1965-02-08 - Finding Friends and Evaluating Allies
Summary: Karnak and Blackagar discuss bases of operations and evaluating allies.
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Since returning to New York, Black Bolt has has people coming and going from the room he's currently staying in while Maximus works on setting up their lair. Secret is kind of a relative term, since it's not entirely secret that it's being built. But that is netiher here nor there. Blackagar is currently seated by the window reading, a book open on his lap, dressed in one of the suits that he's taken to wearing since trying to /blend in/ with the rest of New York society.

There's a quiet knock on the door, a one-two-and-one pattern that is distinct to the Royal Strategist. Shortly afterwards, Karnak enters the room without much fanfare, dressed almost like a normal human. Her hair is braided back behind her, and her facial tattoos are still distinctly her, but the white blouse and green skirt are positively mundane as she's getting better at blending in. "My King, I trust I'm not intruding?"

Blackagar looks up from where he was reading and shakes his head, smiling when she enters the room and motions to any of the empty chairs situated by the window and balcony with the view of the city outside. He shakes his head, indicating no intrusion, and closes the book, setting it off to one side, clearly settled on paying attention to the conversation at hand, such as it may be.

Karnak sits down in the offered chair, taking one where she has a better view of Blackagar, and nods, "Maximus still is working on a base of operations here, last I checked, though I haven't had much opportunity to gather additional information beyond what we had discussed earlier." She pauses, and looks curiously at the book that Blackagar was reading, as if trying to discern the title.

The book is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, though it doesn't appear that he's gotten very far into it by the looks of the point at which he stopped reading. He nods his head in regard to the base of operations and signs briefly, «He is working on plans.» He settles back comfortably in his seat then and makes a gesture in her direction, inquiring how she might be, and what she has been up to.

Karnak looks a bit… nonplussed, "Oh, I've been… acceptable, I suppose. Studying the local news and human literature in the library, mostly, to try and understand their culture. So far, it's been a bit of a maze. Albeit a very misogynistic and male-dominated maze. Clearly they have a fear of women built into their society." She says this without any anger, simply stating facts as she sees them.

Blackagar seems to sympathise with her discoveries as he listens, expression shifting from one of understanding to one of agreement, his head nodding slightly, and a flicker of a smile crossing his lips at the mention of a maze. Though it grows more serious afterward, tapping his chest to indicate that he had seen the same thing that she had. «They distrust each other. Dark, light, man, woman, outsider, mutant.»

Karnak nods, "In that distrust is their greatest weakness. Clever enemies can exploit that. Clever enemies already have, judging by the Skrulls from two years ago, from what I understand. Not to mention now." She sighs, "There is potential here, but I think it would be lost all too easily." Because the bright side of seeing all the weaknesses is that you're an eternal pessimist. Wait, bright side?

Blackagar studies her expression, and gives a bit of a handwobble. «There is hope,» he signs and then «I met Max's mutant. Allies who fight are still allies,» he signs again and then srpeads hsi hands a little bit, open to arguments otherwise, but there is something hopeful to Blackagar since his return from the mountain, something more invested, perhaps, than he had been in the past.

Karnak looks at Blackagar, and actually smiles. Something she rarely lets anyone else see, as she regards her king, "Yes, I know. I like Maximus' mutant, he seems to have a good head on his shoulders. And our allies are stalwart, despite my grousing. Things will come together under your leadership, Blackagar." Her voice softens a bit as she actually says his name, not that she typically does, even in private.

Blackagar nods his head and signs, «I like him. He has helped us. He has helped Attilan. Importantly, he has helped Max.» The sign-language is limited in its scope — not particularly nuanced and so conversation through it is often stilted and brief, but what he lacks in vocabulary, he makes up for in expressiveness. Every emotion is clearly read on his features. He is impressed by this mutant, and he is relieved for his brother. «Our leadership,» Black Bolt corrects, making a ring with his hands. It may not be clear who he encompasses in that circle, but it likely means the royal family as a whole, or perhaps the Boltagon brothers.

Karnak arches a brow, "The Royal Family might lead, Blackagar, but all of us, even Maximus, take our queues from you. You are the one that sets us into motion." She smiles faintly, "That much is perfectly clear, even if you aren't gifted with my insights."

Blackagar reaches over then, just to lightly take her hand in his for a moment to give it a slight squeeze, and to open up that telepathy that he can share with those with whom he has a rapport. It allows him to convey much more — emotion, complete thoughts, to exceed the limitations of merely signing. His voice is clear to her then, as it might have been if he had not grown up with such a terrible power. «I know that. And I in turn learn from you, and them, and Maximus. And from that, I try to make decisions that will best aid us. What I learned on the mountain was that yes, I can no longer keep running from leading. But nor can I lead alone. If I am to do this, and do it properly, then I need the cooperation of all of you."

Karnak blinks at the sudden surge of emotion, and looks over at Blackagar, her hand instinctively squeezing his back as she says, "Yes, I know. And I will be with you to the end." She nods slightly, "Whatever I can do to assist you in this."

It comes with the opening of the link, that connection that allows him a more fluid and natural communication. «I know. I have faith in you. I know that I can trust you to point out what others have missed, and all of the things that we should be concerned about and consider.»

Karnak nods, "I won't let you down, my liege." She flickers her eyes to Blackagar, "Was there something specific you wished me to do for our strategy?"

«For now, I would like you to meet all of the allies that the others have made. Learn who they are, and find their weaknesses. Their strengths are easy to see. I want to know what gaps we need to fill within those we are associating with. And I want you to go with Max to survey the site and the plans for our base of operations. I want to know the weaknesses in its defenses, defensability, and the systems that will be put in place,» Blackagar says, expression serious and blue eyes intent. «The first thing we need to do is establish a secure place where we can gather and begin laying our plans. We are here for the forseeable future. We need to settle in.»

Karnak hmms, "I'm sure Maximus will detest my presence, so I shall gladly do a thorough inspection of what he's doing." She does enjoy bothering him about those things, as she then continues, "And I shall have to arrange meetings with our allies as well to take their measure."

There is a wry bit of a smile that touches his expression. «He may. You may enjoy his frustration, but try not to provoke him too much." He nods his head, «I want your opinion on them. We need to start taking stock of all of the connections we have and where we are lacking so that we can find strong ties with as many factions as possible.»

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