1965-02-05 - Of Heart Rippings and Hell
Summary: In which Robbie, Gidget, and Danny discuss heart rippings and lost souls.
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It's a Monday night at The Cigar Factory, which means it isn't terribly busy. Danny sits up at the bar with a glass of bourbon and seems to be just enjoying the music that is playing quietly in the background. There are a couple of other people at the bar, and some coming and going from outside. But aside from that, the bar is pretty low key.

Slipping into the Factory, it had been a while. Since her incident, she kept to herself a bit. Exhaling softly she would just shake her head before yawning softly. Dressed down for one of the few times (dressed down for her), she was dressed in simple black dress with boots. Of course this was revealed once she took her coat off. Making a be line for that bar, she'd hum softly before looking to Danny. "Oh hey!"

Robbie had driven up to the bar with his dodge charger. the loud engine heralding his arrival to the entire bloody neighborhood. Entering the Cigar Factory wearing his traditional leather jacket, black jeans, combat boots, and fingerless gloves, he looks around. "Danny, I need a vodka." he calls out…then he sees Gidget, and he smiles. "Hey Gidget…" he knows he may be in trouble.

Danny is in one of his grey suits that he usually wears when he actually has to go into the office and be presentable as a CEO. And he does look presentable, if a little bit distant. He glances over as Gidget approaches and then smiles a bit to her, "Hey Gidget. How are you doing? Long time no see." Glancing over his shoulder as Robbie comes in, Danny motions to the bartender for a vodka, and then nods toard Gidget as well, making sure that whatever she orders goes on his tab as well. "How's it going?" he asks them both.

Hearing her name she would spin around and see him. For the first time there was a frown before she would clear her throat as she looked to the bartender. "Martini please….extra dry…." Looking to Danny she would smile. "I'm just fine I suppose…." Slipping onto a stool she'd cut her eyes over to Robbie. "And how are you? Long time to see….." Gidget's brow was raised now as she waited.

Robbie looks to Gidget and gives her a little shrug then. "Uhh…yeah, I'm doing pretty good. Sorry I uh..haven't been talking with you…been uh…real busy." he didn't want to tell her he's trying to get his soul back. but alas…

A look then to Danny. "Going good so far man. you?" he looks back to Gidget then. THis was either gonna end really well or really badly.

"Busy as always," Danny says with a nod. "Working with the police on the investigation into wrapping up the Rats. It looks like their leader is going away for a long, long time, and the rest of his gang has scattered. Working with Rand Corporation to acquire some of the buildings an renovate them, turn them into housing, office parks for legit businesses and jobs for those who need them.. all that cleanup work." He then says, "Colleen left. She had some business of her own she decided she needed to take care of." That they'd been living together and seeing each other for a while wasn't a secret.

Gidget smiled at Danny warmly then with a nod. "Very busy. And I hope my suits are holding up…" Laughing softly she would take a deep breath before nodding. "And hope all is well on her end too."

Looking over to Robbie she would stare before nodding. "I see…." Her martini arriving she would take a long sip as she tilted her head. "I've been busy too somewhat….nothing crazy…….just someone trying to rip my heart out…..literally…."

Robbie gives a little nod to Danny. "Yeah, I heard about that…hopefuly he doesn't get out on good behavior either. Better rot in there." yeah…that was mainly the Rider speaking, but Robbie's heart was pretty much stone when it came to criminals and their situation.

Then he looks to Gidget, his eyes widening with rage. "…what." he says then, a fire dancing in his eyes as he walks right up to Gidget. "Who. A name." he says protectively….he was -not- pleased.

"They are, quite well, thank you," Danny says to Gidget with a smile. "They are a couple of my favorite suits, though I tend to keep them for important meetings." He nods a bit about Colleen and says, "I'm sure it will be." Then both brows rise and he asks, "Who is after you? And do you need any help?" He doesn't just assume that she does but, heart-ripping is generally the sort of thing one might accept help with avoiding.

Sitting back slightly as he walked up to her she'd just sip her martini. "I don't know…but it's been dealt with…..a while ago actually." Gidget glanced over to Danny wth a smile then. "I'm fine….thank you…." Her gaze cut back to Robbie then. "Apparently…..I'm only half a coin with that….thing in my chest. I'm the light side….he's the dark side. He wanted the other half so he snatched me up and put some….thing on me that repressed my powers…." Sip….of that martini. "Luke….your cousin….Loki and Kai happened to be around…thank god…"

Robbie just looks at Gidget then with a look then, crossing his arms. "Uh…huh." he shakes his head then before he just shakes his head and moves to the bar to get his vodka, taking a big sip. "Right. while you were doing that, I was in Hell looking for something." he seems to answer the passive aggressive with passive aggressive. A look then to Danny. "Well if she's got it, she's got it." he shakes his head then as he leaned against hte bar.

Danny raises a brow and looks from Robbie to Gidget and back again, and then motions to the bartender for refills all around. He's quiet for a bit, just letting the two of them hash it out. Then he says to Gidget, "So long as it's been taken care of."

Frowning a bit she would stare at Robbie then. "I had an excuse….I was snatched out of my apartment…..he's in jail someone with that damned thing he put on me so he can't use his powers now." Gidget would watch him then as she continued on. "At least tell me if you needed help with….whatever it is. I couldn't even communicate…." Taking a deep breath she would calm down. "….you had me worried….you know I hate when you do that….." Glancing to Danny her gaze would soften. "….I'm sorry….."

Robbie simply glanced to Gidget then as she spoke. "Last time I checked you weren't trying to get your soul back from the Devil." he says then, his eyes narrowed at her before he looks to Danny. "So far it's been taken care of." a glance back to Gidget…he would calm down as well. "sorry…it was something I didn't want you getting involved in. Mephisto's a manipulator. Didn't want him after you." he says then as he looks away from her, his arms crossed.

"It's been taken care of? The soul or the heart ripping?" Danny asks Robbie, because he's not entirely clear at this point in the conversation, but he's sipping his bourbon as though he had just made a bowl of popcorn to watch this play out. "Oh, it's okay," he says to Gidget, "I'm just trying to figure out if everyone is done with Hell and Heart Ripping at this point.. or if there's more that needs to be done to resolve the situations."

Gidget would just sigh softly before putting a hand on his arm. "…it's fine….sorry…" Glancing to Danny she would smile. "The heart ripping. He got his ass handed to him to say the least….worse when I got that damn amulet constraining me off….." Closing her eyes she would nod then. "….I'm find now. Avengers might have him….I don't know yet….they gave me some time off after all of that."

Robbie would wrap an arm around Gidget's waist and hold her close to him, offerng her a warm embrace. Then? he looks to Danny. "Her problem's solved…mine's just getting started. I'm gonna enlist some help. No offense Danny, but Hell is no place for a guy with a glowing fist." he says, still not understanding any of the Kung Lung stuff Danny spurts about sometimes.

Danny nods his head to Gidget when she clarifies about the heart ripping, and then he says, "Well if the Avengers have him.. then that's a good thing." They seem to know what they're doing anyway, and have the sort of resources for that sort of thing. He raises an eyebrow a little bit and says, "They got something against glowing fists in Hell in particular?"

Wrapping her arms around Robbie, she'd put her face in his chest before taking a deep breath and pulling back. "You could have asked for my help….I"m not helpless…." Sighing softy she would just shake her head a bit. "And let Danny help if he wishes…" Gidget just sighed a bit then.

Robbie looks then to Danny. "Yeah, actually. I'd rather not put either of you in that spot…besides, if one of you got trapped there…no guarantee I can get you back out, helpless or not." he looks then to Gidget. "sorry.." he sighs a moment, kissing Gidget on the lips briefly before he looks at the two of them. "Look, if yo ureally want to help, I wont stop you."

Danny is nosy, and is pushy, but for the moment he doesn't seem his usual energetic self, but he seems willing. "If there's something that you think that I could do that might be helpful, or there's something you need I can get for you — let me know. I won't insist on going to Hell. I trust you know it better than I do, but.. just let me know okay?"

Gidget would nod as well. "Just tell me what I can do…." Laughing softy she would wink at him playfully then. "….if I can go to where Loki is from…..maybe I can't go to Hell?" There was a pause but she would stare at him intently. "….but no need to try to protect me. I told you, that you don't have to protect me…..I want to help you. All of your friend sdo."

Robbie Reyes looks to both Danny and Gidget, sighing softly. He's so used to being a lone gunner…a lone wolf, and now he has allies he can count on. "….Fine. you both can help me." he looks to Gidget "First things first…I need to chat with Doctor Stephen Strange." then he looks to Danny. "and you…we need a glowng fist."

"Well, I can certainly supply the glowing appendage," Danny says with a little sidelong grin over at Robbie. "And your cousin, we can count on him bringing the hot dogs and sufficient hot dog buns." He'd come well prepared to their last adventure.

Gidget nodded firmly then as she smiled. Finishing her martini she would smile then just sighed a bit. "Let me know. I am going to make my way home…..because I'm tired I think…." Looking to Danny she would smile at him warmly. "….thank you, Danny. And alway so nice to see you." Looking to Robbie she would smile. "…..call?"

Robbie gives a smile to Danny and a nod as Reno is mentioned. "yes and yes. Reno will be useful actually…could use his connection with souls to help us out most like." then he looks to Gidget, giving her hand a squeeze as he nods to her. "Definitely. I'll call you when you get home." he smiles then, before looking to Danny. "I should get going too."

Danny lifts his glass in a salute to Gidget as she makes to leave, "It was nice to see you again." He then nods to Robbie too and reaches out to clap his shoulder lightly. "We'll help get back what was taken. Give me a ring when you need me, and I'll be there." He then turns back to the bar as the others leave, to go back to nursing his bourbon.

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