1965-02-06 - Dynamo Powers
Summary: Yuliya runs, while Julie acts as a dynamo.
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Julie says, "Usually both. Cause popup menus that get in the way look so much more styley or something."

Sure it's cold, but that doesn't stop Yuliya from running laps. While she hasn't officially started her classes yet, the young Russian girl seems to hang out around the mansion. Her hair is currently in a braided pony tail, and she wears tracksuit pants which are black. She also wears a t-shirt at the moment, and while she keeps moving, she doesn't seem that worried about the cold. Her black jacket is off to the side, accompanying a bottle of water. She's just starting to slow down, and it seems that she might be going towards her water.

Dizzy's …sort of exercising otherwise. There's a generator next to her outside one of the garage bay doors, but there's no gas engine attached to make noise beyond its own bearings and a pervasive 'vvvrrr' sound. Wires run inside where there's a glow of heat lamps and possibly a fan running somewhere.

Yuliya picks up her jacket and bottle. She's quick to slip back into the clothing and she takes a sip from the bottle of water, before she starts to make her way towards the garage doors. Usually after a run, she's content and tends to keep to herself. However seeing Dizzy beside the vvvrring generator with no gas engine attached, she does pause and considers the other woman for a moment, and then the generator. "Dynamo," she comments. "Or you're some how moving that." She then offers a faint laughs. "It seems that everyone has more useful gifts than me. I guess I'll have to work four times as hard to make up for it."

Julie waves to Yuliya and says, "Hey, Yuliya. Hey, trust me, whatever you got, it's all in the application. I used to think *I* was pretty freaky, but some folks, well, they're something else, with what they can do." She sniffs the air behind her, a bit. "It'll be nice and warm in there in a minute, but," She waggles a painter's gas mask she's got dangling about her neck. "We'll just let a bit more stale air out."

"Afraid to say, I've got the one trick," Yuliya admits as she gives a slight shrug of her shoulders. "I missed out on everything like healing and durability. But I've got my tricks to make up for it." She offers a wink, and then glances inside. When the smell of paint reaches her nose, she wrinkles it and makes certain that she's out of the way. "Da, I am not keen on inhaling paint. But then, it is not the worst smell I have smelt." She offers a nod of her head. "I have seen one in action. Very fast, very strong and she flies. A tank I could handle, people who fly are out of my pay grade."

Julie winks. "Yeah, what can ya do. There's more to life than flying around punching and blasting or chopping things, though. That's why there's like… Groups and everything." She does peer behind her. "I think this thing'll actually end up looking pretty decent, though. It's all in the prep-work and all."

Yuliya rests a hand on her hip and purses her lips. "Sometimes your strength can be your greatest weakness," she remarks. "If you are left without it, then you have to rely on yourself and normal skills and abilities. But you are smart, you have already thought of it. Da, and groups, but I wonder how many are for the people and not just seeking to gain advantage?" At the talk about what she assumes is the truck being painted, she arches a brow. "Are you going for a flat colour that doesn't reflect much light, or are you going to make it stand out?"

Julie says, "Well, not looking to stand out, let's say, but it's upstate here, so you don't wanna look like you're *trying* to hide, you know what I mean?" She seems to have chosen shades of brown and putty-tan, fenders and various other parts in the former, and presently- removed, the latter much of the bulk of the vehicle's trim and bumpers and the like, reminiscent of old-time cars with running boards and rumble seats. "No hiding what this is, and I ain't about to lead in every ding, so I figure a bit of kinda-shiny and she'll look just like something they been using in a place like this since-who-the-freak-knows," she winks."

"You are right, it is not hiding," Yuliya replies, as she glances back towards Julie. "It's being concealed in plain sight. It'll look the part and sound the part of a delivery vehicle." She tilts her head to the side and hmms softly. "I only usually see trucks are a way to move heavy things, but you certainly have a natural talent. I would not be surprised if people came out and did not what to look for." Her brow furrows for a moment, and it seems that she is trying to figure something out. "What is a rumble seat? Is it a seat that rumbles?"

Julie smiles. "Actually this paint was supposed to be *for* a couple delivery vans, that's how I got it. One of my uncle's customers changed his mind about looking quaint, so we had this lying around." She shrugs, decides to light a cigarette, offering the pack over. "Kinda guess they'll figure some estate's got a groundskeeper truck they dressed up, or whatever, if they think about there being an Army truck around. Why we actually got this, well, we had to go somewhere a little rougher than the forest around here, but she'll do for maybe Forestry Service surplus, too." She smirks, a little. "Rumble seats? Ah, that's like when old time cars like a '34 roadster had a trunk with a seat inside so you could bring a couple of friends. I guess the rumble part's either how it sounded back there or what they called making out back then."

For once, Yuliya actually reaches out to take one of the offered cigarettes. She hunts through her tracksuit jacket and pulls out a lighter, which she then uses to light her own smoke. "Thank you," she offers as she takes a drag. "I am waiting for some to come in with the next radio delivery. Oh, and it is good to hear that you've repurposed the paint instead of letting it go to waste." A bright smile is then offered. "If it does not look like an Army transport, then people will not pay much attention." At the talk of old Roadsters, she does look a little confused, but she does nod. "Oh, being able to take extra passengers is good. Do you think that is what they used to do in them?"

Julie smirks, "It's what we do now, so why not? Some time I'll show you what we do with old cars here in America, some of em, but usually I need my own to carry a bunch of stuff, so I never had one of those old Deuces or roadsters." This may not help the confusion much, but apparently it's something that can be shown. "What you mean 'radio delivery," though?


Yuliya purses her lips at the talk of old cars. "You do not keep them for a long time?" she then asks out of curiousity. "I do not know what a Deuce or roadster is. Is a Deuce a car made out of cards?" She shakes her head slowly and then laughs softly. "I import radios as a side business, as well as working insurance. Through I will stop both of those soon. Well, soometime soon."

Julie ahs. "Didn't know anyone wanted imported radios," she hrms, "Oh, well, sure. Some cars stay in the family a real long time. Other times, well, people just gotta buy whatever's newest and someone else keeps em when they get sold on. She indicates a '56 Nomad in cameo-locket colors with shiny chrome wheels. "And some of us take the old stuff and make it better. That's kind of what hot-rodding's about. Started with all those *real* old-time cars."

"I sell cheaply," Yuliya admits to Julie with a smirk. "Between you and me, you should not buy one. They sometimes break down, but you can fix it by hitting it hard," She offers a shrug and a sheepish smile. "Is German made. Just do not ask if it is East or West. If it was Soviet made, would not have that problem. Most likely bugs instead." Her attention shifts towards the car being indicated and she considers it thoughtfully. "I like te colours of that car. I would have liked to see what you could do with some of the cars back home."

Julie stamps her feet a bit,in the chill, and says, "Oh, more or less all the same steel underneath give or take. A good paint job's mostly in the work you do before you pick up an air gun." The generator and vrrrrr sound both seem to fade a bit. She ahs, and flips up a switch inside the door to bring those lamps back on, the strange sound stopping. "Been saving on the power bill, but I think it's time to let ConEd have some business. I think it'll be OK to breathe in there, though, if you want to warm up."

Yuliya tilts her head to the side. "So like cooking, it is all in the way prepare everything," she comments. "I guess if you leave the lights on too long, you might also burn it." It seems that she doesn't have the faintest idea about spray painting vehicles at all. Her attention then goes towards the generator and she squints into the darkness of the garage, until the lights are switched back on. She blinks a couple of times and nods. "I think the capitalists would get upset if you took away any of their profits," she teases. "Oh, I would love to get warm, Dizzy. But I must stretch, and no one likes a dirty commie!" She grins as she says that. "That is why I'll be a clean one instead." She raises her hand up and offers a waggle of her fingers. "I'll talk with you more later on."

Julie laughs. "I guess stay clean and good night, then."

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