactly unwelcome! It was like a breath of fresh air really, but she says nothing. The others would have to become reacquainted. "We are short at least three teachers. Ms. Arkin is out for the rest of the year due to maternity leave. She's had twins. Two boys. And Mr. Rutherford got into a car accident two nights ago, broken leg and a tweaked back. His wife wants to keep him home so someone will have to take over his studies until both return." Third teacher? Well. That was Charles. He had his own classes, which Jean herself would possibly have to take over. That wasn't mentioned yet.


Just as the group is coming in from outside, Sophie is on her way down from upstairs, and spotting Jean first, she gives her a wave — before stopping in her tracks when she sees Bobby and Scott with her. Scott, especially. She's probably feeling a bit like how a rookie Yankee does when Mickey Mantle walks into the clubhouse. "Um, hi." The blonde is dressed in jeans and a navy-blue Xavier's sweatshirt, with white tennis shoes on her feet.

"Young'uns, Summers. Kids. You remember being a kid, right? When you were shorter? Can't imagine much else changed though," Bobby says jokingly, but with a bit of an edge. It's not like Bobby and Scott hated one another in school, but there's definitely a bit of tension there. "Not my business what the Professor is up to, I suppose, just surprised." He walks inside after the others, and gives a nod in return to Roberto, "Hey there 'Berto," he says with a smile to the man. Another friendly face he recognizes. Sophie's approach turns it into a bit of a wry smirk as she faces Scott with 'the look'. He's seen it before, maybe. "Still with all that, hey Summers?" There may be a bit of an eye roll before he turns his attention back to Jean. "Well, put me wherever you want me. You know me. Easygoing as all get out, right? Math and Accounting are my areas of expertise these days, but I can fill whatever holes need filling." He looks at Sophie again. "I'm gonna have to get one of those sweaters. I missed out on the whole 'school spirit' gear."

Scott Summers shakes his head, keeping a straight face, "Doesn't sound familiar. I've always been tall. Consistency is my motto, as well you know, Bobby," he says.

"I'm not certain I'm qualified to teach any conventional subjects, but I can teach how to be an X-man. I'll let other people handle the academics. I can handle discipline and training. Categorize it however you like," he says, nodding to Roberto and then inclining his head to Sophia, "Sophia, seems you've grown up," he says, "See, I do understand how that works, Bobby," he says.

Sunspot just follows right on in, though he gives Iceman a warm smile as he gives him a two finger wave. "Yo Bobby. How you been?" he looks around as chats of teaching is mentioned. "I can teach too..comptuers is my thing. technology stuff. If you need any hands in that department, I could spare time to teach a few classes." the multi-billionaire offering to teach classes? yay! then he looks on over to Jean, giving her the warmest smile, widening his arms for a friendly and brief hug. "Hey Jean. It's good to see you too! Sorry I haven't visited in a bit, the company needed tending to." a kindness in his voice.

Then he sees Sophie descending the stairs and he sets his cereal aside for a moment. "Hey Sophie! Good to see ya smiling and active. We catch you before a run?" he approaches and only slightly widens his arm as if to offer to her a friendly and brief hug.

Sophie's appearance was a bit of a surprise. There was a small gathering abound and Jean didn't deem it necessary to cram everyone into her moderately sized office. (Read: Little). So the Foyer of the Institute was good enough, her own hand lifting to wave towards Sophie while she's stuck in a fan-girl daze of.. well, the Summers brother who's always talked about. "Probably English. Bobby. But we'll see. If I can afford to move people around to make things work.." She gestures towards Scott, his offer made and her head shaking almost immediately. "Too soon for all of that, Mr. Summers. If you're going to try to teach someone to be an X-Man, I have to test the meddle of said man -first-."

Aka. Jean is going to beat his ass.

But the seriousness of the moment allows for her to miss the dodge to Roberto's hug. She eeps and breaks out into full on laughter, finally draping her arms (and book) around Roberto to give him a good and firm squeeze. "It's alright Roberto.." She says, patting his back before letting go, turning to head to the sea of couches in the Foyer where guests are kept. "Business is business is business. One day, I do hope things could run by themselves but they all need a steady hand every now and then." As for computers, Jean shakes her head.

"If you're willing to teach them a typing class first, that'll be wonderful. But I think right now, we're not equipped to handle all that power underneath one roof." Cause, mansion is old, they totes need to upgrade.

Having figured out how to make her feet move again after her moment of brainlock, Sophie finishes descending the stairs, only to blush deeply as Scott addresses her. "Oui — er, Yes, sir," she replies. She doesn't often slip into her native French unintentionally, but there it is. To those in the room who know her well — such as Jean and Roberto — the deer-in-headlights state of the normally poised and self-assured young mutant is probably more than a bit entertaining.

Seeing 'Berto approaching, she gratefully breaks from her moment of awkwardness to hug him back. "Just got back from the usual Sunday in the city with my parents," she answers him.

Low hanging fruit, Bobby cannot resist. "Scott Summers, Gym Teacher. We'll have cards made. Start calling you 'Coach'." He cracks a grin at Scott. "I've been good, Berto. Living life, making the ends meet. You know, the old rat race. Really does look like old home week; all us old-timers coming out of the woodwork." And it feels good. Feels right. "English sounds fine to me, Jean. I mean, I already speak it, so I'm halfway there. Dust off some textbooks and put me in a classroom," he says. The grin just stays there, because that's what he does. Dumb jokes and looking cool. Beneath it all though, is a perfectly capable teacher, I promise. "I could use a typing class myself," he says after a moment, looking at Roberto. "Sorely out of practice.. not that I was ever very fast."

'Berto loves hugs!

He laughs a little bit with Jean as she hugs him in return, a warm smile being given to her. "Sure, I can teach that pretty easily. Typing class is my middle name." he nods assuringly..oh totally!

Then he looks to Sophie, stepping back a few steps to give her space to move about as he nods to her. "Happy to see. You have fun? or were you bored at parties?" he teases her softly. "You can always invite me you know. I don't have plenty to do when I'm not being a CEO of my company." which is alot of free time on his hands.

A look then to Bobby with a grin. "Hey man, hit me up. I'd happily show you how to type effectively."

Scott Summers frowns slightly, "I don't think teaching clerical skills is the best use of their time," he says. "I recognize we want to provide a rounded education, but the first and foremost responsibility of this Institute is to prepare young mutants for a world that hates and fears them. It's never too early for that. Test their mettle however you see fit, Jean, but we can't wait too long to prepare them. The world comes harshly for the untrained and the unwary," he says.

"Coach suits me just fine," he adds to Bobby, "I'll even get a whistle, if you like. I imagine a few laps would do some people around here some good. Nothing wrong with a bit of sweat on the brow," he says. Charles Xavier might be a soft touch, but somehow his star pupil never quite got the message about it - he's stern and fierce and maybe a bit serious, even if his heart is in the right place.

Even as Jean settles into her spot upon the sofa, her legs cross as she regards Scott in kind. In fact, there was a slight lean to the way she sat, fingers soon folded upon the other as her jaw works in a way that didn't look as if whatever thoughts that were brewing in her head were not going to come out like she had hoped.

"First and foremost, our responsibility is to teach them, yes. To help their minds grow, to assist them in learning as if they were humans, out in the real world and in classes with qualified teachers who at least give a good goddamn of their dreams when they grow up." She gestures around. "-AND- we provide them with tools to survive. Tools on how to maintain and control their powers to the best of their ability, and to those who are visibly mutants and unlike us?" She looks at the room, well.. those in it as a whole. "To fit in. To work with their hands. To work with their minds, to use their empathy and compassion." One shoulder lifts in a shrug. "If they have to learn how to type, then so be it. In the future, it just may well be the main form of communication instead of dialing on a rotary phone."

She tilts her head then smiles. "And I meant test your mettle, Scott. Not the children. Yours. Charles may have at one point considered you family, but he does me as well. A little sibling rivarly won't hurt anyone. What say you?"

"No party today, just mainly the usual Sunday," Sophie answers Roberto. "Going to Mass with my parents, then out for brunch. Today we had to take my father to the airport afterward, he's headed for an assignment at Cape Kennedy. Taking photos of astronauts and the facilities for /Life/. Made me wish I could go with him."

So, the gauntlet is thrown. Shall it be pistols at dawn? Bobby watches the two, Jean and Scott. It's a little tense. "Being an X-Man is great, but we can't just teach them to fight and send them out into the world. They need to be able to function in it." Serious Bobby isn't much fun. "We're not all going to be heroes for the rest of our lives. If they don't have some actionable skills to fall back on.." He shrugs, and looks between Jean and Scott. "If you're planning a prize fight though, I'll get tee shirts printed. We'll make possible tens of dollars."

Roberto gives Sophie the kindest smile as she speaks, nodding a few times. "aaahhh…gotcha gotcha. I'm glad you had fun Sophie." though he had a quiet apology that she said bye to her father going to cape kennedy. such an awesome job though!

Then Jean and Scott get his attention, the two apparently rarin' to go as Jean throws down the gauntlet. He looks to Bobby. "Do it man, I'll sponsor it. We'll make cash." he offers a fist bump to his mutant power-counterpart.

Then? he simply leans against the wall, a chuckle coming to his lips as he noms down the rest of his cereal, his eyes watching Jean and Scott as if silently placing bets on who would win that contest.

Scott Summers nods simply, "Test me however you like. Won't be the first time," he says.

"I'm not advocating doing away with the other aspects of their education. I'm simply suggesting that we not forget the other, too. Fitting in is all well and good, but we have to keep them alive, too, and there are an awful lot of people out there who want them dead just for the sin of being born," he says.

"But there's enough time to talk of such things. For now, let's get Bobby settled in. And no fight," he says with a soft shake of his head, "Different points of view are healthy. That's how we can balance each other. Even if I'm right," he says with a hint of a smirk at the corner of his mouth.

Then Sophie glances at her watch, and mutters under her breath, "Merde." That time, the French was on purpose. Looking to the others, she says to Scott and Bobby, "It's — It's good having you back. I'm sorry, I have to — I have something to do." She's apparently not saying what. "Please excuse me." And with that, she hurries off in the direction of the Library.

Jean holds her breath, then lets it out in a brief huff, her head shaking as she rises to a stand. The book still held, yet this time beneath her arm as it looks as though she prepares to depart as well. "That's something we'll never forget. Education and survival go hand in hand Scott." The gauntlet thrown and slightly rejected, but there will still be time to have a deeper discussion of what was right and wrong in the face of handling the children.

"Sure. Get Bobby settled, I suppose by Wednesday we'll have everyone in their proper place to teach and do other things." Even if Scott toys that he is right, she shrugs her shoulders in his direction, then prepares to head off into another part of the manse, well opposite of the direction that Sophie flees. "Afternoon gentlemen!" She calls out, lifting a hand in a backwards wave.

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