1965-02-05 - Meeting the Bro's Beau
Summary: Black Bolt meets Kaleb.
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Maximus lets Blackagar know, by phone…of course he can't say anything over it, but does he know how to pick it up?! That he's coming over, and bringing a guest for Blackagar to meet. And to Kaleb, "So…whatever you do…don't do anything that would prompt him to actually speak. Its /possible/ that you two could speak on some sort of…sub-auditory level, but…go slow. Then, he knocks.

Blackagar not only knows how to pick up the phone, but knows how to tap out some very basic signals that he's learned over the years to communicate yes, no, and possibly a couple of emergency situations, all without blowing anything up. He is dressed in a comfortable but fashionable suit, and comes to the door to open it into the hotel room that he has been occupying for the time being. There's a nod for his brother, and then a glance to Kaleb and a nod to him as well before he motions for them both to come inside, closing the door behind him.

Kaleb gave Max that look but didn't contradict him. An eyebrow arched hiking up as this might be the first time ever someone's asked him to 'try and keep it down' in not so many words. Still, he could grasp that Max was nervous and being as through as possible to arm him. Dressed festidiously as always in slate grey to pewter, matching tie, and black shirt because it was past Labour Day and he wasn't a fashion heathen, and also wearing the long coat that was Max's and now his withthe tiny bullet holes repaired in it. Ahem. Let's skip past that part. THe door opened and there was no audible greeting, which was wildly impressive in subtle context for the sonic that just heard every annoying little habit ever. He greeted Blackagar witha bow of his head in greeting and let Maximus speak first. he entered and looked around. Secure. There were no… sounds of concern through the walls. A nod thereby was given to Max.

You'd think that the aura of silence from one person would kind of…rub off on everyone else around him. Its that instinct to immitate an accent, while in its presence, so its just natural to 'not speak' even though Blackagar can hear perfectly well, but to switch over to gestures. Totally natural. But Maximus doesn't do that at all. Instead, he speaks manicly. "Come in, Kaleb. Let me shut the door. Ahhhh, Blackagar, so good to see you again. Doing well? I know…i /know/…the pollution. But, once we have our playground, so to speak, we will have something to deal with the air. Take a deep breath though, dear brother, then let it out because I have something that is going to shock you beyond belief and we ALLLLL know that we can't afford you to gasp." He props a hand on one hip. He's wearing a mandarin style suit, mostly black with a little trimming of white.

Blackagar is more than accustomed, not only to Maximus' speaking, at length, but the fact that he does so with varying degrees of mania, and so there's a tick of a smile that touches the edge of his lips as his younger brother starts rattling on a bit. He gives him a reassuring pat on the shoulder to indicate that he is fairly certain that he won't blow up the room. He then turns toward Kaleb and gestures for him to make himself comfortable, indicating the seating by the window, and then a gesture toward the liquor and refrigerator, offering a beverage of some kind of desired. He then looks back to Max, a slightly quizzical smile touching his expression. «So much buildup, brother» he signs briefly.

Kaleb was right, Max was terribly nervous. On a good note Kaleb was pretty calm at least on the outside when meeting persons of influence, He dipped his head again and addressed Blackagar though ambiently as he's more wont to these tays than vocally, "Formally a great thank you from my family to yours for helping us out directly or indirectly last year. Informally? I am glad we are finally able to meet. It means a great deal to both of us." He did however, go and help himself to a drink figuring at the very least he might actually benefit from maybe one. He didn't know what BlackBolt could pick up and buried the sound of his heart doing 230 to remain contained within. Yup. Aaaaall was groovy. Somehow he withstood asking 30 questions in one breath all at once. For now? It was a matter of letting Max settle into the situation that was happening. FOr that? For that there was patience.

Nervous AND excited, which…just meant a slightly higher speed. Max lifts both hands. "Ok. But…you will not believe it." He seems so certain. "This…is Kaleb Miller. He has sonic abilities, not unlike yours, which is surprising enough, but also…he and I…we love each other, " Steel eyes squint, "And he's absolutely perfect, and I think the world of him and it makes me happy. And I do not know exactly how I got to deserve him, but there it is. Oh. And he's sane. So…bonus."

Blackagar smiles to Kaleb when he speaks and dips his own head in return, his expression turning a little curious when the young man's voice simply is projected rather than actually coming from his mouth, but no less pleasant. «Does he know the language?» he asks Maximus, not sure if Kaleb can understand what he signs or not. «If not, tell him you are welcome, and I am pleased too.» Then he turns back to Kaleb and offers him a hand to shake in greeting. He listens when Max mentions that Kaleb has sonic abilities not unlike his own, and a slight crease furrows his brow of concern given how destructive his own abilities are. «Is that why..?» he signs and then makes a gesture of his finger swirling in the air to indicate Kaleb's voice floating as it does, outside of his body. But it's when Max explains that they love one another that he does in fact look surprised, and for a man who is always speechless, he's a little more speechless than usual. He looks from one to the other and then back again. And then he just grins and walks over to Maximus to give him a firm hug and a pat on the back.

|ROLL| Kaleb +rolls 1d20 for: 15

Kaleb can actually stun the world by reminding them that he graduated prep school with honours and part of that was knowing what amnners were. But Blackagar was for one not some daft human socialite, and for two was Max's brother which was grounds enough for said respect and a handshake that was, assuredly, bread for business. Eh, he knew how it all worked even if he was allergic to business things. More conventionally he offered to teh handshake not entirely clean on message yet, "Thank yo-" Well nothing blew up so not entirely like. And there was just a litany of feelings and concepts that may or may not have actually been shared with Kaleb before, but certainly not with someone outside of the pair of them voice out lout. Kale wasn't often knocked on his heels but there it was, and he was not upset by that. Blue eys drifted back to Maximus, not having argument with any of the facts, well, but the one. THe latter most he wouldn't admit to struggling with some days. "Max…" The stoic mutant actually smile, in front of someone else he barely knew, but there was a fondness there. "Well… I dunno what to say to that, but the sentiment is mutual. Sorry the, um, vocie modulations weird some people out." He wasn't certain if the finger in teh air was indicating a problem of not.

Maximus leans against Blackagar for his well-earned hug. "He's signing…he says you are welcome and he's pleased. Also he was curious about you projecting your voice, which is something he can't do. You do both have /different/ powers, certainly." He pauses then pulls back, "I put him in your old room…for a bit. He was having trouble. He has trouble blocking out sounds. So, he may actually be able to hear you in a way that no one else can, besides me. And no, he doesn't know your sign language."

Blackagar listens to the both of them, and when he releases Maximus from the hug, he nods about the room, looking thoughtful and then seeming to approve of that course of action with another nod. He then turns and walks toward Kaleb, coming to stand in front of him. He lifts a hand toward the mutant, slowly, and gives him a questioning glance with a slight point toward his hand and then toward Kaleb, as though requesting permission to touch his suit, or his chest, or his chest in his suit, something along those lines. He doesn't move, however, without Kaleb's permission.

Kaleb just went back to being himself and stopped worrying about where the sound was coming from because regardless it was going where placed though now that Max said that? The story of needing to borrow the room? Well Kelb didn't have humility or shame but there was a slightly humbling reluctance that shaded the top of his ears a bit. Admiration he had a facility for though! That had a face and a tone he could use to communicate offering slight scope to that, "Oh? Ah, thanks. Honestly? The room damn well saved my life, so I appreciate it and any transgressions that may have been unintended and endured." His eyes went wide with a thousand qeustions and the scoping of a thousand small wave lengths curious. This was… this was new. There was a small nod to Blackagar and Kale murmured quietly, but still distinctly, "Sure go ahead. I trust you." Big words, but Max did, and his curiosity practicly barreled him through his decisions.

Maximus isn't sure he does! He doesn't want them to both explode, after all! Not that they'd do it on purpose. He looks a little anxious, folds his hands, and looks on.

Once Kaleb has given his permission, Black Bolt lays his palm over Kaleb's heart, and for a moment he tilts his head a little to the side as though listening for something in particular. What Kaleb senses is a kind of mental static, like a voice coming in through layers of barriers, not entirely familiar enough with the mutant to establish a clear connection right off the bat, but he uses some of the connection with Maximus and the emotional energy to try and forge that link, enough so that after a few moments, Kaleb can get a general sense of Blackagar in his head, hearing in thoughts that Maximus can't hear at the moment. «I am glad what kept people safe from me, kept you safe from the world when you needed it. And I am glad that you make my brother happy. That he loves you, and you him, makes me very happy. Thank you.» He can feel the emotions behind the words, the weight of them, the worry for his brother, the guilt for harm done, the love, and the genuine happiness for his happiness. There are images interspersed, memories of teh room and the solitude of it, but then he withdraws his hand and since he does not have the rapport with Kaleb that he does with his family members, the connection is instantly broken. He clasps Kaleb's shoulder then, firmly, once, and nods to him. Then he takes a step back.

Kaleb stood there stunned. He was shaken really as he's never had anyone's feelings internalized like that who weren't his brother, and not 'of himself'. So many micro frequencies! it was something to be a bit overwhelmed, and amazed at the same time. While his mouth formed almost a half question and hung there waiting for his brain to reboot parts of his brain the ambient sound carried words where he was still physically processing the input "Okay I've convinced a guy that I was telepathic oncebe cheating but that?" He chose his phrasing tactifully as the common parlance of 'blows me away' would be incredibly insensitive and in poor taste to teh Inhumans, "That's impressive, and," // He looked to Max and back to Blackagar, "You should know Max has gone well beyond what I or my people could have asked for in help" he held up a hand, "I am glad I was able to help preserve your home also. I'm glad it worked out." Yeah he kknew, no he wasn't saying Attilan's name out loud even if it were impossible to be overheard. Blackagar didn't know that and some things were subtle in that respect. WIth a faint smile he added, "You have a lot to be proud of him for. It's been a wild six months for certain."

Maximus watches this connection begin, and though he cannot personally sense what is happening, he knows anyway. The madman wears an odd expression, curious if it'll work, and when it does, he grins faintly. "A wild six months, indeed. But, we are moving beyond that now, to something else. All together." He brushes a hand down his own chest. "This is why I wished you to meet, of course, so that I would look good." A beat. "I should have worn my makeup."

Blackagar inclines his head as he listens to Kaleb and smiles at his reaction, seeming pleased both that the connection could be established and at the words spoken by Kaleb. There is another dip of his head, this time a little bit longer, acknowleding the work done in Attilan. His attention then shifts over toward Maximus and his smile is about as close to a laugh as he can manage. «Together as a family» he signs to his brother. Making his way over toward Maximus, he rests his hand on his brother's arm and Max can hear him clearly. «I am truly happy for you, my brother. You deserve this.» The feeling of warmth that goes along with the words is palpable. «Come, catch me up on everything.» He then makes his way over to one of the chairs and settles into it comfortably, forgoing something to drink for the time being.

Kaleb was not good at being blindsided or with really knowing how to handle large quantities of emotion, and to that extent it showed. No one would call Kaleb eloquent really, but even his direct oratory was stammered from Maximus' genuine affection leaving the Mutant entirely effected by it. But there it was, that reaction, as sure as something Max found words for returned Echo struggled to have a voice. Finally he offered with certainty and casual wink of solidarity, "You don't need it, Max. You always lood good. I'll have words with anyone convincing you otherwise." He'd fight the world right now if it tried to say elsewise, and that was apparent in its subtle but resolute glory. He fell silent but there was a smile that betrayed him anywas. He didn't sweat it overly much. He took the seat that was offered and didn't interrupt Blackagar, even if he wasn't speaking out loud, Echo knew the value of message in many forms and gathered he wasn't the only person that didn't care to be talked over in the room. After everyone was asituated he asked openly, and with a little more composure (that wasn't a sniffle, surely!), "Where do we, um,…where we wanna begin?"

Maximus sits down right next to Kaleb with a heavy drop. Then he leans subtly against him and rests a hand on his leg. "I think…the things that do not matter are those of the past. Right /now/…we must combat the Skrulls, create our own place for Inhumans to feel safe and at home, a /new/ Attilan, in a way, but just for those displaced from the actual one. And we need to find Crystal, and Lockjaw. I have not seen either of them in an age." Max clears his throat. "I am curious…what did you discover on the mountain?" He absolutely will translate the words that Blackagar signs, for Kaleb, though sometimes with his own flair.

Black Bolt seems content to let the two settle and talk and make themselves comfortable. He is patient, and he has no particular agenda for this meeting. He just listens, his attention shifting from Kaleb to Max and then back again. There is a nod regarding the Skrull. There is another regarding a place for Inhumans. He raises a hand though and then signs, «Build this first.» Then he continues to nod a bit regarding Crystal and Lockjaw, some bit momentary concern flickering over his features. It had been some time. Though the question about the mountain draws a bit of a wry smile. «Hard to sign. Will show you.» But apparently not now, as that sort of depth of communication necessary is difficult in a limited sign language.

Kaleb dropped his hand to Max's and gave it a hard squeeze to say the things for him that he couldn't. He wasn't overly a creature of display though and thus that stopped there. He offered to Blackagar some clarification, "Crystal was living at the university for my people that I attend. I'll inquire." There was a certain overtness to 'Maxisms' that were unmistakably his embellishment on teh world that stood out like neon to Evho. A wry grin formed, though he seemed to grasp the key construct of the message. "It's not my place, but my family helped build a large portion of this city. If the Inhumans need tools to acquire what you need to keep your people safe? You're welcome to what we are able to provide. I respect it may not be my place also to have that knowledge." He paused and looked between Max and Blackagar, "Sentiment doesn't qualify one to state secrets as I'm sure there are security things, and so forth. I will leave the offer for you if we can assist in any way as yours have for me and my people." Boundries; he understood them. Resources and land contacts? That he also had.

"He is not Inhuman. But I do not care. It is not as if we must combine our genetic material to create the next Inhuman royal. I will let the Genetic Council do that with whatever woman they deem most appropriate." Max is pretty sure his genetic material is prevalent throughout the palace if they should choose to use it. Probably also on file somewhere. "Regardless…of that, I wish to include him. He is no risk to us, and we can only gain from such an alliance with the other powered people in this world. That's why we've been working on the Skrull gun. "

Blackagar nods his head to Kaleb when he mentions Crystal and makes a gesture that Kaleb could probably pick up on meant «thank you» simply from context. He studies Kaleb for a time when he speaks about how his family helped to build the city. He makes the same symbol again when there is an offer of assistance. There's a glance to Maximus and then back to Kaleb, his expression difficult to read, though it's clear that he's paying close attention to what both are saying. He then signs to Max, «He is important to you. He has been to Attilan. He knows much. No harm has come.» He then turns to Kaleb and once more signs, but to him directly, expecting perhaps for Max to translate. «We accept your help. Maximus will decide how to use it.»

Maximus translates as follows, "He says you are welcome in Attilan, and to know of us, and that we accept your help…and I'm in charge." A wink.

Kaleb blinked at Max and knew him well enough to ask curiously, more specifically at least, "In charge of what now?" Fun wrecker! The kid was sharp as his suit. To Blackagar he relayed what Max knew, "You gave me sanctuary, I'm only too happy to offer the to you and yours." You're welcome in short. Looking to Max he admitted, "You did a great job on the Skrull gun." He offered way more casual than he ever intended like two guys talking shop, but Kaleb fell into his wheelhouse and never ever gets to really offloadinformation to someone who might ever perceive it as he does. "It's a subliminal sonic displacement array. We figured out we might be able to use that like subliminal frequencies get used to disrupt a Skrull's ability to hold form. Make them return to their given shape. Be harmless to anyone who wasn't a SKrull really. Friend of mine's a shapeshifter. Going to see if we can get some idea from him on how to tune it." Man when Kaleb got excited about a project his mind was a blur of energy. At least he idn't speed up when he thought out loud.

When Kaleb asks what Max is in charge of, Black Bolt raises a finger and points to Kaleb with a little wry grin. Then there's a curious look at the mention again of the Skrull gun. He points to Kaleb once more to indicate that point, and that he would like some more information on it. And when Kaleb is already presenting it, he smiles, nodding, and then settles in to listen, expression turning thoughtful, curious even. He looks impressed as the information is laid out and then he looks over to Max to see if he has more thoughts or information on the gun.

Maximus grinnnns at Kaleb when Blackagar points to him. "Youuuuu…I am responsible for you, which I have no problem with." His beau gets a sly look and then Max leans back in the couch and rolls his shoulders, getting comfy in his authoritative role while Kaleb explains the gun. "Mostly…its to save the world. And also to impress the people at Kaleb's school, who have an array of powers and make sure he is beloved." Only a little bit of that is true, but now Maximus is just having fun. Almost like a kid acting out to impress someone.

Kaleb arched an eyebrow with no lack of amusement. Apparently he spoke 'Max' too well for Max's own good. "Me? That's… fair." Uh-huh. Still wether it was intended or not he was MAx's responsibility as MAx was his at the school. He let it pass and left Max to his preening dignityenjoying the pagentry that was 'Max in a Good Mood'. His look went skeptical at the last notion. He looked nack to Blackagar and said plainly, "The woman who volunteered Mutants will handle the Skrull situation to the Kree at the UN? She's on my team and volunteered our group for it anwyas." The Mutant squint at Max and shrugged, "I know I'm beloved. You'd not be able to were I scrapped by Skrull, Max." THoughtfully he threw Max a bone on that one stealing himself additional compliment, "I appreciate you adding my well being to the fate of the world." He wasn't without his own humors.

Blackagar's smile as he listens to Maximus relay the purpose of the weapon is a little bit indulgent. He is more than a little with his brother's theatrics and seems to take them with a grain of salt, or at least with a bit of reframing. Then he nods to Kaleb regarding the one who volunteered the mutants to help with the Skrull threat. «We will help.» he signs to Kaleb and then he just watches the two of them as they go back and forth.

Maximus draws in a deep breath. Then another. Then he closes his eyes. Then squints them. "He says we will help. He means Inhumans. Or himself. Either way, its a commitment. So, then, its time we moved forward on dealing with them, and moved forward on our place to live. Those two things should be our focus. And…a place for Kaleb in all of it, our link to the group known often as mutants."

Kaleb gave Max's hand a squeeze of encouragement ince it was still resting there, slight as the gesture was. It's a stressful night for Max under his coherrant surface, and some assurances were given though not called out. To Blackagar he adnitted with a faint wince, "I'm not a fan of the word. While inelegant a word in broader connotation outside of statistics? It's what we have to work with. While that's primary? I'd be really interested in getting you out of this hotel. I don't like places with public access."

Blackagar lofts a brow a little at Kaleb's concern for his well-being and seems just a little bit amused by it, evidenced by the slight twist of his lips. He nods though, and then motions toward Maximus, apparently leaving the creation and establishment of accommodations in his hands.

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